Bonnie's Curse

Just some notes, I always seem to find myself drawn to the minor characters when it comes to story ideas, probably because there are so many possibilities. Bonnie is just such a character. 99 of the show, she is strictly the bitch, but with the episode where her and Kim are stuck together, you see all the possibilities to make her a complete character. Now, I don't have half the writing skills of most of the people who write these (damn literal, logical mind cramps the creativity), but I was stuck up till 5:30 am with the story in my head, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Italics indicate thoughts, obvious, but I thought I'd state it. And oh yeah, I'm Canadian, so don't mind the spelling.


Chapter 1

Sometimes, it's just so hard to maintain this cover I've placed on myself. Having to play the bitch. But I've learned it's so much easier just to play the role. I'm not even sure what the real Bonnie Rockwaller is supposed to be anymore. I used to be such a happy kid; at least, that's what I tell myself to make me feel better. And that's when it started!


There they are, standing by Kim's locker. They do make a great couple. I just wish I could… upp, there's Wade. He's briefing them on the mission… yah, yah, yah. Alright, he's wrapping up, which means I have to slow them down by… 6 seconds. That should be easy enough.

"Oh look, the princess and the frog! I don't think he's gonna turn into that prince you've been looking for!"

With a flash, Kim turns around, with a none to pleasant look on her face. "Bonnie, I don't think…", halting only when the arm of her boyfriend Ron places a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"She's not worth it"

With a final look from Kim, she turns on her heel and storms out, heading off on their mission.

Well, I bought them that 6 seconds, and they'll never know why such a small amount of time could be so important. They'll never realize that a 6 second delay actually saved Ron a separated shoulder, and weeks of pain. I wish I could just tell them, it would make it so much easier, but even if I did, they'd never believe me.


I can see the future! No crystal ball, no stupid cards, it just comes to me. Now, I know what your thinking, how can anyone complain about something that "cool". Well, I'll tell you right now, it's not. How would you feel if you knew when you would die? Not just a vague notion but also the second you were gonna die, where it would happen, it's not fun! And then, you do something to change that, and then you see yourself die all over again in some other way. One day, you see yourself at 45 dying of lung cancer, well those cigarettes went right out the window, only to follow up by a collapsing balcony at 54! You know what it feels like to die? I do, in several different ways. But it's not all bad, I can use it to help people. If Kim and Ron knew how often I had helped them just by slowing them down by seconds… well they'll never know anyways. It's amazing what just seconds can do!


Their stares, that's the thing! Just walking down the hallway, I feel them. I'm the Queen Bitch, and have to project that image, the image I've cultivated since junior high. At least there is one friendly face coming up.

"Hey Tara!"

The one person I've ever trusted with my secret. I wish I could express to her just how much it means to me to have her there to support me when I'm down. We had problems a few times, but we always stuck together.

"Hey B!" Quickly shutting her locker, she turns with a happy grin on her face.

Well, I guess things between her and Josh have… Oh, that was a flash I really could have done without. Makes me feel like a pervert to see that kind of thing. Oh, Tara saw the twitch, hope that she doesn't realize… OK, she's got the grin back on her face, she's going to drop it.

Tara leans in, whispering, "So, I saw that with Kim. What was gonna happen?"

"Ron, separated shoulder"

"Ouch! But they'll be alright now?"

That brings a smile to my face. "Yeah, they'll be alright now"


It all started when I was 6, or at least, that's what I remember. It was a fire, a large one, engulfing a number of houses in the neighborhood on a dry summer day. At the time, I had no idea what it meant. I mean, I was 6! But, it scared me, badly! So, I spent a week, just sitting outside, waiting. Not sure what I was waiting for exactly, just waiting. And then, it happened. A brush fire behind my house. But I was ready, with buckets of water. Yeah, it almost sounds cute, except for the second-degree burns to the hands and leg when the fire got out of control. I had however, just by being there, alerted my parents, who called the fire department, and got it under control. I had stopped it! And that was all that mattered!


Class can get very boring when you've already heard the lecture. And people wonder why I file my nails in class. Some classes aren't so bad, but history is very boring.

"Bonnie, which two generals led the forces in the battle of Monocacy"

Without looking up, I smile. "General Jubal Early and General Lew Wallace."

Tara looks over and grins, then turns back to her notes.

"Thank you Bonnie, at least some people are paying attention in class!"


