Hey everyone.

So I'm sorry to say this, but I've decided to end this story as of now. I've been coming back to Chapter 22 for over a few months now and it's boring and not good at all. I really don't even want to post it. Ever since I figured out what the last chapter would be I was eager to write, but then life got busy and I forgot what I was planning on the last three or so chapters. However, if I do have a spark of creative writing ability, I'd like to continue but the chances are unlikely.

Also, I became interested in another plot that I had been planning and I'm currently working on writing those chapters. The first chapter of that should be up this month and I'm hoping it'll be a long success, though I'm still sorting out the kinks. It's kind of confusing, haha!

And if you've read Wilted Flower by RabidYukiFangirls (Silveryuki06's and my joint account) we will update! We've both just been so busy and lost contact for a while.

School started with a bang, and then October was the busiest month of my life truly, so many things happened that were good and bad. It was a hard month to live through, but I won't go into details. Just know that I am interested in writing fanfics again and I hope all my readers will come back and read my stories.

Thank you to the faithful readers who've checked back on this story, and I'm sorry your wait was in vain. I'll try not to do this again, seeing as how I didn't want to in the first place. Maybe I'll update...I really would like to...but I'm really unsure.

Please look for my next story, also a Yukiru plot! I just don't know the name of it yet. :)

Take care,