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She was huddled in the back of the closet, knees pulled up to her chin, trembling. Her mother had hurried her in there when the knock on the door had sounded, making her promise not to come out until she was called. She was still waiting for the summons. The closet was dark, though, and it had been such a long time. Every time she took a breath the walls seemed to move in a little more. She was more scared of the darkness that wrapped around her in the confined space then whatever was waiting outside. Stumbling as she stood up, she fell against the door. Her muscles were cramping from being held in one position for so long. Cautiously she turned the door knob and stepped into the hallway.

The house was silent. She crept from room to room, observing the ruin around her. Shards of broken dishes covered the kitchen floor. None of the sofa pillows were where they belonged. Two pictures had fallen off of the wall, and now lay on the floor, covered on glass slivers. Nervously she crept into her mother's room. The destruction was even worse in here. Suddenly she heard a low moan on the other side of the bed.

"Mommy?" She ran to the sound, but stopped when she finally found her mom. She was lying in the floor, grasping her left arm tightly to her chest. Her closed eyes were swollen, and blood dripped from her nose. She ran to the table next to the bed, where her mom kept the phone. She had learned all about 911 at school, but didn't know if they could help. She did know someone else though. Picking up the phone she carefully punched in seven numbers.

Someone help me!