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"Blahblahblah" : a normal conversation

Blahblahblah : a thought

"Blahblahblah" : Telepathy

Two become one

Chapter 1 : Waking up

Have you ever wondered what makes you be yourself?

Is it your soul?

Is it your memory?

Is it your heart? Your DNA?

Or all of them?

Then, the next question is where they are?

If you lose your hand by a terrible accident, of course, you're still yourself. What about that hand? Is it still a part of you? Is it still yours?

The answer is..yes. Why? Because every part of your body, every living cell and even the tiniest dead cell contain your DNA, your memory, your love, your hatred, your desire, and of course, your soul.


" Akira plays as the 2nd board?" Asking himself quietly, the great Touya Kouyo uttered in surprise.

" Ano..Touya-Sensei," a higher- Dan whom he was so sure that he had never met before called him, " Are you here to support Touya-kun? He must be really glad to know that, it's too bad that he didn't play with Ko-Yongha. I don't know what Kurata-san was thinking, I think …" he chatted meaninglessly.

" Where is Akira?" Cutting in the worthless talk, the ex-Meijin questioned. He was used to this, some people came to talk idly to him just because they only wanted to boast to their friends that they knew Touya Kouyo.

" I..I think he's in the next hall with his teammates for the closing ceremony, sir," the nameless pro informed.

" Thank you," Kouyo nodded and left the exhibition hall leaving the poor pro alone.

At the closing ceremony,

" Com'on, Shindou," Yashiro was getting sick and tired of saying this, " It's not your fault," Attempting to cheer up his friend, he had said this line at least 10 times.


" Look, I lost too," Man! I can't believe I just said that!

"…Half a moku…half a moku only," Tightening a glass in his hand crossly, Hikaru whispered soundlessly to himself. He was angry at himself for being such an incompetent. Ko-Yongha both had insulted Shusaku who was a role-model to him and had challenged him in the same time, loss was not an option. I disappoint everyone, especially, Kurata-san. He gave me a chance but I blew it up. I'm too weak. I'm nothing but a loser!

" That's the point! Shindou!" Yashiro declared loudly, " It's not that he totally slaughtered you or anything, It's just a lucky winning!" he pointed out.

" You'll beat him next time," Akira spoke up, " We'll beat them next year," he confirmed confidently.

Hikaru knew that his teammates tried their best to cheer him up, he was grateful for that…… somehow it didn't make him feel any better.

" Hey! Guys!" Waving his hand in the air, Kurata greeted them cheerfully, " Finally, those reporters let go of me, God, they're so scary, I swear, some of them even try to eat me alive! What are they? A reporter or a hungering-vulture?" he grumbled moodily, " Ah! By the way, Shindou!" Grabbing Hikaru's shoulders firmly, he drew his face closer to the blond, " You gotta beat Ko-Yongha next time, Okay? You gotta smash him down to the ground and make him go back to Korea in tears! We can't let An-Teson win again, can we?"

"…Ku…Kurata-san," The bleached bangs 1-Dan stammered in fright. God, he's even creepier than that drunken Ogata! Can anything get worse than this?

Kurata Atsushi, An-Teson of Japan, always took it seriously when it had to do with his rival, An-Teson, the one he wanted to be known as Kurata of Korea. Akira smiled and lightly shook his head, he thought silently if his fat manager was always be like this, he would have been the Meijin by now.

" Akira," Unexpectedly, he heard a familiar serene voice calling his name.

" Father," he immediately walked toward his father without delay, " Father, I think that you…"

" Oh! Touya-Sensei!" Kurata exclaimed as he let go of the frightened blond. He followed the blue-eyed prodigy and had a little chitchat with the Touyas.

Jumping by that name, Hikaru straightened his shoulders in tense. Damn it! I shouldn't have said that! Please! Anyone but him! Not him! At least not now! Not when Touya is around!

" So, is that Touya's dad? Touya-Sensei," the white-haired boy looked in awe, " He looks intimidating, I bet he's really strong," he commented.

Please! Don't come this way! God! Please!

