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Ama no Kagerou

The Shimmer of Heaven

Chapter 8 - Thorns on Roses

He felt her arms slide around his neck, her body pressing harder against his. One of his hands was pulling her even closer at the small of her back, and they were exchanging moans. Tenten was screaming something at him, and Lee was standing there, looking for all the world as though someone had died.


Neji froze. His mind was screaming at him 'Stay calm! Play the part, you idiot!' And he came to his senses. Right, revenge. He couldn't hesitate. He gently pulled Sakura slightly away from him so she wasn't molesting him anymore. Thinking he wanted to cuddle, a drunken Sakura nuzzled her face into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and torso, giving Tenten and Lee a signature Hyuuga glare complete with raised eyebrow. Tenten was still screaming at him. He wished she'd shut up.

"If it bothers you so much, then just leave," Neji sneered, steering Sakura away from the other couple back in the direction of her apartment, intent on making a dignified and snubbing exit from his unfaithful teammates. But Tenten would have none of it. She was pregnant, she was deeply hurt, and she was more pissed off than she had ever been in her life. She reached out and grabbed Sakura's coifed pink hair and pulled back, then delivered the hardest punch she could muster to the medic-nin's face.

"Whore!" she spat.

Sakura reeled. Everything was spinning and her nose hurt like hell. One minute she was feeling great, making out with a really hot guy that she was pretty sure was her boyfriend (had she gone home with someone else instead?!), and the next she'd been roughly introduced to someone's fist. Great, now there was blood running down her face and through her drunken haze she realized that her nose was broken. Unfortunately, the excess wine did fuzzy things to her memory and her medic's skills were forgotten.

"What the hell did you do that for!?" Sakura looked up at her attacker. Oh. Tenten. Well, that kind of explained why her nose was broken.

"Because you're a squealing, lying bitch!" Tenten threw another well-aimed punch at her former friend, but this time Sakura had the sense to half-duck, which caused her to trip over her stiletto heels and hit the dirt.

Despite the alcohol making her stupid, Sakura felt fiercely embarrassed. She was a kunoichi, for pete's sake, she should at least be able to dodge decently, and now she was making a fool of herself! She knew she shouldn't fight back and that she deserved everything Tenten was throwing at her, but her rage was mounting by the minute and getting the better of her. She heard Tenten laugh derisively.

"Ha! I guess all that fancy wine went straight to your wide forehead!" Tenten chuckled at her insult while Lee paled and Neji sighed in exasperation.

And Sakura snapped.

Only Ino-pig was allowed to insult her like that, and even then it was barely tolerated. Nobody, NOBODY insulted her forehead and got away unscathed. Eyes narrowed and body coiled like a cat ready to spring, Sakura tackled Tenten to the ground and began punching (thankfully forgetting her monstrous strength) every square inch of skin she could find. She wasn't cruel, she avoided Tenten's abdomen so she wouldn't hurt the developing fetus, but her face was going to be a bloody pulp by the time Sakura finished with her.

Voices cried out, and a pair of strong arms forcibly pulled her off of Tenten. But Sakura didn't go without a fight. She struggled and bucked and screeched, calling Tenten horrible names. Lee cradled a bloody and bruised Tenten in his arms, looking very confused and hurt. Neji finally forced Sakura to cease her struggling, but the screaming accusations were only just beginning.

"Whore?! YOU'RE calling ME a whore?! You sick hypocritical bitch! How dare you call me a whore when you're the one who ran off with Lee while you and Neji were still together! What kind of person does that to a boyfriend, a friend, a TEAMMATE?! Don't you DARE criticize me when you're the pregnant slut who couldn't keep her legs together! It's called a fucking condom, maybe you should have used one! You're no saint, so keep your mouth shut about shit you have no idea about!"

Sakura's chest heaved from the force of her yelling, and was practically hyperventilating with fury. Tenten looked as though Sakura has just dealt her a blow to the stomach. But that didn't stop her from retorting fiercly.

"Oh, I know exactly what I'm talking about! You're a fucking LIAR, Sakura! You promised! You freaking promised you'd keep your mouth shut about the baby and you went and told anyway! What the hell is wrong with you? And then you go and date Neji and we find you rutting in the street like dogs! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

Tenten was screaming in tears, and Lee was pleading frantically with her, tugging on her arms trying to drag her home. She finally allowed herself to be carried away, screaming expletives at Sakura until she and Lee were out of sight.

Sakura slumped in Neji's arms, a lump forming in her throat. Her head was throbbing painfully now from all the wine and screaming, and tears were burning in the back of her eyes. "Neji…I really….really…just want to go home right now."

She felt him nod and didn't complain as he lifted her in his arms, carrying her back to her apartment where she could bury herself in throw pillows and scream.

By the next morning, the entire village had heard the news about the confrontation between the two kunoichi. Sakura knew it was inevitable; in a village as large as Konoha gossip spread like wildfire. And naturally there where rumors that where so outrageous that one had to wonder who was so bored that they had to make up crazy stories about somebody else's life. One such story was that Sakura had punched Tenten so hard in the gut that it had caused her to abort the young fetus and that Tenten had retaliated by throwing the remains of her baby in Sakura's face. The idiot who'd had the indelicacy to repeat that garbage within Sakura's earshot had ended up with a kunai enema.

Waking had not been a pleasant experience that morning for the medic-nin. Her head ached and the room spun, and her morning breath wasn't worth the mortification of mentioning. Not to mention the incessant ringing of the phone (that was Ino calling, probably wanting to demand to know the story). She'd broken another alarm clock, making her, oh, 4 hours late for work. Her answering machine was full of messages from her coworkers asking where she was and a couple from a very annoyed Tsunade. Calling in sick hadn't worked, they were understaffed and were getting a large number of admissions.

So Sakura had dragged herself out of bed with more than a few groans, proceeded to trip over the stilettos she'd worn the night before, and remembered too late that there would be no hot water in her building for the day due to repairs. Thus Sakura had been forced to go into work unshowered with a hangover headache that no amount of aspirin would cure.

It was just the beginning of her hell.