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Linking the Future

Chapter 1

Something's Wrong

Early one morning, Link woke up to the early morning sun of Hyrule. Link grew to be a young man, now at the age of sixteen. He went to a desk and took up his ocarina, sword, bow and arrow, and his Hero's Shield. He then walked out the room.

Link walked down a long corridor where two guards were patrolling. He walked into the other room and he reached the throne room, which was abandoned at this time of day. He walked out the main entrance here and exited Hyrule Castle.

A guard asked him, "Where are you going?"

"Taking a little walk." Link answered.

"Should I get your horse?"

"It's not called a walk, for nothing."

Link started walking around the castle and just sat down and took out the Ocarina of Time and started playing "Saria's Song" for a long time. Then, decided to make a song. He played random notes in random sequences. Minutes later he played a certain sequence and it made the ocarina glow.

"What's going on?" Link wondered as he saw the ocarina glow even brighter.

He felt as though he just played the song of soaring, or time. The world turned totally white and he was in a room filled with clocks ticking so fast that it became such a nuisance for the four seconds Link was in there.

When he was in the regular world. He wasn't in Hyrule Castle. He was in some land that he didn't know. He was in an alley. He looked forward to see many people walking on some kind of ground that looked like cobblestone but a lot straighter. It was a sidewalk. He walked about to the end of the alley and looked about in surprise.

"Something's wrong. Something's terribly wrong." Link said.

Things were wrong here.