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Chapter 3 – The Truth Hurts.

Kai glared at his father, "…You still won't admit it…you're still a liar…."

Yevan shook his head and tears fell down his face, "No Kai…you've just never been told the truth…"

"What truth? The only truth is that you cheated on your wife with some…some…slut and she ended up dying because of it! What possible explanation do you have?"

"KAI!" Yevan yelled to try and stop his teenage son, "Listen to me, I'm sorry no-one told you this but your mum was terminally ill…she had a brain tumor…she thought the nurse and I were having an affair when we weren't, it was the illness, but she realized later…you were still young and she only had a few months left, she didn't want you to see her get to the point where she was a totally different person so she…well…you know…"

Kai stayed quiet, absorbing his father's story, "…You're lying….I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'D LIE ABOUT THIS TO SAVE YOUR OWN SKIN! YOU DISGUST ME!" He screamed as he opened the door and pushed the older man out of his room.

Yevan tried to stop him, "I'm telling the truth!" He protested, but Kai didn't listen to him, he continued to push him until they reached the others.

"What's going on here!" Mr. Dickinson asked in shock as he saw Kai push a full-grown man through the room.

"I'm getting this asshole out of our sight! That's what!" Kai shouted as he pushed again, this time with more force.

Mr. Dickinson walked forward and held the young boy's shoulders to keep him still.

"Stop that! Now what happened?"

"He has the nerve to lie to me about mom so that he feels better about what he did!" Kai yelled at the top of his voice.

Yevan began to get a little emotional also, "Kai, I swear It's the truth!"

"You fucking LIAR!" Kai shouted as he lunged forward, luckily Mr. Dickinson grabbed him in time and pulled him back.

"Stanley, please, tell him it's true!" He gave Mr. Dickinson a look that told him immediately what he was referring to.

"…If you're referring to how your mother died, then yes Kai, it's true…"

Kai instantly stopped struggling in Mr. Dickinson's grip and turned to him, "What?"

Mr. Dickinson sighed, "It was the tumor that led to her death, not an affair, which I might add never happened."

Kai did nothing but stare the old man in the eyes for signs that he was lying, but saw nothing.

Kai stood back away from him, "You knew all this time…and you didn't tell me?" He asked in shock and disbelief.

Mr. Dickinson just stared back, "…I'm sorry, but your father specifically told me not to mention it to you."

"But…why?" Kai asked in confusion.

"Because…you'd suffered enough…I didn't want to make it harder for you, even if it meant loosing me…I know how much she meant to you, I couldn't do that to you…" he said in a desperate voice.

Kai felt himself getting teary eyed, "So what? You thought I'd be happier with him?" He said bluntly, referring to his grandfather.

"Hey! HE happens to be my father…so yes…I thought you'd be happier."

Kai stiffened, "Like you said, he is your father…surely you know what a twisted bastard he is…"

"HEY!" Yevan shouted, "Don't talk about your grandfather like that!"

Kai almost exploded, "How can you stick up for him after everything! Are you even aware of what happened!"

"Yes! And I'll never forgive him for it! But he's my father and your grandfather…nothing will change that…"

"You know what? Who do you think you are coming here after all this time and suddenly playing the perfect father? Do me a favor and just get out…"

"No…I don't want to make the same mistake twice…I don't want to loose you again…"

"…You never had me in the first place…" Kai said coldly before trying to turn away.

Yevan raised an eyebrow, "Is that so…I seem to remember a happy child…what happened to you Kai? I didn't realize you'd turned so…cold…"

Kai spun round with tears in his eyes, "How dare you…" he said through gritted teeth, "Maybe the fact that I learnt very early on that the soul cause of hurt is emotion…great lesson to learn…only look out for yourself because no-one else will…thanks for that dad…" he snarled, and spat out the word 'dad'.

"…You blame me?" Yevan asked in a hurt voice, moving his arms to hold his hips.

Kai glared a deadly glare, "Of course I do…it IS your fault…just go and pretend I don't exist…like before…"

"…You don't think it was hard for me to stay away from you all this time? I've been to all your tournaments and not been able to go anywhere near you! To hear how well you are doing and not being able to so much as speak to you…"

Kai stopped and looked at him suspiciously, "…You went to all my tournaments?" he asked.

