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Summary: An assassination is ordered on a member of the team. But by who? Why? And will it be carried out?

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Timeline Placement: Sometime after the midseason

Rating: Teen for violence and language


Chapter 1- Enter Sandman

He had been four days without sleep, and was given little food and water. Two guards were always stationed in his cell with him, on a rotation, to make sure he stayed awake. He was burned, shocked, and brought to the brink of drowning; all to make his mind weak and bend to their will.

But this young man's mind was stronger than they had suspected. They wanted a man who would be tough enough to make the kill, and that's what they found. Forcing him to carry out the assassination would be the hard part. The target was from another planet, a man he had never met, but just knowing the name was enough for this young man. His people were hunters and warriors by birth, once they knew something of the prey, they could sense where it was.

The cell was a miserable place; it had one electric light hanging from the ceiling and a dirt floor. The bucket of water that he had his head forced down in was in one corner. The only entrance/exit was a metal door that had a small barred window. The shirtless young man's hands were tied behind his back, he had been forced to kneel for hours, then stand, but never sit or lie down. Through all of this, his will remained strong, but he hoped his captors would never discover his one weakness.

The leader walked in. He was an awful man, a Commander, and brutal in his tactics. The kneeling young man sensed his hatred for the prey and wondered why he just didn't kill the prey himself, why all this? But crazy men do crazy things he thought. This one was certainly crazy, however systematical he was.

"Are you willing to do as I say?"

"Never." The young man hissed, and was immediately kicked in the stomach by one of the guards. He doubled over in pain, but stood back up immediately.

"As you wish then." The Commander called to the guard outside of the cell. "Bring her." The guard nodded and promptly left. He turned back to the young man. "Perhaps then Jorus, I will have the beautiful young Vinelle convince you."

"You don't have her." Jorus said, hoping it was true.

"Oh, but I do. And I can do nasty things to her until you obey me, and ultimately end her life."

The guard escorted the young woman in; her hands were also bound behind her back. Jorus's heart sank, and beat quicker than it had these past four days. He couldn't let them hurt her. She was forced to kneel in front of the standing Jorus and the Commander pulled her head up by the hair so her eyes were focused on Jorus.

"Don't agree Jorus, don't do it." She told him, and was kicked for it. He didn't know how much more of this he could take.

"I will kill her if you do not obey." The Commander said, evilly.

Jorus was staring into Vinelle's eyes; she was a pillar of strength. She could take as much physical pain as he could. Her eyes conveyed for him not to give in, to not be a murderer, that whatever this psychopath did or had done to her, she could take. She was just as much of a warrior as he was.

The Commander nodded to the guard who brought her in. He picked up the wire with metal clips connected to it that was lying on the ground. He plugged it into the wall, and attached the other end to Vinelle. He then stood by the switch on the wall, ready to pull it when ordered.

"I will ask you again, are you willing to obey?"

It pained his heart, but Jorus replied curtly, "No."

"Do it." The Commander ordered the guard who pulled the electrical switch.

Vinelle started twisting in pain, not crying out, she would never do that, it wasn't a warrior's way. But her contrived face betrayed her agony.

"I can stop it when you agree to obey." The Commander cruelly stated.

Jorus shook his head, it wasn't what she wanted, but his mind was going crazy, it was the same as they had done to him countless times and he knew exactly what it was like. He tried to look away, but the Commander had the guards force him to stare. They held him in place, head aimed down, and opened his eyelids.

She kept twisting, and finally let out a yelp… not characteristic of her at all.

It didn't matter how much Vinelle could take, Jorus thought, I have the power to stop it and I will. He looked up into the Commander's eyes. "Stop hurting her! I agree."

The Commander nodded to the guard, who turned off the switch.

"Jorus, don't…" Vinelle pleaded.

"I have to." He replied, lovingly to his new wife.

"Say it then. Say it!" The Commander ordered Jorus.

Jorus looked at the Commander with hatred in his eyes. "I will assassinate Major John Sheppard."

The Commander smirked. "Good." He turned to the guard in charge of Vinelle. "Take her away."

"Yes sir." He took the clips off of her, and dragged her away. She was weak, but never took her eyes off of Jorus.

"Give him food and let him sleep. He will need his strength." The Commander ordered the guards as he left.

Jorus sunk to the ground and let sleep overtake him.

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