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Part 25. . . It's Now or Never . . . Confession and a Small Dose of Youkai Drama

Kagome runs her fingers through her hair as a mean of combing it. Looking at the mirror, Kagome pinches her cheek so the dry feeling would leave her. Rubbing her eyes sleepily, Kagome turns around and leaves the restroom. It isn't enough that she can't enjoy her summer while waking up in this god forsaken hour, but she has to deal with hygiens.

Shaking her head, Kagome sleepily pulls out her miko garb. With slow movements, Kagome takes off her clothes and places the red hakama and white haori on. Using the black thin hairband on her wrist, Kagome lazily ties it into a low ponytail. Looking at the clock on her side, Kagome rolls her eyes heavenward before collapsing on the bed, dead asleep. Five fifty nine . . . I'll make it.

Her sleep was short lived however as someone knocks on her door softly. Kagome rolls over and tucks her head under her pillow, blocking out the small click on her doorknob. If she were to pay attention, Kagome would've noticed the glowing golden eyes and flowing silver hair standing in her doorway. If she were awake at the time, Kagome would've been tuned in enough to see the dry yet expressionless of Sesshoumaru Takayama.

The said person walks to her bed with quiet grace. Of course, everyone would question why would a male enters a female's bedroom having no intimate relationship with, but this is a little different. Mrs. Higurashi, finding of Kagome's assisstence through a magazine article, gives Sesshoumaru the keys to their house so he can come and bring Kagome to work. Of course, Kagome has yet to be notified of this.

Sesshoumaru slowly lifts his hand on Kagome's back, near the hem of her collar. Tightening his grasp on the fold, Sesshoumaru stares blankly at Kagome. With one tug, Kagome's form comes up in the air.


"Hey yourself," he replies.

Kagome glares to get adjusted to waking up. "The hell . . ." She mumbles.

"Baka . . ."

Kagome turns her head to the voice. She looks straight into Sesshoumaru intense golden eyes, in return, making her eyes widen. "S-s-s-s-se-sess-sesshoumaru! The hell are you doing here?" She asks quickly jumping away from his grasp. Kagome looks around and realize they were still in her room. "Oi man! Can't I get any privacy in my own home here?" She asks, the anger evident in her naturally fiery eyes.

"Privacy? You're late for work," Sesshoumaru said calmly.

Kagome frowns. Looking towards the clock on the lamp table, Kagome gives Sesshoumaru a scrutinizing look. "By . . . one minute?"


Kagome gives him an incredious look. "You . . . You . . . . "

Before she can find a proper noun for him, Sesshoumaru grabs her by her ponytail and drags her out of her room. "Ittai. Ittai. Ittai. Taka-ichi! It's hurts Yamero!" She exclaims.

"Urusai baka," he replies.

Kagome winces as he tugs when she stops. When they descend the stairs, Kagome looks towards her okaasan who smiles pleasantly towards her. "Ohayo Kagome . . . Arigato Sesshoumaru-san."

Sesshoumaru stops and, with Kagome's ponytail, bows in respect. Kagome had no other choice but to do the same. He has a freakin' iron grip on her hair! Kami! That's why she hated long hair. As he tugs her ponytail out the door, Kagome grinds her teeth in niether anger and pain. Finally, he releases his hold on Kagome's hair as she scratches her scalp upon where the hair grew.

"What got up your ass this time Taka-ichi?"

He glares. "Just handle this Kagome."

Handle what? She wanted to ask. Before she can utter a word, Sesshoumaru slides the shoji door open to the shrine. Kagome's frown becomes deeper as she peers inside. There, kneeling on the ground in front of a Shinto God, a woman with three huge men in black. Eh? She was suddenly rudely pushed inside by Sesshoumaru as he slams the shoji door closed on her startling the woman and her three bodyguards.

Kagome looks from her left to right, then back at the woman. Scratching the back of her head, Kagome laughs nervously. "Eh . . . Yo," she greeted.


The woman looks at the miko and couldn't help but see recognition in those appearance. Sora stood from her seat on the mat as the miko edged closer with hesitant steps. The miko seems nervous for mysterious reasons to Sora. Though, why would a miko be nervous? She is greeting the miko in an elaborate kimono; it was thick and traditional . . . so there is nothing to be nervous of. Surely this miko has seen a lot more wealthy and traditional people in her life time.

"Ohayo gozaimasu miko-sama," Sora said as she bows her head.

The miko steps back a little before bowing in return. Tilting her head, Sora gives the miko a calm smile. "I . . . I came for advice miko-san," she said softly.

"Ad-advice? Why would you ask . . . oh . . ." The miko gives an odd reply.

The miko looks around herself, searching for something. When her eyes landed on the shoji door exit, the miko turns her attention back to the bewildered woman. "Ah, gomen . . . I'll be right back." As that was said, the miko ran off. "Don't go anywhere!" She exclaims as she slides the shoji door closed. Sora looks on in confusion. When her grandmother recommended her here, Sora never expected the miko of the shrine would be so . . . what's the word? . . . Ah . . . eccentric.

I trust in my grandmother's judgement, so I will trust in the miko as well . . . though how young she is. Besides . . . seeing Sesshoumaru-san here is worth it. Dakedo . . .


Kagome looks around the shrine's ground, searching for that prick Sesshoumaru. He actually accepted a job dealing with advice? Damn him! Kagome next to advice is absolutely nothing! She has no clue how to give out advice and would never dare to in the first place! What would happen if she gave out the wrong advice? What would happen then?

When she sees him acsend the stairs with a broom in his hand, Kagome stomps towards him her anger radiating off in waves. "Taka-ichi . . ." she said her tone stern.

"Before you say anything, yes . . . I accepted the job for you."

Kagome opens her mouth. Sesshoumaru quickly silence her with a hand. "And iie, Mrs. Higurashi has gone to her flourist shop already, so she obviously can't substitute for you . . ."

Kagome was ready to retort until he cut her off. "Dakedo . . . You've never given advice before so everyone believes this job is meant for a lessen to you."

Sesshoumaru gives his attention towards Kagome. "Anything else?"

Kagome pouted. "Hai . . . demo . . . Doushite?" She asks.

Sesshoumaru shrugs as Kagome gives him a desperate look. "Advices are part of a miko's job. Whether you're only doing this in the weekends, it is your job. You are, after proven so many times, a miko."

Sesshoumaru suddenly pushes her roughly towards the shrine. Sliding it open, he nudges her in, by kicking her in the rear. She stumbles inside as he bows to the woman and slides the shoji door closes without meeting Sora's eyes.

Kagome rubs her rear with pain. The hell is up with Sesshoumaru today? He's acting more like a prick than usual, she noticed. Kagome lifts herself off the ground and dusted herself. Speaking of which, this shrine still needs a few more dusting job. Taka-ichi's not doing his job right. Kagome shakes her head from the thought of placing Sesshoumaru with a bunch of hormone crazed teenage girls . . . well, that'll show him whos' boss at least.

"Etou . . . maybe I should come another . . . time, probably?" The woman asks.

Kagome, unsure and a little hesitant on what to do, shakes her head. "Iie, that won't be neccessary demo . . . there is a question I would like to ask . . . Why did you wake up so early to come here?"

The woman, who look no older than Kagome, sighs. "I am . . . as it is so obvious . . . desperate to find my answers," she said staring straight into Kagome's eyes. There boldness, yet confusion hidden in the woman's eyes. Though how young and youthful the woman looks, Kagome can sense maturity in her by peeking into those lavender eyes. It's . . . unnerving that Kagome can do something like that. Before, she wasn't so observant. Ever since taking up this miko job, Kagome has always have a hard time turning down the client because of a glance of their eyes.

"Answers . . . And you expect me to help you and give you advices-"

"Iie, I want you to tell me what I should do, for I myself tried so hard to find my answers . . . demo . . . It's conflicting."

Kagome sighs, sensing her story to be long. "Etou . . . before we discuss anything, would you like to sit somewhere and without-" Kagome gives a passing glance to the woman's guards before, once again, smiling sheepishly towards the woman.

"Oh! Hai, hai of course," she said. Turning to the three largely built men, the woman bows. "Onegai, let me have a moment with this miko," she said.

The guards bow impassively with respect, Kagome continues to wonder who this woman is for such strong looking men to guard her. Three no less towards a shrine, how many would there be if she were to attend to a friend's house? Kagome shakes her head at the passing thought.


Rin cackles as she rubs her hands together. They have a whole morning to do whatever and just recently, she discovered something . . . cool. She turn to her two best friends with a grin. "Alright! Who wants to come with me?"

"Sure, I'll go with-"

"It's no place for you two to be," Hakudoushi cuts the young girl off.

She glares at his pompous attitude and his arrogant stare. "Dude, don't be a spoil sport, it'll be fun," she said crossing her arms.

"Iie, it'll be trouble," Hakudoushi replies.

Rin sighs. "Come on Hakudoushi. Don't tell me you're scared?" She asks, "Or . . . are you actually going to admit you're . . . worried for us?" Rin's lips twitched into a grin.

He scowls at her in distaste. "Nonsense ningen," Hakudoushi said. Rin crosses her arm and gives him a knowing look. His scowl becomes an angry glare. "I told you, I will never have any concern for such children such as you two, so don't get any rediculous ideas that I, Hakudoushi would ever have sickening ningen's emotions to . . .to . . .to care," he said.

Rin raises her eyebrow as she look towards Shippou who stares with equal surprise. They smirk towards eachother. Another oppertunity to tease their emotionless friend.

"Wow! You said it with SO much ambition Hakudoushi!"

