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Chapter 18: And they lived happily ever after...

"How are they doing?" asked Robin, walking into the infirmary. Starfire looked up at him as he walked in.

"They have not awoken yet," she replied, looking back down at her friends. Robin walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her narrow waist.

"Alice said that they'll be fine, why don't you come eat?" suggested Robin, nodding his head towards the door.

Starfire looked at her friends once more before nodding.

"I believe I shall accompany you for the evening meal," she said, turning around. She grabbed his hand and they walked towards the door.

"They sure make a cute couple," whispered Beast Boy, opening his eyes and looking towards Raven's bed. She remained still and he smiled lightly. "C'mon Rae, I can tell your awake."

"Don't call me Rae," she replied, eyes still closed. Beast Boy laughed lightly and turned fully in his bed so that he was facing her. "How long have you been awake?" she asked, opening her eyes a little.

"About as long as you have," smirked Beast Boy. "And you knew all along."

Raven smiled lightly. It was true. Since she had woken up after the separation, she had felt closer to Beast Boy. Like they shared a bond. She had been able to some how… sense that Beast Boy was awake as well.

"So… what happened? I mean… why do I feel so… connected to you?" asked Beast Boy. Raven opened her eyes fully and turned so she was facing him as well.

"I think it's because of the time we spent having only one mind. It's like you left a part of yourself in me, and vice versa," explained Raven. "But, this isn't exactly a common occurrence, so this is just a guess."

Beast Boy nodded, looking at Raven intently. After a while, Raven turned away, blushing.

"Why are you staring at me?" she asked, shifting around in her bed.

"I just remembered something," replied Beast Boy.

"Remembered what?" asked Raven, although she knew exactly what he was talking about. Instead of replying, Beast Boy stood up from his bed and walked over to Raven's. He sat down next to her and she sat up.

"You said you love me," he told her, holding her hands in his. "And we were going to kiss."

"Were we?" Raven asked playfully.

"Uh huh," nodded Beast Boy, moving his face closer to hers. He lifted one gloved hand and brushed some of her dark purple hair away from her face. Resting his hand on her cheek, he pulled her closer until their lips were touching. Raven's eyes fluttered closed and she leaned into the kiss, as she was overwhelmed by several pleasant feelings. Her hands unconsciously traveled up until one was resting behind his neck and the other combed lightly through his green hair. She shivered as Beast Boy's hands moved down from her face and onto her back, pulling her even closer to him. Raven's eyes widened a bit when she felt Beast Boy's tongue run across her lips, asking for entrance, but she quickly closed them and parted her lips a bit to let him in.

After a few minutes they pulled apart, gasping for breath.

"Wow," was all Beast Boy could think of saying when he finally caught his breath. Raven nodded in agreement. Beast Boy smiled widely. "I always knew you loved me," he told her. Raven raised one eyebrow.

"Really?" she replied, disbelieving.

"Of course," replied Beast Boy, flashing one of his goofy smiles at her. Raven smirked.

"Come on, we should go show everyone we're all right," said Raven, standing up from her bed. Feeling strangely light, she looked around and spotted her cloak resting on one of the chairs sitting in the room, along with her and Beast Boy's boots and belts.

Beast Boy watched in amazement as she walked towards the chair. It wasn't the fact that she was walking there that amazed him; it wasn't even the sight of Raven without her cloak on (although he was enjoying the view). It was the fact that Raven's cloak, body suit and boots were white that was amazing him.

Noticing Beast Boy's gaze, Raven smiled.

"My outfit always turns white when all my emotions are completely balanced and at ease. It's when my powers are in the most control," she explained. "It should change back in a day or two."

Beast Boy nodded and walked over to where she was standing and put on his belt and boots. Once they had both finished, they turned and walked out of the infirmary, hand in hand.

Cyborg smiled, sitting down on the couch. He watched as Alice looked around the common room in wonder.

"This place is amazing!" she exclaimed. "Like some place in a book… or a sci-fi movie!"

