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Chapter 4: Jail Bird Trouble:

The moon was high in the sky. It was bright and full; lighting the path that Anna was walking on. Anna was walking as quickly as she could holding her jacket tight against her to block out the cold night air. She could see the police station from where she was. The neon sign shined back at her from across the street.

She arrived at the police station no more then two minutes later. She pushed open the cold, heavy metal door and walked over to the front desk. She was greeted by a fat, obnoxious, dumb policeman with a name tag that read Earl on it, who was eating a donut with his mouth open. Anna assumed that the other policeman was on a break in the back room.

"Hi, I'm here for Diego..." Anna stated as a matter of factly.

"The damned mexican that was brought in here earlier this evening... Why would you wan't to see him?" Earl responded rather rudely.

"He's a friend of mine. Now can I see him? " Anna asked sternly.

"No! Visiting hours were over five hours ago.Can't you read" Earl stated with a big bite of a donut in his mouth, which he happened to spit crumbs of on Anna as he spoke.

Anna wiped the crumbs off her face and looked towards the sign he was pointing at and started to say something but was interupted by Earl... again.

"Now go home!" Earl shouted spitting more donut crumbs towards her.

Anna looked towards the ground slightly defeated and left the police station. Anna didn't do as she was told though. Once outside she looked into the slightly foggy window in the door of the station and watched as Earl left his desk and went into the back room.

Anna took this as her chance. She made her way back into the station and went through the wooden gate that separated the lobby from the office area of the station. Anna quickly found the prisoner holding area and went through the door. Once inside she breathed a sigh of relief that she got in there without being caught. Anna noticed that the room was dimly lit and that there was only one cell.

"Diego..."Anna whispered while walking towards the cell.

"Anna? What are you doing here?" Diego asked while walking towards the bars that separated them.

"I had to make sure you were alright. I'm sorry that my father put you in here..."

"It's alright. He had every right to-"

"No! He was wrong Diego. I'm sorry that he treated you like that." Anna whispered loudly.

"You really shouldn't be here. My brother is getting me out of here at 5:30. You should get home." Diego said kindly.

Suddenly you can hear Earl outside the door to the holding cell area.

"John, I'm gonna check on the prisoner. Watch the front desk will ya..." Earl shouted.

Anna and Diego exchanged a look. Diego took notice that Anna looked terrified, and he didn't know what to do since that door that Earl was going to come through was the only exit. The seconds go by as slow as molasses when suddenly the door flings open, causing time to rush back to what seemed to be its normal pace.

"You! I told you to go home!...Stay there!" Earl said as he opened the door to the rest of the station.

"John! Get in here."Earl yelled. Anna and Diego watched as the other policeman, John, rushed into the room.

"Anna James...What are you doing in here, especially at this hour? You know I am going to have to call your father."John stated.

John gave Anna one last look and went outside to make that phone call to Anna's father. Anna was so nervous about the phone call she didn't even notice Earl walk towards her.

"You wanted to see that boy so badly, now you can join him."He stated as he grabbed Anna roughly by the arm and practically threw her into the cell with Deigo.

Deigo caught Anna by her shoulders and held her up. They both turn around to look atEarl when they heard the clang of the cell door shutting and the key locking her inside.

"You can't keep me here! I did nothing wrong!" Anna exclaimed in anger.

Earl ignored her shouts and left the holding cell area and went back to the front desk leaving the young teens frustrated and confused.

The living room was black as night. Bryan was still seated in the chair that he was situated in when his little sister left but now he had fallen asleep. Suddenly the telephone rang which caused him to be woken quite suddenly. Bryan woke up completely and realized that, that telephone ringing at such a late or rather early hour mean't bad news. That phone call had to do with his sister.

His thoughts were brought to a reality when he heard the loud voice of his father thunder down from upstairs. It was a matter of seconds before his father was downstairs. Bryan didn't move from where he was situated because he knew his father would come and get him and question him about his sister.

"Do you know where your sister is!" His father stated loudly in anger. Bryan refused to say anything that would get his kid sister into any more trouble, so he just sat there.

"She's at the city jail! Your coming with me to go get her." His father demanded. Bryan sighed and reached for his coat and followed after his father who had already gone to the car because he was so angry and wanted to deal with the problem before it got any worse.

"My father is going to kill me. You saw how he acted tonight." Anna stated with fear in her eyes.

"He won't do anything as long as I am able to protect you." Diego said kindly as he brought a hand up to her face where a slight bruise was forming.

Anna didn't move away from his touch. They both looked into each other's eyes. Something sparked between the two at that very moment and the world seemed to stop for a second...

"Get you flea bitten paws off my daughter!" A voice yelled through the silence. Anna and Diego separated from each other quicker then a lightning strike can possibly hit the earth.

"Daddy, you don't understand..." Anna said quickly

"What I don't understand is why your not at home asleep in your bed like your supposed to be!-"

"Dad..." Bryan said.

"John, get her outta there please." Anna's father said to John, completely ignoring his son's comment. John walks over to the cell and unlocks it letting Anna out. John locks it behind her as Anna's father grabs her by her wrist and pulls her to the other side of the room.

"I forbade you to see that boy again. Or do you not remember that!" Anna's father said angrilly under his breath so that Anna and Bryan were the only one's able to hear it.

"I had to make sure he was ok. He was unjustly thrown in jail because of you!" Anna shouted.

