Author: Writie

Summary: When Brooke and Nathan find comfort in each other...a dark secret is revealed.

Rated: M

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Brooke Davis sauntered into her favorite bar. She used to find herself at this place often. She would come here to let down her hair and forget her problems. She never truly forgot her problems though, they were always there. There were nights she would become heavily intoxicated just to ease whatever pain she was feeling, followed by nights where she would drown herself in alcohol just for the hell of it. There were countless times she would spend the night with random guys, or wake up not remembering a damn thing. She hadn't been here in a while and it hadn't changed much. She approached the bar and flashed the bartender her fake ID with a flirtatious smile. He grinned obviously remembering her, she was a regular at one point in time after all. She ordered to shots and he served them to her right away. She drank one down quickly and winced from the strong taste. It was the one thing she loved about shots, they seemed to do the trick faster than any beer.

She had kicked Lucas to the curb as soon as she got back from California. She stood up for herself and finally realized she would always want and deserve more than Lucas could ever have to offer her. She knew she would never have his heart, his heart belonged to Peyton. It always has. She had known from the moment she found all of those memories he had kept of when he and Peyton were together. Whatever he was feeling for Brooke wasn't genuine and that fact was further proven when she returned from California to see how close Lucas and Peyton had become over the summer. He hadn't even brought up what he had said to her before she left...she had to bring it up herself. Lucas never looked at her the way he seemed to gaze at her best friend. She wasn't bitter though. She was happy to at least have some form of closure and still keep her dignity. It had felt good to tell him she didn't want to be with him. Which begged the question, why was she here? She had strangely missed this place. She just wanted to forget the world tonight.

She allowed her eyes to wander around the room and was surprised when she rested them on a familiar face. She looked him over, taking every inch of him in. His body had become more defined than it already was do to the months away at High Flyers. He had a dark tan that matched her own. She had heard he was back in town but hadn't seen him herself until now. She scanned the room once again to see if there were any guys worth being interested in. Her eyes fell back upon him. He was the best looking guy in the room and she wasn't the only girl who seemed to notice. She inhaled her second shot, then placed the empty glass back down. Brooke strut over to him swaying her hips and tossing her hair over her shoulder. She reached his side and he appeared to be deep in thought because he hadn't noticed her. It didn't bother her much, she would make him notice.

"Can I offer you a screaming orgasm?" Brooke purred in a sexual raspy tone. His blue eyes shot at her, immediately recognizing her voice. She trailed a finger down his arm.

"Brooke." Nathan Scott uttered a bit surprised. She was clearly flirting with him. "Your offering me a drink?" he smirked.

"Actually, I was offering you a screaming orgasm, but we could get a drink too." Brooke shrugged with a tempting smile. "What are you doing here?" she inquired. Nathan hadn't seen this side of Brooke in a long time and when he had seen this side of her, it was never directed at him. She had been trying to lose that easy party girl reputation, and prove there was more to her than that.

"I'm just having a few drinks." Nathan answered simply.

"More like drowning your sorrows." Brooke commented and her eyes seemed to glow. Nathan smirked, she wasn't afraid to be blunt or hurt anyone's feelings and he was the same way.

"No, I already spent more than enough time doing that. Right now, I'm just having a few drinks." Nathan replied taking a sip of his beer as the bartender approached.

"Can I get you two anything?" The bartender asked.

"I'll take two screaming orgasms, I'm sorry did you want anything? I like my orgasms multiple." Brooke smiled looking at Nathan. The bartender's eyes widened also waiting for Nathan's response. Nathan wore a smirk at first, not knowing how to respond.

"That's funny, because multiple orgasms are my specialty." Nathan claimed with a cocky smile causing the bartender to laugh.

"Two screaming orgasms for my friend too please." Brooke ordered with a grin. "A Sex On the Beach for both of us too." she added. "We'll have to put that little theory of yours to test." she teased smiling at Nathan.

"So, why are you here? Drowning your sorrows?" Nathan questioned figuring it was his turn to ask.

"Not quite, more like celebrating my independence." Brooke offered after the drinks were served. "Rumor has it you and Haley are officially done." she continued looking at him for his reaction as she sipped one of her drinks.

"Then I guess the rumors are true." Nathan answered almost finishing off one of his drinks.

"Are you ok?" Brooke asked looking him over.

"Come on Brooke, it's been over for a while. I'm fine...I've had time to deal with it. High Flyers really helped." Nathan shrugged. "What about you and Lucas?" he inquired.

"Independence remember?" Brooke reminded holding up her glass and Nathan chuckled. "How was High Flyers anyway?" she asked.

"It was pretty great, a lot of hard work though." Nathan admitted. "How was your summer in California?" he asked.

