Note: The following story will use characters from the original Star Trek series. The names in the story, and personalities of the characters will be affected by my knowledge of the original Star Trek series. Also, I have not written a story in a LONG time, so it will be very rough…very, very rough…let me throw in one more rough just in case.

Still out in the far reaches of space, the Enterprise floats across a sea of space. After many Earth hours, the ship comes across a planet not on the charts.

"Scan the planet, I want to know if there is anything down there." Stated Captain Kirk "Aye captain." Said one of the crew…. a little while later…."There's nothing down there Captain." "Very well, I will go down there with a…" "No, let me Captain." Said Scotty, suddenly walking onto the bride. "Very well, I will leave this task to you then." "Thank you captain."

Down on the planet with two other crewmembers, Scotty walked around a very dense jungle, with many vines, but not enough to render him blind. He kept walking until he got to a cave…. he went in. The other two crew members saw the cave and walked near it, then they started calling for Scotty. And then a dog ran out of the cave, and both the crewmembers were shocked. Scotty was turned into a dog! Both the crewmembers beamed up to the ship and reported the horror to the captain. "Oh poor Scotty, why did I leave this mission up to you? It should have been me! The ship quickly left the planet, and back down on the ground, Scotty walked out of the cave, wondering why he was not getting a response from the bridge. Back on the ship, speeding away from the planet, the Kirk was trying to figure out why Scotty was turned into a dog. So he was trying to see if he could understand Scotty's barks.

Woof bark woof woof bark bark woof woof.

This is the adventures of Scotty the Dog.

Final note: It all started out as a real life joke.