NightWarriors: The Kidnapping of Felicia


Part 1 of 2

Arthur's Note: I don't own any Darkstalker characters. All Darkstalker characters are copyrighted to Capcom. I'm writing this story for fun.

It's a cool clam day, Felicia and Jon where walking towards the airport. Felicia looks at Jon; "I'm so in love with him, Jon." John replied, "But do you think, he will actually come back to you?" Felicia answered, "I know that he will come back, he made a promise to me, I know that he meant it, Jon." Jon replied, "Ok. I just don't want to see you get hurt, Felicia." Felicia answered, "Don't worry about me, Jon. I think I'm old enough to take care of my self." Jon laughed and just smiled, "You think you're old enough to take care of yourself."

Felicia got angry with Jon, "I know that I'm old enough." Jon replied, "Ok, clam down." Jon and Felicia turn a corner, and a tall man dressed all in black walks towards them. The man smile evilly, "So, you two must be, Jon and Felicia." Felicia looked at the man, "Who are you and how to you know us?" The man replied, "I am TJ. And it doesn't matter how I know you, for you'll both be dead."

Jon and Felicia got into their fighting stance. Jon turn into his werewolf form, "We're not going down, with out a fight." TJ threw off his jacket, revealing a large robotic shoulder, arm, and hand, which took the place of his left shoulder, arm, and hand. TJ clenched his robotic hand, "Let me see what you got." Jon pushed forward with his feet and charged at TJ. TJ fired his robotic hand at John and grabbed him while he tried to dodge the robotic hand. TJ threw Jon across the street.

When Jon landed on the ground, TJ's robotic hand turned into a machine-gun. TJ fired locked onto Jon and waited for him to stand, but Felicia distracted him by kicking him in the back. TJ stumble forward, but recovered. TJ turned around and rapidly fire on her. Felicia dodged his bullets with her cat-like agility. This gave Jon enough time to stand up and charged his Wolf Missile. Jon gathers up all of his dark energy and created a beam. Jon yelled, "Get out of the way, Felicia!" Felicia jumped away to safety, as TJ turns towards Jon. Jon jumped into the air and descended towards TJ.

Just then a beam shaped like a wolf's head appeared in front of Jon's right foot. Jon made contact with TJ, that had him fly into a tree. TJ pulled him self off of the tree, "Is that all you got." Jon and Felicia were surprised to see that TJ survived Jon's attack. TJ threw with right hand in front of his body, "T.K.O. Beam!" TJ fired his TKO Beam at Jon and Felicia, but Jon pushed Felicia out of the beams way. When Jon was hit buy the beam, it made him turned back into his human form, and fly into a building.

Jon fell off the wall and hit the ground. Jon lay on the ground, bleeding from TJ's attack. Felicia ran to Jon to check his pulse, tears ran down Felicia's face. Felicia's tears hit Jon's topless body. Felicia started to fell anger towards TJ. Felicia looked at TJ with great anger in her eyes. TJ laughed evilly, "So, the cat is pissed, I'm so scare." Felicia ran towards TJ with her claw deployed. Felicia swung her right paw towards TJ, but TJ dodge her attack. TJ gave an evil smile at Felicia as she tried to hit him.

When Felicia throw another claw attack, TJ countered her attack with the Tri-Star Blast. Felicia flew into the air and hit the ground, hard. When she landed, TJ walked towards her. When he reach her, she did a spring kick. TJ stumble backwards, but he shock off the effect of her attack. TJ put down his guard to shake off the effects of her last attack, this give Felicia an opening to attack with all her strength.

Felicia jumped into the air and landed on top of TJ's chest; she dug her claws deep into his skin and started to scratch and tear at his face. TJ threw her off of his body. Felicia landed on her feet and was ready to attack. TJ's blood hit the ground, and his face was all massed up by Felicia's attack. TJ started to laugh, his face healed rapidly. TJ threw his robotic hand towards Felicia, and grabbed her before she could react.

TJ started to crush her body. Felicia only showed pain with her face. A voice from the shadows, "That's enough." TJ looked towards the shadow and saw to red eyes, "But, master, killing her would be more fun." Zero walks into the light, "I said that's enough, TJ." TJ lets go of Felicia and bowed before Zero, "As you wish, master." Zero walked to Felicia and picks her up, "Well, if you killed Felicia, you will be the one that I kill. You know that she's the only virgin Darkstalker, which we could only sacrifice to bring back Pyron."

