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Pairings: Bakura x Seto, Yami x Bakura x Marik (Yamishipping) OR Yami x Bakura x Marik x Yuugi... I have yet to decide... and one of the minor pairings are Ryou x Malik (Angstshipping)

Summary: WARNING: MPREG. Bakura was living happily with his lover, Seto. But he somehow ends up pregnant and his lover kicks him out. Now not only is he pregnant, he's homeless as well. And to add to his list of problems, he doesn't know who's child it is, Seto's.. or Marik's.

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Warnings: We're talking Violence, Strong Language, Adult Content... (yes, that is a quote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer o.O ) MPREG.

Note: "Ana Ohebak" means "I Love You" to a man in Arabic. A stupid title I know, but it will make sense later, but the "I" in the title is suppose to be italicized.. So it's "I Love You" Which still doesn't change the fact that it's a stupid title, but it sounds cool in Arabic, so who gives a crap? No one really cares about titles anyway... I don't think...

Ana Ohebak

Bakura's P.O.V

"You can't be serious!" I, standing across the room from my lover, scream.

Seto narrowed his eyes at me, "I'm dead serious. I want your ass out of here. Now." He hissed out, his voice cold and his gaze unfaltering. I could tell from both his tone and the gleam in his eyes that he meant it and if I didn't leave now I would be forced out by his damned security guards.

After narrowing my eyes further at my now ex-lover, I swiftly turned and stormed out of the mansion. As my luck would have it, it was pouring down rain, but being as mad as I was, I didn't give a damn. Even if it was the end of fall, leaving me in rain that was freezing cold.

Isis only knows how it happened. I certainly hadn't seen it coming, and being a male I never worried about it. But obviously the gods decided to play around with the laws of nature, and I had somehow ended up pregnant.

What was worse, I don't even know who the child belonged to! A few months ago I had gotten drunk, along with my best friend, Marik, and we ended up having sex in the Shadow Realm. But the two nights after that I had sex with Seto... in the Shadow Realm. Most mortals couldn't survive in that realm, but Seto was no ordinary mortal, no matter how much he denied his past, he was still a high priest, and he had owned the Rod back then, which connected him with the Shadow Realm.

It had been months since then. Over the months I had been feeling nauseous a lot, having odd cravings, and I've hardly gotten any sleep. And I'll also admit I've had major mood swings... At first I ignored it, thinking maybe it was from all the alcohol I consumed, or maybe I was catching some mortal sickness.

Obviously I thought wrong, because soon I started gaining weight. Only a few weeks ago, when I was flipping through the channels of Seto's oversized TV, did it hit me. For some reason I stopped on a channel that had a show about pregnancy on. Must have been fate, because when they started listing symptoms, I realized it was exactly what he was going through.

I hadn't wanted to tell Seto, but I didn't have much of a choice, since I was starting to show. And I knew he would find out sooner or later anyways. I figured he'd be mad, but I never expected him to kick him out like that... we don't even know if it's his kid! Well... I don't know... I never told Seto about my little drunken affair with Marik..

But what am I suppose to do now? I have no where to go. After I moved in with Seto, Ryou had moved to Egypt with Malik and Isis. Ryou had wanted me to go, but I refused... too many bad memories.. I never wanted to go back there.

I could go to Marik's... but my friend would automatically notice something off, and I could never lie to Marik, not because of my conscience or anything, but because Marik could just tell when I'm lying. And there was a good chance it was Marik's child... and I don't want my only friend to hate and abandon me as well. I couldn't handle that...

Of course, that only left one person... the Pharaoh. I knew the pharaoh's light would let me stay, if only for the night, he was too kind not to. But the pharaoh himself... I'm not sure if I could handle dealing with him and his damn game of 20 questions right now.

I shiver and wrap my arms around myself. It was so cold I could see my breathe. I'm just going to have to deal with the pharaoh, I don't have any other choice. It was just for the night anyways... I could leave first thing in the morning. But right now, it's getting dark, and colder.

By the time I reach the game shop, I'm soaked and shivering uncontrollably. On top of that, I'm feeling nauseous again. Reluctantly, I ring the doorbell to the back door and wait. It was only around 6, so I know they can't be asleep.

Someone up there must like me at least a little, because it was Yuugi who answered the door, and not Yami. As soon as he saw who it was, his eyes widened and he looked about ready to call for his yami, but stopped when he took in my obviously shitty appearance.

