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Harry's Train of Thought

"Sorry!" yelled Harry as the first year he had hit coming through the platform barrier went flying. Suddenly Harry noticed a flaming red head high above anyone else's and made his way over to what could only be his best bud Ron Weasley.

Quickening his pace, a certain bushy haired individual suddenly came into focus standing next to the flaming red. It was Hermione. In his haste, for a second time that day he sent someone flying. As he bent down to help his victim, he saw that it was none other than Colin Creevy.

"Hi Harry!" exclaimed Colin enthusiastically. Too enthusiastically for this time in the morning (A/N: We know that it would be like 10:30 and that isn't very early but he is a teenager, ok?)

"Hi Colin" said Harry with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Colin had continued his stalking ways all through his 5th year and he felt sure that Colin now had enough photos of Harry to paper the Great Hall. Colin's face split into a grin as he acknowledged Harry.

"That's ok Harry, really, it was my fault," said Colin, oblivious to the fact that Harry had yet to apologise. "oh and good luck for your sixth year Harry!"

"Thanks" said Harry distantly. "Listen Colin, I've got to go, but I'll see you around."

"Great!" called Colin "I'll look forward to it!" But Harry had already run off to greet his friends.

"Harry, how ya doing?" asked Ron, giving Harry a manly pat on the back.

"I'm good, man, I'm good." he replied, before turning to Hermione. As he took in her appearance he gave a long slow whistle.

Her figure had filled out in all the right places, giving her round firm breasts and a pert squeezable bottom. She wore flattering clothes-a low cut tank top showing off an impressive cleavage and tight denim hot pants with diamante decoration, which revealed her long creamy legs. She was getting more that her fair share of admiring looks, especially from one particular boy.

Draco Malfoy.

Despite boys doing triple takes as they walked past her, she seemed oblivious to their stares of lust. Still the same old Hermione then.

"Hermione, you have er, grown a lot this summer! You look great" He stuttered not wanting to get too close to her in case old Polonius Plonker made a guest appearance.

"So have you harry, you've shot up!" With that, she grabbed him into an emotional hug.

"Woah! Down boy!" thought Harry "Think of cold showers..Think of Professor Sprout naked..actually that's a surprisingly sexy thought!"

Harry then noticed that Ginny had joined them. Unlike her brother, Ginny was quite small (although she preferred to be called petite) and was very cute and sassy. She had recently found her thing-designing and making clothes. She was wearing one of her own creations (a GW as she liked to call it). It was a tight shimmery green corset with black laces up and down the back. Her legs were encased in black ripped jeans, which were so tight it looked as though she had been sewn into them. She was still dating Dean, and over the summer had become much more experienced in the ways of love.

"Harry!" she cried giving Harry a huge hug, for she had gotten over her crush on him a while ago, and now saw him as yet another brother.

"Red! How ya doing?" asked Harry, using a nickname that he had been using on her for quite a while.

"I'm great Harry, real great!" She smiled at Harry. Harry couldn't help noticing that she had a really pretty smile. And her sun induced freckles across her nose were very cute.

"Hmmm," thought Harry "what is up with me today? I'm one horny devil…phew, I need a booty call-and fast!" As Harry glanced around him, he could see that talent was pretty thin on the ground and so had to make do with another hug with Ginny.

"I must not think of impure thoughts, I must not think impure thoughts" Harry told himself, shaking out of it. What was he doing? Ginny was like a sister to him and Hermione..

Suddenly, over Ginny's shoulder, he caught the eye of someone who drove all thoughts of Hermione out of his mind.

It was Cho Chang.

She was wearing a super sexy denim mini dress, with a zip down the front-which she had undone practically to the navel. Her fountain of shimmering black hair was swinging in time with her model-like wiggle.

"Hi Harry!" she called in a soft singsong voice.

"Er..hi.." he stuttered.

Ron gave a low whistle. "I'd like a slice of that cherry pie." said Ron.

"That bitch is mine – I saw her first." growled Harry in the territorial voice that only dogs would use for their mates.

Ron sighed. "Fine, fine, I get it look but don't touch. But still, check out that rack!"

If looks could kill, Ron would've been six feet under.

"Its ok. Anyways, I've got my own fish to fry," his eyes following Hermione's swinging hips into the horizon..

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