"Of course…wouldn't miss them for the world…" Yevan said softly.

"I surely would have seen you at one of them…" Kai reasoned, not believing him.

"It's true!" Mr. Dickinson added, "I saved him a ticket for each one!"

Kai rolled his eyes slightly, "So what? I'm supposed to pretend this never happened and run into your arms? What is it you want from me? Why did you even come back?"

Yevan sighed, "To see my son, and hope he'll forgive me and we can try and build a relationship…I won't be able to make up for what I've missed but I can make a clean start! What do you say?"

Kai stayed silent for a minute before turning, "I say leave and don't come back…I don't need you…I don't need anyone…"

Yevan turned also, "…If that's what you want Kai, then fine…but I'll always be here if you change your mind…you know where I am…" he said sadly, "But before I leave I thought you might like this…" He mumbled with a disappointed voice as he slipped out a small brown leather book onto the table beside him "Happy birthday son." He said softly before he left the room, closing the door behind him quietly.

Kai watched him go before turning to the others and frowned, "Whose bright idea was it to ask him over here?" He asked furiously.

They all looked at each other sheepishly, before Rei stood forward feeling as though he needed to come clean.

"I'm sorry Kai…that day we argued, you left me in your room and I stumbled on your journal…and I read that entry…I'm really sorry, I just figured that it would make you happy…"

They all held their breath and saw Kai's face grow red with anger and embarrassment and his eyes glare at Rei in a way they'd never seen before, they were all genuinely scared.

"…You what?" he said taking a few steps forward towards Rei.

Rei gulped and stayed silent, feeling terrified.

"So you're telling me that you went through my personal things…and read through my private things and thought you knew me well enough to assume I wanted HIM here?"

Rei rubbed his arm nervously, "uhhh…I guess you could say that…" He stuttered, "I'm really sorry Kai, I just wanted to give you a good birthday! We all did!"

Kai frowned even more and took a few final steps towards him, raised his arm and hit the Chinese teen round the face so hard that it nearly knocked Rei off his feet; the others just stared in shock.

"Don't you EVER snoop around in my private life again! I should have known joining this stupid team would make you all want to try and get into my personal life…well you know what, fuck you all! I don't need any of you!"

And with that he stormed into his room and slammed the door.

Kai's P.O.V

After hours of pointlessly staring at my ceiling, trying to forget today ever happened, I decided to leave my comfort zone and venture out my privacy.

I slowly opened the door and listened as it creaked open, the hallway dark, after all it was pretty late now, so I assumed the others to be asleep.

As I walked around the apartment I noticed Tala and the others asleep on the couches, smiling slightly at the sight I walk into the kitchen and get myself some water, as I felt a sudden need for some form of purity to be within me.

I sit down in the darkened kitchen and gaze around at the silhouettes, as I do so I can't help but reflect some more about today, and why it happened.

Why couldn't I have just had one good birthday? I was over the moon in the first few minutes of that little party they did for me, I actually started to believe I would enjoy myself.

But then…then he walked in and it was like I'd been shot in the heart several times, seeing his face made me feel like the whole room had frozen.

…But was I really that unhappy to see him? I know there's part of me that niggles at me, wanting him, but after what he did…can I really call him my father?

Why should I care so much...like he said…I'm cold, I don't care about anyone or anything but me…right?

I don't need anybody but myself, right?

I used to believe it, but now I'm not so sure…I must be going soft…I should train more and spend less time with the 'team'.

…What's this thing he left behind? Looks like a book…

As I open the first page in the darkened room, certain brightness escapes the pages and I see the soft, bright smile that was taken from me all those years ago.

Looking back…could it be? Could it have been that she was ill? When I think hard I can remember her being in bed a lot…dad just told me she was over-worked and needed rest…how was I to know…?

I glance from page to page of memories, which hadn't crossed my mind for years, each one like returning to me, appearing like explosions in my head.

I stop at one particular picture, it haunted me yet soothed my heart at the same time.

