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Chapter 9: Epilogue.

It had been a few weeks since the date between Raven and BeastBoy, and BeastBoy's seizing control of the Beast within him, through the help of his many guardians. Things had returned mostly to normal, or at least as normal as it could get for the Titans. Raven and BeastBoy were currently going out with each other, as were Robin and Starfire. Tension was still apparent between Robin and BeastBoy, and it was obvious that BeastBoy still felt resentment towards Robin's insults, and Robin hadn't changed his opinions so far. BeastBoy had thought of the perfect way to show Robin up, one that would be implemented during the next emergency to strike the city.

No sooner than he had thought that, the alarm screeched throughout the tower, and BeastBoy rushed to where Robin was, hunched over the computer, finding the source of the emergency. Cinderblock appeared on the screen, smashing buildings in cars, another mindless rampage in the works.

"Titans, go!" yelled Robin, and Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg ran out the door. Robin turned to BeastBoy. "Maybe you should stay. You haven't exactly been the most helpful member of the team lately." he said venomously.

"And you haven't exactly been the most modest member of the team, you know. That doesn't stop you from going, though, does it? I'm going." said BeastBoy smugly, and ran out the door, leaving an enraged Robin behind him.


In the city, where Cinderblock was now crushing another car beneath his humongous stone hands, the Titans arrived, ready to pummel him. As they readied themselves, BeastBoy stepped ahead of them all.

"Things have been quiet lately, so I haven't been able to show you guys this. Just sit back and let me take care of him. Robin, you better watch closely, and see how useless you think I am after." he said smugly, and turned back to Cinderblock. Cinderblock let out a yell, and charged him. BeastBoy just smiled, and concentrated hard. In no time, he felt his muscles expanding, his bones reforming, his body going through its transformation. He could almost imagine Robin's shocked face as he became the Beast. With a roar, he lunged at Cinderblock, knocking him down with a single punch. Before Cinderblock even hit the ground, BeastBoy was underneath him, picking him up with a single clawed hand, and threw him against a wall, then into the air. With the strength of his powerful legs, he launched himself into the air above Cinderblock, and did a diving kick, sending Cinderblock crashing into the street, creating a deep crater. BeastBoy landed smoothly and transformed back.

"Oh, yeah! How do you like me now!" he yelled smugly, immensely enjoying the look of shock on Robin's face, the awe on Starfire and Cyborg's, and the look of pride on Raven's. The police arrived, and used a crane to lift Cinderblock out of his enormous crater, and took him away.


Back at the tower, after BeastBoy happily sat through ten minutes of Robin making apologies, and imploring him to forget the past insults, BeastBoy sat next to Raven at the table. Raven was smirking behind the book she was reading.

"I did good, didn't I?" he asked, faking it as an innocent question. Raven closed her book and looked at him happily.

"Very good." she said simply, and closed the distance between their faces, giving him a loving kiss, which felt like it lasted a lifetime.

"Get a room!" joked Cyborg from behind the counter, looking as if he would have burst if he hadn't said it. BeastBoy broke apart the kiss, and looked at Cyborg with a devilish grin on his face. Cyborg gulped. BeastBoy jumped forward, becoming the Beast while he did so, landing smoothly on the counter, his face about an inch from Cyborg's, and made another devilish grin, making sure to show all his fangs. Cyborg looked terrified. "Carry on." he said weakly, and fainted, with a loud crash, onto the kitchen floor. BeastBoy turned back into himself, and fell off the counter, laughing his head off. Behind his own laughter, he could here Raven chuckle, too. Going back to the table, he looked at Raven.

"Well, you heard the man. He said to carry on." he joked. Raven smiled, and obligingly closed the distance between their lips once again, her love for BeastBoy growing by the second, as was his love for her.

Later that night, BeastBoy got another visit...

BeastBoy's Dream...

"It's all dark. Are you guys back?" he asked. Turning around, he saw the crowd of guardians once again.

"We sure are." said Zelos, standing next to Colette. Colette looked happy to be near Zelos once again. It was clear they loved each other, much like him and Raven. "We may not have to give you advice, but that doesn't mean we can't stop by for social calls." Zelos said.

"Zelos is right." said the quacking voice of Donald. "You've made us all proud. You conquered all your darkness, found the one you love, and even showed those who would scorn you not to continue doing so. I doubt you're stronger than me, yet..." he muttered.

"Donald, you know that he's already much stronger than you." said Goofy.

"What?" yelled Donald, his temper flaring up. "Why, I'll show you strong!" he yelled, and used his wand to shoot out a small ball of fire at Goofy, but he leaned to the side, and it flew towards Zelos.

"Whoa!" he said, and projected a shield around him, which bounced of and headed to Vegeta.

"Humph." said Vegeta, and swatted the fireball away with his bare hand, and it flew back at Donald, and lit his tail feathers on fire. He ran around the group, yelling, until Sora put out his feathers with some kind of ice spell. BeastBoy was laughing. Donald sulked.

" you can see, I'm sure our visits will be anything but dull, with such a myriad of personalities." said Bruce wisely.

