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Chapter 4

The room was complete darkness, and the moon peaked into her window casting a shadow across her face. It was so silent, too silent. She pulled her blanket up to her nose as if it were some sort of shield. Her heart was racing from nerves or anxiety, but the fear was the worst. She felt like a child again, cowering and waiting. The waiting was excruciating. The act itself was horrible, but the waiting was complete and utter torture. She wasn't sure which was worse.

All there was to do was wait and dread the moment the door crept open. And all there was to do while waiting was think, jump at every little noise and just stare at the damn door. The silence was driving her insane. She probably wouldn't haven't noticed how painfully quiet it was if there wasn't so much noise in her head.

She jumped at the sound of faint footsteps and let out a sigh when he heard her parents arguing. He'd wait until her mother went to bed. He always waited until she was sound asleep, almost expertly. This was all too familiar. A place she had never wanted to be against and for a while thought she had escaped, despite how the memories haunted her. Oh, how it haunted her everyday.

She remembered it started before Peyton's mother had passed away. Now here she was, eighteen years old, an adult, and she still felt the same as she did back then. She shut her eyes tightly as the memories flooded her mind, taunting her. She was just 6, maybe 7 years old. Every night since that first night had been the same. Waiting, crying, clinging tightly to her blanket as if it would somehow protect her and praying so hard that it would be over fast. She prayed he would stop doing this to her. Her prayers were never answered.

Her father would intrude her room and invade her. He stole her innocence. He made her helpless and weak. Now here she was the same little girl, Daddy's little girl. He made her who she was. He made her a filthy whore. She opened her eyes finally and let out a heavy sigh. Her face was wet with fresh tears.

She couldn't take this anymore, not again and not tonight. Brooke suddenly threw the covers off of her and jumped out of bed. She very quickly and quietly threw some clothes on before heading to the window. She knew eventually he'd get his hand on her again, and she was only prolonging the inevitable. If fact, sneaking out would only make thing worse on her and she knew this. Finding out that she wasn't there and had snuck out would only anger him. However, she wanted to believe saving herself for one night would be worth however much worse he made it for her. Without any second thoughts, she opened the window and began climbing out.


Brooke walked alone n the middle of the night taking in the cool breeze, deeply inhaling and appreciating how great it felt against her skin. If only for a moment, she felt like she could breathe again. She remembered back to the first night her father had ever touched her. He had came into her room and taken a seat at her bedside. She had woken up to him staring down at her, his hand in his pants. She had looked up at him and even smiled, because back then she had no idea what was going on or how wrong it was for him to be looking at her in such a way,

"What are you doing Daddy?" Brooke asked innocently with large innocent eyes and a trusting smile.

"You wanna play a game Brookie? Let's play a game." He had smiled pulling her blanket from her body.

She trembled at the memory, almost gagging feeling as if she might get sick. That was the first night he touched her and he continued to do it every night since. Although it got a bit harder as she got older. She would constantly find ways to not be home.

After that night came lavish, expensive gifts. She could have anything she wanted as long as she kept her pretty little mouth shut. According to him, this was their special secret and she was his special little girl. Perhaps the gifts were just his guilt, or an attempt to keep her quiet if the threats didn't do so. When it first happened she was so young she didn't know what was going on. When she realized it was wrong she had asked him to stop, told him if he loved her than he wouldn't be doing this to her. That is when the threats first began. When she first asked him to stop he was furious. He had pulled off his belt and hit her on her back with it several times. She remembered screaming and crying so hard for mercy. That's when the threats came.

He told her if she ever opened her whore of a mouth about this to anyone she'd regret it, and she truly believed him. After angering him so, he forced her to make it up to him by performing oral sex. She was only an innocent child, barely out of elementary school. She remembered being forced to wear clothing that would hide the bruises. Although he had become very good at not leaving any visible bruises where people could see, wouldn't want people to start asking questions. She had wanted to tell her mother so many times about what was going on. Her father had managed to take away her voice instilling fear into her of what he might do. His threats had successfully scared her silent. She didn't want anyone else to have to hurt or pay for this. He had even gone so far as to threaten to kill anyone she was close to if she breathed a word of what was going on to anyone. He threatened to hurt her mother or Peyton. If she didn't tell, and she was a good quiet little girl and kept this secret then no one else had to be hurt by it.