TJ picked up his jack and up it back on, "I wish to find my brother, master." Zero walk towards the shadows, "Not yet. First let's get our sacrifice ready, before we do anything else." TJ replied, "Yes, master." Zero and TJ walked into the shadows, leaving Jon bleeding to death. Jon lay there on the ground. That was until a young woman passed by and saw him lying there. She yelled, "Call 9-1-1! Someone is hurt!"

The young woman ran to Jon and checked his pulse. She found a weak pulse on his neck; "It's going to be ok." Jon looked at her weakly as she stayed next to his side. The ambulance turned the corner, and finally reached them. The E.M.Ts jumped out from the back of the ambulance, and took out the stretcher. The E.M.Ts bandaged Jon up and stop the heavy bleeding from his chest and arms. They rolled him on his back.

When they did this, the young woman gasped in surprised to see Jon's face. When he was on his stomach she couldn't see his face, now that he's on his back; she saw his hansom face. She blushed, as the E.M.Ts lift the stretcher into the ambulance. Jim, one of the E.M.Ts, looked at the woman, "Do you want to come to the hospital?" The woman replied, "Yes, please." The young woman step into the back of the ambulance. Jim closed the doors and the ambulance race towards the nearest hospital.

As the ambulance race through the streets of England, when it turn the corner of 23rd Street and "Q" Ave., the hospital was in view and was only two to three blocks away. The ambulance turned on St. Luke Street and slowed down, pass up the emergence entrance, but to only back up to the doors. The ambulance doors opens, and the E.M.Ts pulled out the stretcher with Jon on it. The young woman steps out of the ambulance, and follows the E.M.Ts through the automatic opening doors. The young woman was stopped out side the E.R doors. Jim stood in front of her; "You need to stay here in the waiting room, miss." The young woman replied, "Alright."

The young woman takes a seat, as Jim walks trough the automatic opening doors. Jim walked back to the ambulance. Mean while in the E.R it self, tubes and wires ran from and towards Jon's body. The doctors and nurses surround him. As they sown Jon's injuries, cleaned up his cut, and bandage his arm wound; life started to come back to Jon. As the condition of Jon went from ridicule to good, he was moved from the E.R to room 120 on the second floor. Nurse Jonan walks to the young woman, "Are you the woman who came in with man just a couple minutes ago?" The young woman, "Yes, why?" Jonan replied, "Because we move him to the second. Would you like to see him?" The young woman replied, "Yes, please." Jonan answered, "Then follow me." The young woman stood up, as Nurse Jonan walked away. She followed her all the way to room 120. The young woman walks to Jon, as Nurse Jonan steps out and shuts the door.

The young woman sits down and takes Jon's hand, "Hey, there hansom. I don't know if you could hear me, but here go nothing. I like you, even thou I don't know your name. So, please don't die on me." The young woman put her hand next him. The young woman sat there next to him, wasting time, waiting for Jon to wake up. The young woman fixed her shirt and brushes her hair from her face. Jon hand move a little and the young woman pulled her seat closer. The young woman checks his pulse on the monitor, and his pulse started to race.

Just then, Jon sits up, "Felicia!" The young woman jumped up and back. In her thought, "Must be his girlfriend." Jon looked around, "Where am I?" The young woman replied, "Clam down, you're in a hospital." Jon looks at the young woman, "Who are you?" The young woman answered, "My name is Jane, and what's yours?" Jon replied, "My name is Jon, it's time to meet you, Jane." Jane replied, "So, who is Felicia?"

Jon gives her a surprised look, "Felicia is my friend, she was with me when I had this great anger with the world. She was the only one who trusted me." Jane replied, "So, she your girlfriend isn't she?" Jon chucked, "If she was my girlfriend, I won't be here. I mean I like her as a friend, but not a girlfriend." Jane replied, "So, you mean you won't mind me do this." Jane kissed Jon on his mouth and pulled away slowly. Jon was stun by her kiss. Jane smiled, "I just want to tell you that I would like it if you were my boyfriend, Jon." Jon replied, "You don't know much about me, Jane. Are you sure that you want to be my girlfriend?" Jane answered, "Yes, I'm sure." Jon smiled at her, "Looks like you like to gamble with life." Jane blushed, "Only when I have to." Jon smiled at Jane, "I all so see that you're not easily to reject." Jane got up close to Jon's face, "I see what I like and I get it." Jon replied, "Looks like you're my girlfriend now." Jane answered, "It looks that way Jon." Jane slowly pulled Jon close to her and gives him a kiss. Jon was surprised to find himself with a human girlfriend.

To be continued…