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Timeline: during the investigation of Lynn's death

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Summary: Somehow loss made them more similar than Logan could have imagined. He remembered her differently, but he wanted to learn from who she had become.

Becoming Invisible

By Liz Wyatt

Chapter One: False Hope or A determined Tiny Blonde One

She jumped. He didn't believe it. He was in denial and Veronica could see it. The chance that his mom was still alive had been Logan's only way of dealing with the media and the lies that surrounded his home. He tried to convince Duncan, but he didn't get the response he wanted. This is how it started. He needed help finding him mom. His first thought was Veronica's dad, but the chance that Keith would inform his dad was a chance he couldn't take. But than again he knew somewhere that Keith wouldn't, but none the less he wanted to be able to be cold with no one asking him questions or trying to be his friend. He knew Veronica hated him. If she wouldn't help him because of her hatred for him he knew money would help the persuasion.

He didn't, however, expect her to so calm and understanding. It pissed him off a little that she tried to be all nice and supportive even though he knew she thought he was crazy when he showed up at her door. Than again her kindness didn't seem fake. She wouldn't be nice to him of her own will had she not wanted to. This confused him even more, but too many things already occupied his thoughts and adding Veronica Mars to it was not on his agenda.

When she set up everything for him he figured she was just doing it for the case. Get the answers and get gone, but when his hope lie in a tabloid story she understood. She played along even though she herself didn't believe in it. Had she been just doing the job straight out she might have avoided this lead. Being smarter than him at the whole detective thing.

Logan: There's a woman who saw my mom get out of her car and get in a van with a mysterious stranger.
Veronica: There's also a jungle tribe that worships Donald Trump's hair. It's a tabloid.
Logan: What, so the girl with the pig arm can't really bowl?
Veronica: I just don't want you to get your hopes up.

The video sent him over the edge. He was in pure shock. He heard Weevil say something and he saw Veronica shift in her chair, but he wasn't able to move. He stared at the screen. Paused in that one moment after her body had hit the water. They left until it was just Veronica left alone with him. He couldn't take her trying to give him sympathy. He hated the world right now and he felt the floor giving way.

Veronica I'm sorry.
Logan: Yeah, so am I

He walked outside heading towards his car. His first thoughts were to throw up or yell. Than she ran out to tell him about his mom's credit cards and his heart rate leveled off.

He woke up a few days later and looked at his closet in disgust. Orange sweaters and other bright pieces of clothing had been folded and set out for him to wear. He stood searching his closet dripping wet and in his bath towel. He dug through his things and found a black zip up.

The last time he had worn it was the day after Lilly died.


He rolled out of bed and stood in the shower for a few minutes. The water was too hot for someone to really want to shower in, but he stood there while the water burned at his skin. He walked into his closet and found the necklace Lilly had given him and he put it back on his neck. It's rightful place. He sat down on the ground and stared at his hands. They were red from the water.

The phone rang. He heard his mom yell up the stairs.

"Logan it's Veronica."

He picked it up.


"Logan…" he heard a sniffle.


"umm…have you…" there was silence on her end

"I haven't talked to Duncan, Veronica."

"Oh…are you…"

"No, I'm not okay. Are you?" he said a little more frustrated.

"No…I'm sorry I called I just…" than he heard a few more sniffle and he knew she was going to start crying again.

"I'll be right over."


He hung up and looked at his closet. He pulled out his black zipper slipped it over his shirt.

When he got to her house she opened the door and he saw how distraught she was.

"You wanna…"

he understood and stepped inside.

end flashback

He put it on over his shirt and ran downstairs.

He waited by the phone for her to call and tell him that she'd 'found his mom' or 'got some great news'

"Logan, you know the phone doesn't lift itself to your ear son." Aaron said as he walked into their kitchen. He was in a band t-shirt and jeans.

"you know dad just cus you where the clothes doesn't mean Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton are going to pop over for some daddy fun time." He smirked at his father's reaction.

"Logan! Just because I'm trying to..."

"Re-invent Aaron Echolls, Mr. newly single movie star?"

