X Chapter 9 X

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"Kikyo, Kikyo, Kikyo."

Shocked, Kikyo turned around. Then she gasped.


"What happened, Kikyo? Didn't you say that your plan was perfect?"

"Yeah, it was." Kikyo retorted rudely.

Since it has come to this… I'll have to handle him myself!


"Kouga?" Kagome gasped as Kouga came through the trees.

"Are you okay? Did Inuyasha hurt you?"

"No—No, I'm alright…"

"… What?" Inuyasha asked as Kouga stared at him.






"Inuyasha, Kikyo put a love spell into your back, and I destroyed it." Kagome said.

"… A love spell?"

"That's why you were-' Kagome blushed.

Kouga looked at Kagome. Then at Inuyasha.


Another punch again.



"Stop it!" Kagome shrieked.

That stopped Inuyasha from diving his claws into Kouga's neck.

"We… we… Let's go find Miroku and the others." Kagome forced herself to calm down.

Why… Why is my heart thumping so fast…

Naraku smirked. "Trying to kill me now, eh?"

Kikyo was panting as she regained her posture. She held her bow tight.

"So… It was all planned from the start? Your plan to kill me?"

Kikyo responded by shooting another arrow at him. Naraku dodged.

"All your mock laughter and glee about getting Kagome into… danger…Putting a mild love spell into Inuyasha when you hugged him in the cave, brainwashing Inuyasha's little friends…Saying about revenge… all part of your plan."

Naraku dodged another three arrows shotby Kikyo.

"Me dear Kikyo…" He said, putting on a hurt look, "I thought you promised that you'll hand over Kagome… let me absorb all of her spiritual energy… all a lie? You've hurt me, dear, dear Kikyo…"

"Scum," Kikyo gasped. "You…"

Naraku smiled. Then he raised a clawed fist, and brought it down on her…

"Shippo!" Kagome smiled as she hugged the little fox demon in her arms. "You're alright!"

Shippo looked worried. "Are you okay, Kagome? Did Inuyasha hurt you?"

"Nope, nothing at all." Kagome patted his head.

"It was weird." Miroku said. "There was this Naraku puppet going after us, and… suddenly… It just collapsed and turned back to a broken wooden puppet!"

"Kikyo set all of us up," Sango said bitterly.

Kouga sighed. "Even I fell for it."

Inuyasha wasn't pleased. "Kikyo set us up? She'd never do a thing like that!"

Surprisingly, Kagome nodded. "Yes, I agree with Inuyasha."

"WHAT?" Miroku and Kouga shouted.

"I… feel it…" Kagome clutched her chest.


"Kagome!" Inuyasha and Kouga said together. "Are you alright?"

Then they glared at each other.

Sango went to Kagome. "Kagome, your face looks pale… You're shaking!"

"… Kikyo… Kikyo is in danger… She's…"

The clawed fist went right through Kikyo.

She gasped again.

Naraku went close to her, still smiling.

Then he withdrew his clawed hand.

Kikyo coughed, and sank to the ground, shaking, clutching her wound.

"If you want to live, I can help you…" He whispered.

"…I'll… never… accept… help… from a hanyou… like you…"

Naraku smirked. "Say what you want. It isn't going to affect me."

"How pathetic…I can't believe that you put the love spell on Inuyasha's back… Of all places, that's the easiest to find…"

"…Shut up…"

"You wanted to test Kagome's miko skills as well by putting the spell on Inuyasha… And then with her help, you two join forces to destroy me… But before that, you had to make a deal with me in order for me to fall into your little trap…"

Kikyo drew another breath.

Naraku bent down and kissed her forehead.

"Here's a farewell kiss from Omiguno… Goodbye, Kikyo."

Kikyo drew one last breath, and slapped him.

"I… hate… you!"

Then she closed her eyes. She was… gone.

"…KIKYO!" Kagome screamed as she felt the missing part of the soul returning to her body.

She was filled with warmth… Her tears fell… And then she knew…

A few days later, Kaede smiled sadly at Kikyo's tombstone.

"..." Inuyasha didn't say anything.

"… It's great, Inuyasha. Why are you looking so sad?"

"What… What do you mean by that, old hag?"
"Kikyo's soul finally went to where it belonged. You must remember, Inuyasha, that Kikyo no longer exists… She has already died."

Inuyasha gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. "That idiot… deciding to do everything by herself… Why?"

He gave the ground one swift, hard punch.

Kaede, surprisingly, went and patted Inuyasha on the head.

"Go now. Kagome's waiting for you."

Inuyasha looked at Kaede, stood up, wiped his face with his sleeve, and went off.

Kaede patted Kikyo's tombstone.

"Rest in peace, Kikyo."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said as Inuyasha leapt to her side by the river.

"Where're the others?"

"Miroku's sleeping, Sango's picking fruits with Shippo and Kirara." Kagome replied.

"…Are you feeling better now?" Inuyasha asked, turning away.

Kagome did not take offence. "Fine. Feeling good as new."

I should be asking you that question…

Kagome opened her mouth, but no sound came out. She tried again. What came out was : "Inu- Yhashsmhka."

"What?" Inuyasha turned and looked at her.

Kagome swallowed and tried again.

"Inuyasha… I mean…"

She still couldn't get the words out.


Kagome stared at the water instead.

Inuyasha looked at the sky. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Kagome looked at him in surprise.

For a moment they didn't say anything.

"The… the water is nice and cool, isn't it?" Kagome said in a falsely cheerful voice.

"Yeah, the—the- weather is nice too!" Inuyasha said in the same fake voice as Kagome's.

They were silent again.

"Listen, Kagome… I… I'm sorry for treating you that way-' He burst out.

Kagome smiled gently at the hanyou.

"Don't worry. I understand."


"You'd apologized earlier, remember?"

"I don't mean THAT!" Inuyasha burst out. "I- I mean…" He blushed.

Kagome suddenly realized, and blushed too.

"It's okay!" She said, waving her hands around. "You were under the spell so…"

"But… I…" Inuyasha was hitting the big rock nearby with force, and still blushing wildly.

Kagome stood still. "Okay, you want to make it up to me, right?"

Inuyasha turned so suddenly that he nearly caused Kagome to fall into the river in shock.

"I-I didn't SAY THAT!" He yelled.

Kagome stuck out her tongue. "SIT!"


Inuyasha fell into the river with a splash, with some of the river water splashing onto Kagome's face and clothes.

"Kagome-' He spluttered.

Kagome had her head down and was shaking.

Oh shit, she must be so angry with me! She's actually shaking…What's she gonna do! What AM I gonna do! Shit, SHIT, SHIT!

Kagome suddenly started laughing and splashed water on Inuyasha.

Inuyasha was caught unaware again and got hit squarely on the face.

"Hahahahaha! You look so funny, Inuya-'

"REVENGE!" Inuyasha roared, splashing Kagome.

Sango, Kiara and Shippo hid behind the bushes, watching Kagome and Inuyasha playing in the water. Inuyasha was too busy having fun to even notice them.

Sango smiled happily at the couple.