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Chapter Six

"Rob, what are we doing?" Beast Boy asked as Nightwing parked the R-cycle in the Batcave.

"We're going to finish this mission and then head back to Jump City just like we planed." Nightwing snapped.

"Nightwing…please Robin do not do this." Starfire begged.

"Star, nothing will be different with the team." Nightwing smiled.

"Yes it will. Beast Boy shall get fat and bald, Cyborg shall rust, Raven shall go insane and you will dissert the team as I will disappear. I do not wish to disappear." Starfire said, desperately.

"Star, I wouldn't let that happen. I won't dissert the team and you won't disappear." Nightwing said trying to reassure her.

"Well I'm happy knowing nothing bad happens to me." Nightwolf joked. "Look, Star, Robin just doesn't want Batman's shadow to follow him around for life."

"Rob--" Starfire started.

"Star, call me Dick." Nightwing smiled.

"Looks like you two made up." Robin grumbled. He glanced at Batgirl, who was at the bat computer, hopefully.

"Not on your life." She said before he had a chance to ask her. "Titans, we received a message you may want to hear." She typed at the keys and a recording played.

It was the Riddler:

High and low

She's got a boyfriend

"What is that suppose to mean?" Cyborg asked.

"The streets High and Low." Nightwing answered simply.

"What's going on at the corner of High and Low?" Batman asked.

"The Bowling for Soup concert you grounded me from going to!" Robin snapped.

"Yeah. 'She's got a boy friend' is the name of track number fifteen on their Drunk enough to Dance CD." Nightwolf explained.

"You're a bowling for soup fan?" Robin asked shocked.

"People actually like them?" Nightwing asked.

"Yeah." Nightwolf snapped at him, she turned to Robin. "I have every one of their CD's, even the rip offs in Spanish."

"Shouldn't we be going there?" Batgirl asked them, rhetorically.