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Chapter 1

"I'm getting tired, can we stop walking for awhile?" asked Aang, starting to slow down slightly. The three of them were walking in the woods, trying to find there way to the next town (if there was one).

"Just a little further," said Sokka.

"Remind me again why we have to walk instead of riding on Appa..." said Aang.

"Oh, I dunno, why don't you ask Sokka's instincts?" Katara said sarcastically.

"Yeah, very funny," commented Sokka, starting to get agrivated. "Everytime we fly, Zuko always finds us! Don't you think it's kinda hard to miss a gigantic flying bison with an arrow on his head?"

Katara rolled her eyes. "That didn't exactly work the last time we tried this."

"Yeah, well, this time might be different," Sokka said. "Ok, we can stop here. You guys go and look for a good place to make camp. I'll try and find some food."

"Don't eat it all before you get back," Katara teased as she and Aang set off in the other direction.

Sokka groaned as he went in the opposite direction as the other two.

He was deep in the woods, searching for some food that they could possibly eat for dinner when he heard something. "There he is! He's friends with the Avatar!" Sokka gasped as he turned around to see a small army of Firebenders pointing towards him. "Get him!" one of the Benders shouted. They charged at him, throwing fire balls and trying their best to capture him.

Sokka pulled out his boomerang and started attacking the Firebenders. He tried his best, and did everything he possibly could, but aparently it wasn't enough. He got knocked to the ground. "Uhg..." he muttered as he struggled to get up.

Suddenly, someone, most likely a warrior, jumped out from behind the trees and attacked the Firebenders, eventually driving them away. But it wasn't just any warrior. SHE WAS A GIRL! And Sokka hates it when a girl is a better fighter than he is!

The female warrior walked over to where Sokka was lying on the ground. "Are you ok?" she asked, helping him up.

Sokka stared at the warrior girl who saved his butt. "Oh, uh... Yeah, I'm fine..." He continued to gaze down at her (she was a bit shorter than he was). The girl had long hair that she wore down, and her green eyes sparkled. Wow... Sokka thought to himself. Wow.

She giggled and introduced herself. "My name's Jaeda."

"...I, uh... I'm Sokka..." he muttered, now smiling at Jaeda. "Um... Thanks for helping me out, Jaeda."

Jaeda smiled. "No problem!"

Then they just stood there, staring at eachother for about five minutes.

"Well, I'd better go now..." Jaeda finally said, but as she turned to leave, Sokka grabbed her arm.

"Wait!" he shouted. "I mean... I want you to meet my sister and out friend, Aang. Did I mention he's the Avatar?"

Jeada's eyes widened. "Really? Woah..."

"C'mon, they shouldn't be too far away."

The two wandered around the woods, looking for Aang and Katara (with Sokka staring at Jaeda pretty much the whole time). They ended up finding them in a near by cave.

When Sokka and Jaeda walked inside, Aang and Katara were sitting down on the cave floor, playing with Momo. "Hey guys, I want you to meet Jaeda," said Sokka. "Jaeda, this is my sister, Katara, and our friend, Aang."

Jaeda waved. "Hi," she said shyly.

Katara smiled. "Nice to meet you," she said.

"Same here!" mentioned Aang.

"And that huge fluffy thing over their is Appa, Aang's flying bison," Sokka added, motioning towards the ball of fur snoozing in the corner.

"So, Sokka, you got yourself a new girlfriend?" asked Aang. Sokka started blushing unnacountably. "Uh..."

"I think Sokka does like her!" Katara cried. "Look at the way he's blushing!" She and Aang giggled.

"How'd you meet her?" asked Katara.

Jaeda answered for him. "I saved his butt from some Firebenders," she laughed.

"I could have done it myself..." muttered Sokka, his face turning even redder.

"What kind of Bender are you, Jaeda?" asked Aang.

"Well... I'm a Waterbender, but I prefer weapons over Bending. I only Waterbend when I need too," she replied.

"I'm a Waterbender, too," Katara mentioned.

"Cool!" Jaeda said. Then Momo hopped onto her shoulder and she began to stroke his ears. "That's Momo, Aang's lemur," said Sokka.

"Actually, he's a winged-lemur," Aang said, correcting Sokka.

Sokka rolled his eyes. "Same difference."

Jaeda continued to play with Momo.

"So, Sokka, did you manage to find any food?" Katara asked with a sly smile. "Or were you too busy focussing on your girlfriend?" Then she noticed that Sokka couldn't take his eyes off Jaeda there for a moment. "Huh?" he said in surprise, once he finally snapped out of it.

"Looks like Sokka's really got a crush on Jaeda," Aang whispered to Katara, loud enough for everyone to hear. Jaeda started giggling.

Sokka was getting very annoyed. "It's not my fault I was attacked by Firebenders! And-come on!" he said, his face burning and his voice slightly cracking. "I don't have a crush! Is it so wrong to be friends with a girl?"

Aang and Katara looked from Sokka, to Jaeda, then back at eachother and smiled. "Whatever you say, lover-boy," Katara said. "But aren't you going to find some food? We've only got enough for maybe one night."

"No problem," Sokka said. "Jaeda and I can go look for something to eat here." And before anyone could say anything, he ushered her out of the cave and together they walked into the woods.

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