Myself I was most happy, a mere child, mom carrying me on her back and the two of us laughing. I can see dad sitting not to far away sitting on the grass, watching us and smiling himself.

As I stared at the picture and remembered, I felt an unusual sense of emptiness, nothing like I've ever had before.

I felt my eyesight grow blurry and heard two faint taps, and saw two liquid drops land on the plastic that covered the picture. Am I crying?

I rested my head in my hands as I just left my emotions to come out, I didn't feel like holding them back this time.

Suddenly I heard a light-switch and saw the room light up.

"Kai?" came a familiar voice. I knew it was Rei.

I quickly slammed the book shut and dried my eyes, "Yeah…just couldn't sleep…"

He came and sat down beside me, "Look Kai, I'm really sorry, I was just trying to make you happy…I didn't know you hated him."

I sighed, I knew that already, but I was so angry I didn't want to hear it, "its ok Rei…I'm sorry I hit you…it was out of order…"

Rei rubbed his cheek and smiled, "It's ok, have to say you can pack a punch though, I nearly went flying!"

I smiled too, but faded just as quickly as it came, "Well…I'm really sorry." I said quietly.

"Hey, I've forgiven you, it's ok…are you ok? Looks like you've been crying?"

"What? Oh, no, just sleepy, makes my eyes water…" I lied.

"…I don't buy it, but I won't press you…so what's this?" he asked as he ran his hand over the book.

"Photos…" I answered.

"Well…that was nice of him?" Rei asked carefully, I could tell he was worried about upsetting me, but his statement made me laugh.

"Nice? He's obviously trying to emotionally blackmail me to forgive him…"

"…Well…do you know that? Forgive me for saying so but he seemed genuine, he really seemed like he wanted to make things up to you…"

"You don't know my father…" I said bluntly, not being angry with Rei, but my father.

"No, I don't…but in a way, neither do you, it's been years since you knew him, he might of changed…people do…"

"I doubt it Rei…I mean come on, 7 years and nothing? Not even a letter…in my eyes when I left, both my parents had died…not just mom…"

I had no idea why I was telling him this; I guess I just wanted to explain myself to someone.

He looked at me with sympathetic eyes, but I shook my head, "I'm not trying to get your sympathy Rei, I just wanted you to know that he's not a good man…so don't go trusting him too quickly…"

He nodded and put his hand on my shoulder, "Well…sorry again, but look me and the guys were saying…we kinda didn't know what to get you for your birthday…we don't know what you like…so we were wondering…if you wanted…we could take you to this awesome restaurant tomorrow, Tala and the guys said they could come too…it would be a 'happy birthday and peace offering'" he said nervously.

I smiled, "really Rei, you don't have to do that, I'm fine, and I really don't care about my birthday anyway, but thanks for the offer."

"No! We want too! We always do something for each other on our birthdays, and you're just as much as a friend to us as well as a team mate! So what do you say?"

"Do I have any say in the matter?" I asked.

"Not really, we're dragging you there anyway!" He said with a cheeky smile.

"Well…in that case, sure…and thanks!"

"No problem…well…I'd better go back to bed! I only came here because I thought I heard someone walking around, I was hoping it was you so I could apologize."

"Well, you have now so don't worry about it." I replied, he nodded to me and said goodnight before leaving.

I watched him leave, and I reflected for a few seconds before it hit me…I was actually nice to him…I actually had a conversation with him! Maybe he was right, people do change…I don't know what it is that has done it…but I'm definitely going soft…maybe it isn't so bad…but I like I said to Rei about my dad, shouldn't trust people too quickly.

I rubbed my eyes, tiredness suddenly weighing my eyes down and making them feel heavy, I decide it's a good idea to go to sleep, so I picked up my book, switched off the light and went back to my room.

I lay in bed for a while, looking through the pictures and stopped at the one I had stopped at before, I scanned it several times, trying to remember where this was taken, when it hit me.

It was my 5th birthday, I remember because my grandma gave me that T-shirt I'm wearing, I remember loving it, it was a deep blue colour, like the ocean with a light blue pattern on it.

I smiled to myself, feeling myself drift off now, thinking to myself, at least I've had one good birthday.

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