Plot: Okay, so it's season six, a couple episodes after "Dead Things." Spike comes back from getting his soul and he pursues Buffy. However Angel shows up and also is in pursuit of Buffy. Buffy's faced with the decision of her first love and her new affiliation. The things that won't happen: Spike will not be crazy once he gets his soul (because The First isn't involved in my story) and Spike never tried to rape Buffy (once she dismissed him he went and got his soul, no raping of any kind). What will happen: Spike will come back to Sunnydale with his soul (no craziness), Angel will come back to Sunnydale, and there will be laughs in every chapter.

Chapter One

Everyone, except Dawn who was over at Janice's, was gathered in the kitchen at Buffy's house. Giles had brought a couple books with him even though Buffy's new found nemesis…is…es, weren't listed. Tara and Willow brought two spell books, definitely more helpful than books on demons. And Xander and Anya brought bagels.

"They can mess with time, they can call demons, these three are like the ten plagues of Egypt wrapped into three people," Buffy stated.

"Will there be frogs?" Willow panicked.

"I don't think they'll resort to frogs sweetie." Tara rubbed her lover's arms to try and comfort her.

"Who wants the white speckled one?" Anya said as she pulled it out of the paper bag. Everyone looked at her with disgust.

"That's sesame seed Ahn," Xander informed her as he removed it from her hand. Everyone made an 'o' face and nodded, glad that it wasn't a disease ridden bagel.

"I like sesame," Giles said.

Xander tossed it to him but Giles wasn't ready and panicked when it hit him in the face, making him fall off the barstool and onto the floor. "Sorry Giles," Xander said.

Anya bent down and looked at him on the floor from the opposite side of the island. "You okay Giles?"

Giles looked up at her, upset no one came over and helped him. "Fine Anya. Thank you."

"All right." Anya stood upright again and said, "Giles is all right."

"Everything," Xander called. Silence. "No one? Bueller?" Tara kept her eyes on her book and Willow kept tapping away at her computer, taking bites from her plain with cream cheese. "More for me." He placed the bagel on the counter in front of him.

Giles straightened his glasses and tugged at the bottom of his jacket when he rose from the floor. He went back to the books he brought and tried looking up something.

Anya went to the refrigerator and pulled out the orange juice. She grabbed a cup and poured some in it. "Xander, would you like some orange concentrate beverage?"

"No thanks. Poppyseed?"

"Me," Tara called. Xander tossed it to her and she easily caught it.

"See that's what you were supposed to do," Xander told Giles.

Giles looked up from his book and took a bite out of his bagel with his eyes on Xander.

"Oh ew!" Anya said, spitting the juice in the sink. "This juice tastes like ass." She wiped her mouth with disgust. Anya put the glass in Xander's face and suggested, "Try it."

"I'm trying to stay off the ass juice, but thanks." Xander pushed the glass away. "Plain for Buffy? Considering that's all that's left."

"Plain's good," Buffy said. She caught the bagel and unfolded it from the parchment paper. There was lots of cream cheese smothered on it which brought a smile to Buffy's face.

"What do I get sweetie?" Anya asked.

"You get a plain." Xander handed her the last bagel and crumpled up the bag.

"There's an excessive amount of cheese cream on here" Anya observed.

"Cream cheese," Xander corrected. "There usually is because Tony goes over the top with the toppings. But better too much than too little. You can just wipe some of it off."

"Can we get back to the subject at hand?" Giles asked. "We have a trio to worry about."

"No, The Trio," Buffy corrected.

"And Spike's sudden disappearing act," Tara reminded him.

Buffy's head jerked to Tara when she heard his name. Spike. She had been so mean to him and taken him for granted. All he wanted was her love and instead she punches him in the face and says she'll never love him.

"That's a magic trick I don't want to know the secret to," Xander stated.

"But whatever took him could be coming after us," Willow elaborated.

"Can't we just sit around and hope that doesn't happen?"

