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Chapter One: Bloody Royals!

I, Lily Marie Evans, smiled proudly at the sight before me. Elise, my only other female accompaniment on this blasted ship, was moodily scrubbing the deck while muttering to herself. Adam, my best mate and second in command, was ordering around the other crew members, occasionally pointing to random objects. Irdon, my cook, was bustling around the deck, trying to find a certain ingredient to make the "perfect dinner for tonight".

Satisfied, I turned back towards the ship's wheel, my black vest flapping in the wind and my curly, red hair bellowing out behind me. I was the captain of The Avenger, and I was damn proud of it. Nothing could stop me from doing what I wanted to do; not the soldiers, not the royals. And if one can get past the royals, then hell, they can get past anyone. Damn royals; they think they are better than everyone else. I especially hate the prince of England: Charles Wedower.

He is cocky, rude, selfish and a complete prat. Yes, I met him once, when I was a royal. I used to be a princess, but everyone thinks that Princess Lillian is dead, and that's the way I want to keep it. No more balls and wearing corsets for me. Corsets are the worst, trust me, they choke the living daylights out of you if you aren't careful. And the maids! You say, "No thank you. That is quite enough." And they keep doing what they were doing or keep asking you what you truly want and to not be ashamed since you are the princess after all. As if royals are some kind of god. I snorted; they were far from it. Conniving, heartless liars is what "folk of the higher standard" are.

"Miss Evans! Miss Evans!" A boy that I had picked out somewhere along the coast of Africa said to me in a desperate voice. In Africa he had begged for me to give him a chance to board The Avenger to the point that he practically got down on his hands and knees. His name was Jared I believe.

"Yes, Jared. What 'tis it?" I asked patiently, looking down at my compass once more to see if I was continuing to go North. For my plan was to go to the coast of England and raid their ports, as the Americans once did.

"Elliot…he fell ma'am!" Jared sputtered out, leaning on his knees for support and breathing hard.

I quickly turned towards the African American and put my hand on his shoulders, giving him a serious stare. Elliot was my best watchful eye and I couldn't afford to lose him, especially now. "I want you to keep the ship going North while I go help Elliot. Do you think you can do that for me?" I asked him patiently, as I always was with him.

Jared nodded quickly and took the compass out of my hand, still breathing hard. "I can do that miss. Please go help Elliot!"

I smiled slightly at him and turned towards where I heard Adam yelling for me. "I'm coming Adam!" I yelled back, running at full speed towards my wounded crewmate. Skidding to a halt beside Elliot on my knees, I gently lifted his head up and pushed the blonde hair out of his emerald eyes. "What happened Elliot?" I asked softly.

Suddenly his forest green eyes opened wide, and his mouth was mouthing words that I had not the knowledge to know. I was raised to have a fair education, but I had left the royal shenanigan at the age of eight-teen, leaving with some education; enough that I had abilities to get by. I was more street smart than book smart.

"Elliot, you need to talk." Adam said commandingly, gently wiping the cut that now adorned Elliot's head.

"I saw…" Elliot began, his eyes still wide open. "I saw the Black Ship. It was coming our way and I tried to call out to another mate. While I was doing that, the damned ship blasted a cannon towards my post and almost hit me but I jumped down in time. I saved my own life, Miss Evans! My own life!" He ranted.

"Yes you did. Now I'm going to have Elise take you back to your bunk and your going to get some rest, okay?" I said to him in a commanding voice, gently lifting him up towards the black haired woman that had finished scrubbing the floors.

Adam approached me after Elliot was taken back to his bunk in the bow of the ship. "Do you believe him? About the Black Ship I mean. Surely that thing wouldn't just pop up out of nowhere in the middle of broad daylight!" My best mate said, his gray eyes looking at me with a hidden expectancy of an answer.

I sighed; I could not even give myself one. "I'm sorry. This riddle I must think about. The Black Ship hasn't been seen for years! Years! And then it shows up to attack poor Elliot? Maybe Elliot has gone insane; only keeping watch and doing nothing else can make you have some hallucinations."

