Hey gang! This is the most coolest most awsome story eva! You have Regrem Erutaerc to thank for the plot! He came up with it! I just wrote! Thanks dude!

A figure lurked around yet another corner on his journey. He slowly crept down the poorly lit hallway. As he lessened the distance between him and his destination, he became more cautious. If he was caught now, it was all over. The boy turned another corner, hiding in the shadows.

One more turn, and I'm there, he thought.

His eyes quickly shifted toward a nearby door. A new figure entered the scene, as the boy tried desperately to go unseen. The figure was a girl: tall, skinny, red hair. Her emerald eyes searched the area. They narrowed at the spot of which the boy was currently occupying. She slowly advanced.

"He's not here," came a voice, further down the hall, "Let's check the living room, again."

The girl looked in the direction of the voice, glared once more at the shadow, and walked away. Once the boy thought he was no longer in danger, he set out again. Slowly, he advanced toward his destination, a door with a name written on the front that read, 'Raven'. He was just a few feet away before-

"Beast Boy," an annoyed voice came from inside the room.

The door opened, and the boy, called Beast Boy, squealed. He quickly covered his mouth, and pushed the owner of the room inside. The door swished shut behind him.

"What are you-," asked the girl.

"Shh," Beast Boy said, putting a finger to his lips.

The girl glared, but did not speak again. Muffled voices came from outside,

"I could have sworn I heard that little runt!" a boy said.

A new boy's voice came,

"Are you sure you weren't hearing things?"

"No. I'm tellin' ya man; I heard him."

"Friend Cyborg, are you positive? We have searched everywhere," a girl voice argued.

The voices stopped, and Beast Boy backed away from the door. The girl's violet eyes followed him. She then looked at the door.

"Not everywhere."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Yo, Rae! Can we come in?" Cyborg asked.

Raven looked from Beast Boy to the door. Beast Boy shook his head, and mouthed, 'No.' Raven smirked,


Beast Boy smacked his forehead, and Raven walked toward the door. Beast Boy frantically looked for a place to hide. His eyes searched the room.

Ah ha!

Beast Boy looked over at Raven's dresser; on it lay a mirror. BB smirked,


Just as Raven opened the door, Beast Boy picked up her mirror, and stepped in. As he did so, Raven turned around, eyes wide.

Cyborg came running in Raven's room,

"I know you're in here, BB! I never lose at hide-in-seek! Robin, go look under the bed. Star, he could have turned into a spider, check the ceiling. I'll look-"

"No," Raven interrupted.

Robin looked at Raven quizzically,


"Get out, all of you," Raven commanded.

"Raven, what is-," Starfire started.


The three Titans exited her room.

Cyborg sighed,

"Damn. I thought we had 'em that time, man."

The three headed downstairs to continue their search.


Back in Raven's Room,

"I've got to find him. If I don't, he could get hurt."

Beast Boy looked around at his surroundings.

"Wow. Raven's done some remodeling."

He was standing on a mountain. All around him was rock. Grey was all around him, except for the sky. It was crimson red. Looking down, BB could see a red speck. It was moving toward him. Tilting his head to the side, Beast Boy changed in to a goat, and climbed down the mountain.

"Hey!" he called down at the figure.

While he jumped from rock to rock, Beast Boy thought,

Which emotion is it? Let's see... Timid? No, she had grey in her realm, but not a red sky. Happy? No way.

Beast Boy got to the bottom of the mountain, but the figure had already past him. Beast Boy ran to catch up with her.

"Hey!" he called running, "Hey, it's me Beast-"

Beast Boy stopped mid-sentence. The emotion had turned to face him. It was then that Beast Boy knew who he was dealing with.

He gulped,

"H-Hey, Anger. What's up?"

Raven landed in a flower meadow. Her nose wrinkled at the flowers' fragrances. Maroon sky was above her.

"Oh, don't act like you don't like it," a purple cloaked Raven said, coming up behind her.

Raven rolled her eyes,

"Whatever. Look, we have a problem."

The emotion frowned,

"What's wrong? Was someone hurt?"

"No, not yet anyway. Beast Boy's here; we have to find him. If he comes through here, stop him and call me. Okay?" Raven asked.

"Of course," she obliged.

"Hey, I've never seen you before. You new?" Raven asked.

