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In the depths of Longing.

Chapter One – Distance.

Rei's P.O.V

Russia! What a beautiful country! It feels weird being here, it's been two years since the world tournament here…god time goes fast.

Well, last time I was here I was too busy worrying about the tournament to really see how amazing this place is! And we have two whole months of it to enjoy, thanks to Mr. Dickinson.

He said we needed a break after all our hard work, so he's sent us to Moscow to stay in a really state-of-the-art hotel for two months, all expenses paid!

We were all sort of wondering why he chose Russia, I mean usually when people go on a relaxing vacation they choose warmer places like, I don't know…Caribbean, Spain and so on, not that I'm complaining, but it seems a little odd.

If you ask me it's because of Kai…

We were all staying in New York when we started to notice it, Kai was acting different. We all know he's always kept to himself and was always quiet, but still…he seemed quite sad and depressed, he'd sit there looking like he was a million miles away and was always in his own sad and lonely daydream.

From there he only got worse, we traveled the world doing tournaments and training, and it seemed that the more we traveled, the more he seemed to change.

It was two months later when we traveled to Brazil that we worked out some kind of explanation.

Mr. Dickinson held a team meeting in our apartment to discuss the upcoming tournament in Rio Di Janeiro, and we all noticed how glum Kai looked, even Max commented when he left the room, a little while after he came back the phone rang, I picked it up and a foreign voice spoke to me asking for Kai, as I gave it to him his face seemed to light up, and his eyes sparkled as he began to speak Russian fluently and rapidly down the phone.

It was weird to watch, one minute he was sitting there looking like the world was about to end and next he was talking and laughing with someone back home, and it suddenly hit me, why Kai may be so low.

Was Kai homesick?

I asked Mr. Dickinson what he thought and he grew concerned about Kai, for some reason he'd always kept a close eye on him, then again Kai isn't one to seek help when needed so I guess it makes sense. But next thing we know we're in Russia! Coincidence no?

But…come to think of it he's still quite distant…maybe there's more to it than just homesickness.

Normal P.O.V.

"Hey Kai! Have you seen the view from the window? It's awesome!" the energetic Tyson asked the stoic Kai.

"Hn…" Kai said automatically without taking his eyes away from a Russian newspaper, it had been his answer for everything, it seemed like his head only acknowledged that there was voice, so he had to answer…that was it.

"Come see Kai! You'll like it!" said Max, in his attempt to cheer his captain up a little.

Tyson stood up, "Yeah! You can see the gremlin and everything!"

Kai looked up at him from his spot on the couch with confused eyes, "Gremlin?"

Tyson smiled, "Yeah! You know, the big building with roofs that look like ice-creams!" he said excitedly.

Kai sighed and let out a noise that could almost be distinguished as a small chuckle.

"It's called the Kremlin Tyson…" he corrected him.

Rei and Kenny sat on the other side of the room, listening to the little conversation and tried to hold back their laughter but failed.

"Tyson how can you be so uncultured?" Kenny asked, and Tyson burned red.

"…It's not like I don't know what it is…I just got the name wrong…" he muttered, embarrassed.

Kai sighed.

"Don't worry Tyson, I once knew someone who thought the Big Apple was actually a very large apple…heh, he used to make me laugh…"

His face held a distant expression; he then sighed, got up from the couch and left the room.

"…What was that all about?" Tyson asked.

"…I have no idea, I hope he snaps out of this weird phase soon, after these two months it'll be work, work, work…" Kenny added.

Max turned to Rei.

"Hey Rei, you get on with Kai better than we do, have you talked to him about this weird mood?"

Rei looked up, "No I haven't…but then do you really think he'd confide in me?"

Tyson sighed, "Well it's worth a shot Rei, Kenny's right, he needs to snap out of it, and you're the one with the best chance of finding out what it is that's bothering him."

Rei stayed silent for a few moments before getting up.

"I'll try…but I really don't think it's going to work…" he said before walking out the room towards Kai's bedroom.

He knocked on the door and heard Kai shout from inside telling him to come in; he opened the door and walked in.

Kai's room was quite impressive, just like all their rooms, it was big and had dark red walls and a dark red carpet to match, he had a large double-bed with black covers which he was currently laying on with his arms behind his head.

"What is it?" Kai asked.

Rei swallowed hard, feeling a little nervous.

"…Well, I just wanted to ask why you've been acting so weird lately…" he began.

Kai turned his head to face him, his face blank.

"…I haven't been acting weird Rei, so you can all just stop fussing and leave me alone." He stated with a blank voice, no sign of anger or any kind of emotion present.

"Is it because you're homesick Kai?" Rei asked, ignoring his last comment.

"What? Don't be ridiculous." Kai said.

"Well then how come you only look happy when you're talking to someone from home?"

