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Chapter One

Robin was returning from a night of patrol. It had been almost a full year since the Titans had been in Gotham City and found their newest member, Nightwolf --Alex Taylor.

"Hey Robin. Any sign of Slade?" Nightwolf asked him as she took off her headphones, Bowling for Soup blared out of them.

"No, but I did see--" Robin started before the alarm cut him off.

The Titans gathered around their T.V. as a picture of The Joker came up on the screen.

"A new villain?" Beast Boy asked squinting at it, "Or did the circus just forget a freak?" Beast Boy and Cyborg broke out in laughter.

"Robin and Nightwolf, do you know of this scary human?" Starfire asked noticing their shocked faces.

Nightwolf ignored her and turned to Robin, "Isn't he supposed to be in Arkham? He's supposed to be in Arkham."

Robin read the location that the screen gave them. "It looks like he might still be. Look, it says he's still in Gotham. Why would the Gotham police want our help? They hate asking other people."

"Maybe the message has something." Raven reasoned. As if on cue, the message played. Mixed voices flowed from the background.

"Hello, Gotham, long--" The Joker got out before another voice stopped him.

"This is why that rat always beats you. You talk too much."

It was Slade.

The message ended in static. "So, that's why they sent us this, they heard Slade." Robin said redundantly.

"So we're going back to Gotham?" Cyborg asked

"Yup." Nightwolf answered for Robin.

"Go pack. We'll leave today." Robin ordered over his shoulder as he went into his room.

Starfire was first to follow Robin's orders, the others followed her example quickly.

By that afternoon the Titans were packed and ready to stay in Gotham for a while. They packed all of their things in the T-Car and got in and took off for Gotham City, which was only fifty miles away. They arrived in Gotham limits and were near the Gotham manor within the hour.

"Cy, take the bat cave entrance. And fast." Robin instructed.

Cyborg sped through the street and found the entrance Robin was talking about. They sped down a dark road threw what must have been a cave--bats darted at the moths that flew in front of the headlights.

They parked inside the bat cave, near where the bat car was parked.

A figure moved down the stairs, toward them. Robin signaled the Titans to stay where they were and he got out; hiding in the shadows, just as he did when he went patrolling with Batman years before.

"Show yourself!" A young man called, he must have been about Robin's age. Robin shortened his breathing as he moved in the shadows. Light hit the kid, revealing he was in a Robin costume that looked like Robin's almost exactly.

Robin jumped out of his hiding place, sticking at the Robin look-a-like.