The emotion just smiled, and picked up some flowers.

"Whatever, I don't have time for this."

Raven turned from the emotion and headed toward the next realm, leaving her to pick her flowers. She picked up one in particular. A rare green flower that only grows in Raven's mind. She brought the flower to her nose,

"I like this one best."

She put the flower behind her ear in her hair, and continued her walk.


"What are you doing here?" Anger growled.

Beast Boy stuttered,

"W-Well, funny story really, I was umm... playing a game, and I needed to hide so I-"

"So, you hid in MY realm," she seethed.

"Umm... yes?" Beast Boy asked.

Anger narrowed her eyes, her mind yelling 'kill him!' Anger lifted her hand in the air, as if to strike Beast Boy. Beast Boy closed his eyes tightly and flinched. Anger stopped in mid-swing. She growled in frustration. For some reason, she could not hit him. Putting her arm down, Anger's eyes began to glow. Black energy surrounded Beast Boy and Anger, and they were transported to a new gate. Beast Boy opened his eyes,


Anger avoided his eyes and grumbled,

"This gate leads to Happy. She'll help you get out."

Beast Boy looked at her, confused,

"Wh-Why didn't you hit me?"

Anger's head shot up,

"Do you want to be hit?"


"Then, go through that gate," Anger said, "and if you ever step foot in my realm again…. well, let's just say Raven's gonna have to take a number, because you'll be mine."

Beast Boy smiled,

"You wouldn't do that."

"You wanna bet?"

Beast Boy's smile widened,

"Thanks anyways, Anger. See ya later, I guess."

He stepped through the gate, but before he left, he thought he heard something from Anger that sounded like 'You're welcome.'


Raven stepped away from the gate. A yellow cloaked Raven greeted her.

"Good day, Raven. You're here because of our visitor, I presume."

"Yes," Raven said, looking around at the massive realm.

"Well, he is not here, but if he comes through, I'll hold him for you," Knowledge smiled.

"Thanks," Raven answered, heading toward the next realm.

She walked through Knowledge's Maze of Books. By the time she reached the next gate it occurred to her,

"Why didn't I just ask her were he was? Ugh. Too late now."

So, Raven stepped through the gate.


Beast Boy looked around. He stood in what appeared to be an amusement park. He looked back at the gate behind him,

Anger. I can't believe it. She actually let me off. Well, this time at least, but still!

"Hi ya!" Happy greeted, running up to our favorite green Titan.

Beast Boy smiled. Clad in pink, Raven's happier side was smiling ear to ear, and that is quite a sight indeed.

"Hey!" he greeted.

"What are you doing here?" Happy giggled, "Ravie's gonna be pretty angry at you!"

Beast Boy scratched the back of his head,

"Yeah, well... I was playing hide and seek-"

"Ooh, I love that game! Let's play! Not it!" Happy cried.

She ran away merrily through her amusement park. Beast Boy sighed. However, instead of closing his eyes, Beast Boy just walked away. He walked through the park, blinking lights, a ferris wheel, roller coaster, and you can't forget the pink sky.

"Wait... pink?"

It was true. Happy's realm had a pink sky, the pinkest pink there is. Now, due to the fact that Beast Boy has the attention span of a knat, while Beast Boy was staring at the sky, Beast Boy failed to see the upcoming gate.

"Umph," Beast Boy grunted, as he fell to the ground.

Beast Boy stood up and looked around; making sure no one saw him. Beast Boy cleared his throat, dusted himself off, and said,

"Now, where does this lead to?"

"Wisdom," Happy whispered, suddenly behind BB.

"Whoa! How did you-? Where did you-?"

"Wisdom is the smartest of all of us," Happy smiled, "and even though she doesn't admit to it, Knowledge is totally jealous! Don't get me wrong, though… they're still friends. We all are, ya know?" She ended with a giggle.

"Wisdom, huh?" Beast Boy asked.

Maybe she could help me get out of here.

Beast Boy thanked Happy, who giggled and skipped away, then stepped through the gate.

Wisdom's realm was a peaceful one, to say the least. It was so quiet that Beast Boy's breath seemed loud! He stood on the top of a snow-covered mountain. The sky above him was brown, and as Beast Boy looked around him, clouds surrounded the mountains. A sudded light breeze tickled the back of Beast Boy's neck. He turned to see a brown cloaked emotion.

