Ch. 12: Mr. Incredible II Captured

Speeding down to the enemy planet, Mr. I-2 rode a space pod with stealth armoring to at best avoid detection on enemy radar.

Dash's space pod crashes into an underground cave, the hatch broke open on impact and he rolled out of it… his powers are gone again. Something came to mind; if his superpowers didn't work the last time, why did Ragnarok 2's work just fine?

As he raised his head, in his face he encountered the face of a human skull! He panicked and backed away… then he realized the torn super-suit on the bones belonging to that skull. He crept closer to check out who it was… "Frozone?" Dash thought about it, Lucius was still on Earth when he left an hour ago, it must've been possible that Genesis Lucifer to genetically duplicate an exact perfect copy of a superhero, right down to the memory of the current moment they came off; and traces of his skin cells that flaked off must've been recovered by G.L.!

He suddenly felt a mental image of the poor Frozone clone getting slaughtered by Ragnarok II! He shook it off and decided to go somewhere without looking back, to stop Genesis Lucifer!

As he ran on (normally), his theorem of G.L. being able to create exact copies of anyone is confirmed; by looking at 2 skeletons with super-suits that look exactly like his mother's! He slows down with despair: so many superheroes being pulled from heaven and pushed back to death, just to be treated as slaves and test subjects for the invasion force's weapons. Not even Earth's combined forces would be enough to stop them.

Back on Earth, at E's place… while Britney thought about Dash…

Violet looked over her new super-suit–– which consists of a blue body suit, purple tights, a pair of purple gloves that go up past her elbows, a pair of medium-sized heel boots that go halfway up her thighs, a pink headband, a pink belt, and violet-colored version of Dash's mask with reflective eye-lenses. The chest is emblazoned with a ghostly fading white 'F' behind a solid golden 'I' with a red rose-like mark on top. She explained to her mother, "My suit was kind of tricky, but I managed to improve it from my previous ones."

Helen asks her daughter, "What about Dash's if he ever decides to change out of that ridiculous overcoat?" Violet pushes in a super-suit mostly blue with black tights, emblazoned with a golden lightning bolt like an 'I' with a white cloud on top and 'rushing lines' on the left side of it. Violet said, "Since he's developing more superpowers over than super-speed and superior reaction time; such as those real-life 'Wind Scar' strikes, superhuman strength, etc.; E and I placed on a thundercloud on top of the 'I' to symbolize strength."

Jack-Jack looked over his suit; a silvery super-suit with the previous 'Incredible' insignia emblazoned on the chest area, complete with golden boots, gloves, and mask with reflective eye-lenses. Violet explained, "Your powers of teleportation, flight, ability to stick to solid surfaces, super-strength, phasing, elemental transformation, telekinesis, laser beam blast discharge from eyes, transmutation, and shapeshifting have been difficult to create yours but we managed on that too. We even placed specialized lenses to make sure you don't accidentally shot beams. Luckily it can shape-shift as far as you can go." Jack-Jack said, "I've totally gone from Incredible Changeling to the Incredible Jack-of-All-Trades."

Helen looked at her black super-suit with blue mid-thigh-length boots, blue elbow-length gloves, blue tights, and a combination of the old 'Elastigirl' insignia and the 'Incredible' insignia. "This one brings a lot of memories of your father. Are there homing devices equipped to each suit?" Edna Mode nodded, "Yes, Dah-ling."

Britney overheard, "Homing devices?"

Back on the planet belonging to G.L., Mr. Incredible II found his way into a secret base without being detected. It was very much like Syndrome's base in Nomanisan back on Earth, but it's heavily guarded, like they were expecting him!

Every shot fired bounced off of his suit, it hurt him a little, but he still had to keep moving or die trying. Before the guards switched their weapons to armor-piercing mode, Mr. I-2 went into the highest possible movements he could go through to try to fight the Superonium energies. He figured if those guards weren't super, why are they used to it like it was nothing. Force field belts, he quickly smashed buttons on the belts that each guard around him was wearing and they each began slowly dying from the extreme radiation of Superonium.

He took one of the belts and put it on, activating it, allowing him to gain temporary access to his superpowers. He soon spotted a holding block for superheroes that have been resurrected, but he couldn't do because it requires a key card and a password, both he has not.