"I guess," responded Cyborg, leaning into the blue cushions. He supposed, to someone who wasn't used to it, that the Tower would be pretty awesome. As he watched the girl walk around the room, examining anything that caught her eye, he found himself thinking about her. She had come of nowhere and helped immensely when they were trying to get Beast Boy and Raven back. Even if they had found them and learned about the glass, none of them would have known that they needed to inject a serum right after the glass cut them. If it weren't for Alice, Beast Boy and Raven would be dead right now.

Cyborg watched as she pulled some of her long hair out of her face, as she leaned over the game station. He felt his heart beat a bit faster and he looked away quickly.

'It's like she doesn't even know how gorgeous she is,' he thought. As soon as the thought entered his head, he shoved it away, mentally scolding himself. 'Stop thinking about her like that, Cy! You've just gotta accept the fact that you're gonna be alone for the rest of your life. Why would she want to go out with a guy who's half robot? I bet she'd rather go out with one of Frank's monsters than date me,' he told himself. He was so deep into his self-berating, he didn't notice that Alice had sat down next to him until she spoke.

"So, Cyborg," she said, pulling him away from his thoughts with a jolt. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry if I was rude earlier."

"Huh?" Cyborg thought back, trying to figure out what she was talking about.

"Well, when I first ran into you and I got angry and called you Tin Man, I wasn't exactly being polite," she reminded him.

"Oh, no. Don't worry 'bout that. You were trying to help and I wasn't taking you seriously. I should be apologizing to you," said Cyborg.

Alice smiled and silently looked out the window.

"So, what are you going to do now? I mean, how are you going to live on your own?" asked Cyborg, breaking the silence.

"I don't know," she replied truthfully.

"I was thinking," Cyborg said hesitantly. Alice looked at him and he took a deep breath before continuing. "Maybe you might wanna-" he stopped, collecting his thoughts. Alice waited patiently for him to continue. "-Wanna live here. In the Tower. As a Titan."

Alice looked at him in disbelief for a couple seconds before she blushed and smiled.

"I'd really love to," she replied. Cyborg looked at her hopefully. "But it just isn't possible." Cyborg's face fell and he jumped to his feet.

"How is it not possible? You live here, eat here, and help us kick bad guy butt once in a while! It's completely possible!" he yelled, waving his hands in the air. Alice smiled and giggled softly. Cyborg sat back down beside her and she took his hand.

"OK, so it's possible. It's just not… well… it just wouldn't work," she told him. "I'm not a super hero. I'd love to be, but I'm not! I don't have strange powers, I'm not and alien or from another dimension, and I don't know how to fight."

"That's not a good enough reason," insisted Cyborg, leaning closer to her and speaking a bit lower. "Robin doesn't have powers either! All you need are some gadgets and fighting lessons from Bird Boy. And you know we all want you to join."

"Cyborg is right, friend Alice!" Starfire exclaimed from behind them. Cyborg and Alice jumped and turned around, noticing for the first time that they were no longer alone.

"I'd be glad to give you lessons. You'd have to work hard, but I really think you'd make an awesome addition to the team," added Robin.

"Besides, I'd bet my T-car that you're smarter than both me and Robin combined. You would be a big help if I get another virus," added Cyborg, getting excited.

Alice looked around at the three hopeful faces and smiled widely. For the first time in her life, she felt what real friendship is like… and she liked it.

"Well… if you all think it's a good idea…" she trailed off but everyone got the gist of what she was saying.

"Glorious!" exclaimed Starfire, rushing forward to give Alice a big hug. "We must celebrate as soon as friends Raven and Beast Boy have awoken!"

"Then get out your party hats!" came a happy call from the door. They all turned to see Raven and Beast Boy standing at the doorway, holding hands.

Raven turned in her bed for the twelfth time that night and finally sat up. She had been trying to sleep for hours, but found she just wasn't tired.

'Tea,' she thought, standing up. She reached for her cloak and smiled, looking at the soft white material. It had been two weeks since the separation and her clothes were still white. She could only guess why, but she had a strong suspicion that her requited love for Beast Boy was balancing out all her emotions and her powers would stay under control for as long as she loved him. She knew that her powers would be in control forever.

She pulled on her warm cloak and stepped into the hall. It was too dark to see easily, but she knew the halls well. She found her way to the kitchen quickly.