"No! I'm trying to change. It's been a hard couple of weeks and I know you are still hurting, but we need to accept your mother's death and move on with out lives. She'd want us to be happy."

Be happy? She wanted to escape Aaron and Logan knew it.

"Yeah... sure." Logan swung his chair to face the phone again.


"Don't you son me! What gives you the right to try and be dutiful dad now?"

"Logan! We all are trying to make the best of the situation your mother left us in."

"So what its mom's fault?" Logan was getting more heated by the moment.

"No I didn't say that! Logan you need to calm down!"

"Why so I don't upset daddy and than he'll have to whip me?" Logan stood his ground even though he felt scared that he was right.

"Don't you dare accuse me of that now?"

Then Logan's cell rang.

"Logan we aren't finished here!" Logan frantically searched his bag for his cell as it continued to ring.

Aaron grabbed Logan's wrist and pulled it away from the bag.

"What are you doing? Get off of me!" Logan tried to wiggle out of Aaron's grasp.

"Logan…" Aaron said it as if he had always been the all American dad caring for his son.

"The cameras are off dad! Don't pull this shit with me!" He heard his cell stop ringing and he hoped whoever it was left him a message. He finally was out of Aaron's grasp when he ran over and checked his voicemail.

"Hey. Call me when you get this. There's been another charge on your mom's credit card… at the Sunset Regent." Veronica's voice boomed in his ear

He hung up the phone and gathered his bag up.

"Son..." there was his dad with open arms gesturing for Logan to come over and into a hug.

"Later pops" he said as he fumbled for his keys and ran out the door in a hurry.

Logan sat in his truck for a few minutes until he finally dialed Veronica's cell phone.

She was laughing a little when she picked up and that made Logan a little mad and annoyed. Heck she was supposed to be helping him find his supposedly dead mother!

"Wallace that's mean!" he heard in the background before she talked to him.


"So you taking a lunch break or is this case time?" An angry Logan asked.

"Logan? Lunch break…what are you talking about?" she was confused.

"You know, Veronica, I thought you were a professional when working on serious things." He sounded dead serious.

"Logan…I'm not taking a break or whatever and just so you know I take my cases very seriously plus you know you aren't the only one person who has asked me for help today." She said in a serious tone.

"Whatever Mars…point is you called me?"

"Yeah... your mom's credit card was used at the Sunset Regent in L.A."


"Yeah, so I figured I'll call and…"

"No..I'm going over there now."

"Logan..No, we need a plan."

"There is no we Mars, you did your part."

"But you have no idea…"

"What how to find my mother? Listen Mars just go back to your other cases." He drove onto the highway.

"Logan please! Just let me help you!" she sounded desperate.

"Woah Mars, no need to beg me."


"Fine, but I'm already on the highway so you need to hurry and meet me in the lobby."




He had been in there for 15 minutes and he finally sighed, turning towards the receptionist. He started to take a step when she ran up to him all girlie and loud.

"I know I'm late. Sorry, honey." He was a little confused and when she pulled his head down so she could kiss his cheek he was a bit taken back. The girl he hated had just kissed him. Sure on the cheek, but for two people who would never have even touched each other months earlier he was surprise. That's when she dropped her voice.

"So I talked to this guy on the phone. Let me handle it, he's a bit prickly," she said as she proceeded to lead him over to the receptionist area. He was a bit dazed, not entirely sure what her plan was.

Hotel Receptionist: May I help you?
Veronica: You may. My fiancé and I are looking for a honeymoon suite

Now he understood. So now he was her fiancé. He played along. He even made fun of her a little at how much effort she actually put into this one.

"Wow, sugar puss, you've certainly been a busy little bee."

They giggled at each other, then to the receptionist

"Ah, she's a keeper."

Than they came to the conclusion that his mom was the one in the suite. After defeat from the receptionist he plopped himself down on the sofa. She watched him curiously and just stood there watching him. She noticed his jacket. He looked up after a few minutes.


"nothing…" She looked around nervously and headed towards the door.

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