Kagome walked into her 1st period. Mrs.C was always talking when she got in.

"Late again Ms. Higurashi. I thought we talked about this. Sorry but lunch detention. Take your seat."

Kagome took the note and sat down. What was with this day? It had been sucky all morning. First she fell asleep at like 2 o'clock because her brother couldn't sleep. 2nd she woke up late and 3rd her mom had yelled at her for all the tardiness she had had. And to make everything worse she had forgot that she promised to chat with Demonidesires911 (my friend made me name him that don't yell at me:(he'll change it I promise. Glares at alishia and says im giving you until im done to run and hide.Alishia starts running.) last night.

He had told her that he was going to be moving and that he would im her when he arrived at his new house. He had IMed her but she wasn't on so he told her to meet him that night. Of course since she was occupying her brother she hadn't been able to log on. 'Oh well maybe he will be on when I get home,' kagome thought.

"Higurashi! Pay attention!"

Kagome shook her head and looked up. Mrs.C was yelling at her. She quickly tuned her out and looked around. 'Sango said she wasn't going to be here today. I wonder where Miroku is.'

Mrs.C finally stopped yelling and went to the front of the class. "Punnet squares can help you discover the traits ofyour offspring. Like imagine a long haired cat and short haired cat."

Kagome laid her head down on the desk. Today was going to be a long day.

Inuyasha walked up to the building. Every second he was regretting his brothers decision to make him got to school. 'It's not his choice anyway gd amnit. I should be able to make my own decision.'(sorry I don't cuss :alishia points and laughs : yeah you don't cuss, when your at home. Tackles and puts dirty sock in mouth.K:ha who's got the dirty mouth now! Sorry)he walked in through the front doors and stopped. Where was he going anyway. His brother had mumbled something about office this morning maybe he should try there.

Inuyasha stalked into the halls looking for the office. He had also been having a crappy day now that he realized it. First he woke up late because he had stayed on the computer till 2 waiting for Beingnicemakesmecry41692 (we'll call her that for now too.)Then he had to walk school because his idiot brother had left early for his new building.(same job new building and place. He owns it.: Alishia spits out sock: please tell me those weren't from your gym locker. K:Oh so you did notice the emblem on them.) And last he didn't even know where the dam school was so he had to look all over the town for it. Great way to start things off. The bell rang and people started pouring into the halls.

"Great let's make the poor hanyou day worse," mumbled Inuyasha.He let his head hang down in a sign of defeat.

Kagome grabbed her backpack from her seat and ran.

"Lunch Higurashi don't you dare forget."

"Sure Regina see you then," yelled kagome. He rand out the door and straight into someone. Before she knew it her butt was on the floor. She pushed herself up and rubbed her head.

"Watch where you're going whench!"

"Excuse me who the hel are you calling a whench butt plug."

Who's it look like bitc?(no cussy Alisha:0 Stuffs sock in mouth no comment from the peanut gallery)

"Ok for one my name is Kagome. Kagome Higurashi not b or wench or and of the ne-ne,"yelled Kagome pulling her hand back and slapping him.. "And for your information jerk you ran into me."With that she turned and walked off.

Inuyasha reached up to his face with his hand. Wow I never thought I'd say this but that girls got spunk and a nice butt.Inuyasha smiled and walked away looking for the office.

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