"Such passion!"

"Such . . ." Rin started.

"Such . . ." Shippou mimicked.

". . . Humanity!" They exclaims in his face, practically throwing him off.

"N-nani?" He asks, seething.

Rin laughs lowly in a chuckle. She points at Hakudoushi. "Admit it Hakudoushi-kun, you're starting to actually like us and don't want us to get into trouble or hurt for that matter. So . . . To protect from any dangers or scolding, you claim that this haunted Japanese castle isn't a place for children like me and Shippou, never including yourself!" she exclaims in a matter-of-fact tone.

Hakudoushi crosses his arm and shakes his head as if convincing himself not to believe. His lips upturned into a smirk. "Fine, I will accompany you in this place and if you two are in any danger, don't expect me to give an assissting hand," he said.

Rin couldn't help. She leans towards Hakudoushi and ruffles his head. He's adorable. "Believe me Hakudoushi. I'm the oldest, so I'm responsible for you two." She smiles and pinches Hakudoushi's cheek, much to his annoyance. "I'll protect the both of you if anything happens."

Shippou roles his eyes and Hakudoushi smacks her hand away from his hair.

The three friends turn to the Japanese Castle, on the outskirt of Tokyo. It's old and worn out, but Rin was willing to explore it. Of course, she doesn't want to do this without her friends. It'll be a fun experiencing, especially with all the trouble they did to ditch the tourist and babysitter.


Sora seated herself in front the miko as she begines to observe her surrounding. "First off," started the miko. "What's your name?"

Her eyes widen, forgetting about her manners. "Oh my . . . gomen nasai," she said quickly. "I am Sora Kiinari from the Kiinari family." She said a proper introduction.

"Sou ka . . . Sou ka . . ." Said the miko with interest. Sora just couldn't help but feel unnerved by this situation. A miko that is probably close to her age giving advice. She can not understand herself how this miko became a miko in the first place. She's heard that they were to attend a school trained strictly for mikos' to awaken their latent power. Even if their powers were not latent, they were suppose to stay in that school till of rising age in which they are able to take over a particular shrine of their own. This one . . . is peculiar indeed.

"Can I ask you a question, a very important question?" The miko asks.

Sora tilts her head in confusion. "I suppose . . ."

"Why did you come to me of all people?" She asks, looking well . . . determined. Sora looks taken aback. Mikos' all over Japan usually doesn't ask such a question. Of course, she's seen many mikos' and monks, and they were able to guide and give her advice without question yet this one . . . is rude. It's . . . nice for a change. A change that not all mikos and monks' have to be so sophisticated or to appear wise beyond their age. This one, dare Sora admits, looks adorably like a child. Her huge blue, yet curious looking eyes, the structure of her face is little softer than an ordinary woman, and the bangs that fall over the miko's forehad make her look simple, yet cute.

"I've heard from many sources that you're one of the best miko out there . . . you are a descendant of Kigami-sama are you not?"

"Hai . . . demo . . . I only have his trait with destroying and purifying youkai, nothing else," the miko replies.

Sora sighs. "Ah . . . Sou ka, so you can not help me?"

"Eh? Iie, I can try!" The miko exclaims flailing her arm with a panic stricken face. "I bet I can help you with something."

Sora Kiinari looks in the innocent eyes of the miko and smiles. "Hai . . . I have faith that you can," she said pleasantly.


Kikyou finishes the final cut as she turn to her okaasan for affirmation. The woman smiles warmly and nods in acceptance. "Do you think I'm improving?"

"Very much, demo Kikyou . . . I can always sign you up for a flower arrangement class. You have all summer dear," Mrs. Higurashi said.

Kikyou shakes her head. "Iie, you need not waste any money on me okaasan. It's good enough that you let me work and learn from you,": Kikyou smiles. "I'm grateful as it is. I don't want to take anything else from you," she said softly. Her eyes cast off a fawaway look. "Though I had nothing to be grateful for, I want to appreciate this time I have with you . . . because I'm grateful of having you as an okaasan."

"I don't deserve it," Mrs. Higurashi replies softly.

Kikyou shakes her head. "Iie, you're a great okaasan and you've only treated us with respect and love. Kagome and I are grateful for that, more than you can imagine."

"Dakedo . . . You do not know the reason why I had abandon you two," Mrs. Higurashi's eyes flickers in self-blame. "You two should hate me, despise me with all your being. You should be wanting an explanation as to why I did it in the first place . . ." Mrs. Higurashi stares in Kikyou's curious brown eyes. "The reason I-"


Mother and daughter looks up suddenly at the gruff boyish voice at the entrance. Wearing a bright red cap, baggy cargo jeans, and a long black T-shirt, Inu Yasha quicklly makes his way behind the counter towards Kikyou. "Ikou," he said suddenly grabbing her hand. Bewildered and slightly a little daze, Kikyou had not other choice but to follow Inu Yasha out of the shop.

Looking over her shoulder her okaasan, Kikyou gives her an apologetic look. As her hand dangles with Inu Yashas', Kikyou's eyes widen as a limo stretches on the street, in the side of the pavement in front of them. "I-Inu Yasha? What's this?"

Inu opens the door for her as Kikyou looks at him in confusion before seating herself inside. Inu Yasha closes the door for her and hops int he back quickly. "Alright Myouga! Head back home!" He exclaims.

Inu Yasha grins as he places a package in her hand. "Change into this," he said.

"Inu Yasha!" Kikyou exclaims.

His eyes widen as a blush spreads through his cheek. "Iie! Iie! I won't look at you change. I just mean change into that dress." Inu Yasha pushes a few buttons on his arm rest and Kikyou watches as he fades away from view as the black mirror replaces him. Kikyou was truly lost now. What in the world is Inu Yasha trying to make her do?

Home? She did what Kagome would do . . . "The hell?"


Kagome sips her tea only to want to gag afterward. Placing it in front of her, Kagome glares at it. Ew . . . It's so bitter. Looking towards Sora Kiinari, Kagome's expression becomes incredious. The woman drinks calmly, lifting it up towards her lips. Kagome looks at her tea again. Glaring at it, Kagome lifts it up once more and gulps the whole thing. By the time she placed it on the table, Kagome was panting.

"Eh . . . miko-san, daijoubu ka?"

Kagome shakes her head and waves her hand away before nodding suddenly. "Hai . . . Hai . . ." She breathes in and out continuously. Tea is a vile concoction! If Kagome had paid attention to her surrounding than cursing the brew in front of her, she would've known that Sora was staring at her, unconvinced that finding her answer here is the right choice.

Kagome glares at the tea before turning towards Sora Kiinari. Smiling sheepishly, Kagome rubs the back of her head in embarrassment. "Etou . . . Should we start?" Kagome asks, hoping beyond all hope that Sora Kiinari doesn't think bad of her. The woman does look really . . . classy and traditional.

Sora nods, smiling suddenly. Kagome doesn't understand the depth of the smile and only shrugs it off. "So . . . What problems are you having that you need me to help you with. No spirits or anything right?"


"Ah . . . Okay."

Sora looks down at her brew, her shoulders slouching a bit. "You see . . . This inner conflict of mine has every thing to do with a man," she said.

Kagome nods as the Sora Kiinari's whole demeanor begins to change. Almot like a vulnberable child, Sora Kiinari looks solemnly down at her lap. Tilting her head to the side, Kagome nods. " . . . It has to do with a man, okay . . ."

"Hai, a man."

For some odd and peculiar reason, Kagome can feel that this man . . . isn't all that good. "You see . . . I love this man and I'm engaged with him dakedo . . ." Sora looks up at Kagome with sadness. "The engagement was between our parents. You see . . . even if I love this man, he . . ."

Kagome, though how slow she was, somehow understand the connection. "He doesn't seem to . . . have feelings for me." She sighs. "He doesn't seem to care for me as much as I do him. I love him. The way he can take all the pressure of his father and continue to look at it as if it's nothing; I can never be like that. The only reason I took over my grandfather's company was because of him. It was that time when I started to admire him and see him in a new light.

We weren't so close, yet I suppose now is a one-sided attraction. When you look at him, it'll feel as if he's the unreachable. though cold, he continue to stand strong. I-"

"Are you sure you're in love with him?" Kagome asked. "I mean, you could've just replaced admiration with love; it's a possibility."

Sora clenches her fist in the soft folds of her kimono and shakes her head. "Iie . . . I thought it was only in admiration, but as the years continue to pass by . . . I realize that it was something deeper." Her violet eyes bore into Kagome's blue ones. "It's hard to love someone who doesn't recoperate this feelings." She smiles sadly. "Have you ever gone through that feeling before miko-san?"

Kagome slouched at this. Laughing nervously, Kagome shakes her head. She's been a tomboy all her life, never actually picturing a guy that way until now. It's still new to her, even. Sora Kiinari smile. "Daijoubu . . .It's alright."

Sora Kiinari lifts the tea to her lips and taste it. Kagome watches as she places the tea down. "Tea is such a comforting and soothing taste," she whispers silently. Glancing towards her brew, Sora sighs. "It's bitter, but it's a mean to calm your heart and mind. The bitter taste is ignored because of feelings inside the person. Drinking it only helps when you can't taste anything else."

When Sora turn to stare in the miko's eyes, she was surprised to see the determine set of eyes still there. There was no pity and for some odd reason, Sora appreciates it. The miko though look naive and innocent, Sora feels glad. There are some people in the world who continue to see life in a better light than what they see in the shadows.

