Before the story starts:

This does not have the ending some of you would be hoping for. The curse does not magically break on Draco, and he does not fall in love with Harry again. I can tell you that much. No one dies either.

Harva Weasley sat in the private rooms of Minerva McGonagall, tears still in her eyes. Last night, she had witnessed the pained death of her god-father, Harry Potter. She had her first hug from him, as well as her last. She saw the pain he was in as she embraced him. For the last three years, they had been really close, she visited him for at least 3 hours a day and heard his entire life story. His dieing words echoed still within her head… she needed answers.

"Harva? What are you doing here darling?" Minerva McGonagall asked the 11 year old child.

"Harry… He told me to ask you… he said something about reasons and me?"

Minerva smiled grimly. "Come sit here child…" she patted the couch and waited for her to climb up. "Harry told you about his life. When he first lost Draco, he did not speak to anyone. In fact no one was there for him. The wizarding world was glad that Voldemort was gone, so they no longer had any need for him. He was forgotten. I summoned him to my office every night, and was just there for him. A week later, he looked up at me and asked me to give him a reason – a reason to keep going. It was always hard. In the end there were only a few reasons I could give him that kept him living. To watch over and protect his friends and love, to hope they would take him back, and to live the life he never had before. For the years he was here as a teacher, he was always quiet, yet he commanded the attention of every student. He was a great teacher. He was never happy though. Then his love came in as the potions master. Harry could not stand it, as you know, and he left. A year later he saved him, at a cost to himself. When he could no longer afford to stay away, he left and came here. He asked me again for a reason, that first night. I could only give him 3, to live for Draco, myself, and his friends. As time drew on, the only reason he accepted was Draco. He had made peace with the rest of us. Then you were born, the new reason. When you were 8, Severus, your mum and I came up with the spells we used. We told him. Protecting Draco was wiped off of his list. In the end, he just wanted to see you sorted. He died a happy man Harva, because he had you." Minerva looked up from her lap, a tear sliding down her face, as she embraced the small girl.

"And he said something about a Pensive, Mrs McGonagall, what's that?"

Minerva gave a grim smile. "Harry was a master of many arts, skilled in the arts of the mind. He created an image of himself within the pensive for Draco days after he was placed in the hospital wing. He knew that soon he may not be able to hold his wand to do it. I do not know what it contains, no one does. Harry gave it to me to look after when he had finished it. He wants Draco to see it, although he knows it will change nothing. Draco will not remember the love he once had for your godfather. He may not hate him any more, but he will never love him again. It is your godfathers last attempt. Now, it is late. You should be getting back to your dorm!"

"Thankyou Mrs. McGonagall!"

"Call me Min Harva. Harry would have liked you to."

The young girl nodded sadly.

"Good night Min."

Minerva smiled as the door to her room closed, then she got up and walked over to a trunk that sat in the corner of the room. She passed her hands over the clasps, which instantly retracted, allowing her to open the chest and pull out a small wooden box. Within, she knew, sat a gold stand, holding an egg shaped basin. Inside, a single golden thread swam.

The elderly ex-Professor hobbled down to the dungeons, to the door of the Potions Master, Draco Malfoy's office.

She knocked three times, rapidly.


"Good evening Master Malfoy, I hope I am not interrupting anything?"

"No Professor."

"Please, Minerva."


"Draco. I was left this object for you, and you alone." She handed the box to the blonde.

"What is it?"

"A pensive, with a memory you should see."

"Oh. Who's is it?"

"You will know when you enter the memory. I know it will be hard on you. I just ask you to look at everything you will see objectively."

"Is this some ploy of Potters to try and get me to believe that rubbish about us being a couple? I thought he had given up years ago."

Minerva shook her head. "No Draco. Harry is no longer in need of your love. He died, last night."

The blondes face remained stoic.

"So this memory is his?"

She nodded. "Please promise me you will look at it."

"If it was his dieing wish that I see this memory, I see no problem with obliging him. It would only prove me inhumane should I do otherwise I suppose."

Minerva nodded, then turned to leave.

"Good evening, Draco. If you need to speak to anyone after viewing the memories, please, come and see Severus or myself. I am here for the next three days, then I leave for my cottage."

Draco grunted his goodbye as he watched his old transfiguration teacher making her way out of the room. He placed the wooden box on his desk, opening it to reveal the glass pensive. He pulled out his wand and prodded the memory in the bowl. He found himself swirling down into what appeared to be the private room in the hospital. There in one corner, stood a healthy looking Harry Potter.

"Draco… I wanted to show you the memories you lost, the feelings you lost, the change in your thoughts. I received a letter from Pansy the day you married her, sending her condolences for my loss, and telling me she would let me tell you whilst I was on my death bed, or when I was dead. It seems I cannot tell you in body now, so spirit will have to do."

The scene swirled, and they were in a large room. Inside were much younger versions of Harry and Draco.



"I… I can't do it Potter."


"Serve that maniac."

"Then don't."

"God Potter, you make it sound so simple. He will find me! He will kill me!"

"Talk to Snape."

Younger Draco looked to the Harry as if he were insane. "He's a bloody Death Eater himself you fool!"

"You'll be surprised. If he cannot help, I know a place where Voldemort can never get you, you will be in exile until he dies. But Severus will help."

Young Draco nodded.

