Author's note: Based off an RPG I did with a good friend of mine.

Disclaimer: Don't own the Titans... sadly v.v

Whole New World...

Chapter 1: The Journal

Raven sighed, glaring up at her ceiling. It was nearly 4 AM and she couldn't sleep. With a soft, irritated growl, she climbed out of bed, grabbed her robe, pulled it on and headed downstairs to the kitchen. 'What's wrong with me? Why am I so restless?' she wondered as she reached for her small teakettle. She just began to fill the kettle with water, when she realized she wasn't alone. Brows raised, she pivoted her hips, twisting around to look behind her. Who she found sitting at the kitchen table surprised her greatly. Beast Boy.

At quarter to four in the morning, she would have expected Robin or, at stretch (a very long stretch), Starfire. But Beast Boy? That was new.

"Beast Boy?" Raven called softly, a note of concern in her raspy voice.

The green changeling jumped and turned, blinking. Like Raven, he obviously hadn't expected any one to be up this early. Raven frowned, noting the dark circles under his eyes. She set the kettle down and walked over, pulling up the chair across from him. She sat down and folded her arms on the table top.

"What's wrong?"

BB sniffled and lowered his head back to his arms, not looking at the gothic teen. "Nuffin…"

Raven didn't buy it. ABeast BoyY I'm an empath, remember? And besides, you look like shit."

"Gee, thanks Rae…"

She sighed and stared at him for a little while. It bothered her to see him like this, it was unnerving.

"Beast Boy…"

He looked up, caught off guard by the gentle tone in her voice. He was shocked even further to find a soft, caringY but deeply worried expression on her usually blank, pale face. Raven reached out and placed her hand over top his, making him blink.

"I know…" she started, then sighed. "If you want to talk, I am a good listener…"

His expression softened and he managed a weak little smile. The smile faded and he looked down. "Normal-" he quoted the word with his fingers, Ateens don't have to deal with what we have to..."

"We aren't normal by any means, Beast Boy."

He looked at her, AI know... but I don't... I'd rather have a smoking addiction or a drinking problem than what I have going on inside..."

Raven raised a brow, she wasnt going to push. If he wanted to tell her, he'd tell her.

"I...I'm sorry... I'm not acting "normal"..."

She cracked a smirk, AYou never act normal."

Beast Boy smiled at her. The talk obviously helped him feel better. Raven smiled, got up and walked off to the kitchen to make her tea.

A short time later, Raven made her way from the kitchen to the connecting room, the rec-room. With a soft sigh, she took up her place next to the window, set her tea down and began to meditate.

"Azarath metrion zinthos… azarath metrion zinthos… azarath metrion zinthos…"

Her monotone mantra filled the otherwise silent room. BB looked up and over at the girl, watching her float for a while. He finally stood and made his way over to her, moving silently so not to disturb her. Raven's mantra paused when she realized a second voice had joined her own. She opened one eye and glanced over. Her other eye opened and she stared, stunned to find Beast Boy sitting there beside her, meditating. And being totally serious about it.

Well, MOSTLY serious. He was sitting on a stack of phone books so that he was at the same height she was. Even to her, that lil fact was amusing. Cute even. Raven closed her eyes again, falling back into her mantra. It didn't dawn on her until she was deep in Nevermore that she had labeled something BB had done as 'cute' instead of 'annoying' or 'stupid'. It struck her as very odd, and what unnerved her even more then the fact that she had used the word cute' was the fact that she had used it with Beast Boy, of all people.

Neither Raven nor Beast Boy awoke from their meditation until hours later, when the other Titans arrived for breakfast. Robin walked past the group, murmuring his good mornings to Cyborg and Starfire. Of course, he cracked a wide smile at Starfire, who returned the smile. He continued on out, sipping his orange juice, and went to mutter a good morning to Raven and BB when it dawned on him they were BOTH meditating. He did a spit take and choked, staring.

"Robin?" Starfire called, walking out to see what was wrong, AIs everything-eep"

She gaped at BB and Raven. Cyborg made his way out.

"What's goin'- whaaaaaaa?"

Raven and Beast Boy opened their eyes, turning to look at their team mates. Raven's gaze was blank, calm. As if there was nothing out of the ordinary. Star gave a meek little wave at the two. Raven smirked, stretched her legs out and slowly stood. When she turned to look down at BB, her expression softened and she gave him a faint little smile that only he saw. She turned and floated out the door. Beast Boy watched her go before climbing off his stack of phone books and putting them away.

"What was all that about, dawg?" Cyborg asked.

"I just... had some stuff on my mind, thats all." BB explained, blushing a lil.

Robin shrugged and headed off for breakfast. Star smiled at Beast Boy and followed after Robin. Cy shrugged and wandered off.

Raven left her room and quietly glided off to the roof, arms crossed over her chest, gripping a small, black suede bound book in her hands. Her journal. She quietly sat down on the edge of the roof- letting her legs dangle- pulled her pen from its nitch in the book's spine and began to write, her hand writing soft and flowing.

Beast Boy beat me to the living room this morning... which was, needless to say, a surprise. He said he woke himself up with his thoughts... I think he's as tired of all the fighting as I am. As I'm sure we all are. He seemed really gloomy for a while... but talking about it seemed to help. Whatever.

...He joined me in my meditation today too. Another oddity. Course, I stopped trying to figure him out a long time ago. He's predictable in the fact that he's so unpredictable. It was pretty funny to see the shock on the others' faces though...I think Beast Boy might've matured a little today.

She tucked her pen back into the spine and closed her journal with a soft sigh. She got to her feet and headed inside.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy wandered the Tower, looking for Raven. He frowned when he couldnt find her in her usual hiding places.

"Raeeeeeeeeeee?" he called.

"What?" replied a voice from the shadows.

Beast Boy shrieked and jumped up... clinging to the roof like that infamous red and yellow Looney Tunes cat. Raven stepped out of the shadows and looked up at him, hood falling back. She smirked.


He glanced down, "...what?"

"You look ridiculous..."

"...Wondering how I'm doing this?" he asked, smirking.

"That too..."

He dropped down and pulled a glove off, showing off the claws he normally had in his Beast form. Raven blinked.

"Well, thats new."

BB chuckled and pulled his glove back on. "Yep."

She pulled her hood back up, AHm..."

"So, where were you?"

"On the roof." She replied, tucking her journal into her cloak.

"Oh... okay."

"Is that all you wanted?"


She raised a brow at him.

"...Thanks again for earlier..."

She cracked a faint smile, ADon't mention it..."

That said, she turned away and glided off, unaware that her journal had slipped from her cloak and to the floor.