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SUMMARY: BeastBoy grapples with many negative feelings, and several beings from different worlds. representing those feelings tell him there's something that'll help him through, as well as the consequences of these feelings. A RaeBB fic.

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Chapter 1: Grief.

BeastBoy stood near the counter, staring gloomily into space. Things had been this way since he had released the beast within him, and he had been a more emotional person since then. The other Titans worried about him lately, because he was always so depressed all the time. When they asked him if he was okay, his response was always the same.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about it." he would say, hitching a fake grin upon his face, but they always bought it. The truth is, BeastBoy was far from okay. He had been in deep thought these days, and was now at war with his worst feelings. He didn't know if he could take much more of this.


'Another day to grapple with the feelings haunting me...' thought BeastBoy to himself. He sat at the table normally reserved for eating, his head down, staring at his hands. These hands...he had nearly taken the life of his best friends with these very hands. The sight of them sickened and saddened BeastBoy to the core, but the sight of any part of him did lately. He couldn't stop thinking about the night he went out of control, and even if that form protected Raven out of instinct, it nearly destroyed the others. BeastBoy was dying inside from this. He needed something to help him through all this...

Later, when night was falling, the Titans all headed to their respective rooms, although BeastBoy stayed at the table. Raven, normally the last to leave for their rooms, stared at BeastBoy with concern.

"Are you really sure you're okay, BeastBoy?" she asked, surprised at how much she cared. BeastBoy just shrugged.

"I dunno. I'm feeling a lot at the moment. Man, I see what you have to go through, emotions are tough to conceal and control." he replied. Raven was a bit taken back by this sudden statement of understanding, but looked past it.

"Well, you really should talk to someone about it." Raven said.

"I guess, but I think I should try to sort it out before I talk to someone." he said. Raven lightly put her hand on his shoulder, and he made a slight recoil, for he thought he was unfit to touch.

"Well, when you sort it out, talk to one of us. Just don't interrupt my meditation if you choose me." she said gently, and left the room. BeastBoy raised his head, and looked after her. Then he sighed, and spoke to himself.

"That'll be pretty difficult." he whispered. He headed into his room, even messier than usual due to his gloomy mood, and got into his bed, and slowly, sadly, went to sleep, unaware of the visit he was about to get.

In BeastBoy's dream...

Everything around him was pitch black, nothing against nothing. Only he stood out against the blackness, searching for anything different. He saw nothing.

"Where am I?" he said, to no one in particular.

"Just in a place where I can talk to ya." came a voice.

BeastBoy turned around, and saw a young man standing there. The man had long red hair, wore some odd fancy clothes with a vest, all bright colors. He had a sword sheath on his belt.

"Uhh...Who are you?" asked BeastBoy.

"The name's Zelos. Zelos Wilder." the man replied. "I'm here to talk to ya about all this feeling mess you're going through."

"What? Are you going to try and help me? I really don't want to talk about it." said BeastBoy.

"Ah...stubborn just like Lloyd. Anyway, like it or not, we're gonna talk about this grief issue of yours."

"Is that what it is? Grief?" replied BeastBoy.

"That's one part of it. But I'm just here to talk to you about the Grief. Others from different realms will talk to ya about the other feelings." he said.

"Well, Zelos. I'm listening, let's hear what you've got." replied BeastBoy.

"Pushy, too. Well, the reason you're getting a talk from these people and me is because we represent the negative feeling in question, and have had them torment us, but we found a way through. Some better than others..." he stated, dejectedly, but continued. "So, let's talk. Grief. You're feeling it, gnawing away at your heart, consuming you, am I right?" he asked. BeastBoy nodded.

"Well, let me tell you from experience, grief will only start more grief unless you overcome it. I'm proof of that. I'll show you." he said. He close his eyes, with a look of calm concentration. A second later, in a flash of light, Zelos had grown ten orange wings from his back. BeastBoy stared in surprise.

"Don't look so wondered. These wings are a sign of what bad choices made by grief did to me." Zelos said.

"What do you mean?" asked BeastBoy.

"Let me break down my life for you. Born of parents who didn't love each other. A forced relationship. A half-sister who hates you, born because your father, who cared nothing for you, had a harem for himself. A mother who despised your existence. Your half-sister's mother aiming to kill you, missing, and killing your mother, whose last words were to tell you that you shouldn't have been born. All through life, people staying away from you, because they think you're a threat, or a freak. Then traveling with a group who ignored your existence most of the time." spoke Zelos, and BeastBoy stared in amazement. Zelos had a lot of stuff happen to him.

"And take a look at this." said Zelos, waving his arm downward, and BeastBoy looked seeing a scene unfold in front of his eyes.

There stood Zelos, looking the same as now, wings and all, being impaled by a person in red armor, and falling to the ground. A conversation apparently took place, although BeastBoy heard nothing. That Zelos handed the person in red an item, and slumped to the ground, obviously dead. BeastBoy looked at Zelos.

"Who was that?" he asked.

"One of my friends." said Zelos sadly. "I had let the grief I felt about my life consume me, and didn't seek help. I simply hid it all through jokes and a silly demeanor. In the end, I lost sight of the strength of out group, betrayed them for a promise of release from the one part of me that caused all this grief, and I payed for it. These wings are, in essence, a symbol of that. So you see, BeastBoy, that feeling all this grief, and not speaking about it, could make you end with the same fate. Even the greatest people have given in to dark feelings such as this. Don't make the same mistake as I did. Okay?" he finished.

BeastBoy stared at Zelos. After what he showed him, he had no intention of dwelling on these feelings by himself.

"Okay." he said simply.

"Good kid. Now go. Feel better. There's someone that can make you feel infinitely better, throughout your whole life. That'll sure help." Zelos said.

"But...who are you talking about?" asked BeastBoy. Zelos chuckled.

"And I always thought you were really good with feelings. Sorry, man, I can't tell you. You'll have to find out for yourself." he said, and waved his arm towards BeastBoy, who was engulfed by a bright light. When he could see again, he was in his room, and the sunlight through his window told him it was morning. BeastBoy stood up, and put his hand to his head.

"Was that all just a dream?" he asked himself. He headed to his door, and something caught his eye. His eyes widened.

It was an orange feather, one that looked like it came from an angel.

"Guess not." BeastBoy told himself. And, smiling a genuine smile for the first time in a long time, he left his room, and headed for the common room, feeling much better than yesterday.



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