The Rat Plus the Onigiri Equals Cat

Chapter 1: Tragic Twists

Princess Sango

"Tohru," came the dragon's stern voice, "you're pregnant, but who were you with?" His eyes showed concern for her as Hatori watched her blush.

"Y-yuki-kun, Hatori-san, is this a problem?" asked Tohru looking up at Hatori who had placed his hand on her shoulder and shook his head slowly, as if it would take her time to comprehend. "That's a relief."

"It's only a problem for Yuki," came Hatori's voice softly.

Tohru's eyes widened and looked up at Hatori, "What do you mean?"

Hatori stayed quiet for a minute and sat down in his chair. Turning to his files he pulled a neon orange file and pushed it into Tohru's arms, "I think you should read this."

Opening it hesitantly she saw a death certificate and saw the words: Kyo Sohma. Gasping she looked over at Hatori, "I-is this really true?"

"Hai Tohru-kun, it's all true, he killed himself after a week. As every other Sohma family member, we kept it quiet and buried him in the cemetery. He had a proper burial, but it isn't the same as everyone else's," Hatori stopped, and looked around, "The cat's closest person(s) were supposed to be told, but Akito broke that law. She was supposed to tell Shishou and you, but she didn't. Can you tell Shishou for me?"

Tohru nodded as tear welled up in her eyes. She burst into tears and began sobbing, "Does this mean that my baby will be the cat? Is that why it's bad for Yuki-kun?"

Hatori nodded and reclined back into his seat, "New or old, it doesn't matter, but the rat will always hate the cat and vice versa. It'll be hard on you and Yuki, knowing your own child will, well you know."

Tohru looked up at Hatori, "Do I have to tell him now?"

"It would be best if you did, but that's up to you Tohru. Please don't expect a happy income, but please, have hope," Hatori answered as he dismissed her from his clinic room.

Tohru bowed and left, but on her way home, she decided to take a walk to Shishou's house. Sure it was getting dark, and she probably should head home right now, but the thought of letting Shishou not know about Kyo hurt her. So she walked determinedly and saw Shishou's house. Knocking on it, Shishou came out and Tohru bowed to him. "Shishou-san, I have bad news to tell you."

"Would you like to come inside?" Shishou asked, wondering what bad news she would have that he would like to know.

"N-no, I can't stay very long. I just needed to run a quick errand for Hatori-san. Well here it goes, Kyo's dead," came Tohru's voice in a shaky whisper almost. Shishou sighed and looked at the woman who stood there, on the verge of tears. Tohru looked up at him, "Hatori-san wanted you to know, but Akito-sama didn't. Please forgive my intrusion, I must get going. Yuki-kun and Shigure-san need me to go make dinner. If you would like, you can come too."

"I think I will thank-you Tohru-kun. I'll go get my shoes, please wait right here," Shishou answered, going back inside his house to get his shoes and then slipped back outside and locked his door before he walked with Tohru to Shigure's house.

"So Kyo, he died so soon?" asked Shishou.

"H-hai, he killed himself, yet another cat is soon to be born," Tohru answered, looking away, "I-I'm having the new cat, but Yuki-kun's the father."

Shishou's eyes widened and then placed a hand on her shoulder, "Tohru-kun, you know Yuki might not accept this child."

Tohru sobbed slightly, "I know that he might not accept this child, demo, I'm still having this child. I love Yuki, and this is a sign of everything we've been through together. It might be painful at times, but I'll pull through."

Shishou smiled and saw Tohru's strength, it wasn't the kind Kyo had strived for but it was the strength to keep moving. The strength to move on no matter what and to not complain at all, that was what made this girl so amazing. "I'm happy you feel that way, Tohru-kun, I'm glad you don't single out others for others."

Tohru gave a weak smile as she opened the door and pulled her shoes off and told everyone that she was home and about to make dinner. Yuki came to greet her and kissed her, being sure to stay a little ways away from her so he didn't transform. Taking his hand in her's she looked at him, "I need to talk to you after dinner."

"Okay Tohru…" came Yuki's confused voice and then he watched her back away and head into the kitchen. He was about to follow her but Shishou stopped him, "What, oh, hi Shishou-san."

"You might want to leave Tohru-kun alone for awhile, she's been hit with a lot of…issues…" Shishou answered, looking away before whispering, "How have you been?"

"I've been great, Tohru and I've gotten closer and I was thinking about proposing to her soon," came Yuki's voice, so happy, as if nothing was wrong.

"Okay, that's nice, where's Gure-kun?" asked Shishou, looking around the room.

"I think he's in his room, do you want me to get him?" he inquired, ready to turn to Shigure's house.

"Um, no it's okay, I'll find him. I'll see you at dinner then," came his curt reply as he left. Yuki scratched the back of his head before walking into the kitchen where Tohru was making rice and fish.

"Tohru-chan do you want to talk now, before dinner?" Yuki asked, looking at Tohru who turned around slightly startled.

"O-oh Yuki-kun, I think it would be best to talk about it after dinner," Tohru answered and moved towards Yuki and pressed her hand against his chest and then leaned in, "Is that okay?"

Yuki smiled gently and leaned in and kissed her lips, "Okay, later, we'll talk later."

Tohru smiled and whispered a thank-you before setting the table and placing the hot food. Yuki offered to help, but was turned down by Tohru who said not to worry about anything. When dinner was ready she told Yuki to stay where he was and she'd go get the two other men. Soon everyone was sitting at the table and eating and when dinner was done Shigure smiled at her, "Tohru-kun, why don't you go rest for the rest of the night, I'll do the dishes."

"Um, I don't know…" Tohru trailed.

Shigure leaned over the table and winked, "Just go be a good girl and let me take over for now alright?"

Tohru nodded and then looked at Yuki, "Why don't we have that talk, right now?" Yuki gave her a questioning look as she pulled him into her room, "You know how we've been busy these last few weeks?"

"Yes…" Yuki answered, blushing slightly.

Tohru made him sit down on her bed and then sat down next to him, "Yuki, I'm pregnant."

Yuki's eyes lit up and he grabbed her shoulders and smiled, "Are you sure?"

Tohru laughed, 'Yes Yuki, it's true, demo, there's something that might put a dent in your happiness."

Yuki stopped and looked at Tohru, "You're keeping it right?"

"Of course I am, but this child will be the new year of the cat, you see, Kyo died," Tohru answered, looking at her fingers before looking up at him, "I-I'm sorry Yuki…"

Yuki sat down, still shocked and looked at Tohru, "I'll try my best…"

Tohru smiled and kissed him, "Thank-you so much Yuki, I know we can try!"

"Y-yes Tohru, we can try…" Yuki whispered, but then looked away.