Twenty years later

a/n I borrowed stuff from the DH epilogue, but put my own spin on things.

Harry stood on platform 9 ¾ next to his wife of over a decade Myridia Kensington-Snape, the two of them were standing waiting for the rest of their party. Harry continued to scan the crowd as he felt and impatient tug on his arm, "Daddy, come on let's go."

Harry turned to his daughter Lillian Eileen Snape, "Calm down Lily, we have to wait for Uncle Draco and all the others remember?"

Lily sighed, "I know, but why do they have to take so long?"

Harry smirked as he ruffled her dark hair, like her mother Myridia and all the rest of their children Lily had pointed elvin ears. Harry said, "You know how your Uncle Draco and aunt Lucretia are they can't leave home until they look perfect."

A familiar drawling voice spoke from behind him, "well some things are worth waiting for."

Harry turned and pulled his brother into a hug as Myridia did the same with Lucretia than they switched. The kids began to wind around with each other. Harry and Myridia had four children Lily was the youngest a fiery four year old girl that Severus swore was Harry's Mum reincarnated, then there were the twins Annabelle and James Sirius. Annabelle had Lily's red hair and she and James shared Severus's deep black eyes (though James had brown hair and not black). They were six years old and the pride of the marauders legacy, the two of them were always playing pranks and getting into trouble. Although, unlike Sirius and James Potter, the jokes Harry's children played were never harmful just funny.

Harry still remembered how last year they had managed to wrangle Dobby and Winky into helping them spike the drinks during the sorting ceremony and the entire Great Hall had erupted in a flurry of feathers and fur as people turned into more animals than Harry could count. The spell had only lasted a few seconds, but people had laughed for over twenty minutes. Harry and Myridia had scolded them for it, but Harry couldn't help laughing his head off once Annabelle and James were out of sight. Finally, there was Severus Albus, the only one to inherit Harry's green eyes and the reason they were here today. Severus had just turned 11 and was ready to start Hogwarts.

There were many other children in their families in the same situation. Draco and Lucretia's son Scorpius was also starting. Draco and Lucretia had six children (apparently large numbers were normal to those with vela blood). And all of them looked like they could models for angels. Draco's pale aristocratic features combined with Lucretia's vela blood caused all of their children (four girls and two boys) to have skin like moonlight and pale silvery hair. Harry couldn't help feeling sorry for what they would face when their four girls, Jocast (8), Ariadne (6), and little Cassiopeia (3) started dating. Their youngest child was one year old Hector. His birth had been hard on Lucretia and afterwards Draco had taken a special potion to be certain they had no more children (Poppy said it was too dangerous).

Severus and Scorpius were talking to each other, probably speculating what would happen when they got to school when they spotted the third of their trio little Teddy Lupin Tonks and Remus' only child and Harry's godson. Severus shouted, "Teddy, over here!"

Scorpius said, "I hope we get sorted into the same house it'll be so cool to share a dorm."

Harry snorted, "The three of you already see each other at least once a week as it is."

Scorpius shrugged, but Harry could sense that his nephew was looking forward to being with the other two boys with no immediate adult supervision. Harry had warned Professor McGonagall (now the head of Hogwarts since Dumbledore had retired a decade ago) that he doubted the school would still be standing once these three arrived. Minerva had said that if the school could handle the Marauders, Harry, and Fred and George, it could certainly handle Teddy, Scorpius, and Severus. Although Severus the first had said that wouldn't stop him from keeping a very close eye on his grandchildren, and Narcissa had added that she would be doing so as well.

Narcissa taught history of magic, and everyone agreed she was infinitely better than Bins and spent most of her time with her husband. Harry and Draco had been thrilled when their parents had married, it had been obvious that Severus and Narcissa cared for each other for the longest time, but it had taken them three years before they had married. Draco and Harry had gotten so irritated waiting on them that the two men had trapped their parents in the room of requirement for three days before Severus and Narcissa came out announcing they were engaged. What happened during those three days Harry would never know (and he definitely didn't want to speculate).