For Kagome, she continue to stare at the woman. Sora Kiinari seem like a strong person, probably not physically, but mentally. The strength in a person doesn't matter how strong they are, just as long as they can accept and see things as they are. Sora's lips trembles slightly. "Tell me . . . Should I . . . No."

Sora Kiinari seem to hesitate for moment before continuing. "I'm tinking of . . . n-nulifying the engagement."

"Nani!" Kagome shouted, louder than she intended to, startling Sora Kiinari. Kagome stands up and stare into Sora Kiinari's eyes. "You want to destroy your engagement to the man you . . . love? Isn't it a little too self-sacrificing on your part?"

She smiles sadly towards the miko and nods. "It's the only way to set him and myself free of this charade. Our roles were to be wed and merge our companies together. Even if I love him, nothing will change the fact that he doesn't see me that way."

"Did you even tried?"

Sora's expression becomes baffled. "Huh?" The look in the miko's eyes were frighteningly strong.

"Did you even confess to him or even tried to make him love you in return?" She asks.

"Iie, but it's obvious that-"

"Nothing's obvious in life baka! The more you withdraw, the more the chance the oppenent will win."

Kagome watches as the expression on Sora's face becomes even more confused. Kagome shakes her head, trying to explain the situation in her head. "Look. The oppenent you're battling with is your concience. Don't just withdraw and accept things as they are, even if that's a type of strength. If you let your conciense take over, you'll let it take over and it'll slowly make decisions for you. It'll decide what steps you should take, whether or not it's good or bad. It's not called being strong; it's called being stupid," she said waving her arms in the air.

Kagome glares hard into Sora Kiinari's face. "If you are strong like you seem to be . . . no, you are strong. Understand that strength is yours alone. I never had any experience with love before, but I know never to quit. If you quit trying, then it's obvious that you truly don't love him," she said.

Sora gasp. She looks down on her lap and finally starts to realize something. She never took the initiative to express how much she's in love with him. She was hiding in her office and behind her traditional clothes and ways, building a wall for herself and him. She's never actually tried to court him, always remembering the old ways and actually, dare she say, waiting for him to make the first move. She looks up when a hand is placed on her shoulder. Staringh into the intense blue eyes of the miko, Sora smiles to see a smirk on the childlike face. "Did I get my point across or what?"

Giggling in the hem of her kimono, Sora nods slightly. "Sou ka . . . Arigato miko-san."

You've made me realize something that I should've realized long ago.


Hakudoushi can see the spirits lurking about this castle along with the lower level demon. He was able to expand his aura enough to scare off those youkais' away. When they first step foot on this land, Shikoku, Hakudoushi immediately became tense. He never imagined ever returning to this place. This is the place where his mother gave birth to a demon like Hakudoushi. Horrible memories and bloodshed and his mother is the only remberance he had of this place. He wanted to forget, but he was never able to.

This castle was also the resting place of something very useful to him. Useful . . . a tool and its only purpose was to kill and means of travel. They were sealed up together, yet seperately.

". . . Hakudoushi!"

He snaps out of his thoughts and turn slightly towards Rin who stares at him in confusion. "Daijoubu desu ka?" She asks.

Instead of responding, his eyes slanted and averted to the corner. The dark shadow scurries away. "Seriously Hakudoushi, what's wrong with you? You've zoned out a couple of times already," Shippou said.

"Nandemonai," he replies.

Rin crosses her and shakes her head. "Anyway, the sole reason why we came to this castle is to look for something."

Hakudoushi remains cautious of things, shadows, lurking around here. They had better not act rashly and attack them. These ningens aren't able to see the aura and killer intent in this place. Evil spirits continue to dwell in this castle, either haunting or protecting. It's unnerving to him to have these two here. Hakudoushi doesn't understand why he doesn't want the two to come to harms way. It's preposterous to think he has ningen's emotions; yes, simply rediculous. He's a full-fledged demon, unlike the Sesshoumaru.


Again, he snaps out of his state of mind. Looking to the voice, his eyes widen as they were already heading towards the courtyard. "M-Matte," he said cautiously. Too late, a sickening miasma covers them from his sight. K'so!

With demonic agility, Hakudoushi went after them in the miasma.


Inu Yasha steps out of the limo. Walking towards the seat in front of him, he opens the door and offers his white gloved hands to Kikyou. A pale, soft hand greeted him as Kikyou steps out of the limo. Inu Yasha just couldn't help, but simply . . . stare. She was beautifully breathtaking. Green really matches her. She wears a jaded green dress that flows towards her ankle. He picked it, especially for her. The green dress covers her entire front and the strap loops around her neck in a tight clasp of red ruby in the back. Her back is shown in the light, contrasting perfectly with her skin, along with her long slender arm. In her other hand, she wears his family's golden bracelet which encircles her wrist loosly. It's balls are carved into kanji letters that says Takayama. It belongs to Inu Taisho's mother, Inu Yasha's deceased grandmother. On her neck is the a simple golden necklace with a glass rose as the chain. She wears a pair of simple temple-like earrings to match the other jewelry. Her hair was put up in a simple high ponytail, as he asked her too, with her bangs covering her forehead. In other words . . . perfect.

When he turns to her face, Inu Yasha was amazed at how beautiful she is even without make up. She wore only simple lips gloss that shines when put in the light. Instead of staring at him in anger like he thought she would, Kikyou looks up in wonder. Inu Yasha smiles as she ignored the hand that held and leads her towards the stairs. He quickly grasp her waist as she almost fell. "Gomen . . . Not use to heels," she whispers in embarrassment as she backs away from Inu Yasha's hand.

Kikyou finally looks at him and her eyes widen. "Inu Yasha, you're . . . handsome."

He blushes at the blunt compliment. Sure he's heard a lot of gushing compliments from other people when he's in a tuxedo, but Kikyou's opinion somehow matters more. His hair was tied into a high ponytail as well, and his bangs were brushed to the right side of his head, also shaping his face. "Well, actually . . . " Kikyou trailed, "You kind of look like Sesshoumaru now," she said.

Inu Yasha glares at her. "I do not. At least, I don't look like a girl. Watch when Sesshoumaru gets here, girls will be crowding him; he can't escape. . . " Inu Yasha snickers silently as they enter the mansion of his . . .home.

"Sesshoumaru? Isn't he at work?"

Inu Yasha nods. "Of course; He'll be here in the evening with Kagome," he smirk at her expression. ". . . In a dress."

Kikyou raised an eyebrow.

"Nani? Kagome will wear a dress."

Kikyou smirk.

"It's true! Sesshoumaru's going to make her."

Kikyou nods, truly unconvinced. Inu Yasha bit his lip.

"Believe me, Sesshoumaru will make her."

"Inu Yasha! Kikyou!" Sango greets them from the inside of Takayama residence. Kikyou frowns. What IS going on here? Their having a celebration of sorts, maybe?

As Sango grabs onto Kikyou, she smiles brightly at the girl. "I thought you two were coming in the evening, what happened?" She asks. Like Kikyou, Sango was also in a beautiful dress. It was lavender and looks very elegant. Unlike the usual wild ponytail she has during school, Sango's hair was tames in a bun as small curls sticks out from here to there. She wore only an eyeliner and pale lipstick that contrast greatly with her skin.

AS Sango drags her inside, leaving Inu Yasha with Miroku, Sango continues to smile brilliantly. When they arrives inside, Kikyou was yet again surprised. There so much people here. "Kikyou, come on, there's a lot to work on since we're the supporting crew."

Kikyou stops suddenly. Supporting crew? For what? "Kikyou?" Sango asks in confusion.

"Sango . . . I quite understand what's going on? What are we celebrating?" She asks.

Sango's eyes widen in surprise. "Kami! Inu Yasha didn't tell you?" Sango leans into Kikyou's ear and whispers something quietly.

Kikyou's eyes widen once again as her calm resolve vanished. "Nani!" She exclaims.


Hakudoushi glares around his surrounding. He wasn't able to sense them anymore.

"Hakudoushi . . . You've returned."

Feeling a prickle of danger in his sense, Hakudoushi quickly ducks as a sycthe came for his head. Hakudoushi turns around and already knew who to expect. The woman stares stoically at Hakudoushi. Her white mane transcends down her back with a straight edge. Her violet eyes reflects maliciously back in Hakudoushis' cold ones. Her skin was as pale as a ghost. She wears a gray warrior's attire containing a flowing black cape which contrast with her white hair.

"I see you've faired very well over the centuries . . . Okaasama . . ." Hakudoushi smiles cunningly, "Dead anyways."

The woman's perfectly alligned lips twitched into a smirk. Her eyes glued to his. "Rude and sarcastic as always my Hakudoushi-chan."

"Enough, where are the two ningens?" He asks, getting straight to the point.

She chuckles sinisterly. "Oh . . . What would you do if I told you that those pitiful children are . . .dead?"

His mind froze for a millisecond before a call can be heard in the foggy miasma.

"Shippou! Where the hell are you? Hakudoushi!"

Rin's voice.

"Rin, I'm right here!" Shippou replies before coughing right after. The miasma is too thick; it'll poison them if they don't hurry and retreat.

Hakudoushi closes his eyes and searches out their aura through this dense fog. He wince when he feels prick on his stomach. The scyth in which is mother holds pierce against his stomach.

He jumps away quickly before she can thrust deeper. Holding his small stomach, Hakudoushi frowns. Damn this woman! "Gotten weak have you now?" His mother cackles into his ear.

He evaded another swipe. When he stares into her eyes, Hakudoushi began to worry.

Suddenly, he found himself pulled to the ground as the scythe came towards him. Looking into the hazel eyes of Rin, Hakudoushi pushes her away. "Hakudoushi! What's going on?"