The vision swirled. A slightly older pair were standing in the same room.

"God's Harry, it hurts so much" Draco shivered slightly, and was pulled into a comforting embrace by the Griffindor.

"I know Draco… It will all be okay… Just look to the future."

"What is there for a torturer and rapist Harry! Who would want me!"

The Griffindor tightened his embrace.

The vision swirled again.

"Harry… Am I your friend?"

"Yes Draco."

"Can we… move past that?"

"Past friends? What is after that? Lovers?"

"… Yes."

The Griffindor smiled and wrapped the blonde in an embrace, placing a tender kiss on his lips.

He found himself following the Griffindor through his house, where no one would talk to him, into his bed, and watched as he thrashed around in pain as a vision overtook his body. Then he saw flashes as he watched the boy suffer. Finally he was back in the room. He watched as the Griffindor boy sat there, tired, hurting. Then he watched as his younger self entered, and the young Harry wiped his face of all emotion, and was there for him.

Numerous scenes of love passed his eyes. He noticed they never spent more than an hour a week together, alone. Then he saw the final battle.

The rafters of the entrance hall were covered in white banners showing the house crest. All graduates stood in front of hundreds of parents, each dressed in graduation robes. Harry's hand was linked with Draco's. He watched as the doors banged open, and a hundred death eaters marched in, splitting the crowd, and casting a barrier to prevent spells being cast between the two groups. A dark figure walked in, and stopped before the podium.

"Well, well, well, what have we here… Little Harry Potter is graduating..." There were a few minutes worth of dark lord dialogue that followed, then the battle began. The shields dropped, and instantly, everyone was fighting, a jet of green came from directly behind Albus Dumbledore, cast by a rat. 2 graduating students joined the death eater ranks, and it was then that Voldemort noticed that one of his right hand men was missing.

"Malfoy Junior, why are you not fighting for me!"

There were a few more minutes of verbal insults flying whilst Draco told Voldemort exactly how he felt about the cause, and the leadership.

As the battle raged around them, Harry and Voldemort dueled, spells flying fast and furiously. Finally, Harry cast the spell he had been working on with Severus, causing his soul to be shredded slowly and painfully. Voldemorts reign of terror was almost over. In his last few seconds, a bolt of black light flew out of his wand and hit Draco.

The ex-Dark Lords final words chilled everyone who heard to the bone. "I have had my revenge."

After that, the battle was wrapped up fairly quickly.

Harry moved over to young Draco.

"Come on love, let's get you to Poppy."

The young Draco sneered at the green eyed boy. "Love? Who ever would love you? Not me for certain."

Draco watched as his younger self turned away, not seeing Harry collapse into a heap and cry. Not seeing Minerva going over to him and rocking him back, nor Severus' worried looks.

The vision blurred. Harry, Severus and McGonagall were standing in the head's office.

"I am retiring at the end of the year Harry, Severus will be taking over my job."

Harry nodded.

"I asked for you to come up here Harry, because I have looked for potions masters Harry…"

Harry paled instantly. "Y..You can't mean?... I mean how can I look…. Knowing I will never…" he was crying now, almost hysterical.

"I wish there was someone else Harry. If you can find someone qualified who wants to teach, I will gladly replace Draco with this other person. Only if they come up to scratch though."

Harry nodded and left.

He saw the scenes as Harry left, then he saw the brewing of the potion to save his life, and the pain he suffered through it. He watched the joy that crossed Harry's face when he learnt he could die without harming him. He watched it all.

Eight hours later, he was ejected from the pensive. He sat, stony faced for a good hour, before a lone tear ran down his right cheek. Then he stood, and flooed to his cottage in Hogsmede, where Pansy was waiting for him.

"You're late."

"P..Potter died last night."

The lady nodded slightly, then embraced her husband.

"I can't remember any of it Pan. He gave his life for me, and I cannot even remember him as anything but nasty."

She stroked her husbands hair lightly, then released him, and made her way over to a small desk in the corner of the room, removing a sheet of parchment from the bottom draw.

She placed it in her husbands hands.

Dear Pansy. 22/7/97

I wish the two of you all the happiness in the world. I will not say that I am not jealous of you, or that I do not love your husband. To do so would be to lie. But now, he will never be happy with me. You make him happy Pansy. God help you if you hurt him.

We had dreams Pansy, I will not lie to you. We were going to have two children – adopt if we could not get the potion to conceive – one boy, Caleb, and a daughter, Lillianna…Now my dreams are beyond reach.

Our love was rare, Pansy, I know that. A soul bond. The spell Voldemort used cut Draco's end, and made him forget his feelings for me – but unlike the effect on Draco, I am still bound by it, the love is still strong, and will never break. As I write this, I can tell you that a bond much like the one that is still wrapped around my heart is forming between the two of you. Please, I beg of you, love him and cherish him like every day is your last. He has had a hard life.

Make your dreams come true with him Pansy, for it is a terrible thing to know that something which was within your grasp, slipped out of your fingers, never to be seen again.

I wish you all the love in the world.


Pansy had tears in her eyes.

"He really loved you Drac. Did you love him?"

"I… I don't know."

Pansy embraced him.


"Yes Pan?"

"I… I'm pregnant. A boy."

"Have you thought of a name yet?"

She nodded.


Draco nodded. "He would like that."