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Part 1 - Entering... The Higurashis'

"Lighten up, Kagome," Kikyou said with smile, "This new school could be a very good change for us."

The younger of the two yawned in response.

"Having to wake up at this godforsaken hour is SO much fun," she said trudging down the steps of the shrine.

"You might get used to it, but for me…" She paused and stretched, "I'll just snooze the whole class periods away," She finished under her breath.

She glanced down at her uniform. Instead of the normal school girl uniform which consisted of a pleated black skirt with a white sailor shirt with a purple tie, Kagome chose the male's customary black suit. It consisted of comfortable black slacks, white collared shirt with a purple tie covered by a long-sleeved black vest, unbutton. She had her backpack slung over her right shoulder.

"Oi," Kagome asked, "Since when did you became so dressy?"

It was an honest and curious question to Kagome. Kikyou had never cared what she wore, always dressing like a Yankee or something similar to intimidate other people to not approach her. It was usually the normal school girl uniform, untucked with her sleeves creased over her arm. Her socks would also be baggy around her ankles and her hair would be tightly put up in a high ponytail. Either that or she'd come in her pjs'...

This Kikyou, however was slightly more groomed. She wore the traditional school girl uniform that was given to them from their mother, with nice, fitting black socks, shoes that wasn't too flashy, shirt was tucked in and her sleeves were ironed out. To Kagome's utter surprise, Kikyou's hair was magnificently and naturally straight as it laid calmly against her back with no frizz or extra strand hanging anywhere.

Kikyou smiled and responded, "Since I want to make a good first impression."

Kagome's eyebrow hiked up to her bangs, disappearing from sight in shock. A small gasp escaped from her lips and suddenly her expression darkened.

"Who the hell are you and where's my sister you monster?"

Kikyou tilted her head at the younger girl and smiled, dimples appearing slightly on her cheeks.

"S-So big!" Kagome exclaimed, dropping her backpack in the process.

Kikyou's eyes widened as well. Compared to their dinky little high school, this one somewhat broadened their perspective of what a private school really is.

Kagome had to bite her lips from jumping up and down like a kid receiving a present.

The two twins had never in their life seen such a place. Everything was so neat and it radiated superiority compared to even the quiet and peaceful community of this area.

"There's no calligraphy, tagging, or anything," said Kikyou, "I can't believe something like this exists."

Kagome nodded agreeing whole-heartedly as they entered the gate. She replied, "And the most astonishing part is, we get to actually attend here."

She was so excited that she couldn't keep the glistening from her sapphire eyes. It just twinkled.

Even though Kikyou was equally excited, she didn't smile. Her chocolate brown eyes were the only source that told anyone that Kikyou was enjoying this as much as Kagome. The only feature the twin doesn't have in common was their eyes.

"I can't wait," Kikyou whispered.

Kagome was the only one that could tell behind Kikyou's calm exterior that the girl was just as excited as her.

Their excitement, however, didn't last long as voices started to come from different direction of the campus.

"Look! Twins!"

"The boy is pretty cute."

"There's a hot new girl."

"He has such a pretty face!"

"Well duh! He looks like a bishounen!"

"And did you see his eyes!"

"She's so beautiful…"

"Look at those legs-"

"She's so graceful..."

Kagome and Kikyou pace quickened. As they reached the corner, they stopped abruptly.

There were so many eyes on them. Kikyou tried to keep calm, but Kagome was getting a little angry with this.

"Okay, what the hell's up with this school?" Kagome asked as they tried to be discreet with how they walked through the halls. A tic was slowly forming on her forehead. "We're not a fuc-" Kikyou gave her a look, "-freaking side-show attraction dammit..."

Kikyou kept her head low as she lead the way to the stairs, "Let's try to ignore them," she whispered back.

As Kikyou was ready to turn the corner, she felt herself colliding into someone, and lost her balance. Unfortunately, Kagome endured the pain of the fall as Kikyou landed on top of her twin, who tripped back and fell on the floor.

"Watch where you're going you fuckin' asshole!"

Kikyou looked up surprised at the curse directed to her. She couldn't help but glare meaningful at him. Anybody with a sense would be offended.