He quickly glance at Rin before evading and parading every strikes the youkai made at him. As he nears Rin, he grabs her hand and sprints away. Running through the miasma, be quickly caught the hand of Shippou. "Rin! Hakudoushi!"

He stops suddenly making the two fall forward. A barrier. The miasma around them swirls around them as it flows back towards his mother. "Aw . . . Hakudoushi-chan, are you going to actually abandon your okaasama again?"

"Okaasama?" Shippou and Rin asks simutaneously.

The two ningen turn to him with confusion written in their face. At least one thing is going right; Shippou and Rin doesn't cry so easily. Turning back towards the woman, Hakudoushi steps forward. "What do you want?" He asks, glaring at her.

She smiles sagely. "To be killed," she whispers.


Kagome dust her red hakama off as she stands up. Sora Kiinari walks out the shouji door as she greets her bodyguard. Kagome smiles softly. Hopefully, she helped her. As Kagome walks after Sora Kiinari, she watches as the woman went over to Sesshoumaru. Sora Kiinari is so polite that she's going to say goodbye to Sesshoumaru. Kagome watches as Sora Kiinari and Sesshoumaru exchanges a few words. When Sesshoumaru turns around, Kagome tilts her head as Sora Kiinari stays rooted in her spot.

Her eyes widen at what happened next. Sora Kiinari taps Sesshoumaru on the shoulder. He turns around and the next thing Kagome saw only amazed her even more. Sora Kiinari clasp his face in her hands and kissed him right on the lips.


Sora Kiinari finally parts away from Sesshoumaru as she smiles and bows to Sesshoumaru's stiff figure. Turning to look at Kagome, Sora bows in respect. Kagome's right eyes twitched as Sora Kiinari mouthed out a word that seem like initiative.

Matte . . . So that means, the man she's talking about is . . . Sesshoumaru . . . Takayama.


Sesshoumaru frowns and stare in the back of Sora Kiinari. She actually kissed him and right in front of Kagome no less. Speaking of Kagome . . . where is she?

"Taka-ichi!" He almost jumps in surprise, but calm his nerve in time. turning around, he blinks as he came face to face with Kagome, upside down . . . hanging off the Goshinboku tree. Will she ever stop direspecting that tree, he wonders.

"What now?" He asks, staring at her irrated expression.

She frowns as she stares at him. "Sora Kiinari, you're her fiance aren't you?" She asks.

That woman probably told Kagome everything, it seems. "Hai," he said.

Kagome's eyes shifted away from his which surprised Sesshoumaru greatly. Usually, she's so honest and blunt that it's hard to contain her. Now . . . she's seems . . . uncertain. "Etou . . . Why didn't you ever uh . . . return her feelings?" She asks, getting right to the point. "I mean, she didn't tell me that the him is you, and yeah . . ."

Sesshoumaru couldn't help but smirk. Cute. "Do you want me to?" He asks.

"Iie!" She quickly covers her mouth as she looks at him, alarmingly as he continue to smirk. "Etou . . . I mean, before you ever met me . . . why don't you um . . .you know, love her and . . ." Her eyes widen, somehow realizing something. She stare at him straight in the eyes. "Why the hell didn't you tell me you had a fiance you two-timing teme!" She exclaims. As Kagome tries to punch Sesshoumaru in the face, he evaded quickly as she swerved on the tree and fell against her head.

"Ittai . . ."

Sesshoumaru crosses his arm and glares at her with indignation. "Would there be a reason why I would tell you?" He asks. Kagome blinks as he gives her a serious expression. "Would you say no to being my girlfriend if I told you I had a fiance?" He asks.

Kagome frowns. "Of course I would say no Sesshoumaru," she said. He watches her intensely as she rises from the ground. The only time she actually uses his name is when she wants to get a point across or she's being serious. In this case, Higurashi is being serious. "It's wrong to take someone's guy when their already taken." Her tone was serious as she stares at him, frowning.

Sesshoumaru looks dispassionate at her. "Sou ka . . ." He nods. Turning around, Sesshoumaru frowns. At this rate, she's going to declare a break up with him and probably announce that their just friends to the whole world. He practically knows all her habits and can usually counter them. Though now . . . It'll be a little difficult to explain. The truth . . . That's it, the only way to counter her feeling is . . . the truth.

As he turn back towards Kagome, he opens his mouth to say something. Instead, he was met with nothing.

"Oi! Taka-ichi, do you want any ice cream?"

The childish theme sound of an ice cream truck parks in front of the shrine's steps as children around the area scurried around to buy some of its frosty delicacy. Well, some was unfortunate to have money as Kagome buys each one ice cream. Kami, why can't she stay in one place?

With a dejected feeling, Sesshoumaru sighs. "Chocolate," he told her. She gives him one of her grins' and buys off a few more ice cream for a couple of other children before his own. Sesshoumaru grits his teeth together, tightening his hold on the broom. Only . . . Only if she can take things serious for a day, he'll dance in a tutu. One minute she was stoic and serious, then the next she goes off buying ice cream. It's like nothing will faze her for an extended time. The only thing that annoyed him more is that . . . his hand loosened on the broom as he sits on the bench, letting his eyes cast towards the stone stair case. Kagome walks up towards him with a relatively easy smile. The only that annoyed him more is the fact that his fondness of her grows because of her attitude.

It's impossible to go back now . . . He groans mentally.

She sits down comfortably beside him and hands him his chocolate fudge ice cream. They've had these little breaks of ice cream before. He's getting into the habit of eating fudge ice cream every weekend . . . thanks to her. "Ne . . . . Taka-ichi, be serious now . . ."

Aren't I always?

"Sora Kiinari is such a strong woman, she's beautiful, have a great personality, and she seem to be really taken into you . . ." She trails off.

"Your point is?" He asks her.

Kagome sighs. "I don't know, maybe . . . you should give her a chance, it only seem like the best possible answer," she said in a low voice as she looks at her ice cream.

Sesshoumaru lets his eyes travel in her generate direction. When he reaches her eyes, he watches the confusion and sadness that lingers in them. "For the sake of your job, you're willing to sacrifice someone you care about? You're willing to throw away something old and used up after your done with them?" This will be amusing. He couldn't help but let his lips twitch in a smirk.

"N-Nani?" She asks, her attention soully on him. "Sacrifcing? Do you truly believe that I'm giving you away like a used up rag doll?" Kagome's lips trembled. Sesshoumaru raise an eyebrow. She sniffs. "Taka-ichi, gomen!" She wails. "I didn't mean it like that! Gomen. Gomen. Gomen. Taka-ichi, I really do love you-hn." Kagome slaps her hand hands over her mouth suddenly.

His eyes widen slightly . . . Turning his attention to Kagome, Sesshoumaru stares at her as she stares back with wide blue eyes. Did she just . . .

Did I just . . .

They were silent as their thoughts come together without their knowledge.

. . . Confess?


Kikyou bows apologetically. "Gomen ne," she said to the gentlemen. If Yuka or Eri found about her meeting with some of these celeberties, they're going to have her head. It's too bad she doesn't have a pen or paper to get their autograph for them. Then again, it is fortunate because she doubt that these sort of occasions is appropiate for an autograph.

As the hours pass, Kikyou found a few more familiar faces. Kagura, Yura, graduates from Shikon high wearing elaborate and glamerous dress. Another hour and Bankotsu-san, along with the faces of the other Shichinintai arrives. Two more hours pass by as she eats . . . Kageroumaru, Juuroumaru, and someone who looks like thier mother comes in. They don't seem to notice her though . . . yet. Half an hour later, Izayoi-san comes in with a traditonal full of layered kimono. Her hair was elegantly put up in a nice design instead of its usual silky straightness. Another half hour, it's five now . . . she couldn't recognize who it was, but she looks important. She wears something far different from the western style dress everyone is wearing. Instead, she wears a kimono just like Izayoi-san.

Another thirty minute pass and Kikyou was yawning in boredom. Even if she was chatting with people she knows, the formal party in itself was . . . .how can she put it . . . The blunt response, boring.


Hakudoushi dodges her scythe. To be killed. She suffered centuries of being locked up in this castle for a long time. "Did I not kill you once already?" He asks backflipping away from her scythe.

She looks down, her bangs covering her eyes . . . her emotions. "Hai . . . Demo, you cursed me as well."

Hakudoushi stays rooted in his spot as the miasma behind her swept around her furociously. When she looks up, her eyes were crimson red and a smirk is plastered on her face. "Because of the monk that sealed you, he cursed this castle because of the 'creature' he had wished to seal." She slowly levitate before him. "You see my son . . ."

Tears leaked down her demonic eyes, black, miasma tears. "It is your fault."

He looks away as she shed her sadness before him. Hakudoushi had always felt disgusted whenever she cried. "Now let me kill you to take away this awful curse," she said.

Hakudoushi wasn't able to do anything as she thrust her scythe at him. The weapon the youkai holds has many dangerous and evil power. For one, the scythe can be poisonous with one touch. Once hit, the poison is instant death. Heh . . . Kind of like that children's book about grim reaper.


He ignored the cries as black demonic miasma blood gushed out of his abdomen. To lift the curse, you would have to kill the source. Apparently, because of his deed . . . the monk sealed him and eventually cursed this castle and the dead within it. He coinicidentally became the source.

Hakudoushi falls to the ground as he emotionlessly stares at the ningens running towards him. Don't . . . She'll kill you. I need to . . . protect them . . .

