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The Phone Call

"Buy a vowel, stupid", said Hilda Spellman as she sat with Sabrina and Zelda watching TV. Zelda laughed and said, "Calm down, Hilda. We wouldn't want you to zap yourself into the game and threaten the players again." "Yeah I don't think Pat appreciated that", said Sabrina. "Oh all right. Oh, and by the way I didn't threaten the players I just tried to help them out a bit." Just then, the phone rang. "I'll get it", said Sabrina as she headed to the phone. "Hello?" A deep voice on the other end of the line said, "I need to speak to Hilda Spellman." "Umm, ok. Aunt Hilda it's for you."

Hilda got up from the couch and said, "Who's butt am I going to have to kick for interrupting my show?" Sabrina handed the phone over and said, "Well he didn't tell me. Here have fun." Sabrina walked back over to the couch and plopped herself on the couch next to Zelda. "Hello?" "Is this Hilda Spellman?" said a very stern voice. "Last time I checked it was", said Hilda with a chuckle. "Ms. Spellman this is no time to joke, we have a very serious situation on our hands." Hilda paused and said, "Ok what is it?" "I have information regarding a girl named Amanda." Hilda's heart sank and she said, "Is everything alright? Is she ok?" "Well, the people she was living with decided that they no longer wanted the child. So we are here to inform you that either you need to take her or she will be sent away." Without thinking Hilda said, "Whatever you do don't send her away, I'll take her." The man on the other end of the phone said, "Very well then. She will arrive at your house in a week." The phone clicked before Hilda could say anything.

Hilda walked back to the couch and sat down. "Hilda, what's wrong?" asked Zelda, "Who was that?" Hilda sat in silence staring into space. Zelda was becoming concerned. "Hilda?" Both Sabrina and Zelda sat and watching Hilda as tears began to well up in her eyes. Sabrina scooted closer to Hilda and put her arm around her. "Aunt Hilda what's wrong?"

Hilda finally spoke as tears now flowed freely down her cheeks, "Zelda, do you remember when I left for two years?" "Yeah I do, you said you just needed an extended vacation." "Well, I lied about why I was leaving." "What? Why?" Hilda looked at Zelda and said, "Because I was scared?" Zelda got up and sat next to Hilda, "Hilda, scared of what." "Having…" "Having?" "Having my child."

"What? A child?" asked Sabrina, "You never told me you had a kid." Zelda looked at Sabrina and said, "She never told me either. Hilda why were you afraid? I could have helped you through this." "Zelda, you know how mom is. She would have had a fit if she knew. So, I decide I would run off in the other realm until I had her. Then I would give her to someone else. And I did." "Hilda, you could have told me. I know, but it was just easier not to talk about it. I hated myself for what I did. I wanted to keep her so bad, but I just couldn't."

"Is that what the call was about?" asked Sabrina. "Yeah. The people who I gave her to decided they didn't want her anymore. So they told me I would have to take her or they would send her off." "Well, did you tell her she could come stay here?" asked Zelda. "Yeah, I did." "Good I'm happy for you." "You're happy about this?" "Yes I am. And I don't care what our mother has to say about this, so you just cheer up, ok." Hilda smiled for the first time and said, "Thanks Zelda." "I have to go to work, are you going to be ok?" asked Zelda. "Yeah I'll be fine." Zelda left the room leaving Sabrina and Hilda alone.

"Wow, Aunt Hilda, you're a mom. That's so cool. So what's her name?" Hilda smiled and was happy to see Sabrina's reaction. "Her name is Amanda." "How old?" "Well let's see…she should be about sixteen." "Neat. When's she coming?" "The man on the phone said she should be here in about a week." "All right. Well I'm sorry to tell you this but I have got a date with Josh, I hope you don't mind." "No go ahead, have fun." "Love ya", said Sabrina as she got up and walked out the door.

Hilda just sat on the couch for the next hour thinking about Amanda. What will she think of me? Will she hate me because of what I did? Hmm…I wonder what she looks like. The only picture she had of Amanda was the one taken just after she was born. She could never forget those chubby little cheeks and her beautiful brown eyes. The saddest part to Hilda was the fact that the child never cried, until she was given to the couple that would raise her. That always stuck in her mind, it was heartbreaking. I wonder what happened between Amanda and the couple. They seemed so nice. Oh well, I guess I should get some dinner.

Hilda got up and walked into the kitchen where Salem was staring at the toaster. "Salem what are you doing?" "Shhh…I'm trying to concentrate." "On?" "Using my Jedi mind powers to levitate this toaster." "Salem, I think you have been watching a little too much Star Wars." "You can never have too much Star Wars, especially since this week is Star Wars marathon week!" "Ok whatever."

Hilda made herself a sandwich and then decided she was going to go to bed early. She walked upstairs and went into her room. She got ready and then got in her bed. It had been a long day and she was exhausted, but she just couldn't seem to sleep. She sat up in her bed and turned on her light. Her mind was still racing thinking about the phone call that would change her life forever. She reached over and pulled out the drawer in her nightstand. She then pulled out the picture of her daughter taken so long ago. Everything is going to be ok. We're finally going to be together again. Hilda put the picture away and finally went to sleep.