" Ah! They're coming this way!" the Kansai pro said enthusiastically, he was very excited to have a chance to have a word with the legendary Touya Kouyo.

Damn it!

As the trio joined them, Akira introduced his new friend to his father, " Father, this is my teammate, Yashiro," then he turned to his eager friend, " Yashiro, this is my father,"

" It..It's an honor, sir!" Bowing respectfully, Yashiro addressed loudly.

" Yashiro is from Kansai, and of course, Shindou, you've already known him,"

" Shindou-kun,"

" Touya-Sensei," Nodding a little, they exchanged polite greetings.

" It's a good game, Shindou-kun, the best game of the tournament, you should be proud of it," Kouyo noted in his tranquil professional manner.

" Thank you, sir,"

" That voice,"

" !" Jumping again, Hikaru felt his heart suddenly beating so fast. This is no good. " Excuse me, I'm a bit tired," Bowing in apology, he turned his back on one of the world's most respectable Go player ever and quickly left the hall without looking back.

" How rude he is!" Kurata scolded sharply, " Touya-Sensei compliments him on his performance! But look how he reacts! Can't he say anything more than 'Thank you'?"

The 9-Dans was right, it was rare for Touya Kouyo to praise anyone, considering the fact that Hikaru lost all his games, he was supposed to be more polite and honor those words.

" That's alright, Kurata-kun," Japan's greatest player was mature enough not to take it as offence, " If he needs some rest, we should let him go," he said calmly. This feeling… I remember, even it only lasts a second but he sends out that threatening aura again…just like when we played in the Yugen no ma room… and when I played with Sai… Shindou-kun…

As he left the ceremony, Hikaru dashed into an elevator. Not waiting for other passengers, he hurriedly pressed the close button as he didn't want any company.

" Hey, welcome back, it's been a while," he said quietly, " Could you please stop beating so damn fast?" Leaning against the wall, he gasped heavily, " If not we'll have a heart attack," he warned.

" Is that Touya-Meijin?" His heart spoke up.


" !"

" ! Damn it! Sai! Are you trying to kill both of us?" Hikaru cursed at Sai, the heart, who pounded forcefully in excitement.

" Sorry,"

" Control yourself," he ordered, " Geez,"

" Hikaru, I want to play with him again," Sai demanded.

"…I know, I'll ask him for a game later,"

" No! I want to play withhim now!" he shouted and raced even faster.

" Arrz! Damn it!" Feeling a razor-sharp pain in his chest, the poor boy went down on one knee, his hand clutched his heart tightly, "Okay! Okay! I'll set up the game as soon as possible! Are you happy now?"

" …Thank you," Stopping protesting, the heart gave the boy his excuse, " Sorry, I just want to play with him badly,"

As Sai started beating normally, the green-eyed pro gained his strength enough to stand on his feet again," …I know but I hate when you do this," Sighing in boredom, he told the spoiled heart when the elevator reached his floor, " You know, usually you're good but when it comes to Touya-Sensei…" Stepping out the elevator, he complained. Every times Sai wanted something, he would pound quickly nearly causing Hikaru a stroke, the worst part was he wouldn't stop, he would keep on his little strike until Hikaru gave him what he wanted.

" If you were me, you would do the same. Believe me, your rivalry with Touya Akira isn't different from mine, I thought you would understand," Feeling neglected by the young pro, Sai uttered in disappointment while the up-to-the-minute boy unlocked the door.

" Of course, I understand, I always take your side, don't I? I just… Can't you quit risking our life?" Hikaru asked irritably, " Your childish behavior almost kills us, Us, Us, not only me but both of us," he emphasized as he lay down on his back lazily on his bed . Then he thought back to that fated day. By an unbelievable twist of fate, he should have died that day but he ended up getting a new life instead.

A/N : Wow! For the first chapter, it's quite long, isn't it? Still, it doesn't tell you much about what happened, don't worry the mystery will Slowly revealed:) Can you guess what's happening? I think this is the most complicated fic I ever write so far...the story, the relationship between the characters are very complicated.

PS. The plot is inspired by Puppet Master by Fumika Okano.