I've actually found others who can do what I can do. Guy up in Canada, a woman in Australia. They aren't nearly as strong as I am, but I know there are others at least, and that makes it at least somewhat comforting to know I'm not a complete freak. I found them online, and it was actually the guy from Canada who taught me how to get a handle on things. He had tried telling people, and that changed things in ways that he couldn't keep up with. If people know what's going to happen, they create all kinds of probabilities. Unfortunately, one of those was a friend who committed suicide when he found some things he didn't like. He never got a chance to help him. That's when he told me how to help without anyone finding out. Manipulate a situation, just a little, and you can change the outcome.

When all it takes is a few seconds to save a life, it becomes easy. Of course, you have to figure out what you need to do, and that's where it gets tough. There's no manual for stuff like this, and there's no way you can help everyone. Sometimes it's better to let what's going to happen happen. Like Camp Wannaweep. Ron needed to do that himself, he needed the confidence. Sometimes, though, I don't see everything, and that can cause problems, and people can get hurt. So I do what I can, for the people in my life, and hope I make the right choices.


Sun shining overhead, birds singing, and a 20 off sale at Club Banana. What more could a girl ask for? Well, maybe fewer headaches when I get a flash, but at least it's been pretty quiet today. At least school is over for the day, and I don't have to put up with Brick's jokes anymore for the day… or has he made them yet? Uhh… I hope he has, I'd hate to have to listen to them again. I just wish Tara could have gone shopping with me, it's not as much fun by myself. Oh well.

The sounds of the mall interrupt her reverie, as the hustle and bustle resound loud enough to disrupt her thoughts. It's just a short walk to Club Banana, but pauses to take in the sights. People, just walking, talking, and not knowing what was just round the corner. It was almost enough to make her laugh. Or cry. Hard to tell which.

Pausing in front of the store, she looks upon the chaos before her, then heads straight to the back. There, hiding in the back, tucked away, out of sight, the most gorgeous top she had ever seen in the store. Of course, it would be all the fashion next week, and double in price, but for today, she could grab it and just enjoy it, without having to flaunt herself as a trendsetter in the school. Just time to be herself, whatever that was anymore.


It started innocent enough. A comment to slow someone down, just enough to disrupt events. A carefully placed word, and I was able to help, to change things for the better. And then, just being the bitch became a part of me. The headaches didn't help, nor the lack of sleep, in giving me the grumpy mood to maintain the illusion. And at first, it was all good, it was like playing a game. But as the "game" evolved, I lost friends. You know how lonely it is, to have to be the bitch all the time. Hell, at one low point, I even considered suicide. Now that was fun when I got the flash on that one. And that's when I told Tara, because I needed someone, anyone that I could talk to. The stress was getting to be too much, and I needed someone I could talk to, someone who could help relieve the pressure I was feeling. She didn't believe it at first, but it's not hard to convince someone, so long as they're willing to listen. She's the only one I've ever trusted with this, the only one who might understand. Sure, Kim might, but this rivalry thing would prevent her from ever listening to me.


"BonBon, time to wake up!"

"Sure Mom, just gimme a couple minutes."

"No, now young lady!"

Sunlight trickled through the blinds, stabbing into the eyes of the young brunette, forcing her to stir and awaken. "Alright, I'm up! I'm UP!"

Struggling to get up, she dragged herself to the shower, hoping that the warm water might rejuvenate her enough to get past the fact that she had had less than 5 hours of sleep, dreams constantly swirling through her head. After a couple minutes, she felt almost human again. 20 minutes later, she's down the stairs, breakfast in hand (Mom never did cook, so pop tarts were standard fare in the mornings), and headed off to school. The night's visions forgotten for now, it seemed the day would be quiet, at least for a few minutes during the walk, when it happened.

First, the mild headache started, and then the vision. Kim Possible, lying on the ground, bloody and broken, and obviously not breathing. Standing over her, some weird ape man, laughing madly, as Ron Stoppable scrambles to her side, pulling her close to him, hugging her tightly. And then the scariest sight of all, as if that wasn't bad enough. The light went out in Ron's eyes, as slowly he stood, hands at his sides, face twisted in agony. Suddenly, there was a sword in his hand, as if from nowhere. The look of satisfaction on the ape man's face falls, replaced by an almost pleading look, a look Ron completely ignores as he stalks toward his prey, as he…

Oh God… oh God…

Bonnie falls to her knees, clutching herself tightly.

Oh God… I have to get to school, now!

Getting to her feet, she ran as fast as she could towards the school, far faster than she ever dreamed she could move.


Author's notes – Since this is my first time writing a fic in years, and I've never done a Kim Possible fic before, the second chapter will be up in a week, to gauge feedback, and see where I can improve. Granted, before the first feedback rolls in, I'll probably have another chapter or two done, but at least all it will take is revisions. Any and all criticisms are appreciated!