Using all his willpower, Hakudoushi points towards the small shrine with wards along the side of the courtyard. Rin crouches down next to him. "Kami . . . Hakudoushi," she whispers as she brings his head up. He can feel the drops against his cheek.

Shippou looks towards his finger. "What is it?"

They lean down closer to his lips. His mouth moved as the two ningen hears. They look at each other as Hakudoushi pointed towards the small shrine.

Shippou quickly took off.

"Hakudoushi . . . Die."

With all his demonic power, he thrust Rin back as a powerful ball of miasma clashes against his small body. Looking up with emotion-hidden eyes towards his mother's sneer, Hakudoushi stands up once more.


"Stay . . ." He whispers. His eyes narrowed as it the crimson color of blood seeps in his eyes. His fangs becomes larger. He was not lable any sort of type of demon, but Hakudoushi's kinds were legends. They hold the power of extracting dark power from anything. The hearts of mortals, demons, animals, beast, and even . . . inanimate materials like this castle He wasn't even sure why he lost to the miko in the first place. The miko . . . Only if she were here. He smirk despite his condition. Hai . . . Only if she was here . . .

"I trust in Hakudoushi."

Her face appears in his mind. Memories of how she defeated him so easily. That's right. He can't die here knowing the humiliation the one, Kagome Higurashi, put him through.

He never liked this power then and even now, but this is his last resort. These two ningens deserve to live . . . even if he doesn't.

A large blast is heard from the distance. Shippou fell next to Rin as miasma leaked out of the shrine. Hakudoushi evaded her attacks as he high kicked her in the chin. She floated back a bit. As he lands on the ground, Hakudoushi sprints towards the misty miasma. "Entei!" He calls out. The miasma is obsorbed as a white horse with an orange mane appears before him. He watches as the horse bows its neck to him. Placing a small hand on its head, he gave out a small message to the demon.

Take the two ningens . . . and leave the castle. Protect them until I return.

Hearing the demon respond, Hakudoushi smirk. He watches as it flew towards Rin and Shippou. They watch as it give them an impassive look. As they turn to Hakudoushi, he nods to them. They cautiously got on the horse's back. Grabbing tightly on Entei, the horse flew away from the castle. There . . . no more distractiosn.

"How touching Hakudoushi-chan . . . you're becoming human."

Like his okaasama, large amount of miasma appears before his back. "Enough . . . I'll end your suffering here."


Kagome stretches her arm out as she walks along the pavement next to Sesshoumaru. Wearing a boy-sized baggy jeans, a large blue t-shirt, and a cap, tilting side-ways, Kagome continues to dress as a boy. Sesshoumaru doesn't seem to mind and she really don't want to go through the touble of having people at school bombard her forever. It's six o'clock and she has the rest of the time with Sesshoumaru. Of course, they haven't talked to each other, avoiding one another for the past few hours they were working.

It's too bad that they picked up the habit of hanging around one another after work. Kagome didn't mind, but today . . . She really didn't mean to say it and Kagome couldn't believe she just blurted it out like that. It's her trait for speaking without thinking. For the sake of not having everything awkward, Kagome decides to start a conversation.



They stare at each other for a moment before turning away blushing. Great, things went even more awkward than before.

Kagome suddenly laughs nervously. "Dude, look at us!" She exclaims. "Man, what an awkward situation ne?" She asks, trying to lighten up the mood a bit.

"Mm," he agrees.

"Oi, do you-"

Sesshoumaru suddenly went into a store as Kagome tilts her head in confusion. What's this about? Sesshoumaru pokes his head outside towards her. "Coming?" He asks.

Nodding, Kagome ran after him forgetting to read the sign on the store. Keikei Designs.

When she went in, Kagome was suddenly grabbed by the wrist, her waist, and finally her ankle. Sesshoumaru stands there, smirking in her direction. "Ikou . . ." He said softly to her captures.

"Ta-Taka-Taka-i-ichi?" She asks, her voice growing small.

Her ankle was tied together along with her wrist in her state of shock. Sesshoumaru smiles and nods as he turns away. "Do what you will with her," he told the people who captured her. Kagome's eyes widen as Sesshoumaru continue to walk away from her. "I give you a spand of two hours before coming to pick her up."

Kagome gulps as the women that strapped her down bow towards Sesshoumaru as he waved off. When they turn back towards her, Kagome eyes widen as her pupil becomes small in fright. Their eyes were gleaming, in a not so nice way. "Taka-ichi!" She yells, shaking the whole store and the surrounding area of the boutique.

Sesshoumaru, meanwhile gestured a finger to his chauffer of the limo. Smirking, Sesshoumaru leans comfortable along the leather seat of the limo.


Kageroumaru frowns towards the people in the mansion. Th-They have no care in the world of the animal they killed and Juuroumaru, how could his own aniki, the one he trust so darely, do this to him. Kageroumaru declined over and over again to his mother and Juuroumaru just had to be the caring aniki that he is and knocked him out unconcious. This was how he found himself in a tuxedo made out of some poor animal skin. As he seats himself on a comfortable chair, he watches other people dance. He did, though, recognize Kikyou-san among the crowds. It's well-known that Inu Yasha is courting Kikyou, so it's reasonable that she is here. He sighs. Only if my beloved Kagome-koi is here.

Sighing, Kageroumaru leans against the comfortable chair. Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Kageroumaru turn towards a woman. She wears a beautiful black glamorous dress as she smiles at him. "Gomen, I couldn't help but notice you're alone. I am Yura Nomikara, yours?" She asks.

"Kageroumaru Jin Un," he introduced himself politely as he rises from his seat.

Nomikara-san continues to stare over his shoulder. He frowns. Was she . . . Was she staring at his hair? "Ah, what a beautiful mane you have hidden in that bunched up scrunchy," she said admiringly. Kageroumaru could've sworn she was licking her lips. True that his hair is put up in a high ponytail, but there isn't much to look at it. It's pure white like the rest of his family. "Almost as beautiful as Sesshoumarus' actually," she whispers in a gushing sort of voice which took Kageroumaru by surprise. She was interested in his hair; how odd.

"Arigato . . . I suppose." He watches as she swerves behind him and she runs her hand through it.

"So fluffy and . . . tantalizing. It calls out to me and it's strikingly beautiful."

Kageroumaru didn't know how to respond. So, he didn't say anything less it gets him more paranoid with her behavior. There were no evil intentions or demonic aura in this woman, just truly intent and happy to caress his hair.

"Yura! Get off him baka!"

Someone, dressed beautifully as Nomikara-san suddenly shoves the woman away from his hair. "Damn, gomen. I'm part of the supporting crew to this party. If she touch you in any unsuitable way, please call in for the security. I'm among them as well."

Kageroumaru shakes his head a little. "Daijoubu . . ." He said.

"I'm Sango, by the way and you?" She asks in a friendly manner.

"Kageroumaru," he answered, "Gomen, I think I going to go over there a bit," he said pointing in the direction where his twin brother is conversing with a few girls.

He waves slightly as Sango waves off to him before tending to Nomikara-san who went off and commented on other people's hair. What an odd woman, Kageroumaru concluded.


Shippou clenches his small fist. "Hakudoushi . . . Is he going to be alright?" Rin asks as they flew to safety, away from the castle.

Shippou shakes his head. "I honestly don't . . . know."

They didn't even knew he was a demon, heck, they didn't even knew demon exist! Yet, there was living proof here and back at the castle. Rin covers her mouth as she tries to ignore the sob from her voice.

Hakudoushi-kun . . . Dude, you have to be alright.


Grabbing her scythe, he twist it around her hand and thrust deep within her heart . . . well, her vital organ. Everything shook as Hakudoushi lands on the ground. The castle starts to break apart as the woman stares at him with a smirk. She couldn't kill herself because of the curse and can't let someone else as well. She needed someone strong and capable to destroy her. Shaking his head, Hakudoushi ran from the courtyard and through the castle, remembering the exit.

His eyes widen as the castle slowly gets obsorbed by the miasma, towards the demonness. Not good.

As everything is obsorbed, the demonness shook with intensity. Demons and spirits howled as they trembles together in a spherical shape. Suddenly, time stood still. With one breaking moment, the area where the castle were blew up in a loud explosion. There was nothing left, but a clearing reeked of the dead.


Quickly jumping off of Entei, they make their way over the clearing. "He's gone Shippou!"

She drops to her knees and pounds on the ground. K'so! Shippou places a hand on her shoulder.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them shook. Rin and Shippou looks around in confusion. They gasp as someone thrust out the ground, into the air, and finally back to the earth. Rin and Shippou looks towards the small figure of Hakudoushi who stands there panting. They look at his expression, to see an ugly sneer. He looked dangerous and it was wise for them to not approach. Ignoring their gut feeling, Rin and Shippou slowly walk towards him with every intention of calming.

"Hakudoushi . . ." Rin whispers.

Shippou steps in cautiously, a little afraid. There was no sign of recognition. When he turn his sharply to them, they shivered in fear. Finally, Rin went against all logic and stomp towards the youkai. Placing hands on both his shoulder, she didn't back away as Hakudoushi shifted more into a dangerous stance. With glare, she shook him . . . hard. "Wake up Hakudoushi! We're late as it is to the party you teme!" She exclaims, picking up the word from Kagome. "It's your freakin' fault! Come on! Baka! Hayaku!" She exclaims.

When his eyes slowly shows a little recognition, Rin punches him across the face. "Wake up baka!"

Shippou smiles as it begins to work. "Here, I'll help!" The carrot-top exclaims. Soon, the two ningen children were beating Hakudoushi even more so to his wounds.