As he got to the main computer… he also found the Rainbow Six Stars, being held in a flower-shaped rainbow-colored energy-mechanical prison just like the one his family was placed in when they were in Nomanisan together, except this one is positioned and shaped like the Star of David (or six-pointed star). As he came closer to them…

Shadowrain slowly opens her eyes and spots Mr. I-2, "Mr. Incredible!" Mr. I-2 covers her mouth so their enemies would not know he's here! He quietly asks them, "Where's the control to this damn thing?" Sea Minx gets up a little and whispers, "Turn about 90 degrees to your left and start walking, it'll be there." Mr. I-2 did so and pressed a button, after a series of pulsating energy dissipating and steam hissing, the Rainbow Six Stars were freed from their prison!

Then right before him, came words reading, "PASSWORD?" on a holographic screen that's at least ten times the size of the Omni-droid 10000. Interested, he thought of one and typed in 'CHAOS', 'ACCESS ALLOWED', he's in the computer! The log-ins he saw on the holographic screen include 'Objectives'…

Mr. I-2 and the Rainbow Six Stars quietly looked up the Objectives file and found G.L. Storm Soldiers (the first soldiers Dash faced he was last here) are completed; G.L. Super Soldiers (soldiers cloned from the superheroes from allover the galaxy, but are under Genesis Lucifer's command) are completed; G.L. Chaos Lieutenants (restored and amplified super-villains like Darth Syndrome) are completed; Omni-droid armies are complete; Omni-droid 25000 is complete; Ragnarok beast groups are complete; Ragnarok II is ready; Secure-droid units are complete; Secure-droid 2.0 is complete; and finally G.L., himself, is complete and ready for his invasion on Earth!

Mr. I-2 groans, "There's gotta be thousands, millions… what's going on?" Sunny Rouge whispered sarcastically, "Looks like they're planning an invasion."

Sea Minx and Luna Dune said, "There was also something about Project New Eden, when we were captured." They looked it up; the plan of Genesis Lucifer was to bring every possible super and bit of information from it and a pair of each life form on each planet he heads for, destroy their original planets the inhabitants came from, create a new system where new and peaceful lives will be made. Even if that seemed nice at first, but Earth is his home, he would never let get destroyed because for his insane ambition.

Then he found the countdown for the beginning of the Project New Eden invasion: starting in 4 of Earth's days and counting!

Back on Earth, Britney pressed the button for Dash's current super-suit's homing device!

Back on Genesis Lucifer's planet… Dash's homing device on his chest went flashing and beeping! "Damn!" A gruff voice shouted, "Freeze!" Another said, "Don't move!" The seven superheroes are surrounded by hundreds of G.L. Storm Soldiers and Super Soldiers!

But before Mr. I-2 could retaliate in any way, he got struck by a blue beam and got surrounded in a Zero-Point Energy ensnare (unfortunately so did the Rainbow Star Six), Darth Syndrome showed up. He checked his free wrist, as though he was reading a wristwatch or something, "12 Earth days to return and try to stop us… coming from someone as incredible as you, I was expecting something a little more simpler and exciting."

Back on Earth… Britney became totally depressed, "I'm such an idiot! Why didn't I think that he was both the men I loved for many years?" Violet nonchalantly said, "Well, at least the secret identity thing did work… until we ran into a really smart and clever individual. My advice to you… is to wait here where it's safe and let us do the superhero work and try to save him: the Superonium will kill you once you're exposed to it, even in space."

As Britney arrived at Dash's apartment… a determination welled up inside her, a determination to go and save her beloved. Britney boldly said, "I don't care if you're the trouble, if you're in trouble, or if you're going to be–– I'm coming, Dash honey, and we're gonna do this future family thing!"

She got to the phone and waited. She said through the receiver, "Dad, I'm calling in for a ride." Her father through the other end replied, "About time; I've been waiting for a chance to take you somewhere in space. For what has it been since training? 5 years?" he laughed, and asked his daughter, "What do ya need, dear?" Britney prepares her first Nursemaid suit and packs up the one Edna made, "Something that will help me get to Mr. Incredible on Genesis Lucifer's planet, something with onboard space pods. Got any?" He replied with a "Let me think…"