"Truth is, some of us wanted to see how strong your new form is." said Goku. "Me, mostly, but I talked some of the others into it." he said, scratching the back of his head. "What do you say? Are you up for a try?" he asked. BeastBoy nodded.

"Sure! Let's see what we've got!" he exclaimed happily.

"Alright! First off...Sora!" Goku announced. Sora stepped forward, and drew his enormous keyblade. BeastBoy changed into his Beast form, and got ready. Sora struck first, swinging his keyblade over his head, while BeastBoy doged to the right, and retaliated with a swinging claw attack, knocking Sora's keyblade away.

"I'm done. Without that, I can't do a thing." he said, raising his arms in defeat.

"Ok! Next...Bruce!" said Goku, and Bruce transformed into his hulking green form. The two charged at each other, grappling their hands together, neither of them able to give any. In a burst of strength, Bruce pushed him forward, and launched a punch towards his stomach, but BeastBoy grabbed his fist, and picked him up and slammed him into the ground. Bruce got to his knees, and transformed back.

"I believe that is it...for me." he said wearily.

"Whew! Next is...the entire team of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!" announced Goku, and the Turtles stepped forward, drawing their weapons, and charged. BeastBoy wasn't aware that they would be so quick, and suddenly felt one turtle on his back, while the others were trying to find a way to attack from the sides. BeastBoy felt the strike of a bo staff against his knee, and tripped down. Grabbing the turtle on his back, he swung him around, knocking him and his brothers back, and dropping him down after.

"Whoa! That's enough for us, dude!" he exclaimed.

"Wow! Next up...Zelos and Colette!" announced Goku.

"Come on, Colette, my innocent hunnie!" commented Zelos, pulling out his orange wings.

"Okay, but BeastBoy, please be easy on Zelos, okay?" pleaded Colette, pulling out her wings, too. BeastBoy nodded, and tried to attack first, but Zelos blasted some fireballs at him, striking him in the chest. Zelos put his sword to the ground, and pulled it up violently, causing a wave of the ground to rush at him, knocking him off his feet. Colette put her hand in the air, and beams of light rained all around, one barely missing him. Suddenly, Zelos did the same, and one beam struck BeastBoy in the back, knocking him down in front of Zelos. Seizing his chance, he grabbed Zelos, and oulled him down hard, sending Zelos toppling to the ground. Colette rushed over to Zelos.

"We give! We give! Zelos, are you all right? Please say you're okay!" she pleaded. Zelos bent his upper body up towards her.

"Aw, you worry too much. I'm fine. But, maybe how you care so much is why I'm so attracted to you..." he said, closing his eyes.

"Close one! Next...Krillin!" announced Goku, and Krillin stepped forward, cowering slightly at their height difference. BeastBoy charged forward, and Krilling took to the air, sending a bright ball of energy sailing into BeastBoy's back, sending him crashing to the ground from the surprising force of it. BeastBoy pushed himself back up, and jumped towards Krillin, surprising him with his speed, and knocking him over the head with his fists, sending him down.

"Aw, man! I never get a break, do I?" he moaned, giving up.

"Almost there! Next is...Vegeta!" he announced, and Vegeta walked up, smirking.

"Let's see if you have what it takes to challenge a Saiyan Prince." he said, and in a flash, his hair spiked up and turned gold. He fired several balls of energy in a wide arc, making it difficult to dodge. BeastBoy charged forward, aiming a slash at him, but Vegeta dodged, and grabbed his arm, and kneed him in the stomach. BeastBoy staggered back, and recovered, to try and hit him again. Whenever he punched, Vegeta caught his fist, and vice versa. The two traded blows this way for a while, until Vegeta, irritated, jumped back, rached his arms to his sides, and brought them together, forming an orb of yellow energy at his hands.

"Final Flash!" he yelled, and a large beam of yellow energy shot out to BeastBoy, who just managed to jump above it in time, and land, to see Vegeta on his knees from exhaustion. "Fine! I lost." said Vegeta.

"I guess this is it! I'm the final one!" said Goku, and stepped forward, instantly changing himself to Super Saiyan 4 form. Charging forward, the two traded blows, much like with Vegeta, but BeastBoy couldn't believe the speeds that Goku was moving at. He barely could stop his fists. Eventually, BeastBoy swiped his claw at Goku, cutting into his chest, and Goku jumped back. BeastBoy planted several opposing punches on him before he recovered, but Goku's endurance was amazing, and he was still looking fresh. Goku jumped back, formed red energy orbs in both of his hands, and combined them together, and shot a huge red beam at BeastBoy, who didn't have the time to dodge. Desperately, he put his hands forward, and miraculously, caught the beam, although it pushed him back several yards. He struggled against the beam, trying not to let it engulf him, when he somehow summoned the strength to send the beam flying upwards, away from all of them. He looked forward to see Goku power himself down.

"That was my best move. You win. You beat us all." he said happily. BeastBoy changed back, looking the worse for wear, but happy.

"Thanks guys. You're right. This'll be fun whenever we do this." he said, and a familiar light engulfed him, and he awoke in his room. "I gotta tell Raven about this!" he exclaimed, and rushed to tell her.




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