Summary- Two years after they all become rich and famous, Tony regrets ever leaving Stacy. He goes in search of him but Stacy is in a steady relationship with someone else. Tony must find a way to get Stacy back.

Notes: Jay is a drug addict but Stacy is trying to help him any way he can. Ryan is Stacy's boyfriend.

They walked slowly down the beach. Stacy's hair blew softly behind him. Jay wore a beanie to protect him from the cold. Jay offered Stacy his cigarette but the blond shook his head, jay shrugged and took a hit.

"Hey guess what," jay said. "this news reporter offered me three grand to do some interview."

"That's great Jay, did you take it?" Stacy smiled, he was happy for his friend.

Jay laughed, "Yeah right. I told him to go fuck himself."

Stacy stopped walking, "Why? It's a great opportunity. "

Jay laughed again. "Yeah lets talk about how bad I failed. Lets talk about how I stayed a loser while you and Tony got all the big bucks. I don't think I want to bear my soul on national TV."

Stacy didn't say anything. Jay raised his hand an slowly caressed his soft cheek. "You're the only reason I keep on living you know."

Stacy shook his head. "You have your mom, your other friends, Skip."

"They're nothing to me. Mom doesn't know I exist, my supposed friends are stupid, and Skip is too busy with the shop. You're the only one that keeps me going." Slowly he got close to his friend, his lips slowly touched Stacy's pink lips. It was a soft kiss, caressing and loving. Then Jay pulled away and placed a tender kiss on the blushing cheek. Stacy smiled at him he took his hand and they slowly walked down the dark beach.

To any other person who didn't know better they would have thought they were going out. They looked happy and comfortable enough with each other to be boyfriends but they weren't.

"So how's business," Jay asked.

"I'm taking a break" Stacy said. "I got three months to relax and do whatever I want. I'm staying in that same house, you can visit whenever you want." There was a silence for a long time, it wasn't uncomfortable they enjoyed it. Stacy took something out of his pocket. "Here," he offered it to Jay, it was money.

Jay shook his head. "No I'm okay," he said refusing to take the money.

"Take it Jay. I know you need to pay the rent and get food. It's okay." Jay still shook his head. "Please just take it for me. I would feel so much better." Jay took it with a heavy sigh. They kissed on the lips again and kept on walking.

The detective walked into the very large backyard. On a pool chair there was Tony Alva, the man who had hired him, with a blond woman on his lap. They were kissing passionately and his hands were touching her all over her body. The detective had to clear his throat to be noticed.

"You found him," Tony asked


Immediately Tony told the girl to leave, she left with an angry scowl.

"Where is he," Tony looked serious and desperate at the same time. He poured himself a glass of tequila and didn't bother to offer the detective any.

"He's in Venice California, moved there about a week ago. He's planning on staying there for at least three months."

"Does he live alone?"

"No apparently he lives there with his boyfriend," Tony tensed. "He also visits Jay Adams a lot."

Tony called his travel agent and quickly had her book a ticket to Venice California.