"You would know." Adam muttered to me, his ebony hair getting ruffled by the breeze. "Do you remember when you hallucinated that you were sword fighting your father? That was bloody hilarious! You were drunk, but-"

"Okay, I get the point, Adam." I said crossly, giving my best mate a dry look. "Oh! Do you remember when you made that bet that you could take four ladies to bed at once. Once the found out they smacked your jet black haired head right out the door. And it was even a hore house too! Imagine that; you got rejected by horse!" Laughing at my own joke, I realized no one else had been listening to our conversation to laugh with me so I quickly covered my laughs into a coughing. Several crewmembers looked at me weirdly and asked if I was alright.

"Hardy bloody har. Very funny, Miss Evans. Not taking into account when you wanted us to murder the whole blood line of the England royals."

"Well…they deserve it! Bloody royals." I said defiantly, looking up into Adam's stormy orbs.

"I'm sure…" He trailed, looking at me with uncertain etched into his voice and face. "I'll just go over here now; you know, take care of this side of the boat, eh?" My best mate said, leaving me to roll my eyes at his retreating back.

A Hispanic boy ran up to me; he was about the age of Jared: sixteen. His name was Juan if I remembered correctly and he helped Jared run errands and make sure the boat doesn't get stolen when we are on raids. "Miss Evans, we are reaching England, but a small English island is just up ahead, and the boys wanted to know if we could raid that too." With his black hair and dark eyes, Juan was the perfect image of tall, dark, and handsome.

"Do they now? And you say this is an English island, correct?" I asked, rubbing my chin in thought. If it was an English island then we will raid it.

"Correct. It is too close to the English borders to not be under English control." Juan informed me. He was a smart boy; why would he want to be a pirate? Lack of adventure in his life? What a shame; but I knew how that felt. Being a royal, I got to do absolutely nothing on my own. I was always aided; my maids saying that I was "too delicate to handle such matters". Right, my ass. They would probably scream at me for becoming a pirate, but they thought I was dead, so who cares?

"Then let's strip it's land dry!" I stated, new vigor flowing through my veins. I really did love my boys; they were the only closest thing I have to family, whether I like it or not. But I knew that I loved having them around; when they were drunk…let's just say we now have some times to laugh about.

Minutes later, The Avenger, my baby ship, boarded the shores of what Juan found out to be called Gilligan. Such a queer name for an island. Especially one by England; I thought the name would be more…sophisticated. Whoever named this place as drunk out of their minds, no doubt.

I jumped off my ship, landing gracefully on the soft sand. Tall coconut trees lined the borders of the island, but there was one path leading straight through the island and I assumed to go that way to reach the village. We walked through the dense path, strange animals scurrying before us. Some crewmembers knew their animals; they could name any animal we saw off the top of their heads. Well, at least Nicholas and Juan could.

Nicholas was the smart one, so it was no surprise that he knew the animal's names. He had dark red hair and crystal blue eyes, making it seem as if we were related. Even I myself sometimes thought of him as a long lost brother. Nick was the same age as me, and we both had freckles; not a very common trait one sees now-a-days.

"I'm hungry! We'd better find this village soon!" Eric, officially labeled as the pirate that complains the most on our ship, whined out of pure boredom.

"Will you be bloody quite for at least fifteen more minutes, Eric?" Adam said, turning his head slightly towards Eric and giving him the "death glare", as I had named the look that burned holes through everyone's eyes except mine. Being Adam's best mate definitely had its perks.

"No, because we've been walking for a fucking hour and haven't found anything!" Eric spoke once more; he was now getting on my nerves.

I spun around to have emerald bore into chocolate depths, "Would you rather me leave you to die and rot?"

Eric gulped, his brown orbs showing genuine fear. Good, an excellent captain should be able to strike fear in their crewmates; even if they are close to the captain. "No ma'am." He stated, and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Bloody hell, kid! You're going to get us killed one day." Elise said, sword out and ready. "With that big mouth of yours, we never know what will hear your loud voice and pop out to kill us!" She rolled her dark blue eyes at Eric, turning around once more to continue the trail.

When Elise had turned around, Eric started to mimic her, waving his hands in the air stupidly. He got to the part where Elise had said "big mouth of yours" before he got a smack from Adam who was getting annoyed. Eric moaned in pain and rubbed the bump that was forming before glaring at the back of my best mate's head.

For a good fifteen minutes more we walked until we finally came upon a village large enough to pillage. Regular sized houses were scattered around the village; large palm trees outlined the border of the village. I could see the excitement in my crew's eyes as they scanned the area. Then, my emerald orbs landed on something that disturbed me greatly. Instinctively, I pulled out my sword and dropped down behind the bushes the blocked the village's vision of us.

