Justine and Archie's Opening Night for Flying Fish

The tiny, newly brilliantly developed, and sophisticated eatery on busy street in downtown London opened at six o'clock for the very first time. Co-owners Justine Simpleton and Archie MacDonald raced around the main dinning room seating patrons who had lined up at the door. The customers came to sample for the first time the fresh entrees of fish, venison, mutton, you name it, and Flying Fish served it…even the traditional Scottish cuisine of haggis.

The lines at the door were due to also Lizzie, Archie's older and only sister and her public relations with flocking food critics. Archie was amazed, bedazzled and relieved at the sturdy turn out and Justine wasn't as nervous as she was earlier that day. Archie thought about his older brother Jamie, his parents and what they were missing…aside from their opening night barkeep.

"Where's Lizzie? We need that bartender she promised to show and soon so we can serve the customers their pints and such without them having to wait!" Archie fretted as Justine grinned "Now you're a bundle of nerves? I'm sure she's on the way."

"This is…" Archie stood behind Justine with his arm draped on her shoulder and they were both all smiles at the customers rolling in. Waiters and waitresses sat them at beige topped tables with plain white cloth napkins and silver salt and pepper shakers aside from utensils marking out the place settings.

"Wonderful!" A voice added from behind Archie.

"Lizzie! Oh good you came! Where's Gerald---he was supposed to handle the alcohol?" Archie beamed as Lizzie and Archie hugged.

"And miss my little brother's big night? Hello Justine—oh and Gerald had some séances to do—you know, new wave medicine and people to 'heal' spiritually—contacting spirits of the dead-rah-rah-rah—so it's just me," Lizzie hugged Justine too. Archie gave Lizzie a strange look, she always had weird boyfriends and Gerald, Archie assumed must be the most peculiar one yet.

"Wait…oh no…who's gonna serve up the good spirited drinks? My wait staff's running mad serving the food…I guess I have too? I mean I was counting on Gerald---?" Archie whined with a bit of worry as Justine tried to calm him down by wrapping her arm around him warmly.

"Hi Lizzie," Justine replied back and added, "You look gorgeous!"

Lizzie and Justine began to chat on and on about Lizzie's new blouse, trousers and boots that she bought for this prime occasion. Archie half listened as he continued to study the inner makings of his and Justine's two year dream come alive---to run the best restaurant in all of London.

Moments later, into the restaurant came another familiar face to Archie, as he grinned again, "David!"

"Archie—you ol' dog—how are you? I got the 'e-invite' from Jamie weeks ago and thought I'd pop on by…where is he—washing the dogs? I hadn't heard back from him and assumed he'd be here." As David Fraser and Archie exchanged a 'manly' hug and David glanced about the room and grinned at Lizzie, "Lizzie, you look simply lovely and quite a surprise to see you. Justine, dazzling as always," David smiled at her too.

"Hi David—I'd never miss it for the world my little brother's big night," Lizzie said with a nod of her head before remarking for Archie, "Mother, Father and Jamie couldn't make it. Apparently Father, the rude ol' goat that he is, picked this weekend of all weekends Jamie's coronation and celebration. Most of the clan's meant to be there and the proctor already spent a few days with them!"

"Jamie being Laird of Glenbogle—ha, that completely slipped my mind, ah well more for us then, right Arch?" David answered merrily with his hands in his pockets.

"I swear Father did it to spite me…Justine and I sweat blood and tears to get this place up and going and Father couldn't have the decency to put off Jamie's becoming Laird…" Archie mumbled disappointed, which made David's brows rise and Lizzie continued trying to put a positive spin on the conversation, "Anyway, the show must go on here! We can rub it into Jamie's face later on! Now about the bar…" Lizzie set her sight on David and then Archie.

Justine grinned and then stated firmly while peering over to Archie and the others, "Sorry to zip off, but we really need to mingle with our guests. Lizzie, we can't thank-you enough—people are still streaming in because of you!"

"No need to thank me, just keep your patrons happy!" Lizzie winked and suggested, "Let me mix drinks!"

"You?" David asked with a chuckle and tilted his head to look at Lizzie.

"Aye, me David, I know how to keep a bar going—without Gerald even! Do you?" Lizzie challenged as Archie asked diligently, "You're sure you know what you're doing Lizzie? I mean…"

"Nah, Arch! Don't worry the bar is in good hands as long as I have an extra set, Fraser? Mind you did pitch in at Mummy and Daddy's last ball-yes?" Lizzie cast her eyes at David again, trying to rope him in. David hadn't seen Lizzie for awhile, actually a long while, at Glenbogle Ball last year and he helped her pass out champagne and drams of whiskey to the guests at Molly's request. Lizzie then took off her lengthy leather jacket hung it from a nearby coat rack. She trotted behind the snazzy bar top with shelves of colorful bottles with crisp labels marking each type of alcohol behind it. David spoke to Archie while dazzled at Lizzie's sudden burst of energy as she put three cocktails together and a couple stiffer drinks at once on a serving tray, "Looks like I'm helping Arch and in the nick of time—of course I remember, speed demon Liz, how could I forget?"

"No tasting the merchandise though you two!" Archie joked as David removed his suit coat, zoomed behind the bar too, and proceeded to unbutton his cuffs of his shirt and roll up his sleeves and retorted back, "I wouldn't dream of it…well, maybe!" David laughed again while joining Lizzie. Archie then sauntered off to the kitchen when he heard a loud crash and sprinted…Lizzie and David peered over to each other again before stopping what they were doing and following Archie. The patrons looked towards the kitchen too before going back to eating their meals and enjoying themselves.

Archie hollered out from the kitchen, as he went to Justine's side, "What happened? Justine, you all right? Give her some air!" Archie shooed the concerned kitchen staff away from his girlfriend.

"Just feeling faint that's all," Justine said , as Archie added whilst helping Justine to her feet and guiding her to the nearby steps that led to the loft where their desk was, "I told you getting all flustered about tonight and not eating wasn't a good idea. Water, Lenny, get Justine some water!"