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A Late Night Meeting

Amanda tried to get to sleep, but had no luck. Every time she would get close, a nightmare would set in. She had had nightmares for years. It was always the same one, but they seemed to be getting worse. Especially over the past few weeks. It felt like a warning, like something bad was going to happen.

She sat up in her bed and looked around. It took her a second to remember where she was. She got up and went into the bathroom. She went to the sink and wiped her sweaty face. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was no used to seeing a clean face. She was used to having a dirt smudged face, either from running away or from a lack of soap and water.

She noticed that Hilda had left her door to the bathroom open. Amanda turned and peered into the room. She walked to the doorway and spotted the sleeping woman. So, this is supposed to be my mother. She's not what I expected. I was expecting to have someone old and ugly. I wonder why she didn't want me?

Amanda jumped when the sound of her own stomach startled her. I guess I was hungrier than I thought. Amanda turned around, walked back into her room, and shut the bathroom door. I don't want her looking in here. Amanda walked through her door and into the hallway. She wasn't sure where she was going since she hadn't seen most of the house. She found the stairs and carefully walked down them. She hit one step that made a horrible sound. That's great wake them all up stupid.

Once she got downstairs, she saw a TV on in what looked to be the living room. Oh great someone is already up. "Yeah, you gotta watch that third stair. I usually just jump over it." Amanda walked into the room and saw Sabrina sitting on the couch. Sabrina turned around and said, "Hey couldn't sleep." Amanda figured it wouldn't hurt to talk to her, "No." "Yeah, me neither." Sabrina got up and walked up to Amanda; she held out her hand and said, "We really didn't get to talk much earlier, I'm Sabrina." "Amanda", she said as she shook Sabrina's hand.

"So you're the other one's daughter?" asked Amanda. "Who's? Oh you mean Zelda's?" "Yeah that's her." "No, both Hilda and Zelda are my aunts." "Oh I see things like this run in the family." "No there's a long story about my parents." "Oh, ok." They stood there in silence for a moment and then Amanda said, "So where's the kitchen?" "Oh, yeah you must be hungry. Here this way."

Sabrina led Amanda into the kitchen and said, "Well, here it is." "Thanks." "We've got a little spaghetti left from earlier if you would like some of that." Amanda shook her head and said, "You got any fruit?" "Umm… I think there are some apples over there in that bin." Amanda walked over to it and grabbed an apple. Sabrina flipped on a light and said, "Let's get a little light in here."

With the light on Amanda noticed a black cat staring at a pencil. "Is that your cat?" asked Amanda. "Yeah that's Salem." "Why is the cat staring at that pencil?" Before Sabrina could answer, Salem turned and said, "I'm not just a cat, I'm the future of Star Wars." Amanda jumped back and said, "It talks?" "Yeah, just another normal thing in the Spellman house." "Great…"

The two girls walked back in the living room and sat on the couch. "So do you like living here?" asked Amanda. "Yeah, I love it. Well there are some strange things, but my aunts are great." "I'd say a little strange…a talking cat." "So, what do you think of things here?" "I don't know." "Come on you must have something." "I try not to get too comfortable. I usually don't stay in one place for very long." "Why not?" Amanda looked away and said I really would rather not talk about it." "Sorry."

"So...what do you think of Aunt Hilda? Well she's not your aunt, but you know what I mean." "I don't know. I'm not sure I can forgive her." "Forgive her. For what?" "Leaving me with those people." "It wasn't her fault you know. There was a reason for that." "Oh really what reason?" "That's not for me to tell. If you want to know you should talk to her." "I'd rather not." "Amanda, I think you should give her a chance. Talk to her, get to know her. I think you'll like her." "I don't know about that. Well, I'm tired I'm going back to bed." "Ok, I hope you sleep well. Are we going to see you tomorrow?" "I don't know, I may come down." "Please do I really enjoyed talking to you." "Sure whatever." Amanda turned and began walking up the stairs when Sabrina said, "Watch for the third step." "Thanks", said Amanda.

Amanda skipped the third step and went back into her room. She got back into bed and thought to herself. I wonder if I should give her a chance? Sabrina sounds nice enough. I guess I can try tomorrow. Amanda tried to go back to sleep, but again she was plagued by nightmares. Instead of sleeping, she laid in bed thinking about what the next day would bring.