"...Bakura?" He asked in disbelief, staring at me with wide-eyes. He quickly snapped out of it and stepped aside, "Come in here before you get sick!"

I gratefully step into the warm house, not really caring that I was soaking the floor. Yuugi didn't seem to care either, because he rushed out of the room and up the stairs, I guess to get me a towel and some dry clothes. I was right, because minutes later he returned with said items.

"Here, you can change in the bathroom." He said, leading me to the only bathroom in the house. The boy really was to nice for his own good, but I'm not particularly complaining at the moment.

Sighing I remove my soaked pants and my shirt, leaving me only in my boxers. Looking into the full length mirror on the back of the door, I stare at my reflection. I seriously do look like shit. I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks and it shows, I have dark circles under my eyes and everything. The few times I actually did manage to fall into a deep sleep, Seto woke me up because he was horny. Dear Isis, my stomach is sticking out quite a bit... I can't believe Seto hadn't even noticed that...

Tearing my gaze from the mirror, I pick up the shirt, and thank whatever god up there that obviously favors me that it's a really large sleeping shirt, so the pharaoh and his light shouldn't be able to notice anything. I slip the shirt on and find myself staring at the pair of boxer's Yuugi had let me borrow. They were obviously Yami's, since Yuugi's would never fit me. I smirk a bit, they had Chibi Dark Magicians on them... that's gold. I quickly finished getting dressed and grabbed my wet clothes, heading back downstairs.

Dry clothes or not, I'm still freezing. Guess I'll have to get over it. I passed Yuugi on the way, and he took my clothes and ran off to were I'm guessing the laundry room is. Going into the living room, I see Yami sitting on the couch watching TV. I'm in no mood to deal with him, so I slowly start to back out of the room, hoping not to get his attention. So of course he chooses that moment to look my way.

"What are you doing here thief?" He asked. I blink. He didn't sound like the pharaoh I knew. His voice wasn't filled with his usual anger towards me, it was genuine curiosity. I inwardly sigh in relief. Maybe coming here wasn't such a bad idea.

I make my way over to the couch and sit down next to him, though as far away as possible, glancing at the TV, I see he's watching a show that is actually one of mine and Marik's favorites. Fear, that one's about these people who go to this supposed haunted house and go through all these tests and if they go through all of them they get a bunch of money. It's a load of crap, but it's damn funny to watch them all shit there selves. That, and The World's Most Scariest Places, where a family has to spend one night in a haunted house and they all get blindfolded and separated, put in dungeons, or a room where a mad doctor operated on his patients alive and shit, yeah, we get a kick out of that. I'm surprised to see the pharaoh watching it!

At that point Yuugi comes back in, and sits in-between me and the Pharaoh, "So Bakura, what were you doing out in the rain like that?" He asks, looking up at me with those large, innocent purple eyes of his.

"Seto kicked me out, " I mumble, propping my feet up on the coffee table.

"Why'd he kick you out?" Yuugi asks.

"I'd rather not say..." I sigh, closing my eyes leaning further into the couch.

"Umm.. are you okay Bakura? You know.. you look a bit...umm..." Yuugi kind of just trailed off. Probably didn't want to insult me, but it doesn't matter, I know exactly what I look like.

"What he's trying to say is you look like shit Tomb Robber." Yami says for him, voicing my exact thoughts.

"Thanks for pointing that out and all, but I was already aware of that.." I mumble, feeling all those sleepless weeks catching up to me.

"What happened, Tomb Robber?" Yami asks. Persistent asshole, can't he mind his own business?

"I don't want to talk about it okay?" I snap at him, feeling a headache coming on.

"Yami just let it go.." Yuugi whispers.

"Fine then, why did you come here?" He questions. Ra, he never gives up does he?

"I had no where else to go, don't worry I'm leaving first thing in the morning."

"I thought you had no where else to go." He says in a smug tone.

"I'll manage."

Yuugi decides to speak up before all hell breaks loose, "You look tired Bakura, come on, you can sleep in my room."

I open one eye to look at him, "Where will you sleep?"

"With Yami." He answers, and I have to resist the urge to snicker at how my mind twisted the meaning. Reluctantly I stand up and follow Yuugi upstairs. He shows me to his room, and I force myself to thank him.