"Beast Boy," the emotion greeted with a nod.


"You should not be here," the emotion frowned, "it is dangerous."

"Why is it dangerous? All I did was force myself into Raven's room, sneak into her mirror, have a conversation with Anger, sort of play hide and seek with Happy, and... oh, I see," Beast Boy answered sheepishly.

"Precisely my point. If Raven finds out that you even stepped foot in Anger's realm... " The emotion started.

"I know, I know. So, do you know how to get me out of here?"

"Of course, but I am going to need your cooperation. All I have to do is cast a spell on you, and all you have to do is think of your destination. Sound simple enough?" Beast Boy nodded. "Oh and by the way, my name is Wisdom," Wisdom said, smiling.

Beast Boy smiled back, most grateful.

"Go ahead and picture your destination in your head."

Beast Boy focused hard on his room. He tried hard to picture every detail, from the messy floor, to the messier closet. While he did this, Wisdom chanted the spell,

"Syawla dna reverof. Mih tcetorp ksa I, os. Yrros ylurt si eh, hsiloof erew snoitca sih hguoht, mih evigrof nevar yam. Hsiw s'nagol dleifrag tnarg os, mih ot mrah on hsiw I. Mih srevocsed ehs fi tespu eb lliw fles rehto ym. Nruter ot sehsiw tub, ereh delevart sah yob evarb siht."

Sadly, Beast Boy's attention span could not handle this, Dude, this really stinks. Poor Raven, and her emotions. I mean, having to be stuck feeling only one emotion must really stink. I sure wish that Raven and her emotions could feel more.

"Protect this shape shifter in his travels, and make his wish come true. Azarath Metrion Zinth-"

"What are you doing?" Raven asked, appearing behind Wisdom.

"Ah!" Wisdom exclaimed.

With Wisdom's concentration broken, the spell suddenly started to activate. A white orb formed in front of Wisdom as her chakra glowed brightly. The bigger the orb got, the more emotions appeared. Happy, an extremely pissed off Anger, a frightened Timid, Brave, Rude, the purple cloaked Raven, and Knowledge, all appeared before Raven and Beast Boy, a white orb in front of them as well. The orbs combined together, with a sudden force, causing each emotion to slap together, too. A sudden bright flash covered the area.

Raven grabbed Beast Boy's arm, and put up a shield. As soon as the flash came, it was gone! Raven's shocked expression made Beast Boy's heart wrench,

What's going on?

It was then he saw what she saw. Outside the shield, you could see eight dazed emotions, and worse... eight missing chakras. Raven releashed the shield, and Beast Boy ran to each emotion. Raven gaped at the sight, eyes wide, and breath shallow.

"Dudes, I'm so sorry!" Beast Boy cried, picking up the chakras in front of the emotions on the ground. "Here, try to put them back on. Maybe they will just stick back on."

Happy's normal smile was gone, but as Beast Boy spoke, there was slight hope in her eyes. Her hand shook violently as she placed the chakra on her forehead. It stuck alright, but it did not look as natural as before.

The other emotions did as Happy did. Wisdom, being the last one to put it on, was the last to recover.

When she came to, Beast Boy was smiling back at her,

"How you feeling?"

Wisdom gasped,

"Oh Beast Boy, I'm so sorry..."

She pulled him into a hug, but quickly let go. Raven stood over the two, glaring.

"What happened? What were you two doing here? Tell me. Now," she demanded.

Beast Boy leaned forward toward Wisdom a bit, who just smiled,

"Yeah. Your eyes are different. Donno what it is, but they definitely changed."

Raven just rolled her eyes and went to check on the other emotions.

"Hey, wait a second!" Beast Boy called, getting up to follow her.

Wisdom suddenly frowned, 'What's wrong with me?'

"Where are you go-Umph!" Beast Boy ran into Knowledge.

"She's going to go see if everyone's ok, and don't you think it would be smart if you helped, too? I mean, after all, if you never came here in the first place, this wouldn't have happened," she said, arms crossed.

When she saw the hurt on Beast Boy's face, Knowledge realized what she just said. Wisdom quickly stood up and rushed over,

"Please forgive her. She did not realize what she was saying."

"I'm not mad, you guys. Calm down," Beast Boy smiled.