"What's the matter?" Adam hissed to me, obviously annoyed at the delay.

"The fucking British army is here. Why the hell did we come? Who didn't see this?" I whispered feverishly, glaring at each of my crewmates that were with me.

"Um…it was actually me, Lily." Nick said sheepishly. "I didn't know the British army were going to be here; I apologize." Just my luck that the smart one was the one that got us in shit. Fabulous.

"I suppose we will have to make due with what we have now. We will still pillage. Remember-no raping, no hostages. Got it?" I whispered to them. They nodded and I unsheathed my second sword. "Okay. On three. One. Two. Three!"

We were out of those bushes faster than you could say "banshee" and we ran at the guards full speed. I got to the guards first, and they drew their swords on me.

"What do we have here? A female pirate? My day just keeps getting better and better!" A soldier said to me, and anger boiled deep within my veins. I lunged at him and before he could react I stabbed him in his throat, blood dripping from his wound. Snorting at the impudence of men, I quickly moved on to my next victim before entering the first house I could get to.

When I entered I saw a mother protectively holding her newborn child. "Go, you filthy pirate! Leave my home alone! And don't you dare touch my newborn!" She cried out to me, cuddling the bundle in her arms even closer. I looked down at the blood stained swords that I held in my hands. As if I was sickened by the sight of them, I sheathed them and got down on my knees before the woman.

"I promise you: I will make sure not one more of my men step foot into your house or even by your property." I swore to her. This woman needed all the help she could get; I did not see a father around, so I assumed she was a single mother. Not an easy thing to be when your little island is in debt. I suddenly felt guilty for deciding to raid this island. No, I cannot feel regret; I'm a pirate for bloody sake! "I bid you good day, and a good, happy rest of your life ma'am." I said before exiting and looking around me.

Adam was no where to be seen, but he soon came out of what I assumed was one of the richer man's houses he arms laden with jewels and gold. Elise was having fun killing off the guards and making bets with Juan to see who could kill the most. Nick was being the judge and counting the dead bodies that littered the ground. Eric-even though he is a complainer-was actually making himself worthwhile as he came out of a hut with a golden crown on his head and intricate rings adorning his fingers.

I felt a burning sensation cut through my arm, and I spun around to meet the most gorgeous man I had ever met. Clutching my arm as blood poured out of it, I examined his features, paying no heed to my wound. His hair was dark and messy, but so sexy at the same time. He had piercing hazel eyes that were leering at me right now. Smiling sheepishly at him for getting caught, I unsheathed my swords and bowed down to show my sign of respect from him.

He returned it before making the first move. The dark haired man spun around and tried to vertically slash at me, but I blocked his attack with expertise. My dark brown boots worked over the ground as I spun around him and held the blade to his neck. I had won already.

"Such a shame." I whispered in his ear as he struggled to get out of my grasp. "I do hope you work on your parrying skills before we meet again." And with that, I released him and called off the attack to go back to the ship.

The hazel eyed man just watched us as we left, taking everything with us that we could find. I did not mention the incident with the young woman in the hut with the baby; they would have thought I was going soft.

When we finally reached our destination, I had Nicholas configure how much money we had earned.

"We earned about ten thousand bucks." Nick informed us.

Eric's face turned up in what I supposed what either disgust or disappointment. "We did all that for ten thousand bucks? What a rip off."

"Be happy with what you have. Remember that always, Eric." Adam said, tapping his blood stained sword on the top of the brunette's head. He swatted the offending object away as Adam chuckled.

"COME ON YOU GUYS! MOVE YOUR SCRAWNY ASSES AND GET THIS SHIP MOVING!" I yelled to my crew, and they all scurried about getting the ship ready for take off once more. It wasn't long before we were out to sea again, and I breathed in the fresh, salty ocean air.

A cool, metal feeling was against my neck and I smelt a masculine smell behind me. "Miss me?" I immediately recognized the voice to belong to the dark haired man.

"With every second we were apart." I said before I elbowed him in the rib cage, hearing at least a few bones crack. He released me and I quickly turned around to face him, sword drawn. "By the way, my name is Lily; Lily Evans."

As the man was gasping for air he nodded. When he finally caught his breath he said, "I'm James; James Potter. That was a hearty welcome, but now that I'm on your ship, you can help me mend all the bones you broke in my ribcage."

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