Memorable Reviews

Story: Twist Of Fate

These are some of the most memorable reviews that I came across. I love them all, but these are the ones that stuck out when I read them. This is just a fun little thing I decided to do. To show that I Really Do read them. ^_^

The Good

Sky you're awesome,
I love the imagination you put into this. I can't wait to see how it ends

This story is really addicting and would like to read more of this.

! I love the twist of Inuyasha being human and Kagome being a having Sesshy as her brother?? What a stroke of genius!! I'm loving it!!Take care and happy writing!!

As a reviewee, author, and real person I give to you a job well done! Keeping up with stories, and keeping up all the good works, you are great. With the power invested in me, I now prounoce you husb- I mean, great Author with a great... story.

Love the story! The interaction between all the characters is very well done. My favorite might actually be Guthrow, but they're all very well written characters. BTW, what's gonna happen with Sango? Is she still alive or did the Velkir kill her off? And this earthquake! I'm bouncing in my seat now from this cliffhanger! Can't wait to read what's gonna happen next!

Hello there!
First I must say, congratulations on this story, it is absolutely fantastic! This is one of the most original AU stories I have ever read, even though it is technically in the same wrold. Your use of language and dialogue together makes for a smooth flow of your increasingly interesting plot line. This story is not only original, but accurate in it's portrayel of the characters! Inuyasha might be a bit... soft... sometimes, but i'm sure you have done that for good reason. You are a terrific author, and by all means you should continue this story! I implore you too, I am hooked! Plus, I am doubly glad that Sango has reappeared! I loved her attitude! Anyway, great story, I hope to read more soon. Have a grand evening!

Glad I could start reading this story again. Silver eyes . . . god, that's so cool.

Is it just me or has Inuyasha had the c**p beaten outta him a lot in this story?

Great story, quite possibly one of the best on the site. But um...i feel i should tell you that when you wrote: "...escort the Lady and Lord Exterminators to their quarters. And have a meal brought for them. I am sure they are ravished." it actually means that the Lord InuTaisho is sure that Sango and Miroku have been ravished (i.e. to have been raped; violated). I'm pretty sure thats not what you wanted to say. ---- (Oops. ^_^ )

I like it / I love it / I want to read more of it / please ... I love your story! You -points finger-, update! It's very appreciated! I appreciate good stories that have original ideas, they're so cool! Anyway, I review to tell you to... Update! Obvious, huh? Perhaps, updates are good... No, very good! Update! Over, and out!

It took me a few minutes to sufficiently quell my rage in order to coherently type my review. That's how well this conveyed the emotion. Excellent work

Wow, I'm am in awe of the complicated storyline and how well you kept the characters true to their personalities despite them being in slightly different positions (especially Inuyasha and Kagome).

The most awesome story of all time. I bow to your godliness might. ^o^ Woot!  (Just made me giggle)

too tired to type +presses "ctrl" and "c" opens window presses "crtl" and "v"+ there copied! … PS hey wait I just typed a ton cr*p

good story, but... HOW COULD YOU END IT THERE?!?!?$#??^%$?&^$&#%!# *pulls out lightsaber* DIE! *swings lightsaber*...*falls to pieces*

*still poleaxed from awesome writing skills* I loved it. Just...CLIFFHANGER! x_x

First let me say you did a very good job with your battle sequence. That's often the hardest thing to convey in writing, and I enjoyed the use of the Dragon Twister of Sounga.
Good job with Kagome and the cliffhanger, I could just hear her screaming for her father!

OMG! (howls) NO! -Breaths- NO!!

Now that I got that out of my system... Good chappie. What's going to happen to Kagome's Daddy? Oh the suspence! Where is Inuyasha? I know we all wanted that chappie, but now, WE WANT THE NEXT!! Spit it out!! It's all in your head!! We don't know what's going to happen!! That's why we're reading this in the first place!!
Twist of Fate, whoo whoo whoo, let me hear you say, ooh ooh ooh!! I don't know why I was doing that, but I was on fanfiction, and I came by someone who had you on their fav list; and I started singing that!! Hilarious, I know!! It only made me more excited that you updated!!
Update soon!! We really, really want it after that evil cliffie -spaces out-.