Harry saw many other faces he knew Ron and Hermione were walking over with their children, their oldest daughter Michelle (13) was in the lead, but her younger brother Charlie (11) was following closely behind along with two other children (Maria 8 and Gabriel 6) and a brother Edmund (4). Lexi and Ginny had also just arrived with their children, like Lucretia and Draco they had 6 (with another on the way) 3 boys and 3 girls, Lexi and Ginny's children were the oddest looking assortment anyone had seen they were all half human and then each had inherited various traits from their father. Their oldest son 14 year old Peter had horns and the famous Weasley red hair with Ginny's intense eyes. Their 10 year old daughter Molly (who was very upset that she couldn't go to Hogwarts yet) also had horns and a slight point to her ears (not as predominant as Lexi, Myridia, or any of Harry and Myridia's children, but still there). Lexi and Ginny's five year old twins Castor and Pollux (who took after their uncles Fred and George) had obvious vela traits and their remaining two children Cynthia (4) and Calypso (2) had inherited the pointed ears of the elves as well as a slight vela shimmer to their hair.

All together they made quiet the odd group, but Harry wouldn't have it any other way. Finally, the last of their party arrived Drue came walking up with her husband Blaise. Everyone had been surprised when the two of them got together, but as they spent more and more time with one another it was clear they made a good match. Like Remus and Tonks they had only had one child 11 year old Orion (who looked more like a teenager than someone just starting Hogwarts). Orion was half a foot taller than the other children and had the same horns and unnaturally dark skin his mother did, but he had inherited his father's deep brown eyes and pronounced nose and cheek bones.

Once they were all together Harry and the others began shepherding the kids onto the express helping them with their luggage (and in Ginny and Lexi's case keeping Molly from stowing away on the Hogwarts express. Harry said, "Now don't forget to call grandpa and grandma Professor in class, and I don't want to hear that you expect any special treatment from them or aunt Tonks because they're family. Try to stay out of trouble, keep out of the Forbidden Forest, and Hagrid will be expecting you three for tea on Friday. Be good and have fun."

Severus looked up his bright green eyes shining through his glasses, "I hope I get to be a Slytherin like grandpa. Not that being a Gryffindor would be bad, I just think Slytherin would fit me better."

Harry pulled his son into a hug as his healers robes crinkled against him, "I agree, but no matter what house you are in your mother will always love you and be proud of you. "

Little Severus smiled, "Thanks Dad."

Severus ran over to hug his mum Harry smiled as he watched Myridia ruffle their oldest son's hair. The two of them had waited a few years after they were married before having kids, while Harry and Myridia both wanted children Myridia had wanted to work and develop her carrier before having babies because she knew that she didn't want to split herself between her job and her family. Myridia still worked, but not as many hours as she once had. Myridia had graduated from Hogwarts and gone on to work for the ministry of magic she and Hermione were in the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures. They had done a lot to change laws and traditions. Hermione and Myridia worked mostly with house elves teaching them to read and write and making sure work wasn't the only thing they cared about and that all house elves were well cared for.

Thanks to their work there were now laws against house elf abuse and prejudice against other creatures such as werewolves. Tonks gave Teddy a hug and said, "Well see you at school darling. Tonks had become the first Hogwarts professor in over twenty years to hold the DADA position longer than one year, Remus had filled in for her when she had been pregnant with Teddy because it had been too risky for Tonks to teach defense in that condition. One misdirected curse could have caused her to miscarry or become seriously injured.

Draco had followed in Severus' footsteps and gone on to do an apprenticeship in potions, he was now a potions master just like his Dad. Draco's work was well-known all over the world together he and Severus had mad incredible strides in developing healing potions. Harry was very proud of the two of them. As Harry looked around he thought how ironic it was that he, Ron, Seamus, and Dean all talked of becoming Aurors when they graduated Hogwarts, but Ron was the only one that had actually done it. Harry had been amazed when his best friend managed to succeed in the highly disciplined training program, but Ron had been determined and he was now working as an auror trainer himself under the watchful eye of Kingsley Shakeltbolt the current Minister of magic.

Harry waved as the train began to pull out of the station, Lily was looking disappointed as the train left and Harry gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, "you'll be off to Hogwarts t yourself before you know it." Harry felt a pang at the reminder that this was true, his little ones were starting to grow up and he couldn't help feeling a sense of loss as little Severus headed out.

Myridia pulled him into a hug, "He can't stay at home forever and it's not like we're losing him, he's just striking out on his own."

Harry blinked tears out of his eyes as the train left his range of sight, "I know, but it's still hard to let go."

Myridia smirked, "Growing up is never easy for children and parent s."

Harry nodded, he felt a rush of warmth as he gave Myridia a kiss and her as the younger children give a simultaneous, "ew."

Harry's family was fine, his scar hadn't so much as itched since Voldemort had died and life was good. It had been a long hard journey for them all, but as Harry stood here feeling the contentment of finally having the kind of life he'd always dreamed of he knew it had all been worth it.

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