Kagome pushed her sister up away from her, making the boy's eyes land on the younger twin instead.

"So you're the wise guy eh? You bastard!"

After dusting herself off, Kagome turned toward the dude that accused her with a coarse tongue of her own, "What the hell! You're the one that came out of nowhere and bumped into us!" She yelled, "And you have the gale to INSULT me?"

His golden eyes widened in surprise at the boy. No one in his life had ever spoken to him like that except his father and brother maybe.

"I can insult you anytime I want pretty boy," He said, shoulders' tensing.

Kagome didn't back down as she smirked. "Kikyou. I didn't start this shit. Dumbass here is picking a fight," She bit out.

Kikyou furrowed her eyebrows as she saw the arm that was ready to hit Kagome.

Kagome ducked from him, as he ducked from her roundhouse kick. Before each of them could punch each other in the face, Kikyou walked in the middle, and caught their fist in her hand. They're eyes widened in surprise.

Instead of yelling at the boy for trying to hurt his little sister, she bowed low to the waist and said, "I'm sorry about my little sis-" she cut herself off when she saw Kagome's hand gestures, "BROTHER's rude behavior."

She smiled kindly, but forcefully at him. Of course she was pissed off. No one was allowed to lay a hand on Kagome...except maybe Kikyou herself.

The boy on the other hand just stared at her as she spoke, having a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Kikyou's bit her tongue, refusing to make a scene on the first day. She felt like she couldn't hold it anymore with the way he was staring at her as if she was some sort of... alien. Not wanting to standing there feeling like an idiot, Kikyou apologized once more and took a hold of Kagome's hand and attempted to walk pass him.

That however was uneventful as he suddenly grabbed onto her wrist. She held back from twisting her wrist, grabbing his arm, and throwing him on the ground. Instead, she opted to look at him, holding back her murderous glare.

The boy just stared and suddenly, as if catching himself looked away quickly.

"Err . . . Uh . . ." he appeared to be speechless as Kikyou furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, less agitated but more curious if anything.

"Hey! Let go of her idiot!"

As if catching himself, he yanked his hand away from Kikyou's wrist as if it burned. "Uh..." He muttered before Kagome butted in.

"What? Trying to hit on her now?" Kagome asked a haughty and amused tone in her voice.

To Kikyou's confusion, the boy's face flushed red. She even saw his ears tinting red as well.

"N-No stupid!" He yelled at Kagome and surprisingly, introduced himself, "Keh, name's Inu Yasha Takayama."

Kikyou, once more, wanting to make a good impression, smiled and replied, "My name is Kikyou Higurashi."

She reached her right hand towards him. The boy's eyes shifted as he grasped her hand. Both of them looked up at each other in surprise as something weird pass through them. It felt like an electric shock if anything. Kikyou assumed that she probably got some electricity from the hand rail of the stairs. Shaking her head, she smiled again.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Takayama-san," she said, referring him to his last name.

He nodded slowly, "Same to you Higurashi-san."

Kikyou looked at Kagome who was smiling and wiggling her eyebrow suggestively towards the twin. Kikyou ears burned as she quickly yanked her gaze away from Kagome.

"This is my younger brother," Kikyou said, "Kagome Higurashi."

"The pretty boy is your twin?" He asked, "Younger one at that?"

Kagome glared at Inu Yasha, "So what if I am?" She asked and then retaliated, "At least I don't have my hair bleached!"

"What?" Inu Yasha was enraged, "This is my natural hair color moron!"

"Yeah right! I never saw anybody in my life with silver hair!" She exclaimed accusingly.

"Kagome," Kikyou warned.

The younger twin shut her mouth then, but grumbled a curse word under her breath directed towards Inu Yasha.

"Keh. Collar and leash. Check..." He mumbled back.

The older twin shook her head in amusement as she turned back to Inu Yasha, "We're new here and if you don't mind," she paused as she took out her schedule, "Would you show us where are class is located?" She asked calmly reaching out to make a new friend.


"Inu Yasha."

The three turned towards the new figure. Kikyou raised an eyebrow.

Kagome looked at him with her mouth twitching.

This school had interesting ...people, the twins surmised.