Entei, on the other side of field, watches with . . . a sweatdrop.


Just as he said, two hours later. Walking into the boutique with a tuzedo on, he greets the manager as she watches him in a dreamlike state.

"Let go dammit! Why the hell do I have wear this freakin' thing! It's-ah!"

Sesshoumaru watches with raised eyebrow as the staff pulls hard on someone from behind the curtains. From what he can tell, the shop is in a mess. He'd have to repair it for them, then. His hair is tied up in a high ponytail with a smaller tie on at the tip as well. His bangs shields his forehead as he looks at his watch once more. They were late as it is. The ceremony of cutting the ribbon will start soon. And guess who has the honor of cutting the ribbon. Sesshoumaru Takayama. It represent the sponsership of the Takayama Corp of the resturaunt.

Sesshoumaru sighs as he waits. Suddenly, a figure flew from curtains and right into his body. He was barely able to stand, but still held his ground. He grabs her waist before she fell. When she looks up, Sesshoumaru felt . . . like he wanted to puke. He was practically turning blue!

"What is this?" He bellowed out to the staff. They put far too much make up on her; she looks like a clown. "Wipe these things off her this instant and what is she wearing?" He asks. She was wearing something that look like a ballet dancer, too colorful and bright, and WAY too frilly. That tutu is FAR to innappropiate.

"Gomen sir."

The manager shakily wring her hands together. "You see . . . We just recently found her about ten minutes ago and this is only . . .err . . . gomen!" Everyone went down to their knees and bows before him.

So, that's the case. He turns to Kagome as she hastily wipe off the heavy make up upon her face. She glares at him and pants in anger. "Teme! You bastard, how could you?" She stalked up to him as if she's going to kill him. "The hell is wrong with you. No way in HELL am I wearing a dre-" Sesshoumaru hits her between her neck and shoulder. He turn to the staff members of the boutique and give them a monotonous expression. "I give you another hour. I will stay here and make sure everything is going accordingly." He glares as he hands Kagome to them. "This time," he narrows his eyes, "Make me speechless," he said.


Kikyou sighs. It's already eight thirty and still no sign of Kagome and Sesshoumaru; what's taking them? They were suppose to be here at eight. Leaning against Inu Yasha, Kikyou sighs. They backed out from the party and went to the koi pond behind Inu Taisho's mansion. Honestly, is it that hard to get Kagome in a dress?

"I told you so . . ." She whistled to Inu Yasha.

"Yeah, yeah," he said as he lean his head against Kikyou.

Though they were complaining about Kagome and Sesshoumaru's tardiness, Kikyou and Inu Yasha were enjoying their romantic evening as well.


Rin and Shippou smiles happily to each other as Hakudoushi grumbles vulgar words under his breathe. These two ningens are just . . . weird. Instead of trying to wake him up properly with just a shout, they went and added salt to the wound. He can still feel the bruise in which Rin punches him in the eye. Sure his wound are easily healed, but they didn't have to hit him so hard! Who knew these two were so merciless! As they flew into the air with Entei, Hakudoushi directed his eyes over Japan.

They made it far and almost towards Tokyo.

He made sure to keep to the clouds, so they would stay hidden and hid Entei's aura.

Rin places an arm over his shoulder as Shippou did the same. "Anymore secrets Hakudoushi-chan?" Rin asks with a grin.

He shakes his head sadly. In this small little trip, he somehow made a decision. He'll stay and protect these ningens until the end of their life THEN, he'll get his freedom.

As he spots the shrine, he silently told Entei to land. When they did, Mrs. Higurashi stands there before them with a kind smile. "I knew I sense something, dakedo . . ." She said eyeing the demonic horse. "I never would have predicted this. Brought home a pet Hakudoushi?"

He grumbles inaudible words. "Not for long though."

Mrs. Higurashi walks up to him and smiles. "You three are fortunate that Izayoi asked me to prepare the three of you for the party . . . come, I have your outfit prepared," she said gently.

Hakudoushi look in the eyes of Mrs. Higurashi as she nods to affirmation. A fleeting smile came upon his lips as she drags Rin and Shippou away. Turning to Entei, he led the horse deep in the forest behind the SunSet Shrine. As they come upon a meadow, Hakudoushi turns towards Entei with the same expressionless eyes.

Hakudoushi-sama . . . You've gotten . . . kinder.

Have I?

The horse nods.

It was nice serving you . . . my lord.

The horse made a trotting noise towards Hakudoushi. Placing a hand under Entei, Hakudoushi stroke his chin as he places his forehead against Entei. Slowly, the horse dissolves in a black mist. Before it's head, Hakudoushi smiles towards Entei. "Farewell . . . my friend."


Kagome came too about an hour later and feels herself rocking slowly against something. As she opens her eyes, Kagome rubs her neck in pain. Kami! What happen? "About time you woked up. We're almost there."

She look towards Sesshoumaru in surprise only to jump back as she hits her head on the ceiling of the limo and elbow against the armrest. "Ittai!" Kagome exclaims looking towards her elbow only to find it white. Kagome, shocked, outstretched her hand hands together to find them engulfed in long white gloves. "N-Nani?" She whispers.

Kagome rubs her head, only to find a . . . bun. Kagome's eyes widen. Turning to the mirror, Kagome backs away sudden in fright. Her hair was up in a bun with her hair shaping her face, along with a few loose strands hanging from the back. "Ta-ta-taka-ichi, the hell did you do to me?" She asks in a horror. There were lipgloss on her lips for Kami's sake!

"Be grateful I told them to leave your face alone," Sesshoumaru said as if he didn't care about her predicament.

"Taka-ichi!" She wails, frowning.

The limo suddenly stops in front of . . . his home? Kagome crosses her arms, pouting as Sesshoumaru offers a hand to her. "Come out Kagome. Since we're already here, lets just enjoy the night okay?" He asks, offering a smile. Kagome frowns. He's smiling, not a good sign. She takes his offered hand and steps out of the limo. She looks around as people walks into the Takayama residence. There was balloons everywhere too, which is even more odd to her.

"Oi Taka-ichi, what's this-"

"Ikuzo," Sesshoumaru said as he he grabs her hand places it on his offered arm. Kagome frowns in confusion as he leads them to his house. The hell is going on here?

Instead of going in the front door, they hurriedly went to the back of the Takayama's residence which confused Kagome even more. Inu Yasha and Kikyou greeted them with a smile. "Finally! What took you so long Sesshoumaru? It's freakin' your . . . oh!" Inu Yasha cut himself off once he took a look at Kagome.

Inu Yasha cleared his throat as he ushers the two in the house through the back way. Kagome wasn;t sure what happening and even more baffled as they were seperated by a bunch of servants. Kagome's eyes widen as she was ushered towards a door. When they opened it for her, Kagome's eyes widen. There were so many people! Kami! What the hell is today anyway? Kagome hears the door click behind her. Crap! No escape now.


She jumps practically at the curtains. "Hey Kikyou, why'd you change clothes?"

Bankotsu greets her in a friendly smile. Kagome didn't know how to respond. When their eyes met, Bankotsu suddenly frowns. "Matte . . . You're not Kikyou . . . are you?" He asks tilting his head with a frown. K'so. He doesn't know who she is either. His eyes widen as Bankotsu jumps back. "Shit . . . K-Kagome?" He asks, practically breathless.

She gulps. Shit, her covers blown. Oh well, he is her . . . friend right? "Y-Yo Bankotsu," she greets.

He suddenly grabs her wrist and drags her upstairs towards a secluded place. When they were alone, Bankotsu shoves his face right in front of hers' as if inspecting it. "Dude . . . You're not a dude!" He exclaims, pointing at her accusingly.

Kagome shoves him away from her. "Who ever said I was?"

"I-I always thought that . . . Demo . . , You always acted . . . You always dress so . . . And you were . . . .I thought . . . .I treated you . . ." Bankotsu continues to babble like an idiot.

Kagome stomps towards him so she can smack, but her eyes widen as she trips over the damn shoes. She fell right on him, toppling over to the ground. Kagome glares at him as he continue to stare at her with wide eyes. Kagome lifts herself off the ground and glares at the heels. Damn, she can't walk in these. "K-Kagome . . . You-You're actually a . . . GIRL!" He exclaims.

He suddenly covers half of his face with his right if trying to hide his face. "Kami . . ."

"What is wrong with you Bankotsu? I'm still-"

"It's just . . . You're so b-beautiful and I . . ." He quickly rushes pass her as Kagome watches him run.

"I'm still Kagome," she said.

Kagome shakes her head as she walks down the stairs. Holding onto the railing, Kagome made sure she didn't fall flat on her face. Kami . . . These heels are so hard to balance with. "Kagome . . ." She looks in the direction of the hand that is placed upon hers' on the railing of the stair case.

Looking up from the hand, she meets kind violet eyes. "Kageroumaru?" She asks in confusion.

His face is turning red for some reason. Kageroumaru leads her down the steps as she walk carefully towards him. "Dance?" He asks.


She didn't get a chance to reply as a soothing song came up. Kagome was dragged onto the floor as he places an arm around her waist. Kagome stares in confusion. He smiles as he places her hand on his shoulder. He grasp her other hand and leads her through the steps. Kagome wince as she steps on his foot a few time, looking at him apologetically. He smiles and shakes his head. He suddenly dips his head towards her ear. Kageroumaru whispers, "You're breathtakingly beautiful this evening koi," he whispers.

Kagome gulps suddenly, blushing.

As the song ended, Kagome was suddenly dragged away by a Izayoi-san.