Kai stayed silent.

"Well, of course I'm going to be happy talking to my friends, I haven't spoken to them in months."

"Yeah but as soon as you put the phone down you look like the world's about to end!" Rei countered.

Kai frowned.

"Look I'm not having this discussion with you, I'm fine. That's that. If I do seem a little odd then I don't know what the reason for it is."

Rei sighed.

"You know what the annoying thing is Kai? The fact that we've all known each other for going on four years and you still don't trust us, you act like we've only known each other for five minutes, you've never made an effort to spend any time with us, or even had a friendly conversation with us, just what the hell is your problem?" Rei asked.

Kai sat up, annoyed at what Rei had just said.

"Look Rei! If you're really that bothered about it then sorry but this is the way I am, I've never been a people-person, nor will I ever be, if you don't like it then too bad!"

"Kai I'm not expecting you to tell everyone you meet your life story! I'm asking you to just be a little more social with friends you've known for over three years! It's really not a lot to ask!"

"Whatever Rei, now if you don't mind I have to go out for a while…" he said getting off the bed and putting his shoes on.

"Where are you going?" Rei asked.

"None of your business…" Kai replied.

"For fucks sake Kai! This is exactly what I'm talking about, you don't tell us anything, we don't know anything about you!"

Kai walked up to him.

"Rei for the love of god just drop it! I don't have to tell you anything and unlike you and the rest of the team I like my privacy! So just leave me alone!"

He stormed out of the room and slammed the door, leaving Rei in his room.

Rei sighed and collapsed onto Kai's bed, feeling defeated.

He let out a sound of discomfort as he felt something digging into his back.

He sat up and lifted up the covers that covered the object, he frowned when he saw a navy coloured book.

He picked it up and saw a blue ribbon poking out the bottom of the book, it was a bookmark, and he opened it to the page that was marked.

'November 9th,

We finally made it to Russia; it feels so good to be back home, I've missed it.

The team is happy to be here too I think…they don't have to think about any tournaments or anything; they can just enjoy beautiful Moscow.

I wish I could share their enthusiasm, I mean I am happy to be back…but I can't stop thinking about things…it's nearly been seven years since mom died, but it feels like yesterday.

I have to go and sort out some flowers to put on her grave, but they have to be the ones she used to like.

I should really go and see Tala and people, they told me they want to see me before my birthday next week, they said they want to do something special, but why I don't know, to me birthday's just remind me that I'm alone and probably will be for another year.

If only I still had family here, things wouldn't be so bad, but I haven't got a mom or dad and I can't exactly go and see my grandparents, me and grandfather still aren't talking and grandma doesn't want to get involved.

Well, happy birthday to me really…17 years of nothing and nobody.'

Rei shut the book and sighed.

"…Well that explains a lot…" he said sadly.

He got off the bed and put the diary back where it was so that Kai didn't find out and he swiftly left the room, closing the door behind him.

He got into the Sitting room that the Bladebreakers shared, and was bombarded with questions as soon as he stepped in.

"Hey Rei! Did you find anything out? Did he say anything?" Tyson asked.

Rei sighed, "No, he didn't tell me anything, but I did find out something that might be the reason."

Max looked up, "Well…what is it?" he asked.

Rei shook his head gently, "Sorry guys, it's something pretty personal to Kai, I shouldn't know what I do, so I can't really tell you…"

"Oh come on Rei!" Tyson exclaimed, "How are we supposed to help him if we don't know what it is?"

Rei looked down, "To be honest I don't think we can…"

The others looked at him.

"Something big huh?" Max asked.

"Well…I guess so yeah." Rei replied, "I should call Mr. D and ask him about it, see if I can find out some more."

The others nodded and let him pass, Rei stopped and turned back to them.

"Hey guys, do any of you know when his birthday is?"

The others looked at each other.

"Nope, hell I don't even know how old he is, I just assumed he was 19ish" Tyson replied.

Rei smiled, "Well apparently its next week, and he's going to be 17."

"17!" Tyson said, "Man, he looks so much older! I thought he was the oldest, but he's actually one of the youngest!"

"Actually Tyson, he is the youngest." Kenny said, "Rei turned 18 ages ago, you and Max turned 17 three months ago and it was my 17th last month."

"…So he is…" Tyson said after a few seconds of thinking about it.

"Hey! Why don't we throw him a party? Might cheer him up a bit!" Max suggested.

Rei thought about it, "You know, that's not a bad idea, it might take his mind off things, if only for a little while."

"Well then that's settled! You'd better call Mr. D after all Rei; he needs an invite too! Plus he might be able to help fund it seeing as we're all broke…"

Rei shook his head and headed to his own room and shut the door, he sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the phone, which rested on the bedside table, he dialed the number and waited for an answer as it rang.

