Author's Note: I'm not finished withthis yet but I hope you like what I have so far. It's my own spin-off of Full Moon wo Sagashite (though it may contain SPOILERS for both the manga and the anime!).Throughout the storyI used a lot of commonly known Japanese words. Please don't get mad at me for using broken Japanese. After watching the Full Moon anime, words like "hai" and "demo"come easily to me when I'm writing. Before you read, if you're not familiar with theJapanese words I used,here's a little guide:

Hai - yes

Konnichiwa - hello

Sayonara - goodbye

Gomen/Gomennasai - pardon or sorry/I'm sorry

Arigatou - thank you

Nani - what

Kawaii - cute

Demo - but, however

(I'm currently learning Japanese so if I got something wrong and you know the right thing, don't hesitate to correct me!)

Finally I'm done with that. Now you can read the story. Yay!

Reaching for the Stars

Chapter 1: Shinigami

Morning light filtered through an open window. A gentle wind flowed into the room and caressed the cheek of a sleeping girl. Her shoulder-length blonde hair, dyed blue at the ends, fell over her pillow as she slept. Feeling the chill of the breeze, the girl woke revealing her emerald green eyes. She yawned and threw off her covers. Stretching her arms, she peered at herself in the full-length mirror on her wall.

The girl was tall, a few inches away from six feet. She wore a long black T-shirt and purple pajama pants. Two silver hoops dangled from her earlobes. Her hair was a mess, sticking up in places. She quickly brushed her hair and glanced around the small room. Worn clothes and crumpled pieces of paper cluttered the floor. There were posters covering the walls. All of them of the girl's favorite rock bands. A guitar leaned against one wall. The black case had the image of flames painted on the bottom. There was a sliding glass door at the back of the room. The girl walked over to it and looked out.

Outside there was a small deck. A potted plant, wilted from lack of moisture, sat on the railing. Past the railing, skyscrapers filled the horizon. The buildings, all different colors and sizes, seemed to go on forever. The blonde girl opened the glass door and walked out onto the deck. She breathed deeply and allowed the crisp morning air to fill her lungs, ignoring the distant beeps and honks of traffic. Having lived in the big city all her life she was used to it. She looked up into the vast blue sky and felt a sense of calm throughout her whole body. Suddenly a sharp voice pierced her tranquil thoughts.

"Caz, you little delinquent! Hurry up or you're going to be late for school again!" a female voice yelled.

"Okay! Okay! Geez." the blonde girl, Caz, muttered under her breath.

Caz went back into the darkness of her room and shut the glass door behind her. She walked out of her room and down a short hallway. She emerged from the hall into a white kitchen. It had all white appliances and a sparkling tiled floor. Everything was clean and spotless.

A woman in her 20s sat at a table in the center of the room. She had black hair, pulled up into a neat bun at the base of her neck, and rich brown eyes. The woman wore a light blue suit and had on a large silver watch on her right wrist. She was watching the news on a small television on the counter nearby and quickly eating a bowl of cereal. The news woman on the TV screen was holding her microphone as blue and red ambulance lights flashed in the background. Frantic medics and police officers ran around two scrunched and mangled cars.

"Wow, you're up. What a surprise." the woman snickered, looking up.

"Yeah, real funny, Aiyun." Caz replied, glaring at her sister.

Aiyun's chocolatey eyes followed Caz as she grabbed a bowl and cereal from one of the cupboards.

"Enough with the attitude, Caz. You're sixteen years old. Grow up."

Caz stuck her toungue out. "Right. And I should be just like you. Miss perfection."

Aiyun scowled and pointed her spoon at her sister. "No. You should actually try in school and get good grades to go to college. You know how lucky you are to even be able to go to college? Most kids don't make it past middle school."

"Shut up!" Caz shouted, nearly spilling cheerios on the floor as she dumped them furiously into her bowl. "Leave me alone. I've had enough of mom's shit. I don't need yours, too."

"See! There you are again. Acting like a little kid, using foul language. I swear. Why did mother ever adopt a brat like you?"

Caz didn't reply, her rage showing on her face. She slammed her bowl down at the table, sat down, and began to eat.

"Sooner or later you'll have to realize that it takes responsibility to make it in this world. You have to use your head!"

The blonde girl continued to ignore her sister. It was like that every morning. It was either her mother or her sister giving her a lecture about something.

Wordlessly, Caz escaped from Aiyun's glare and back to her room. There the blonde girl threw on her wrinkled school uniform which consisted of a short bright green skirt and a white shirt with a navy blue bow across the front. Caz made a face at the uniform in her mirror. She hated the uniform and thought it was ugly. She wished more than anything that she could wear her own clothes to school. Worst of all, it made her look like everyone else. That included all of the rich girls that were daughters of the higher-ups of big corporations. She hated them, too. They were always too happy and talked too much. They also gossiped and treated other people like dirt. Caz wasn't into that sort of thing. To her, talking about other people like that was awful. Because of that, she wasn't very popular at school. It didn't help that she had golden hair and green eyes when everyone else had black or brown hair and black or brown eyes. It made her stick out like a sore thumb. Because she was different she was always pushed to the side. Not that she didn't have friends, of course.