Brooke tried her hardest to shake the memories from her mind, but she's always be scarred by them. This much she knew for sure. She had gone over it a million times in her head and there was really nothing she could do. She was too scared to tell, too scared of what he might do to her or anyone else she loved. Not to mention her mother would never believe her even if she did.

She wasn't walking aimlessly. She actually had a destination in mind. She couldn't go to Rachel's because her parents would definitely find her there and she and Peyton weren't talking so she couldn't go there. Right now she was heading towards the river court. She was actually hoping she might find Lucas there. Maybe it was just bad habits, because they're hard to break. She knew he wasn't right for her. She knew they would never share true love. Nonetheless she liked running back to him because he was the closest thing she ever had to good. Maybe she'd even tell him she wanted him back just to mess with this thing he had going on with Peyton.

That might have been an evil thing to do but why should anyone else get to be happy when she'd never be? He and Peyton were finally together and she had stepped aside and given her blessing. She wasn't in love with Lucas and the idea of them together didn't really bother her anymore, but that didn't mean she couldn't mess it up for them. She should have felt guilty for even thinking things like this. The truth was she intentionally did cruel things all the time.

She approached the River court but Lucas was nowhere to be found, he was probably sleeping. It must be nice. But even at this late hour someone was on the court. She spotted Nathan soaring through the air with another slam-dunk. She watched quietly not saying a word, just admiring from afar. It didn't take long for him to turn around and notice her.

"Brooke!" Nathan huffed as he turned around with the ball in his hands. "What are you doing out so late?" He questioned approaching her.

"I could ask you the same thing." Brooke replied slowly meeting him half way.

"I told you playing ball helps clear my head." Nathan shrugged simply.

"I couldn't sleep." Brooke confessed. "I think there's a monster underneath my bed." She added. To be more accurate the monster was outside of her room waiting for the right time to prey on her.

"Don't be scared. I'll protect you." Nathan grinned playfully causing her to crack a faint smile that she was failing to hold back. "Or, maybe your parents can protect you? I hear their back in town." He added studying her for a response.

"I think I'll take my chances with the monster underneath the bed." Brooke scowled causing Nathan to chuckle. "So, where'd you hear that?" She inquired curiously.

"Come on Brooke, Tree Hill is a small town." Nathan reminded. "Your dad contacted mine, and Dan invited him to the party he's throwing for the State Championship victory. Plus, Rachel called and wanted me to come over. She said you were staying with your parents she had the house all to herself." He explained.

"She doesn't give up does she?" Brooke laughed in surprise.

"She's persistent." Nathan shook his head laughing.

"Did you go?" Brooke asked quirking an eyebrow.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Nathan teased. "I told her I'd have to take a rain check." He shrugged with a chuckle.

"So now my parents are invited to the party?" Brooke muttered clearly unhappy about it.

"If it makes you feel any better, they won't be bothering us. You know how our fathers are when they get around each other. I think they have some business to discuss or something too, so I am sure it'll be fine." Nathan reassured her placing a comforting hand on her arm.

"You said you come here to clear your head and think. What were you think about?" Brooke sighed curiously crossing her arms over her chest.

"I was worrying about you." Nathan admitted looking away.

"Why?" Brooke uttered in surprised.

"Because your parents are in town." Nathan answered locking eyes with her.

"Sometimes you make me feel like someone actually cares." Brooke replied softly in amazement.

"I do." Nathan insisted and she really wanted to believe him. "It's pretty late. You want a ride home?" He offered.

"I don't want to go home." Brooke admitted shaking her head.

"You don't want to go home because your parents are there. I know what that's like." Nathan offered genuinely.

"I don't have anywhere else to go." Brooke admitted softly trying to mask her emotion.

"I could stay out with you." Nathan offered.

"I'd like that." Brooke nodded with a small smile. They played around on the river court a bit and then went back to Nathan's car and just talked for hours. It was nice and he actually managed to make her feel a little better. She hadn't thought that was possible.


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