"Hello, Stanley Dickinson's office!"

"Hi, this is Rei Kon, could you please put me through to Mr. Dickinson?"

"Certainly, hold please…"

Rei cringed as the sound of appallingly cheesy music started coming out of the phone, however he didn't have to bear with it for long.

"Rei! How are you? I hope you're all taking it easy!"

Rei smiled, "I'm fine thank you, and yes we are!"

"Good to hear! What can I do for you my boy?"

"Well, I there are a few things I want to ask you, mainly about Kai…"

"Oh…I see there's no improvement in his behavior…" Mr. Dickinson said gloomily.

"Nope, I asked him about it but as usual I got the whole leave-me-alone-or-I'll-kill-you routine, but when he left the room I came across his journal by accident, I know I shouldn't have, but I read it and it explains a few things, I just need to ask you about it."

"Well…" Mr. Dickinson started, "I'll answer as honestly as I can, what is it you need to know?"

"Well, apparently the anniversary of his mother's death is soon."

"That's right…I believe it's in two weeks time."

"And he says he has no parents or other family apart from his grandparents, but they pretty much won't have anything to do with each other…"


"Mr. Dickinson? You there?"

"Yes…it's just…you know what? I'm still in Russia for a few more days, I'll be over within the hour."

Rei was confused but agreed, "Well…okay, see you soon."

"Goodbye Rei, thank you for calling!"

Rei told the others what happened, and true to his word, Mr. Dickinson was there within the hour, infact only 20 minutes after the phone call.

"So Mr. D, what's up?" Tyson asked.

"Well, I just thought you should know a few things Kai probably hasn't told you."

"Like what?" Rei asked.

"Kai's father…he's alive and well, infact he only lives a few miles away from here."

"Wait a minute…" Rei said, "Kai's parents are both dead, it said so in the journal?"

"You read Kai's journal!" Max exclaimed, "How could you!"

"Kai has a journal?" Tyson exclaimed.

"No Rei, He is alive, he asks me call him as often as I can to let him know how Kai is doing, heh, he's a very proud father…but they haven't seen each other since his mother died seven years ago."

"…So they haven't been in contact with each other in seven years?" Rei asked.

"No…" Mr. Dickinson said sadly.

"That's so sad…" Max said.

"Perfect…" Rei said.

"…What's that meant to mean?" Tyson asked confused.

"Don't you see? This is what's been bothering him! He wants family, he wants his father! And what better surprise than to reunite them again at his party!" Rei said.

"Hey yeah! Great idea!" Max said.

"What's this about a party?" Mr. Dickinson asked.

Rei remembered Mr. D still hadn't been told about their plans.

"Well we're going to have a surprise party for Kai's birthday! You're invited of course, and we were hoping you could get the Demolition Boys to come?"

"Well of course I can! Hopefully this will lighten his spirits a little!"

"Oh, and remember, Kai isn't to know!"

They heard a door shut.

"Kai isn't to know what?" came a deep voice.

They all turned round and saw Kai removing his shoes.

"It's a secret!" Tyson exclaimed.

Kai rolled his eyes, "Ok, whatever…"

"Kai did you go out in this cold in only wearing that!"V-force clothes Mr. Dickinson asked.

Kai nodded, "Yeah."

"Kai, if you keep doing that you'll only make yourself ill."

"Hn…" Kai said as he walked past and went back into his room.

"That boy only makes things worse for himself…" Mr. Dickinson said shaking his head, "I'll contact the demolition boys and Yevan and get back to you."

He said his goodbyes and left.

3 Days Later.

The Bladebreakers sat in the living area of their large hotel suite, they were getting ready to go out and explore the city when the phone started to ring.

"Rei! Get that will you?"

Rei got up and picked up the phone.


"Hello Rei!"

"Mr. Dickinson, Hi! I didn't expect to hear from you for a little while yet."

"Well, it's taken me longer than I expected, but both the demolition boys and Mr. Hiwatari have agreed to come, I've told them to be at yours at 7:30pm tomorrow evening, is that ok?"

"…Tomorrow evening?" Rei asked.

"Well yes! It's Kai's birthday tomorrow!"

"Ahhhh…you know it would have been a lot easier if you told us that yesterday…we're sort of out for the whole day and we haven't prepared…"

"No worries! I have everything under control, just get Kai out the house by 7pm for at least an hour and you'll be fine!"

"Oh great! Thanks a lot Mr. D, we owe you one!"

"Not a problem my boy, now have a nice day and I'll see you tomorrow!"

Rei quickly went back into the living room and told the others what was happening before Kai came in.

"So they're all coming?" Max asked, and Rei nodded.

"That's so awesome! I bet this'll be the best birthday he's ever had!" said Max.

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