10:00 a.m.

Home of Sylvia Crane

Wednesday, June 29

Elliot jogged up the path to the small bungalow in Queen's. He prayed that Crane's sister Sylvia could provide some insight as to where her brother might be. They were running out of leads and Olivia was running out of time.

He rang the doorbell. Once…twice…

"Just a minute!", an exasperated voice called from within. Elliot heard a heavy bolt slide. The door opened to reveal a woman in her 30's holding a baby against her hip. "Can I help you?"

"Mum! Tell Billy to give my truck back! I was using it first!" A child called from the other room.

"Nu-uh! It's mine anyways!" Another boy answered.

"Give it!"

"Make me!"

"Boys!" The woman cried. She turned back to face Elliot. "Sorry, who are you?" The baby began to shriek. "Shh…shhh…"

"I'm, uh, Detective Stabler, Special Victims Unit. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions regarding your brother, Jackson."

The woman's features turned to ice. "Come to throw some more of my family in jail?"

"Wha - "

"Don't even play that card with me. I know how you police guys work. Can't solve a case so just pin it on whoever's convenient! It worked with Ricky so now you've come to collect Jackson for round two. Heck, murderers probably run in the family right? That's a good one, I'll bet a jury'll eat it all up!"

Elliot shook his head. He was confused. "I'm sorry ma'am, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know of a Ricky. I'm here because your brother, Jackson, may have information pertaining to a missing person case."

"Jackson doesn't know anything." She went to close the door but Elliot stopped it with his hand.

"Please, just tell me where I can find him." Elliot's voice was pleading. "It's a detective that's missing - it's my partner, Detective Benson. She's hurt…bad. Look, if we don't find her soon…she's gonna die."

Sylvia Crane stared into Elliot's eyes. Her voice was cold as she spoke. "Benson? Olivia Benson? She's missing?" She smirked. "I hope that bitch gets what she deserves." She slammed the door.

Elliot simply gaped. He was too confused to be angry at the woman's remarks. How did Sylvia know Olivia? Who was Ricky and what happened to him to make Sylvia so bitter? Better call the Captain. Elliot was searching his pockets for his cell when it began ringing.

"Detective Stabler."

"Elliot, it's me."

"You've got some timing Cap."

"Elliot, you better come back to the precinct. There's something you need to see."

Elliot didn't trust Cragen's tone. "Cap, what's wrong? What is it?"

"Just, come back here Elliot."

1:00 p.m.

Special Victims Unit Squad Room

Wednesday, June 29

Elliot raced back to the squad room. He swerved in and out of traffic doing 10, 15 miles an hour over speed limit. He screeched into the precinct parking lot and bolted up the stairs. He hurried up to Special Victim's floor. Cragen's solemn face met him at the door. "My office."

Elliot allowed Cragen to lead him into his office. Elliot's heart was pounding in his ears. What was going on? Cragen instructed him to sit down. Eventually Elliot's eyes settled on the portable tv. His mind was racing. No…no. "There's a tape?" he managed to croak out.

Cragen nodded gravely. "Arrived on your desk an hour ago." he said softly. "Elliot, I'm showing this to you because you and Olivia have been partners for seven years and you deserve to know what's happening to her. I need you to promise me that you will stay calm."

Elliot was too terrified to speak. He simply sat, eyes transfixed to the screen, dreading what he was going to see. Cragen turned the video on.

The opening shot was a number of blurry images. Elliot groaned as they came into focus. The video was being shot in a dark room with cement walls. It could have been a warehouse, an old factory or an unfinished basement. It was impossible to tell. In the centre of the frame was Olivia, lying on her back, hands chained to the wall above her head. Her clothes were torn and bloody. Her breathing was shallow and sporadic. Her face was bruised and a thick line of blood ran from her hairline, across her forehead and down her cheek.

"'Liv…" Elliot whispered. He felt his eyes begin to sting. "Jesus 'Liv."

A man walked on-screen. He was an average-build, probably about 6 feet. A black ski mask hid his face. "Olivia Benson." He drawled, turning his back to the camera to face her.

Elliot bristled. His mind was screaming. Bastard! I'll kill you, you bastard! Touch her and I'll kill you! But Elliot stayed silent. He needed to stay calm if we wanted to see the rest of the tape.

"The great Detective Benson." The man strode towards her. He knelt down and brushed her hair back with his hand. "How are you feeling?"

Olivia didn't answer. The man struck her across the face. "Answer me bitch." Drawing on some hidden reserve of strength, Olivia lifted her head to face her captor. She drew her mouth back and spat in his face.

Elliot shook his head and felt a tear snake its way down his cheek. She was so proud. "He'll kill you." Elliot whispered. But he knew she didn't care.

The man became enraged. He swung his fists into her face, drove his foot into her side, and pounded his knee into her stomach. Finally, he regained control. "So you want to play that way." He smiled. "Alright, let's play."

The man leaned over Olivia and ripped open her blouse. Buttons clicked as they landed on the floor, having been torn from their fabric. Olivia opened her eyes wide. She began to struggle. For the first time since her abduction, Olivia allowed the man to taste her fear.

The man laughed. "That's more like it. There's always a way to break a person Ms. Benson. You wouldn't submit to pain, but it looks like I've found your Achilles Heel." He smirked and ran his hand along the inside of her leg. She shuddered.

"Now, before we begin, let's get a few things straight. For our audience here." The man gestured to the video camera. "You see, capturing you went far more smoothly than I expected it too. I made the anonymous call about the assault in the warehouse and lay in wait. I was expecting to have to ambush you and your partner. I was expecting there to be bloodshed…" He paused. "And yet, there you were, alone." He turned to face the camera. "Why were you alone Olivia?"

She didn't answer. The man pressed.

"Elliot…where was Elliot, Olivia?"

She shook her head again. Tears were forming in the corners of her eyes.

"He was on another case correct? Tracking down Ainslie White's killer perhaps?"

No answer.

"What? He didn't want to take you with him on the investigation? Or else…maybe he couldn't take you. Maybe you weren't allowed to work on that case anymore?"

Olivia shook her head violently. "No…no…" she muttered.

"Yes Olivia. Yes.", the man smiled again. "You ended up in that warehouse all alone because you weren't allowed to work on the White case with your partner. Now…why would that be? Why did you get taken off of that case?"

"Elliot he…he was just trying to protect me…" Olivia trailed off. She fought back a wave of tears.

The man clapped his hands together, satisfied. "Elliot, of course! Elliot got you taken off the White case. Elliot is the reason you ended up in that warehouse alone." He began trailing his hands down her body. "Elliot is the reason you're here now."

Elliot cupped his hands over his mouth. He was ready to vomit.

"No…no…no! He was only trying - ", she cried.

"To protect you?" The man chuckled to himself as he straddled her small form. "I guess he should've tried harder."

Elliot stared in horror as the screen went blank.