West Side Love:

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Summary: It is the year 1967. Anna James has lived in Los Angeles for seven months. She goes to a rich christian high school, and lives with her protective parents. What happens when she encounters a young teen by the name of Diego. What happens when he protects her from his old group of friends. Will it be another story of West Side Love? Please read and review. This is my first West Side Story fic. Please go easy on me. Thanx

Chapter 1: After School Encounters.

The sun shown down on Anna James blonde hair. The heat was starting to get to her. It was mid May, school was almost out and she would be able to spend the summer at home out of the heat.

Anna wasn't used to the heat because she didn't usually walk home. Her mother was playing cards that day with the neighbor ladies and her father was working trying to keep their family in the upper class neighborhood that he worked so hard to get them into. He didn't spend countless hours working overtime to make them go down in class. Anna was fine with walking home. She saw many other people doing it and she insisted that it was alright that she do that as well.

Anna said that since her mother was busy with her friends and her father was working that it would be alright that she walked home from school. Her father objected sternly at first. He was extremely protective. Anna always felt that he was too protective for her own good. Her mother although concerned for her young daughter objected, but then reassured Anna's father into letting her walk home. Even if it was only this once.

Anna happily thanked her parents for letting her walk home. It wasn't every day that this happened. Her mother quietly explained that she wasn't supposed to talk to any one while walking home. Since Anna would have to walk through a dangerous part of town she didn't want anything happening to her only daughter. Her father sternly added a few words to his wife's. She needed to walk swiftly and she must come home immediatley. Anna agreed and left for school.

That was early that morning before school. Now Anna found herself walking down the paved sidewalk. She clutched her books closely to her chest against her white cardigan sweater. Anna walked quickly and swiftly just like her father had said, while looking at the ground. She watched as her green skirt moved with each step.

Anna's pace quickened as she heard wolf whistles. She looked up to see a group mexicans looking at her hungrily. Like she was a piece of meat in a butcher shop window. She looked away from them and started to cross the street away from where they were further down the side walk. They stopped their whistling and followed her into the middle of the street.

Anna stopped walking when she found herself surrounded by the gang. They circled her like scavenger birds circled around a dead animal in the Sahara Desert. She felt their hot eyes on every part of her. All of them taking in the sight of their prey.

"Quieres tu novio?" The leader asked.

"I don't have one." Anna replied sternly.

"Ah the gringa knows spanish." The leader said.

"Can I go?" Anna asked quickly.

One of the mexican's grabbed her from behind. He held tightly onto her shoulders holding her in place.

"Does that answer your question?" The leader said.

The leader then moved towards her. He rubbed the side of her face with his hand. Anna jerked her head away from his touch quickly. He responded by grabbing her jaw fiercly. Anna cried out in pain as she felt his fingers close tightly around her jaw, causing a bruise to form on her jaw bone.

"Don't move" The leader said threateningly.

Anna looked into his cold dark eyes. They pierced through her soul like ice. His eyes were black. As black as the sky on a starless night. She could see hate and anger in those eyes. Those eyes also held pain but that showed only for a second. It was replaced with a hunger that seemed to taunt Anna. He reached to the back of her head and pulled the jade green ribbon from her hair. Causing it to fall from its half up half down style.

Anna's pulse quickened as she thought of the things that he could do to her. He could rape and kill her if he wanted to. Which is what frightened her. She didn't want to die. She was barely seventeen. She was looking foreward to going to college. She didn't want to die...

Diego walked down the street. The was down. He had no girlfriend and his brother's and bestfriends were part of a gang. A gang that he once was leader of. A gang that he no longer wanted part of. He was almost friendless. He had a few friends that stayed loyal to him but alot of his old gang was very angry at him for leaving.

It was that very gang that he saw standing in the middle of the empty street. It was that very gang that he saw surrounding someone. A woman. She was blonde. And she looked distressed. Diego didn't even think all he did was what his instinct told him to. It was to run...

"Jose!" A voice rang out, out of no where.

The leader looked over his shoulder at the approaching figure. Anna froze as she heard the voice and the approaching footsteps that arrived later.

"Ah Diego, have you come to join the fun?" Jose, the leader asked.

"What are you doing. Let her go?" Diego demanded once he saw how much fear was in Anna's blue eyes.

Jose let go of her jaw and the guy behind her let go of her shoulders. Anna shoved herself out of the circle of guys. She practically crawled backwards to get away from them. She didn't even notice the guy that helped her. She just pulled herself to the sidewalk. She listened as the guy named Diego started yelling at Jose in Spanish. She was able to pick up on a few words but not enough to follow the whole conversation.

Suddenly Anna felt faint. The heat had really gotten to her. The ordeal that she had been through caught up to her as well. She was about to pass out when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She yelped and started to back away when she looked into the guy's eyes.

His eyes were a rich chocolate color. Full of love and kindness. While looking into those eyes she felt warm. She didn't see the coldness that Jose's eyes held. His hand moved from her shoulder to her hand. He grasped hit tightly and helped her to her feet.

"I'm sorry about them. It isn't right what they were trying to do. Would you let me take you home..." Diego asked kindly.

"Why should I trust you. Your one of them. You want what they want. I don't trust you. I can take myself home." Anna replied coldly.

"I can protect you. They won't do anything to you with me here. Trust me." Diego responded disregarding her previous comment.

"So what happens when I am alone. And they come back. What happens then?" Anna asked angrily.

Diego shook his head and gazed into her crystal blue eyes.

"I will watch over you. I promise. They won't come near you again. Please let me take you home." Diego responded.

Anna sighed. She knew that this boy was doing her kindness by trying to protect her, and all she did was treat him badly. The least she could do was let him take her home.

"Alright." Anna said with a small smile.

Diego squeezed her hand in his as he led her away from the group and walked with her towards the direction that she was origanally headed.

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