Wisdom smiled back, and Knowledge turned the slightest bit of pink. Raven turned from helping Happy up,

"She does have a point, though. This is your fault." She stood up and walked over to him, the rest of her emotions standing behind her, "Maybe you should go."

"Uh, Raven... it would prove to be disastrous if Beast Boy left." Wisdom stated.

"Why?" Raven asked.

"Well, because we all are still feeling a bit woozy, and Beast Boy only wants to help," Happy chimed in.

"Yeah, and it's not like you could handle all of this on your own. I mean, you don't even know what the spell has done yet," Knowledge added, crossing her arms.

Raven cocked an eyebrow at her,

"What did the spell do?"

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Happy looked at each other,


"It was the wishing spell," Knowledge pondered.

"And Beast Boy was supposed to come up with a wish. Right?" Happy questioned.

"And his wish was supposed to be to go to his room," Wisdom said, looking at Beast Boy, "You were just thinking about your room, right?"

Beast Boy scratched the back off his head,

"Well... I was thinking about other stuff, too."

"Beast Boy, what were you thinking about?" Raven asked, crossing her arms.

"Well, I mean... you guys don't ever get to feel anything else besides one emotion. So, I thought, 'How cool would it be for Raven and her emotions to feel more?'!" Beast Boy explained.

Knowledge exclaimed,

"I can't believe you did that. Do you have any idea what this means?"

Beast Boy shook his head, and Wisdom spoke softly,

"It means that when our chakras came off-"

"You put the wrong ones on our foreheads," Knowledge interrupted.

Wisdom glanced at Knowledge,

"I'm assuming you have Rude's."

Rude looked up at the sound of her name,

"What? Knowledge has mine, great..." She said sarcastically.

Raven, at this point, was fuming,

"Beast Boy, you are going to stay in here. You are going to keep them under control until I get back, and I am going to fix this. Until then, you had better be thinking of a way to convince me not to kill you."

Raven disappeared, and went out of the mirror. All of the emotions looked up at the sky, and Beast Boy was trying his best not to hyperventilate. Anger smirked,

"Hey, now that she's gone, maybe we could have a little bit of fun with Beast Boy."

All of the emotions gaped at her.

"What?" Anger seethed, but with less force than normal.

Happy shook her head,

"I donno who's chakra you have, but I wanna play with Beast Boy!"

Beast Boy said,


"I'll play," Wisdom spoke, "It might help to find out who has whose chakra."

Knoledge rolled her eyes, "I can't. Gotta find out what's going on."

Beast Boy was still nervous, "Uhh."

"You guys are gonna let me play... right?" Brave asked, crossing her arms.

Happy walked over to Timid, who had a scowl on her face, "What's the matter? You look... angry... Aren't you going to play?"

Timid cast her eyes to the ground, "Why should I? You've never wanted to play with me before."

"Yeah well... this time's different. We have Beast Boy to play with us," Happy said, pointing over to Beast Boy.

Beast Boy still stood there, like a statue, arms to his sides wondering, 'How the Hell am I supposed to get out of here?'

Suddenly, two pale arms wrapped themselves around Beast Boy's neck from behind. The purple cloaked Raven smiled as Beast Boy's cheeks turned pink,

"I'll play."

Anger smirked again,

"Yeah, you guys can go play in there."

Anger pointed to a log cabin not far away.

'Well that wasn't there before,' Beast Boy thought.

"Ok, let's go," Happy said cheerily.

As the other emotions walk toward the cabin, Beast Boy noticed Anger was not going. Beast Boy stopped walking and asked,

"Aren't you coming?"

Anger shrugged,

"Why should I?"

"Well... I donno. Just 'cause, I guess." When Anger did not answer, Beast Boy thanked her.

"For what?" Anger asked.

"For helping me before, and letting me off."

Anger crossed her arms, but she could not bring herself to say something mean. So instead, she said,

"Just don't tell anyone, and we'll call it even."

Beast Boy smiled, turned again, and took off with the other emotions. Anger smiled slightly, and followed the other schizophrenic emotions.

Each emotion holds a different chakra. Can Beast Boy and Raven fix this mess, before Raven loses control?

What awaits our poor BB in the romantic cabin? I don't know yet, but we can only hope that Raven finds a way to fix this before things get... messy. ;)