His room is pretty plain, but I have to admit the big window on the ceiling is pretty cool. I crawl into his bed and bury myself under the covers, faintly noting that it smells like Pharaoh hikari before I fall into a blissful slumber.

"Tomb Robber... Tomb Robber get up!" I groan as I feel someone shaking me and try to bury myself deeper into the blankets, hoping whoever it was would go away. The person sighs and pulls the blankets off me, or tries to but I cling to them, "Tomb Robber, this isn't funny, get up!"

The shaking finally gets annoying so I open my eyes and poke my head out of the covers and glare at the pharaoh, "What do you want?"

"You have to get up." He states simply.

I sigh and close my eyes again, "Why?"

"Because Yuugi has finished making breakfast." He tells me, and I feel the nauseous feeling coming back at the thought of food.

"I'm not hungry."

"Well get up anyways, Yuugi and I have to go somewhere later, and I don't trust you enough to leave you here alone." With a groan I roll out of the bed, I know I must still look like shit, besides the fact that I still feel like shit the pharaoh is looking at me in a way that tells me I look like shit.

"You still look like shit." He tells me...again.

I glare at him, though I don't know how effective it is in my current condition, "Well I feel like shit to, so I suppose my appearance is justified." I snort, "Do forgive me if my appearance offends you, my Pharaoh." I sneer and bow mockingly.

He doesn't reply, instead he just narrows his eyes before turning and leaving the room, heading back downstairs with me right behind him. Well, one thing I was expecting to see upon entering the kitchen is Yuugi in an apron, I was not, however, expecting to see him with a chef's hat on, the hat only cover the top spikes, but the rest still sticking out. I knew if I were to laugh, my ass would be in the shadow realm.

I sat down silently, and ate silently as well, to busy trying to think of where I was going to go after this to pay attention to the two multi-colored porcupine-heads. I should have listened to Marik... he always warned me about Seto, told me he was a bastard and he was only using me. I should have, but I didn't. It was stupid of me to, Marik has always been my best friend, for over 3000 years, he wouldn't have lied to me about something like that.. he was only trying to protect me, and I was a bitch back. Dammit, I hate feeling guilty.

All of the sudden I notice a hand in front of my face, waving back and forth. I blink and look over to see Yuugi staring curiously at me, "What?" I ask.

"I said, are you going back to Seto's today?"

"Oh...Umm.. yeah, he's probably over...it... by now." I lie.

"Over what, exactly?" Yami asks. I was about to yell at him, but Yuugi starts talking before I have the chance.

"Ignore him Bakura, he's being nosey." Yuugi says, sending a glare in Yami's direction. Kind of funny if you ask me. Glancing at my plate, I guess I was hungry after all, because I actually ate all my food, I'm sure I'll regret it later though...

I stand up and walk towards the kitchen door, "Well, thanks Yuugi.. sorry for bothering you guys.. I'm going to go now..." How uncharacteristic of me... thanking and apologizing... I blame it on my 'condition'.

"It was no trouble Bakura! Feel free to come back anytime you need to!" Yuugi chirps. In other words, he's saying 'It was no trouble just don't think about coming back any time soon.' He's to nice to actually say that though, "Your clothes are on my dresser by the way!"

Oh, right... can't exactly walk around outside in Dark Magician boxers...I make my way back upstairs to change. I change into my pants first...since I really don't like taking my shirt off.. cause then I have to see my stomach. Damn, I forgot how it's been to actually fit into my own pants lately...

Reluctantly, I pull the shirt up and over my head. As I'm reaching for my shirt, I see someone out of the corner of my eye. I freeze and feel my chest tighten, very slowly I look over to see Yami standing there in his ever so famous Pharaoh stance.

He looks at me for a minute, before saying, "Bakura, have you gained some weight?"

I feel relief flood through me. Thank Ra the Pharaoh is a naive fool! And-or a complete idiot. Both work. I glare at him, "No Pharaoh, that's just your imagination, now stop looking me up why don't you?" I growl and slip my own shirt back on. I notice with some satisfaction that I caused the pharaoh to blush.

Sadly, he recovers quickly, "I know there's more going on then your telling us Bakura."

"Of course there is, but that doesn't mean I intend to tell you, it's really none of your business."

"It became my business the moment you stepped into this house." He retorts.