Once in there she made a beeline for the cupboard that held her precious tea. She was waiting for the water to boil when she felt a now familiar, pleasant tingling sensation. She knew, even before the door opened, that Beast Boy had come for a midnight snack. As she heard the door hiss open, she pulled out a second cup and tea bag. Raven smiled when she felt warm arms wrap around her stomach not long after the doors opened.

She finished making the two cups of tea and sat down at the table as Beast Boy pulled a bowl of grapes out of the fridge and sat down next to her. Every other night was the same. Either Raven or Beast Boy would wake up and walk into the kitchen. Then the other would join them, being able to feel that the other was awake. They always had grapes- green and purple ones- and mint tea.

They ate and drank in comfortable silence. When the grapes were done and their tea only had a couple sips left each, Beast Boy placed his hand on Raven's. She looked up at him.

"Rae, what's the matter?" he questioned, looking into her eyes.

"Nothing," she replied simply. Beast Boy smiled a little. Raven knew her charade was pointless.

Raven sighed. "I was just wondering…" she trailed off. "Never mind, it's stupid."

"Raven, if it's bugging you, then it's not stupid," Beast Boy told her sternly. Raven smiled and lightly squeezed Beast Boy's hand.

"It's just… why do you love me?" she asked. Beast Boy laughed.

"I just do. Why do you love me?" he responded, half-joking, half-serious. Raven had to smile.

"I guess I just do," she replied.

A young woman opened her eyes and smiled at the light streaming through her window. Usually she hated the bright sun in the morning, but today was special, and it was obviously going to be a nice day. A very nice day.

She jumped out of bed and quickly walked down the halls to her two female friends' rooms. They had woken up just as early and as happily and quickly followed the young woman back to her bedroom. They spent the morning helping their friend into her dress and doing her hair and make-up for her. They could hear their male friends down the hall, preparing as well.

The ecstatic woman stayed in her room while her friends left to greet guests and get changed as well. As she waited, she looked at the soft piece of white material that she usually wore. Running her fingers over the tight stitching she couldn't help but smile as she thought of that day, exactly three years ago today, when her cloak had turned white.

She looked up when someone knocked on the door.

"Raven, it's time," came Robin's familiar voice. She opened her door and he led her out onto the roof, where many chairs had been set up. People sat on the chairs and looked at Raven admiringly, but she didn't look at them. Her eyes were focused on the man standing only ten feet away. His eyes were focused on her as well.

Robin led her slowly down the isle and then stood beside Cyborg, the other best man, once they reached the end. Raven turned to look into her soon-to-be-husband's green eyes and the priest began.

The ceremony was beautiful, and Raven was sure she saw Beast Boy tearing up a bit. She graced him with a small smile, and he smiled back.

"The rings," said the priest. Raven turned around and handed her bouquet to Starfire, her maid of honor. She accepted the ring from Alice and turned back, taking Beast Boy's hands in her own. They slipped the rings onto each other's fingers and recited their vows.

"You may now share you first kiss as husband and wife," the priest informed them, and they both did as they were told without argument.

The reception took place in the living room. Beast Boy and Raven cut the cake together and then sat at the head table, which had been set up for the wedding party, as the other guests sat down at smaller tables that had been spread out around the large room.

Beast Boy finished his cake quickly and looked at the other people sharing this special day with he and Raven. Robin and Starfire sat next to each other on the other side of Raven. Starfire had a slight bulge to her stomach and Robin was quite proud. They had gotten married young, at the age of seventeen, and they were extremely happy. Then sitting on the other side of Beast Boy were Alice and Cyborg. They had started dating a year and a half ago. They had yet to tie the knot, but they had plenty of time and were clearly in love. It was a small wedding party, but Robin, Starfire, Cyborg and Alice were the four most important people in both Beast Boy and Raven's lives.

Next Beast Boy looked at the guests. There were a lot. The Titans East and all of the Teen Titans' allies had come to join in the festivities. Even the Justice League had come to give their blessings to the newly weds.

Finally, his eyes landed on Raven, his new wife. He was excited, to say the least, about spending his life with her by his side. The thought of not having her next to him petrified him. He knew he would never do anything to hurt Raven, and he knew she wouldn't hurt or leave him either. He smiled and looked forward to his new life with Raven.


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