"Kagome, it's wonderful to see today. And I might have to say . . . you're very beautiful in that dress."

She gulps as Izayoi smiles kindly to her. "Miko-san, I didn't know you would attend this party," Sora Kiinari said with a smile.

"If you would've told me, we could've came together . . . as friends," she said with clam eyes.

"Etou . . ." Kagome really needed to know. "What are we celebrating?"

Izayoi and Sora look at one another before turning to Kagome. "You do not know?" Sora asks.

Kagome shakes her head. Izayoi smile. "It's-"

"Welcome minna-san!"

Everyone's attention turn to the man, Inu Taisho, standing in the middle of the room with a microphone. "I welcome you all to my humble home; it's great to have you here," he said, "To celebrate a event for a special someone."

Kagome was surprised as Sesshoumaru walks in the room behind red curtains. Everyone soon claps their hand when they see him enter and clasp the microphone. "Arigato minna-san," he said silenltly in a sultry voice. "I am honored to have such important personages here in this day. As the heir to the Takayama Corp, I truly am glad to see that everything is going swell for the company and a lot more greater things is happening for the Takayama Corp. Even to this day, it continues to grow." He said, never smiling.

"Well, we're not here for the Takayama Corp, we're here for me. I suppose I sound a little too arrogant when I say it, but is it not true that everyone was invited to this special day?" He asks.

Everyone claps for him. He bows. "Arigato . . . for attending my birthday party," he said through the microphone. Kagome stares as his eyes connects with hers'. Everyone clapped harder as Kagome's eyes widen. The crowd covers her sight from Sesshoumaru.

B-Birthday? She was confused now. It was Sesshoumaru's birthday?

"Please enjoy the rest of the evening."

Kagome felt like she was left in the dark. It was . . . Sesshoumaru's birthday and she never knew. Kagome looks down suddenly. For some reason, she wanted to get away. Quickly weaving through the crowd, Kagome finds her way through the back door. Turning the doorknob, she steps out for some fresh air. Sesshoumaru's birthday . . . huh.


Hakudoushi was dragged inside with Rin and Shippou and Mrs. Higurashi gives the guard the the invitation. This outfit is stuffy. He moves the tie slightly around. "You look fine Hakudoushi," Mrs. Higurashi said.

His hands were clasped by Shippous' and Rins' as they dragged him through the mass of ningens in the room. He really needed to find company in people who are not so . . . happy. "Come on, we have to get to the cake before they cut it!" RIn exclaims.

"I know! They never leave any for the kids!" Shippou exclaims as they continue to make their way through the corridor. His ears perked. Cake? He's eated cake before and instantly loved it. He stops them suddenly. "The cake is not int he kitchen," he whispers . . . his eyes averting here and there.

Rin and Shippou grins as he smirk in response. "Follow me," he whispers.


Sesshoumaru searches around the crowd, trying to find Kagome. He just saw her a moment ago, having caught her eyes. She was definitely surprised, to his enjoyment. As he found his brother and Kikyou, he grabs Kikyou's arm. "Have you seen Kagome?" He asks urgently.

Her eyes widen. "Kagome, she's missing? What happened?"

Shaking his head, Sesshoumaru went in search for some more. Where could she be? She was there for a mere minute and suddenly disappeared the next. Sesshoumaru finally spotted Bankotsu who looks really lost. "Hey Bankotsu? Have you seen someone that looks like Kikyou wearing a blue dress?" Sesshoumaru asks, almost urgently.

Bankotsu's eyes widen. "Kagome? He really is a girl?" Suddenly, Bankotsu's face went completely red as he ran back in the restroom. Sesshoumaru frowned. So, Bankotsu found out. Who else did?

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" he swerves around to meet Yura and Kagura with teary eyes. "Our dear beautiful Kagome-chan!" They exclaims.

His eyes widen as he grabs onto their arm. "Where is she?"

Their eyes widen. "So it is true?" Kagura asks sniffing.

"Our adorable little Kagome-chan . . ." Yura trails off.

" . . . Is a girl!" They continued together. They suddenly collapse on the ground, weeping.

Alright, they found out too . . .

Now, the question is . . . where is she?

Kageroumaru! He quickly makes his way over to Kageroumaru and surprised his cousin by clenching his hand onto his wrist. "Have you seen Kagome?" Sesshoumaru asks.

His eyes widen. "Was she not with your step mother Sesshoumaru?" Kageroumaru asked.

"Oi Sesshoumaru!" Miroku greets him from behind. "How are you doing now that-"

"Not now," Sesshoumaru said.

Miroku look slightly offended before shaking his head. "Look, I heard you were looking for Kago-"

"Where is she?" Sesshoumaru cuts him off.

"Err . . . she?" Miroku asks, incredulous. "Oh!" He exclaims. "That was the pretty girl who went through the back door eh?" Miroku mutters. "Damn, who would knew it was Kagome . . ." He sighs dreamily. "Sango wouldn't have any interest in Kagome if she knew," he said chuckling. By the time he finished talking, Sesshoumaru has already vanished.

As he walks throught he guest, he made sure no one followed. Opening the back door, he steps out at was greeted with the fresh air. It's so much better out here than inside. He looks around and finds the outline of her back. the dress really suit her and he was glad that she wore it. It's a simple blue dress that reaches just pass her knee. It's simple and elegant, just right. Her hair was put up tightly so she wouldn't mess it up and yet, she did. Her ebony hair falls behind her in soft waves.

Walking towards her, Sesshoumaru smirks. As he nears her, Sesshoumaru uses a finger and slightly nudge her forward to the pond. When he did, Sesshoumaru didn't expected what happened next. She rocks back and forth in her position until . . . splash! Sesshoumaru couldn't contain the laugh rising from his throat. Kami! That was hilarious! Kagome sputterered out water from her mouth as a fish dangles on her head when she rise up from the koi pond. "The hell man!" She exclaims angrily.

He honestly did not mean for her fall in the pond. When she spotted Sesshoumaru, Kagome glares at him. "Dude, can't someone sleep in peace for change? You disrupt it twice in one day Taka-ichi! You prickhead."

He chuckles slightly as she crosses her arm together in a pout. "It's more amusing when you put it that way," he said, "Falling asleep in front of a pond is quite . . . weird, wouldn't you say?"

Kagome huffed. She turns around angrily and stomps away practically ignoring. Well, it's obvious when she said, "I'm not talking to you."

Sesshoumaru chuckles slightly. It's hard to find anything serious with Kagome. She's wet from top to bottom, with seaweed hanging off of her hair. As he walks off to her angry form, he watches as she sits on a large rock and . . . ignore him completely. "What are you angry for Higurashi?" He asks.

She huffed and turns her chin away from him as she lays against the flat rock and stare out at the stars with her arm tucked under her head. He sits next to her and leans forward so his face can be directly in front of hers'. "Look, if it's about dressing you up, I won't apologize," he said. she continue to ignore him. Sesshoumaru shakes her head at her behavior; so immature . . . so Kagome. "Then if it's about dumping you in the pond, I truly do not mean it. I wasn't aware that you were asleep, though how odd it was that you were," he said. She continue to give him the silent treatment.

Wow, is it Sesshoumaru or is he being the talkative one? "Kagome . . . " He whispers.

She stands up suddenly and went towards the koi pond once more. Why is she so angry? Usually, she would try to get him back by pushing him in the koi pond, but she didn't do anything. She takes off the heels and places it next to her and dips her legs in the pond. Sesshoumaru smiles. For some reason, her silent treatment really irked him. Crouching behind her, places his arm around her whole being. Thought how wet she is, she's still beautiful.


He places his head on her shoulder and watches her sniff. Kagome bites her bottom lips as tears covers her eyes and rolls down on her cheek. "Kagome? Daijoubu ka?" He asks.

"Nandemonai," she said quickly shaking her hair and trying to wipe away the tears. It was trapped by Sesshoumaru's arm.

It was hard to see someone as strong as Kagome cry like this. He brings up his hand and lifts her chin so her face can turn to him. "Kagome . . ." His expression soften as she recoils and cries.

"Are you-"

"Dammit all Taka-ichi! It's your damn birthday and I didn't get you anything!" She exclaims to the sky. Sesshoumaru's eyes widen before softening. Closing his eyes, he brought Kagome on the cold ground, with his arm still wrapped around her body. Placing his cheek against her, Sesshoumaru smiles.

"Daijoubu . . ."

"It's your fault, chikusho. Why the hell didn't you tell me it's your birthday baka?"

"Because it's suppose to be a surprise," he whispers.

"I-I was the on-only one cl-clueless . . ." She said.

She's so kawaii. "Hmm . . . Like I said, it was suppose to be a surprise," he whispers in her ear.

"I know what you can give me for my gift," he said suddenly. Sitting up, he lifts her up away from the pond and places her on his lap like he did during the Hokkaido trip. The first time he asked her to be his girlfriend.

"Yo-You're gift? Demo . . . I don't have anything."

"I don't need anything Kagome, just . . . your confession."

Her eyes widen as her face becomes red. He smirk as the blush becomes more and more apparent as it becomes an immpossible red. Is it healthy?

"Well?" He asks. "I'm waiting."

"I . . . you," she said.

He wasn't able to catch on. "Nani?"

"I . . . " She said again.

Great, she's becoming a mouse. "Higurashi," he said with impatience.

"I love you! There, ya happy now! I said it!" She excliams. "I love you Taka-ichi! I love Sesshoumaru! I lo-" He dips his head down as his lips land on hers'. Hai, this is the best gift he'll recieve all night. When he parted, he stares at her with intense golden eyes.