Caz hung around with a group of rebellious, punk kids. They all dyed their hair different colors and wore outrageous clothes when they weren't in school. In a way her different hair and eye color made her fit in with them. However, they were just people she could relate to. She couldn't share her personal thoughts and feelings with them. She couldn't tell them about her hopes and dreams. But there was one person she could talk to about all those things. Akio Kunisai was her best friend in the world. He was a year older but he was still very close to her. They'd been friends since Caz was in the 4th grade. She could tell him anything and he could do the same. He was in a rock band and Caz went to every one of his concerts. She hoped that one day she would be able to join his band and play with him up there on stage.

Smoothing out the wrinkles in her uniform, Caz looked in the mirror again. She hastily drew around her eyes with black eye liner and slid on some dark purple lip gloss. Brushing out her hair once more, the girl grabbed her backpack and ran out the door. She neglected to shout a good-bye to Aiyun.

Caz galloped down the stairs of her apartment. Once she was out the front door, Caz walked as fast as she could down the sidewalk. Throngs of people, from school children to businessmen, crowded the narrow stretch of concrete. She pushed through them and waited at the crosswalk for the sign to glow green for "walk." Finally the red sign switched to green and Caz ambled across the street. At the other side she noticed someone she knew from one of her classes.

"Sutakyo-san!" the girl shouted, her black ponytail bouncing as she raced towards Caz. She wore a horrified look on her face.

"Yanaki-san. What is it?" Caz asked with concern.

"'s..K-" the girl stopped and tried to catch her breath.

"Slow down."

"It's Kunisai Akio! He...he.." tears seemed to be forming in her eyes.

"What?" Caz demanded. "What happened to Akio? Is he okay?"

"N-n-no! He's...he's...dead!"

Caz stared at the girl, her mouth wide. "There must be some mistake..Akio..he can't..."

"I saw it with my own eyes! He..he..walked out in front of a car. There..there were two cars..and..they were going too fast to stop in time and..."

"Where? Please..take me there!" Caz commanded. Yanaki-san nodded and Caz followed her through the crowd. They came to a place in the street where there were flashing road blocks and yellow caution tape strung up all around the area. The red and blue lights of police cars and ambulances flashed. Medics and policemen were standing in clusters. Caz ignored the flashing lights and slid under the yellow tape. Yanaki-san tried to stop her but nothing would stop the blonde girl from finding out what was happening.

"Hey, girl! You're not supposed to be in here. Can't you read the tape?" a policeman yelled. Normally Caz would have yelled something rude in defense but not now. She walked over to him, her fists clenched.

"Where is Kunisai Akio? Tell me where he is."

"Kunisai..Akio..." the policement thought for a moment, "...Oh! That was the poor boy that got hit today. Sorry, kid. He passed away about an hour ago."

"No! You're lying!" Caz ran at the policemen and grabbed him by the collar. "Tell me the truth! Where is he?"

The policemen scowled and pushed her away.

"I told you, he's dead. They're taking him away in an ambulance. Now get out of here."

Caz didn't move. She just stood there, a single tear falling down her cheek.

"He's...gone. Akio is...gone." she whispered. Then she ran from the policeman, tears streaming down her face, eyeliner and lip gloss mixing with the wetness. She wasn't sure where she was running to. She just wanted to find Akio.

"Hey! Hey! Get back here!" the policeman yelled after her but her ears could not hear his shouts.

She sped towards the two wrecked cars and stopped in from of them. One, a small blue car was jammed halfway through a street lamp. The other, a bigger grey car was smashed into the back of the blue car. Near them was a black skid mark and smeared blood on the street. Caz's eyes darted around. She saw more police cars and then an ambulance. Two medics were lifting a stretcher into the back. The girl ran to them and barely came to a stop when she saw the mangled, bloody body in the stretcher.

"Akio!" Caz screamed. She fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably.

She looked up for just a moment and saw a bright yellow orb of light above the body of her friend. Tears still staining her cheeks, she saw the orb rise and before her eyes a person appeared, hovering in the air. He looked young, a few years older than Caz. He had short blonde hair and hard brown eyes. His expression was so distant and cold that it made her shiver. He wore a saffron yellow shirt, black pants and vest. On top of his head was a black hat that looked like it had dog ears sprouting from it. Two elegant white wings grew from his back.

"An...angel?" Caz whispered. She watched as the winged boy reached down and took the floating orb of light. The boy's eyes narrowed as he felt her looking at him. He turned and gazed at her with his sharp eyes.

"You...can you see me?" he asked.

She blinked up at him, sniffing back her tears, and nodded. "Who are you? An angel?"

He frowned at her for a few seconds and then laughed, a sort of laugh that adults give kids who've just said something stupid. A laugh that says "how pathetic."

"You're not an angel, are you? What are you?" she demanded in a shaky voice, humiliated by his mocking laugh.

"I am.." they locked eyes and he smiled menacingly, "..a shinigami." With that, he flew up into the sky and disappeared in a brilliant flash of light. Momentarily blinded, Caz covered her eyes with her hands. Once the light was gone, she removed her hands and looked up. A few glowing white feathers floated down from where the shinigami had been. Caz got up slowly and caught one before it reached the ground.

"A...shinigami." she whispered to herself.