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Ron's Solo Mission

Ron approached his target in the darkness of the night. This was a solo mission. It was Kim's birthday so he wanted to surprise her by completing this mission by himself. He stopped for a moment to check his equipment; night vision glasses – check, backpack with mission material – check, blaster boxers in case of need for rapid retreat – check. Ron went down his checklist and soon finished. All the items were here so he was ready.

He snuck closer and closer to the intended target. He scanned the area surrounding the target. There were no security cameras, and no guards. He waited a little longer, he was early, and he wanted to make sure the occupants of the building were asleep before he made his assault. He had to be careful, really careful, because if he got caught he would pay dearly. He shut his eyes and shivered in fear of what might be done to him if he got caught. The tortures and pains he had received over the past few years traveling around the world with Kim would be nothing compared to what would happen to him. He thought of the eyes, those eyes of the owner of his target burning into him.

His thought of Kim. Today was her birthday. He of course had asked his parents for a small advance from his Naco money of he could buy Kim her birthday present. It was nothing really extravagant. A gold necklace with matching ear rings. His ribs were still a little sore from the crushing hug she had given him. She seemed to react different now. The little things he did seemed to really make her happy. She told him she didn't expect something so nice. He had just smiled and given her a small peck on the cheek. "Only the best for the Ronster's girl." he had told her. She had blushed to the roots of her hair. When it came time for him to go she saw him out the door. She closed the door behind her as she slid close to him. She placed her arm around his neck and gave him a little demure smile. He returned her smile and leaned forward and gave her the rest of her birthday present. The heat of the kiss filled his heart ever more with his love for her. Now he had taken on this solo mission, just as another birthday surprise.

Ron glanced at his watch. It was time for the assault. If all went well, he could complete his mission and retreat before the occupants of the building even knew that he was here. Just as he started to move a dog started to bark. He slipped back into the shadows. 'Where did the dog come from?' he thought. His eye nervously scanned the windows of the darkened building. No lights came on, but he still waited another 15 minutes before he made his move again. He slid noiselessly up to his target. The lighting was low so he could work in the semidarkness. The night vision glasses enabled him to see perfectly. Ron reached into his backpack to remove the first roll of his assault material. His mission was very simple although hazardous if caught. He had to cover his intended target with his assault material. It would cause no damage to the target but would show to the occupants of the building that he; Ron Stoppable; was as good an agent as any. All the villains would laugh at the owner of the target and say the buffoon actually did a good job. He started to work gently and quietly wrapping the target in the material.

Ron was just about finished. Soon he would complete the mission then retreat back home to receive the accolades of a job well done the next day. He paused for a second did he hear something? Had he been spotted? He froze not wanting to move a single muscle, even his breathing slowed as he forced himself to be calm. Then the snap of a twig behind him told him that his mission had failed.

"Ronald Stoppable just what do you think you are doing?"

Lights came on flooding the area with its brilliance. He hung his head and turned to face his very angry red-haired girlfriend, whose face was rapidly gaining the color of her hair. He dropped the roll of toilet paper that he held in his hand.

Kim stood there fuming as the love of her life stood there in front of her. Behind him, her new car that had been given to her for her birthday stood completely covered in toilet paper.

"Oh, you…you… you are so dead." She fumed.

She had been so excited over the present her parents had given her that she had gotten up to go look at it and found someone covering it in toilet paper. Someone was TPing her new car! Then even in the low light she recognized the movements of the guilty party. Only Ron could move that quietly and gracefully in the dark. That ninja school had really paid off. She marveled at the way he moved, actually proud of him. BUT! He was TPing her new car! She broke into a big smile as she grabbed the remote to the lights for the exterior of the house. She hoped that she could at least get close to him before he realized that she was there, but he was concentrating so hard on his job that he didn't realize she was there till she was right behind him. She intentionally stepped on a stick to announce her presence. She hit the remote key to the lights on that side of the house and bathed the area with light.

Ron stared at his feet, blinking his eyes to the increase in light. Two small perfectly wonderful bare feet came into his vision field. He slowly raised his gaze to see the two perfect feet connected to two wonderfully trim calves. They disappeared into a pair of Capri length pajama bottoms. His eyes continued their journey up to see as perfectly trim waist accented by the cutest belly button he had ever seen. His gaze continued up the see the beginnings of a crop top that was covered by a pair of wonderfully formed pair of arms crossed across a chest that he could look at forever. His eyes continued up to see a perfectly curved neck and smooth chin. The scowl that was on the luscious lips and the fire that shown in those wonderfully green eyes that he could lose himself in told him that he was dead meat.

"Hi, KP" he stammered then grinned his trademark goofy grin. "Surprise"

He waited for the explosion that he knew would be coming.

Kim stood there as Ron raised his eye to look into her face as he smiled that goofy smile she loved so dearly. The fear was just behind those wonderful brown eyes. How could she be mad as such a face? She sputtered then started to giggle. Then in a full blown laugh reached up and leaped into his arms wrapping herself around him. The "Ron" had actually played a joke on her. Oh he would pay that is for sure, but right now she just enjoyed this moment with just the two of them.

Ron felt relief flow through him as Kim giggled then laughed as she literally jumped into his arms. He held her and just melded his body to hers. They both stood there giggling for a few seconds until she pulled her head back and looked into his eyes, the fire was still there but a gleeful fire. He leaned in for a kiss and was rewarded with a purr from Kim.

His joy soon turned to pain as Kim grabbed him by the ear.

"OW, ow, Kim that hurts" he whined.

"Oh nothing like what's gonna hurt if you don't get this stuff off my car this second." She said smoothly.

Ron worked rapidly and soon had everything cleaned up. He turned to face Kim.

She stood there smiling with her arms crossed, and then she gave him a little come here motion with her finger.

He shuffled up to her and she reached over and took off his backpack.

"Hmm… rope and everything. You were really prepared. You had everything, even some extra rolls." She whispered.

She laid her hand on his neck. "You should start being this prepared on all our missions, no big I have everything I need." She murmured.

"Everything you need, what to you mean by that?" Ron asked warily.

He got his answer when he found his ear in the grip of her hand again.

"Owww, KP, like that hurts, oww, not the ear again!" he whined.

"OK, sir we are going to march to my room and you are not to make a sound. Understand? I will have Wade leave a message with your parents that you are at my house and not to worry." Kim announced as she proceeded to drag Ron into the house.

Later Kim slipped softly back into her bed.

"Now you be a good little boy and Kimmie will let you out in the morning. After that you will find out what you have to do to pay for what you did last night." Kim said as she gazed at Ron with humor in her eyes.

"Right, KP, anything you say" Ron said sulkily from the floor. "Did you have to use all the rolls?"

Ron tried to move but gave up and got as comfortable as one could get when you are wrapped in four rolls of toilet paper and then wrapped in the rope he had been carrying. He thought he looked like a mummy lying on the floor. He had no idea what Kim had in store for him but he knew he wouldn't like it. He laid his head back and made the best of it as he dozed off to sleep.

I had intended to continue the story but thought this would be a good place to stop. The next chapter will be Ron's punishment. Kim has some plans for Ron and he may regret ever buying those rolls of toilet paper.