"Aishiteru . . . Kagome," he replies.

Her eyes widen, surprised. "Sesshoumaru . . ." She whispers, a little breathless. Suddenly, a vibrant grin makes its way on her lips. She grabs him by the neck and with gleaming eyes pulls him in for another kiss. Too shocked at her bold move, Sesshoumaru didn't realize that Kagome and him her . . . rolling. His eyes widen as she parts her lips from his and jumps away just as he roles straight into the pond. Splash! Kagome stands in the edge of the pond and stares at him as he coughs from the water that entered his lungs. He glares at her.

She smirks. "Retribution is hell ne . . . Taka-ichi?" She asks laughing merrily at his predicament.

He couldn't help but smile in return. Karma . . . What goes around . . . comes around.

He stands up and takes the seaweed away from his hair. Kagome backs away from his form as he marches towards. "T-Taka-ichi? It was just a joke . . . come on!" She exclaims as her back hit a solid object. Sesshoumaru grabs and with one thrust has her in the deeper end of the koi pond. She floats and glares at him in a playful annoyance. As she makes her way to the surface, Sesshoumaru quickly thrust her head down in the water as she gurgle out.


He was taken aback as she grabs his wrist. With one twist, he was thrown in the pond with her. She swims towards him, pointing and laughing. Sesshoumaru shrugs and swims towards her. She grins at him. Sesshoumaru snakes his arm around her waist as she looks up with a smile. They lean in together and kissed all the while sinking in the pond.


Rin burped. Shippou joined in after. Hakudoushi remains quiet. They're expression was lazily as they smile at each other. Looking to Hakudoushi, they watch youkai friend look like he's about to throw.

"That's was awsome," Rin whispers.

"Ditto," Shippou replies.

Suddenly, they hear a gurgling sound. When they turn to Hakudoushi, they made a disgusted. "Ew!" They exclaim. Hakudoushi, after eating half of the cake himself, threw up. Rin and Shippou split the other half with disappointment. The cake was hidden in Inu Taisho's office. Hakudoushi managed to track it down because of his demonic abilities, which meant he was able to get half of the cake for his effort.

As Shippou and Rin looks at Hakudoushi barfing, they started to feel naseous too. A little while after, they joined their white-haired friend and threw up all over Inu Taisho's office.


Kikyou smiles against the flower. She arranged herself. During the party, Sesshoumaru and Kagome mysteriously vanished. They were found later in the morning sleeping on the stone bench in the pond behind the Takayama mansion. Inu Yasha had found them and they caught a fever. They were wet and their body temperature were above normal. That's why Inu Yasha and Kikyou were heading towards the hospital now to visit them. It's amusing how it turned out.

Squeezing her hold onto Inu Yasha, Kikyou smiles. They've been through so much and finally, they were able to find happiness. Though how different their perspective is, their life were pretty much alike. The past was ugly, yet no matter how much you look at it . . . There's a lot of similarities. Kagome would think the same, yet she would see how different it is as well. Different, yet so alike. Kikyou laughs lightly.

"What's so funny?"


She looks at Inu Yasha and smiles and shakes her head. It applies to how different Inu Yasha is to her and different Sesshoumaru is to Kagome. Yet, because of that . . . they were able to recognize each other for that difference. It's great hoe everything turned out. Their new life started out with a simple phrase.

"This new school could be a very good change for us."


Hakudoushi held onto his stomach. Even after everything that happen, he couldn't believe he's actally dieing over a . . . stomach ache. It hurts so damn much! He wheezed in pain. The other two were not looking so bright either as they moaned.

"Serve you three right for eating the cake!" Souta exclaims, laughing.

Hakudoushi glares dagger at their assisstance caretaker. Mrs. Higurashi went to get some more medicine. She volunteered to watch over Rin and Shippou for their busy family. When he was about to puke, Souta quickly brought he trash bin over. He continues to dump all the contents of last night in the trash bin. "Hakudoushi . . . Shippou . . ." Rin whispers in pain. "If I don't get out of this alive, you can split all my games and the systems," she said before falling back on the pillow, looking green.

Shippou groans in response. Hakudoushi was already gone by the time she finished her little speech.

"Oi, you're just a kid."

"You will die miko for underestimating me!"

"Do not underestimate me onna. I, Hakudoushi have lived for centuries and now that I'm released, I will not be humiliated."

"Don't worry about it. Kaasan said it's alright as long as he don't go on a rampage."

"My name is Shippou Hakudoushi, nice to make your a-aq-aquantence!"

"The feeling isn't really mutual kid, now leave me alone."

"Ja ne Hakudoushi-kun. Let's play cops and robbers next time. Ja ne lady!"

Ne Hakudoushi, don't start looking into things when certaintly you're like us! A mere child! Act you're age baka!"

"What is this bas-kit ball?"

"You are turning too soft, for you're own good."

"Believe me Hakudoushi. I'm the oldest, so I'm responsible for you two."

Hakudoushi smiles despite himself. One memory is still freshed in his mind, something he can never forget.

"I trust in Hakudoushi."


Dammit it all! He still can't believe it as he ventured to the hospital. Kagome . . . a girl. Kagome. Sesshoumaru. Dating. Gah!! He should've known Kagome was a girl from the start. There was no way a guy would go through all the trouble of helping someone like him! And there was no way Sesshoumaru could've been gay! Damn, Bankotsu's so slow! Kikyou explained everything to him once he asked her last night. Who would've known the person he argued food over with is . . . a girl.

Shaking his head, he looks at the flowers he has in his hand. He's planning to give it to her . . . them! Kagome wasn't the only who got sick, Sesshoumaru did too. Remember . . . their dating. Still! Who would've known! Bankotsu shakes his head as he press the elevator button.

"Bankotsu Banryuu, and you freakin still owe me fifty bucks, now hand it over!"

"Dude, I didn't know you were THAT sentimental!"

"Am I okay you ask? Am I okay?"

"By the way, name's Kagome Higurashi."

"What the hell is this?"

"Alright Naomi, I challenge you in catching fishes. Whoever loses has to take care all of the fishes they caught!"

He smiles remembering Kagome's cheefulness. He forgot that no guy would be look that innocent.


"Of course."


Sango laughs lightly at Miroku's expression. Yes, it was a bit cruel. but still fun. Though, she never expected Kagome to be a girl and here Sango was trying to get Miroku jealous. It worked! He confessed right after he blurted out the cross-dressing habits of Kagome. Sango, though, would've fallen for Kagome if she hadn't met Miroku first. She had a crush on Miroku since elementary school always trying to surpass him in everything. Kagome is nice, boy or girl, but not Sango's actual type.

Hand in hand, they held a bouqet of flowers for Kagome and Sesshoumaru. They got sick for unknown reason after the party. Speaking of which, they disappeared a little later after Sessuhoumaru's speech. Shaking her head, Sango sighs blissfully. At least she has Miroku now.

"Leave him alone Kagura."

"Attention my peers! As the class president of the sophomore class, I present you a plan."

"Oh well. No one can really know who they can fall in love ne Hoshi-sama?"


"Achoo!" They sneezed together.

Looking at each other warily, Kagome laughs nervously.

Sesshoumaru looks away and shrugs. They got themself sick after Sesshoumaru's birthday. They stayed together until the next morning. Now, they stay in bed . . . sick. It sucks how the human body works. Unfortunately, they were sent to the hospital for catching a huge FEVER that can make them faint at any time.

There was a knock at the door. As it swings open, Kagome looks up with blurry eyes as Kikyou comes in. After Kikyou, Inu Yasha steps in. Bankotsu was next, soon after, Kageroumaru, then Juuroumaru, then . . . everything went black as she collapse on her pillow.

Sesshoumaru saves his dignity by barking everyone to leave the room. They did laughing as they left their gift on the table. Sesshoumaru lays his head on the pillow and instantly . . . fell asleep.

"Hey! Let go my sis, baka."

"At least I don't have my hair bleached."

"Mind showing us we're our class is?"

"Thanks Takayama, you don't seem as arrogant as you look."

"I guarantee this job is worth it."

"Are you the new miko?"

"Well, good luck rotting you jackass, cause' I'm not ready to die."

"Ah, I like ya old buddy, frank and straight to the point, so . . ."

"It's best to finally learn how to fend for yourself instead of the ones that raised you all you're life; you agree with me ne Sesshoumaru?"

"I'm guessing this isn't the best time for an interview."

"I don't think so Takayama-san, this is the first time I've seen you."

"This is your uniform,"

"Well, your damage, you fix it."

"Sesshoumaru's stripping naked!"

"What about this sword?"

"Fuyue, my mother was always . . . kind. She was different from me."

"Besides, you aren't lonely anymore right?"

"I guess it couldn't be helped. I love you too much that I can't give you such a simple gift."

"Yeah, you're that little bratty second son of the Takayama's girlfriend, Kikyou wasn't it?"

"Look lady, I don't know who you are, but I AM a miko."

"Do I look that old to you?"

"Kageroumaru Jin Un, and you?"

"I think I may have . . . fallen for you."

"I quit."

"She needs you."

"I am your legal grandfather Kagome," he said angrily.

"DEAD legal grandather, Kigami-jiichan."

"Now, my dearest descendant, you are in no position to back down from this deal."

"I've heard from many sources that you're one of the best miko out there . . . you are a descendant of Kigami-sama are you not?"

"I didn't mean it like that! Gomen. Gomen. Gomen. Taka-ichi, I really do love you-hn."

"I don't need anything Kagome, just . . . just your confession."

"Aishiteru . . . Kagome."

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