A/N: This was originally a writing prompt I found in one of my writing books I bought on a whim… It looked fun to try!

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Ratings: G

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Very strange pairing, I suppose

Main Characters: Ayame and Tohru—see? Strange pairing.

Additional Notes: If I have my spelling right, "Inexprimé" means "Unspoken"…I got it from And yes, this is Ameru


Ayame stood, half-hidden by the door, as he watched her. He knew he shouldn't feel this way about her… She was far too young! Besides…why would she want…how could she ever love a dirty old snake like him? He sighed, covering his eyes with a spidery hand.


His hand snapped down to his side, his golden eyes wide and focused on her. "Yes Tohru-kun; what is it?"

She chewed her delicate lip, looking down at her feet. "W-well…Ayame-san?" Her beautiful mahogany eyes seemed clouded, unsure. "I… Shigure-san says the house has to be…fumigated—Kyo-kun accidentally kicked a gas pipe and it broke…"

He smiled fondly at her timidness, the perfect contrast to his eccentric-ness. "Well of course, Kyonkichi always was such a simpleton! I would expect such a thing from him!"

She smiled a little. "I suppose… Ayame-san? I…I was wondering, if it would be all right with you…"


"May I—" Her face was burning red. "—May I stay with you?"

"Eh?" He froze, his frame rigid. "Eh?"

Her blush brightened. "I mean…may I stay with you," she repeated softly. "It'll only be until the house is safe to live in again… Unless—" She hesitated. "Unless you want me to stay…"

His golden eyes narrowed. "Why do you want to stay with me?"

She swallowed, her eyes closed. "Because…Ayame-san makes me laugh…and I want to…"

There was something in her voice that told the truth to him…

"Tohru-kun," he started hesitantly. "It…could break some rules—as well as hearts—if you were to stay with me." She sighed. "Are you sure…that's what you want?"

"Yes." Her eyes were burning as she gazed up into his surprised face. "I'm positive."


"Only ten years," she interrupted shyly. "Mom was eight years younger than Dad. Two years doesn't change much."

He took a deep breath, his golden eyes bright, barely containing his joy. "Then if that's the case—and you're absolutely sure—you may stay with me." He smiled softly. "To tell the truth…I was hoping you'd ask…"

She smiled back. "And I was hoping you'd say yes."


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