"It was good. California is wouldn't believe all the places there are too shop. I thought I had died and gone to heaven." Brooke offered with a smile. "What do you say we get out of here?" she suggested raising an eyebrow. Nathan looked at her in surprise unsure of whether or not she was serious. She had walked into this bar with the intention of hooking up with someone. She hadn't planned on choosing someone she knew, especially not Nathan. Nathan was after all the ex of both Peyton and Haley, not to mention the brother of Lucas.

"And do what?" Nathan asked raising both eyebrows in surprise to which Brooke offered an obvious smile.

"Nathan, we both came here tonight for the same reason..." Brooke began.

"We did?" Nathan asked with an amused smile.

"If we're going to hook up with someone tonight, why choose some random stranger? No one has to'll be our little secret. We're both looking to get away from things in our lives with alcohol and why not help each other out?" Brooke explained and to her it made sense. She and Nathan had both had one-night stands in the past and she didn't think there would be any awkwardness afterwards. Plus, she knew for a fact that Nathan was clean and it didn't exactly hurt that he was the most attractive guy there. Nathan thought it all over briefly before responding. "No strings guilt...just fun." she added with a smile.

"Let's get out of here." Nathan smirked placing down his drink and taking her hand. She smiled as he led the way through the crowded room.


Brooke and Nathan entered a small, dim-lit hotel room located near the bar they had just been in. Nathan stuffed his hand in his pockets and an awkward silence filled the room. The two had never even shared a kiss, let alone hooking up.

"Brooke, maybe this wasn't such a good idea." Nathan spoke finally after thinking it over. "We have a lot of the same friends and if they were to ever find out..." he offered even though he really wasn't too concerned about what others thought.

"I told you, it doesn't go passed this room." Brooke cut him off. "What are you chicken? Do you know how many guys would kill to be with me right now?" she challenged raising her eyebrow with a smile.

"Maybe I'm just not so sure you can keep up." Nathan teased.

"I'd place money on it that I can. What do you say, you ready to get lucky?" Brooke purred with a sultry smile. Nathan raised his eyebrows in surprise when she suddenly pulled him into a passion-laced kiss. Nathan relaxed into the kiss after a moment and their mouths seemed to move perfectly together, they just seemed to fit. Brooke's hands roamed his body aggressively. Nathan hadn't done anything like this in the longest time, and he definitely never thought he'd be doing it with Brooke. She unbuttoned his shirt almost breaking the buttons as she ripped it down his arms. His hesitance didn't seem to slow her down any. She ravaged his neck with sweltering hot kisses.

Brooke kissed down his hard chest and abdomen then worked her way back up until he covered her mouth with his own. Nathan kissed her hungrily and finally allowed his hands to travel her body. He gripped her ass with his hands pulling her flush against him and deepening the kiss. She let out a muffled moan against his mouth. Nathan gasped when he felt her slip her hands into his pants gently rubbing his manhood. He broke the kiss letting out a moan.

"I guess I do turn you on." Brooke smiled breathlessly pleased with the evidence of his arousal. She lightly bit his lower lip playfully kissing him, as her hands found their way to his upper body. Nathan's tongue fully filled her mouth in a greedy kiss, he wanted more of her. He let his hands dive underneath her shirt exploring the unchartered territory. He eventually lifted her shirt above her head and she gave him a naughty smile. She pushed him back on the bed, then slowly climbed up his body until she was straddling his waist. Nathan supported his upper body with his elbows.

He and Brooke exchanged similar smiles. She unsnapped her bra with one hand easily pulling it off and tossing it to the floor. Nathan sat up capturing her lips in a steamy kiss. He slipped his hands up her sides brushing the sensitive sides of her breasts with his thumbs. She moaned when his hand fully covered her breast, gently caressing the supple mound. He dropped a few kisses on her neck before finally taking her breast into his liquid hot mouth and she closed her eyes at the incredible sensation. Brooke kissed his mouth, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

"Let's see if the rumors live up to the expectations." Brooke smiled in a sexy tone before standing up on the bed allowing him to pull his pants off. The only article of clothing left were his boxers. She raised an eyebrow waiting.

"Don't tell me Nathan Scott, shy?" Brooke laughed. He grinned up at her slightly blushing.

"I've never been shy." Nathan smiled pulling his boxers off completely exposing himself to her. Brooke looked him over with satisfaction before slipping her skirt off. Nathan's mouth dropped open when he seen she wasn't wearing any panties. "I guess you knew you were going to be hooking up with someone tonight." He commented appreciating her naked body with wandering eyes.

"...and your the lucky one I chose." Brooke responded. She straddled him once again pressing her lips against his. He slowly slipped his way inside of her as she lowered herself onto him with a shallow breath. Brooke gradually began to rock her hips pushing him deeper into her core. Nathan gasped gripping her hips and moving with her to deepen the pleasure. She quickened her pace rocking her hips into him harder and moaning loudly. Her body seemed to bounce up and down with each pleasure-seeking thrust and she threw her head back crying out. Nathan groaned just as loudly as a sheet of sweat covered both of their bodies.

