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Ron's Solo Mission – Chapter Two – Kim's plans for Ron

Friday morning

Ron's eyes opened in the early morning light. What a way to spend a night he thought. Trussed up like a turkey, with toilet paper no less. He would never use this stuff for anything other than its main use. He was facing a day of uncertainty as Kim was sure to make him pay dearly for what he done to her car.

"Well, good morning" Kim said with a smile as her beautiful glowing face shown down at him from her bed. She was definitely a morning person. Ron was not.

"Kim, please, I'll do what is needed but right now let me up." Ron asked.

"Okay you big baby, hold still." Kim summered.

She got up and tied the rope holding Ron. He struggled briefly against the multilayer of toilet paper, which broke readily. He stood and stretched. He then noticed Kim glaring at him with her hands on her hips. He glanced down at the pile of paper on the floor. He quickly gathered it up and put it in the trashcan.

"Let's both get ready for breakfast. I laid some of your clothes out in the guest room and bath. I'll see you in about 20 minutes?" With that said, Kim got up on her toes and gave him a slow kiss. She then guided him semiconscious out of the door.

"Boy, oh, boy." He thought. 'I should get up like this more often'.

He walked into the Possible kitchen after getting a shower and changing. Mr. and Mrs. Possible were finishing breakfast as he entered the room.

"Good morning Ronald, I didn't realize you spent the night." Mr. Possible stared over the top of him morning paper.

"Uhhh, yeah I can back over late last night. I wanted to give Kim another surprise." Ron stated.

"Oh, really? And just what were you going to give her in the middle of the night?" Mr. Possible asked dropping his paper so that he could let Ron see his full face. His face told Ron that his answer would give him a nod or a one-way trip to Jupiter. Kim solved the problem for him.

"OH daddy, Ron was going to wash and wax my car with a special wax that Wade came up with. He was going to have it done for me when I woke up but I saw him and told him to come inside and get a good night sleep and I would help him." Kim came up behind Ron, put her arms around him in a gentle hug, and placed her chin on his shoulder as she looked at her father. "Honest" she said as she applied her puppy dog pout.

"If you say so, Kimmie" Mr. Possible raised his paper and continued with his breakfast.

Later the two teens had changed into their bathing suits and gone outside.

"So KP, you are going to help?" Ron said brightly.

"In your dreams." Stated Kim. "You are just getting started with what I have planned for today."

"What are you going to do while I wash and wax your car?" Ron asked.

"Oh, I gonna read my magazine, and sit here the in shade and watch you." Kim said gaily.

"Oh, gee thanks" Ron said with a smile.

"Well, I plan to keep you well supplied with slurpsters" Kim told him.

"BOOYAH" Ron yelled and got to work. Kim walked over to her lounge chair and took a seat. She made good her promise and by the time he had finished washing and waxing her car with the wax Wade had provided Ron had consumed four slurpsters.

Ron was cleaning up all the buckets and cloths when Kim walked back up him.

"Let me help you put this stuff back in the utility room." She said and grabbed one of the buckets. The two teens carried everything back into the utility room.

"Kim, I need to hurry after those slurpsters I have a certain need." Ron said.

Kim giggled. "Okay, let's put this stuff up."

They had placed everything on the shelves when Kim pointed on a shelf crammed with beach stuff.

"Ron can you reach around on both sides of the shelf pole and pull out the other chair. You could use a little rest."

"Sure KP," Ron said as he reached around the post. He felt Kim's arms around him and he sighed and closed his eyes as the softness of her hands touched his.

"Yeah that will do." She whispered.

Ron heard two metallic clicks as something went around his wrists. He eyes popped open to see handcuffs on his wrists. Kim had locked him around the post.

"Ahhh, Kim, what are you doing?"

Kim smiled sweetly as she backed up. "Oh, just a little surprise. Oh look at this dirty sink." Kim turned on the water at the sink in the room and left it on.

Beads of sweat started to form on Ron's face. The sound of the water was very unnerving to him. The force of the four drinks was making itself known now with the sound of the water.

"Oh that reminds me. I forgot to wash the guest bath." Kim said with an exaggerated gasp. "I'll be right back."

"Ah, Kim if I'm not mistaken that bath is right over me. I sure would like to see it before you clean it."

"Oh, Noooooo," Kim said gaily "Everything has to be perfect for my boyfriend." She turned with a little Kim smile and left the room closing the door behind her.

"Kim!" Ron yelled.

Ron soon heard someone in the bathroom right above him. Soon the sound of both sinks and the shower came to his ears. The gurgling of the water in the pipes was ever more unnerving than the sink in the utility room with him. He tried to clear his mind and ignore the sounds. He relaxed and settled his mind. His eye flew open wide and his concentration broke when "KAWHOOOSHHH" went the toilet right over his head.

"KIIIIMMMMM" Ron screamed.

In a minute or so, Kim opened the door and came back into the room.

"Okay, I have plans for us for the rest of the day. We are going shopping and you are going with me. You will go into every store with me, and help me. There will be no complaints. Say yes and I'll let you go."

Streams of sweat were starting to run down Ron's face.

"Shopping all day, in store with you, no complaints, deal" Ron moaned.

