Twist of Fate

Challenge Fiction for Zelix

By: Sky

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This is my first fanfiction. Hope you enjoy!


Chapter One: Another Boring Field Trip

Story: Twist Of Fate

By: Sky

16-year-old InuYasha Takahito sighed as he rode on the city buss with the rest of his classmates. He settled into his seat more comfortably by slouching down a little more, and looking sullenly out the window at the city that flew by. This was going to be a lame field trip; just like all the other ones. They were going to some old shrine somewhere with a legend about something. Nothing new. But of course it was part of their history, so they had to go see these old relics that some people still considered important. They belonged in a dump for all he cared.

'Man, this field trip is for the middle-school kids,' he thought, stifling a yawn behind his hand. 'Not the high-schoolers. We could be doing something more exciting then going to a dumb old shrine. Maybe exploring the hidden meaning of a video arcade or something. Well, at least it's a day away from school, and all those damn nagging teachers.'

As it went, InuYasha had a bad reputation around the school. He was constantly getting into fights; didn't really care what his teachers told him to do; didn't do his homework, and liked to sleep in class. Every teacher at the school despaired on ever teaching that boy a thing. He was incorrigible. And he didn't care. It meant more time for him after all , and doing whatever he wanted. Nothing exciting ever happened in this city anyway, unlike what all those movies said. It was just a boring place for preps and business people. There was no place for someone like him. So why bother to care?

Many of the girls in school had a crush on him, with his long silky black hair that came to his waist, that he constantly let flow freely around his shoulders; unless he was getting ready for a fight, which was rather common. Then it was either in a ponytail at the nape of his neck, or a braid that hung just a little past his shoulder blades. And most of the time, when his school mates saw his hair up, they did a pretty good job of steering out of his way.

InuYasha usually wore a black shirt with a collar and cuffs on it, and sometimes left it open with another shirt underneath. Most of the time he wore the black shirt closed, with moderately tight-fitting blue-jeans. Around his neck was a necklace made of beads and white stones carved in the shape of claws, and in the center of the necklace, swinging before his chest, the bead was a clear red jewel. No one had asked where it had come from, and he hadn't bothered to tell anyone either, because no one had ever dared to approach him about it. InuYashas' temper was legendary around campus, and no one messed with him. He only had respect for one individual; and her name was Sango Jagan.

She was a sword master that constantly worked out at a gym near InuYashas' favorite arcade. He had met her by accident really. He left the arcade the same time she left the gym one day, and he ran into her. She didn't like being disrespected like that, and he told her to fuck off, 'cause he had been walking there first. She quirked an eyebrow at him and called him a child, and he challenged her to a fight. They moved to a side street, and InuYasha got his butt kicked several times in that one meeting. Nowadays, whenever he saw her, he was quite respectful. She had shown that she was tougher then he was, and in the law of the streets, that meant she had earned his respect.

The bus stopped, and InuYasha looked up to see all his goody to-shoe classmates getting off. He didn't move, but instead watched them laughing and joking as they jostled each other. He was half tempted to stay on and let the bus take him somewhere else, when his teacher, Mr. Takanada, spotted him still sitting there.

"Takahito! What are you still doing sitting down? Get your butt of the bus, and let's get going!" Giving an exasperated sigh, InuYasha pulled himself up off the seat. As he stood, he put his hands into the pockets of his blue-jeans, hunched his back in rebellious way, and slothfully made his way towards the bus doors. So much for heading for the arcade. He'd just have to do it later. And probably egg Mr. Takanada's car on the way.

InuYasha stepped off the bus, and cursed the fates that like all shrines, this one had a massive amount of stairs that he had to climb. It just wasn't in his image or style to do such a lame thing. He cast a glance in the direction of the teacher, and met a pair of brown eyes. Mr. Takanada was apparently going to make sure InuYasha stayed for this field trip. Scowling at the teacher, and making a clear mental note to tar the teachers car as well, he followed his classmates up the stairs and to the shrine.

There was an old man up there, with Sango at his side wearing a close-fitting black outfit and her katana's strapped to her back along with other weapons on. The old man was telling a group of classmates that were around him about this legend and that; trying to sell love charms and cutesy little key chains of something called the Shikon no tama. Of course, he didn't believe that such a thing could have ever existed, so he didn't even listen to the legend that the old man told. It was probably just some made-up story to try and get the girls in his class to buy his junk. They were such losers, falling for that old mans lame stories. InuYasha decided to go exploring, trying to see if he could find a place to hide out and nap until this crummy fieldtrip was over.

Looking over to his left, he noticed a small shrine building to the side of the compound. He took a quick look at his teacher, making sure Takanada was preoccupied, and that Sango was too, he made a quick dash for the smaller shrine. As he headed for the door, he noticed a sign that read 'Bone Eaters Well'. Well, this one actually sounded cool. Quickly slipping inside, he closed the door quietly and looked around.

He was on a platform off the ground by about five to six feet, and there were stairs leading down to an old well, which was boarded over with wood and wax, and had a seal plastered on top of it. It was cool and dark in the room, and thankfully quiet. There was nothing around that would indicate anyone had been here recently, which he was happy about. That meant no one would disturb him anytime soon. Contentedly strolling down the steps, he started to pace around the perimeter of the well, seeing if there where any soft-looking places on the ground where he could lay down and go to sleep.

As he settled down with his back against the well, he had an idea. He wanted to look inside of it. If it ate bones, then surely there must be something inside to devour them. Grinning at himself as he imagined images of the monster running around the shrine, devouring Mr. Takanada painfully, then the rest of his classmates, he started picking at the wax between the boards, and effectively removing the seal as well.

He finally managed to loosen one board enough that he placed his fingers in the crack and pulled. The board came off with a groan, but then complied to his demands, and it was released from it's hundreds-of-years resting place.

InuYasha peered in after he had loosed the board, but it was too dark in the well to really see yet, so he went along and pried off another board, then another, until finally, all four boards had been removed. There was enough light in the temple to see down into the depths of the well now that all the boards were gone, and what he saw disappointed him.

There was what looked like, the ribcage of a huge animal of some kind, maybe an ox or a horse, that was slightly sticking out of the soil like sharpened pegs in an old hunters trap. But there was nothing else inside. No large beast to devour his teacher, no well-was-actually-a-mouth-that-lead-to-a-giant-creatures-stomach-and-there-where-teeth-everywhere, no nothing. Just a sad looking old well.

Grunting that he had found no hidden prize, he settled back to the spot that he had chose to sit in before, and placed his back against the well. A few moments later, after he had crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes, he heard a strange scratching sound coming from inside of the well. InuYasha leaned forward and looked behind him, but then shrugged his shoulders as he remembered that he had seen a cat streaking around the perimeter of the shrine. It had probably come inside without him noticing to find a cool spot, and was trying to find a place to sleep inside the well. No biggie. He didn't have any problems with sharing his space with a cat.

However, when the scratching noise came again, he decided he didn't want any noise while he was here, so he promised he would scare the cat out if it made noise again. When the sound came again, sounding a bit more like something was moving inside the bottom of the well, he decided enough was enough. Giving a slight trademark growl as he rose, he turned to look into the well and scare the cat away.

A pair of glowing grey eyes met him from the darkness of the well, and they were much larger then a house cats. In fact, they were much larger then his own. He heard the shrine door open, but before he could react, the creature reared out of the well, and with all six arms, dragged him into the dark depths.

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