Really enjoyed the story! I thought you were going to have InuYasha save/find Kagome and then while protecting her, the Tetseiga (know that's not right) transforms. Then they find out that his absent father was the last of the Silver Clansmen.(or his mother was a descendant) Don't know if that is where you are going, but it sounds good to me! ---- (Nope. xD But good idea.)

also, you are a very good writer, you managed to make inuyasha cry without making him OOC.
(work with me here, i know the story is AU)

OUTER TACO-CHAN:Dude! Dude! Dude! Du-
INNER TACO-CHAN:Shut up! What are you, retarded? God! And how do you even know the author's a boy?!
OUTER TACO-CHAN:Well, GR! I just wanted to know if the author would update soon!
INNER TACO-CHAN:I was right, you ARE a retard.
OUTER TACO-CHAN:Am not! Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted, I just wanted to know if you would update soon. It's a really great story!
INNER TACO-CHAN:"It's a really great story!" Oh, God, please take me now. My outer self is now acting like a 5 year old!
OUTER TACO-CHAN:Fine! "This wonderful story has exellent grammer, a plot to remember, and a glorious cliff-hanger. I would enjoy it greatly if you woulld update soon." How's that?
OUTER TACO-CHAN:(Bangs head on keyboard)
(A day in the life of Taco-chan!)

Wow. ... ... ... Its been awhile since I last wrote a review. Maybe a year since... Your piece of work here is quite a nice concept. You've inspired me to start reviewing again. I've seen similar plots done before but yours is quite elegantly done. I also see you're going for the long lost friends dealy with Kagome and Inuyasha after 2 years. Nice touch. Personally, I'm an Inuyasha/Kagome fan and I'm wondering if you're aiming for that at some point. I and I think many others would love it a well as the male territory dominance possibility that would occur between Sesshomaru and Inuyasha at that point. Also, I read through this story so far in one go and I can see a steady improvement in your writing and your cliffhangers are getting better. I am also interested to see whether you will bring in Shippo at some point. Maybe a nephew of Karamina? Anyway, enough of my endless tangents. Good job, keep up the good work and of course UPDATE SOON, PLEASE!

wow! i can't believe its been a year! omg! thats so incredible! anyways with all those twists and turns i had headaches for hours, burning my brain thinking,'What is she gonna do NOW?!' and i guess im gonna have to get some tyenol if there's more twists and turns ahead! i cant wait! ----That's what I'm trying to accomplish. ^_^
… i dunno ur the authour and im just a super-hyperactive author/reviewer who's curiosity got the better of her and now is wondering a whole bunch of questions that are floating around her head threatening to create a nuclear bomb if she doesnt she chapter 32 soon! ---- (suffers from oxygen deprivation just reading this sentence)

What a wonderful story! I just read the whole thing through...wosh, took a while. I love how well you are creating the characters of your own...they feel very alive and I'm very attached and interested in them. And love what you've done with kagome and inuyasha as well, it almost goes without saying. Can't wait to read more! ---- I try to make my characters very believable in any story I write, so that you feel as though they are real.

The Bad

kindas predictable but good anyway ---- (I'm predictable?)

If your going to do a story about Inuyasha, do it right. I mean come on. I know your trying to change it up a bit but come on. I just hope your other stories are better ----(That's why it's called an AU. Different universe, different things happen)

*yawn* i almost broke my jaw frm yawning. but it was good :(dam u messed up my day i was readin all good stories 2 untill well... ---- (You lasted through that many chapters? Wow. I'm surprised you didn't stop at the first if it really bored you)

The….. What?

-Insert review of perference here-

i bet inuaysha's father & brother r really worried ----(has to be a typo. ^_^)

i really want to eat the Southern Lord Jath're'ka----^_^;

In much of your story, I get tastes of Yu Yu Hakusho, but that's only ever the slightest ---- This is probably because Karamina was originally a character I created for a Yu Yu Hakusho story that I have never written down, though it runs rampant in my head. And you can only change a character so much and keep them as they were.

you have to write a sequel you have to if you dont i will hunt you down and KILL you slow and painfully ---- I think I'm going to run away now.

Failed/Late Assignments I caused (that I know of. Sorry!)

*looks at unread Scarlet Letter that's due tomorrow* _

it's 5:30am and i haven't slept and you NEED to update ASAP or my lack of sleep and failure of my last math test will have been for nothing

I just started reading your story yesterday, and I couldn't stop. I can safely say I'm going to fail math now, but you made it totally worth it.