Kim smiled and came over and unlocked the handcuffs.

"Thanks KP, Bye KP" Ron said as he flew from the room and into the house. Kim heard his thundering steps up to the guest bath and the door close. A loud and very clear "AHHHHHH" came through the floor. She smiled and went into the house to get ready for their shopping trip.

Middleton Mall

Ron had dutifully followed Kim to all the stores she wanted to go. They had both cleaned up before leaving the house and were now in the third store. Their first stop had been the lingerie store. Kim smiled as Ron's face turned the color of the shirt he normally wore. She had chosen a number of items and modeled them for him, but had to quit before he fainted dead away. She already had him loaded down with packages as they approached Club Banana.

"Ah Kim, we've already been here." Ron whimpered.

"Oh, yes, the first time was for me. We are now here for YOU!" Kim ordered

"Me?" Ron said meekly.

"Yes, you, you will get a clothing makeover today and since I'm buying there will be no complaints." Kim turned to him her eyes blazing.

"Amp down Kim. No prob. Pick what you want. You and Monique have this set up already I know. I surrounded. I surrender." Ron sighed

"That's good makeover boy, because I've already got some things for you to try on per Kim's orders." a voice said behind him.

Monique stood there with several shirts and pairs of pants.

"Ah, mannn" Ron moaned.

"Drop them bags over there and git to the dressing room, we will be waiting. The outfits are paired already." Monique ordered.

Ron turned to see Kim smiling sweetly.

"OK" Ron took the clothes and entered the dressing room. Soon he came back out with a tan shirt and a pair of blue pants. He felt a little funny as the seat of the pants was a little tight.

"Ahh, Kim are you sure about this, these pants seem awful tight in the butt." He stated. He turned around to show Kim what he meant only to turn back to see her with a funny look on her face. She blushed a little bit "That's the idea." She said.

"Kim are you looking at my….." Ron started to ask.

"Next outfit boy!" Monique ordered.

"Ok" Ron answered.

As he entered the dressing room, he overheard Monique say "Oh so fine, Kimgirl" and heard Kim giggle. He turned to see Kim blush even more and start fanning herself. He smiled and went back in to change. He came out next wearing a number of different outfits over the next few minutes. He came out glaring with the last outfit, which was a pair of khaki pants and a pink knit shirt.

"No way Kim, I will not wear pink!" Ron announced.

"Oh baby!" Ron heard Monique whisper. Ron glanced at Kim and the expression on her face told him the story. He was out of luck with this outfit. He was going to get it whether he liked it or not.

"Ron, please, let me get that for you." Kim said employing the puppy dog pout.

Ron sighed. "OK, KP, you're buying so I can't tell you no."

Kim turned to Monique. "I'll take this outfit and the first one with those blue pants."

"Ok, K." Monique said. "I'll go get everything ready"

Ron returned to the dressing room and soon returned with the stack of clothes. He gave them to Monique and she started to ring up the sale. Ron was looking around the sales rack when he saw an item he had to have. He grabbed if off the rack and went up the Kim.

"Ahhh, KP, Pleeaaassseeee?" He grinned holding up the shirt. Kim turned to see what he had and rolled her eyes. Ron had picked out an exact duplicate of the red jersey that he wore so much.

"Forget it Ron. I just spend at bit on you and you are not getting the same thing you always wear." Kim mentioned.

"By the way Mon's finished ringing up that sale." Kim walked up to Ron as he returned the red shirt to rack. She was right in front of him when he turned around. She laid one hand on his chest and drew little circles on chest with her other hand. "Would you please, wear one of your new outfits home? I like the tan shirt and blue pants."

Her eyes shone as she asked the question and he knew there was no denying the request.

"Okay, KP." Ron answered.

"Hmmm, thank you." She answered and gave him a little kiss.

Kim and Ron walked hand in hand out of Club Banana. Kim had arranged for the package service to deliver all her packages to her home. She pulled Ron close to her side as she wrapped her arm around him. Her face shone with pride at his new look. The couple turned several heads as they walked through the mall. Kim smiled, as she was another approaching teen couple. They had just passed the in floor fountain when Kim gave Ron a squeeze and nodded her head to the other couple. Ron noticed Brick Flagg and Bonnie Rockwaller approaching. Bonnie was talking a mile a minute and only recognized Kim and Ron as they passed. Kim and Ron walked on as Bonnie with open mouth turned and walked backwards watching the two teens. They continued for a few steps when they heard a small screech and a loud "KERPLOSH". They both turned to see Bonnie getting up out of the water of the fountain. She turned and glared at Kim and Ron and gave an audible growl. The two teens looked at each other and laughed as they turned to head home.

Ron thought to himself as Kim leaned her head over onto his shoulder. Kim had really gotten him back for what he did to her car. Now, with her in his arms, wearing an outfit that she picked just for him, he knew life was good. He gave her a small hug and she looked up to him. He bent down and gave her a quick kiss on the nose. She grinned as they walked out the door into the sun.

Apologies here. I failed to give credit to two ideas. Two scenes came from pictures done by a couple of freinds. Goofmore and Carbon both gave me some ideas with their pics. Thanks guys!