"Well fine, I'll remember that next time and let myself freeze to death out in the rain." I reply, then mutter, "Not like I would be missed." With that I shove past him and quickly left the game shop. Thankfully it was warmer today, usually I hate bright and sunny days, but in this case I'm making an exception.

It's only about 8... I have the whole day to figure out what I'm going to do... but there's no way in hell I'm going back to Seto... that bastard. I still can't believe the shit he said to me! I should seriously kill him! Not like I've never gotten away with murder before...


I nervously made my way to Seto's office, which was located right next to his bedroom. It came in handy a lot, considering what we usually started doing in his office, it was very convenient. Hopefully Seto would still be in a good mood... he was earlier, but all it took was a few phone calls and his good mood came crashing down.

Being the expert thief that I am, I easily slipped into his room without him noticing, and started stalking towards him.

"I know your there Bakura." He muttered and I grumbled. Ok, so maybe he did notice. Him and Marik were the only ones who could actually catch me, that's one thing that attracted me to Seto in the first place. He intrigued me.

"Seto, I have some news for you. Your probably not going to be to happy about it...' I stopped when I noticed he wasn't paying attention to me, but instead his paperwork. I growled whacked him in the back of the head, "Look and Listen to me when I'm talking to you dammit!"

He sighed exasperatingly and spun around in his chair, it was one of those computer chairs that spin, "What is it? I'm trying to work you know, I do have a company to run."

"I'm well aware of that, but this is more important then your damn company." I growl.

"What could be important enough to bother me while I'm working." He questions, raising an eyebrow. I narrowed my eyes at him for that comment. He was so damn narrow-minded.

"Fine, I wouldn't want to waste anymore of your time so I'll cut straight to the chase; I'm pregnant." He just stared at me.

"Last time I check April 1st was about 6 months ago." He said in a monotonous voice.

"I'm serious dammit!"

"Sure you are, now I have a company to run." He said, turning back around.

"You don't believe me? Dammit Seto this isn't something I pulled out of my ass this morning to annoy you with, I'm fucking serious!" I screamed.

"Last time I checked you were a male. Males don't get pregnant." He replied, now typing away on his fucking laptop.

"It doesn't fucking matter when you involve Shadow Magic!" I growled, grabbing the back of his chair and spinning him around, I then pulled up my shirt to show him my no-longer flat stomach, "Does this look like joke to you?"

His eyes widened as he stared at my stomach, looking pretty much horrified. I had a feeling in my gut that this wasn't going to be taken lightly. He suddenly stood up and glared down at me, "How did this happen?"

"I don't know!" I yelled.

"How can you not know?" He yelled back,

"I just don't okay? It probably happened because we had sex in the Shadow Realm!" I tell him, seeing no other reasonable explanation.

"Then why the hell did you let us have sex in the Shadow Realm?"

"How the hell was I suppose to know this would happen? You think I wanted this? Think I planned this? Hell fucking NO! I didn't want this at all, for the past few months I've been going through hell, throwing up, hardly being able to sleep, and when I actually COULD sleep you kept me up all night because you were fucking horny! Hell, this probably wouldn't have happened if you didn't demand sex from me every damn day!"

"Well that was the only fucking reason I kept you around! It's not like your good for anything else! So that obviously makes you pretty much useless now! So get the fuck out of my house. Now." His voice was a mere whisper towards the last sentence.

I stared at him in disbelief. The only thing I was good for was sex? That hurt more then I thought it would... I never actually believed Marik when he told me he was only using me...

"You can't be serious!" I screamed.

Seto narrowed his eyes at me, "I'm dead serious. I want your ass out of here. Now." He hissed out, his voice cold and his gave unfaltering. I could tell from both his tone and the gleam in his eyes that he meant it and if I didn't leave now I would be forced out by his damned security guards.

After narrowing my eyes further at my now ex-lover, I swiftly turned and stormed out of the mansion.

End Flashback:

Oh yes, killing the bastard is on the top of my priority list... maybe I could get Marik to lure him out with the Millennium Rod into a secluded area and proceed to murder him there. Oh yes, that would do nicely.

Hmm, somehow I've ended up downtown. Oh well, I survived on the streets in Egypt, I sure as hell can do it now. Besides, it was harder to survive back then, so I shouldn't have problem surviving now. I have 3 knives and a dagger on my person, I'll be fine. It'll be a little harder to steal things with the extra weight and all, but I'm the King of Thieves, I can handle it.

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