"I don't think evil would care."

"Curse them and their lack of morals."

"Ooo, I got something." Everyone looked at her with promise. Willow clicked on the link she found and began reading. "Ultimate Evil: The Guide to- oh. Sorry. It's a Dungeons and Dragons thing."

"Dungeons and Dragons!" Xander exclaimed. He rushed over to the computer and took a quick look at the page. He gazed up and noticed everyone was watching him. "I mean… dumb."

Willow clicked out of it and continued searching.

When night came Angel stepped out the tomb he took cover in. He was wearing black pants and a dark grey t-shirt under his black leather jacket. He walked across the grass, feeling it squish beneath his feet. Los Angeles's grass wasn't like this. It was harder. Enough about grass. He needed to get to Buffy. For once it wasn't about oncoming doom or an apocalypse. He was going to her for a third chance at love. What they had was so special and he didn't want to be without it any more.

Angel walked down the stone path. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the motorcycle coming towards him.


Angel fell to the ground and the bike flew up in the air. The rider jumped off and watched the bike fall to the ground. "That can't be good," they said. He walked over to the body. "You all right mate? Sorry ';bout crashin into ya. The brakes are on the-"

Angel turned over and looked up at a familiar face. "Spike!"

"Angel?" Spike said in disbelief. "If I knew it was you I would've gone faster."

Angel pushed himself off the ground and anger and faced his past time admirer. "What are you doing here?"

"I happen to live here. My tomb's in the next graveyard, what's your excuse?"

"None of your business." Angel turned abruptly and continued on his way.

"You owe me a new motorcycle," Spike said as he followed him.

"Go steal another one."

"'Cause I already stole that one and you broke it."

"You're the one that ran into me Captain Peroxide!"

"You're the one wandering in the middle of the path ya bloody poof!"

Angel gritted his teeth and didn't respond.

"What're ya doin' here?" Angel didn't answer him. "Are you here for Buffy?"

"What's it to you?"

Spike wasn't sure if he should mention that he was recently shagging her on a nightly basis. But instead of thinking about it he just let the words come out. "Because I'm going to Buffy's."

Angel turned and faced him. "Why?"

"Because I want Buffy."

Angel paused, letting the words sink in. Nope, still made no sense. "What?"

"Yea, that's right. I love her."

"You don't know what love is!" Angel accused.

"I damn well do! I loved Drusilla. And now, over the past couple years, I've fallen for Buffy. She wasn't complainin' about it when I was on top of her."

Angel grabbed Spike's leather jacket in rage. "Liar!"

"You wish."

Angel tossed Spike into a gravestone. Spike shook his head because of the hard impact and stood up, unharmed. "Someone a little grumpy they got replaced?"

"She wouldn't," Angel said in disbelief. The thought of the two of them together was buzzing around his brain. Angel angrily rubbed at his head, trying to make the thoughts stop.

"She did." Spike wound up and landed a left hook on Angel's right cheek. Angel fell to the ground, never seeing what hit him. "You left her hear, broken hearted. And I got to pick up the pieces."

Angel looked up from the ground and said, "You don't deserve her."

"I don't? You're the one that tried killing her friends."

"You tried that too!"

"Yea, but I never actually killed anyone close to her. You got your hands on the teacher. Snapped her neck," Spike reminded him.

Angel arose from the pavement, fury in his eyes. "Like you're perfect."

"Never said I was. I'm just better than you."

"Well I'm going to get to her before you."

"Is that a challenge?"

"That's a guarantee."

"Oh really? On three. Onetwothree!" Spike said quickly. The two darted off into the darkness.

Author's Note: Hey everyone. Thanks for checking out my story. Reviews are also greatly appreciated. And, in case you skipped over it, I suggest looking at the plot to understand where in the series this is and what's going on. Thanx! Oh,a dn the Bueller thing Xander mentioned was a reference to the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. In cese you wanted to know or you didn't get it.