She continued to rock her hips, until Nathan rolled them over so that he was on top. Brooke pulled him into a torrid kiss, and he began to thrust pushing himself deeper inside of her. Nathan gasped as she bit and sucked on his neck. She moved her lips to his ear lobe taking it into her mouth.

"Harder" Brooke growled into his ear. He began driving himself into her harder and faster. Brooke bit down on his shoulder and raked his back with her nails. He gasped when he felt the soft flesh of his back tear open into scratches, surprised at how rough she was being. He didn't seem to mind, he just pumped inside of her more firmly. Brooke clutched his shoulders enjoying the feeling of his back muscles working. Brooke had already climaxed once and could feel another one coming on. Her lungs tightened as she gasped for air. Nathan sped up his pace knowing he was about to climax himself. He worked himself harder pushing as deeply into her as he could, and with one last thrust they both called out overly satisfied cries. The lower part of her body tingled. Nathan collapsed on top of her panting, and she also gasped for air. Sweat dripped off of their bodies and she held him closely too her. She could feel his heart thump widely against her naked chest, her heart seemed to beat with his at the same pace.

"Wow." Brooke offered still lightly panting.

"Yeah." Nathan laughed with a smile. He pulled out and laid down beside her staring up at the ceiling. Things became silent. He knew she was still awake but she had yet to speak another word. She must have been thinking. He turned to his side looking down at her.

"What's wrong?" Nathan asked quietly. Something had changed about the mood...about her...and he could feel it. He could tell just by looking at her that there seemed to be an empty sadness in her eyes. Brooke sat up abruptly and began to gather her things. Nathan sat up and watched her feeling even more confused.

"I'm fine...we both got what we wanted right?" Brooke offered not facing him. Nathan pulled on his boxers still trying to figure out what was going on.

"Brooke, you seem upset...and I don't want you to feel like..." Nathan began.

"You used me?" Brooke cut him off turning to face him, after pulling her shirt back on. "That's what guys do Nathan...they use me for's all I'm good for." she answered trying to fight off tears.

"That's not true..." Nathan protested. "Your the one who brought me here." he reminded.

"I know, I always bring it upon myself..." Brooke shrugged tears still glistening in her eyes.

"Your the one who set down the used me too. It doesn't have to be like that okay? We can hang out and stuff..." Nathan offered. Brooke laughed sarcastically with a cynical smile.

"Nathan, I'm not the type of girl that guys call back...or settle down with...or bring home to Mommy...and I've accepted that." Brooke admitted sadly. "I guess sometimes I don't even know why I do it. I guess because for a moment I get to feel like I'm wanted. Maybe its the lack of attention and affection my parents gave me...or the fact that whenever my father did give me affection it was the type of affection a father should never give his own daughter." she explained. Nathan stared at her intensely processing the last part of what she had just said. "Sorry if I killed your high, don't worry you won't remember any of this tomorrow." she added assuming he would be too hung over to remember anything come tomorrow. She turned towards the door and Nathan jumped up going after her.

"Brooke!" Nathan called spinning her around. "Does your father...has he touched you?" he inquired seriously.

"Of course not." Brooke smiled weakly.

"Then why would you say all of that?" Nathan demanded.

"Nathan, just let me go." Brooke replied ripping her arm away from him.

"Brooke." Nathan cried when she tried to walk away. He knew he wasn't going to get her to talk about it. She had put her guard up. He still wondered why she would tell him of all people, such a thing. He didn't know what to do, but he couldn't just let her leave like this. He pulled her into a hug, holding her tightly. Brooke tried her hardest not to cry into his chest. For whatever reason he was trying to be there for her, but she couldn't let him be. She wouldn't let him be. She went to pull away, but he tightened his hold.

"Nathan, let go." Brooke cried.

" need someone and I'm here for you." Nathan insisted. She pushed him away.

"We slept think that makes us close?" Brooke cried. "When have you and I ever even shared a decent conversation?" she laughed incredulously.

"I'm pretty sure you just shared something with me not even your best friend knows." Nathan answered heatedly.

"I was lying, I didn't mean it like took it wrong." Brooke claimed.

"I know you weren't" Nathan insisted. "Brooke, it's ok..." he began.

"Nathan, we agreed this didn't mean anything and it never happened. So do me a favor and forget this night completely." Brooke snapped turning on her heel and charging out of the room. Nathan watched as her form disappeared. He and Brooke had never had much of a relationship but she had shared something with him that night, whether she had meant to or not. Nathan stood there still not sure what to do. One thing was for sure, he couldn't forget this night.


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