Okay, I've finally gotten bored enough to change this poem. Sorry about the spelling mistakes before, I got a friend to write it over the phone. Well, here you go!

Flower Guy

Flower Guy's real name
Is prince Komali
And every time I see him
The very depress-ed is he

He stands there every day and night
Looking for Medli
Even though me and you know
Gone for a long time is she

So I went up to Flower Guy
He told me he was sad
He told me around 59 times
It made me very mad

And so I took out my bomb bag
Prepared to blow up the lad
Cause I knew making him say something else
Would make me very glad

But when the bombs exploded
He stood there right as rain
Even though exploding bombs
Should have put him in pain

I tried every thing, even my leaf
But nothing I did gain
Flower Guy said he was sad
And then I went insane

I grabbed flower guy, looked him in the eye
"Why are you sad" I said
Prince Komali just looked away and mumbled
"My flowers dead"

And so I traveled far and wide
And did every thing in my power
To make Flower Guy say something else
To get him a new flower

I sailed to 49 different islands
Like Windfall, Outset and Shark
I had to babysit Ivan
And play hide and go seek in the park

I had to stop a thief
And I got beat up a lot
I went through dungeons and temples
And the Tower of the Gods

I had to beat up Ganon
And it was lame and boring
I saved the world and got the girl
That same old hero story

And I sailed back to Dragon Roost
A look of failure on my face
And guess what my friend Flower Guy
Was in the very same place

"I'm sad" he said and I rolled my eyes
"Because your flower died?"
He nodded and looked away
And on the ground I lied

And looked over Flower Guy's feet
And just what did I find?
A flower right beside Komali
A flower of the very same kind

I picked it up and shoved it in his hand
"Here you go" I said
But the moment that he touched it
The flower wilted and was dead

And so to this day
Prince Komali will always be there
because everything he touches dies
I mean just look at his hair!

The end

Haha I've never actually gotten to say what I thought about this poem. I have tried time, and time, and time again to try and get Komali to say something elseā€¦ failing miserably. I just used the 'Just look at his hair' thing because I needed something that rhymed, and plus, it's funny. This came out better then expected, and I really hope you like it! Please review if you did!