1Challenge: Valentines Day - Love

Title: In Spite Of You

Words: 1500

A/N: Wow, I had to cut out a lot of it to meet the word requirements. It's my first seiftis! Yes, I know that's not Kingdom Hearts, but I really didn't feel like making an entirely new story for this, when I can just stick it with my other drabbles... XDD Hope you guys like it!


There was something magical about snow, a certain tranquility that fell along with the soft flakes. They seemed to swallow up all the noise, leaving nothing but a quiet world blanketed in an untouchable white. Something about the snow that made her feel as though she were younger, aching to build snowmen and make snow angels. For that moment, standing still against an alabaster backdrop, she was no longer the reinstated Instructor Quistis Trepe. She was just Quistis, five-years-old again and seeing snow for the first time. A grin flickered across her face and she breathed deeply, savoring the scent of cold, clean air.

In the distance, Quistis could see most of the others in a snowball fight. As she moved to join them, her boots had lost traction and slid across the frictionless surface of the icy ground. She fell - hard - and blinked, momentarily confused. Laughter quickly sharpened her senses and she looked over her shoulder to find her former student, Seifer Almasy.

His face was wiped clean of its usual smirk. "Ouch?" He teased.

Quistis scowled at him, lips twitching. "Quiet, Almasy."

Seifer cocked a blonde eyebrow, "Instructor, I told you. Call me Seifer." Amusement was still blazing in his green eyes as he strode over the snowy surface. With each crunch of his boots, Quistis realized he was going to make the same mistake she had. The raised rock surface she was sitting on was covered with black ice. She began to warn him but caught sight of that smirk and decided to keep quiet.

Sure enough, he stepped onto the ice and... landed harder than she had. As he cursed, it was her turn to laugh. She carefully climbed to her feet and offered her hand to him. He looked at it mistrustfully, but took it in any case. Though they said nothing else, one smirked, one smiled, and neither one let go.