Anna's speech no matter how full of power, was cut short when a loud slap echoed across the room. Anna was looking at the ground, her whole body shaking like a leaf. A red hand print was forming on her cheek. Bryan stood where he was his fists clenched tightly into fists, obviously trying not to do something he knew he would regret. In the background you can hear Diego yelling something in spanish while holding tightly onto the cell bars, until his knuckles were white as snow. Suddenly a voice rose from Anna. It was shaky but you could hear strength within it.

"He doesn't deserve to be here, and he doesn't deserve to be treated like this by the likes of you!" Anna stated with coldness in her voice while looking into her father's angry eyes.

"Go to the car Anna..." Anna's father stated sternly, obviously holding back his anger.

"Not until he goes free." Anna said while locking eyes with Diego.

"Take her to the car Bryan..." His father demanded.

Bryan moved slowly to his sister and gently grasped her arm. He started to pull her from the spot she was frozen to but she stood firm. Bryan bent down closer to her ear.

"Come on Ann..." Bryan whispered.

Anna was about to protest but listened to her brother. Anna looked at Diego one last time and held his gaze. He winked at her as she was being led from the room. Anna gave him a sad smile and was ushered from the room.

"Are there going to be charges against her?" The father asked his good friend John.

"No, William there aren't. Just keep her out of here." John responded.

"No problem John...And you. Don't you go near my daughter ever again. If I catch you, you'll be sorry." William stated.

Anna and Bryan's father, William, stormed from the room angrily. Leaving Diego to think about what he said.

"This better be the last time you disobey me Anna!" Anna's father yelled as he began to drive the family car home.

"It wasn't just her Dad. I knew about her leaving. I let her go..." Bryan stated.

"What! You were part of this too...Thats it! Both of you get out. You can walk home!" William shouted.

"Dad! Its five in the morning. You can't be serious." Bryan stated as a matter of factly while looking at the clock that read 5:19 A.M.

"Your sister walked here didn't she. Well now you can both walk home. Get Out!" William shouted while stopping the car quick as lightning.

"I'll see you both at home..." William shouted out the window as he sped away down the street into the night. Bryan didn't watch as the car sped away. He leaned against the wall in disbelief.

"Has he lost it! Has he completely lost it!" Bryan yelled as he slammed his fists into the wall. Anna watched in fear as her father drove away and her brother seemed to loose control.

"Damnit Anna aren't you tired of this? Aren't you sick of him treating us, and differen't races of the world this way?" Bryan asked as he turned around to face her. Bryan then noticed the look of fear on her face and his heart melted. Bryan made his way over to his sister and collected her into his arms.

"I'm sorry Ann, we'll get home kiddo. Don't worry." Bryan said kindly as he kissed her forehead and started to lead them down the street.

Suddenly three figures jump over the wall. Two of them go over to Bryan and jump him. They are obviously there to keep him from getting to his sister who was shoved against the wall by the third figure.

"Bryan!" Anna yelled to her brother, but the shout was useless because he couldn't get to her to help her, he couldn't even help himself.

Anna struggled against the figure when she suddenly looked up at him. It was Jose, the gang leader that had attacked her earlier that day.

"Hola Senorita." Jose stated while looking down at her with his cold, hateful, hungry eyes.

"Let me go!" Anna yelled as she continued to fight against him. Jose only responded with more force. He bent down towards her neck and started kissing it aggresively. He ripped open the front of her shirt sending the buttons flying everywhere.

"No! Stop it. Let me go." Anna pleaded while tears were rolling down her face.

"Anna!" Bryan yelled when he heard his sister cry out. Bryan desperately tried to get away from the other two gang members, but they held him back. Suddenly one of them pulled out a switch blade and stabbed him with it, causing him to stop fighting against them and focus on staying alive. Anna suddenly noticed that she couldn't hear her brother struggling any more and then noticed him on the ground bleeding. Anna screamed when she saw her brother; but the scream was cut short when Jose held her to the wall by her neck and tried to rip at her skirt. Suddenly Jose's groping hands stopped what they were doing when a fist came out of nowhere and hite Jose square in the jaw causing him to fall to the ground.

Anna didn't hesitate, she rushed away from the wall and over to her brother's side. She didn't notice that it was Diego that had hit Jose, and that Diego's brother was the one holding a gun on the other gang members. She touched her brother's chest and felt his heartbeat, it was faint but it was there.

"Bryan, Your alive. Just stay with me alright. I'll get you some help." Anna said with fear in her voice.

Meanwhile Diego was having a little heart to heart with Jose about ten feet away from Anna.

"Jose! What did I tell you about her. You were not supposed to touch her again or I would come after you. You know me Jose. You know I am one to keep my promises!" Diego stated with anger in his voice.

Suddenly Jose starts laughing. His laugh was a laugh that was so haunting that it would probably stay with Diego for the rest of his life. It echoed off the walls of the buildings on the street. His laugh was hollow and empty, but also was full of vengence and hate.

"What's so funny..." Diego demanded with a coldness in his voice that he never had before.

"You fell for that little gringa didn't you. You the full blooded mexican, former gang leader fell for a little white girl." Jose said with finality in his voice.

Diego didn't respond. He just kicked Jose in the face knocking him out.

"Don't you ever speak that way about her again, Jose" Diego stated angrily under his breath.

Diego looked up from Jose and saw Anna kneeling at her brother's side. He quickly went over to her and gently touched her shoulder. Anna screamed and moved away from him quickly, not realising that it was Diego. Then she looked up at him and realised that it was him who saved them. Her look of anger and fearsoftened to recognition as she watched Diego walk towards her. Anna flung herself into his arms and clung to him. Diego gently touched her hair and held onto her as well, not wanting any more harm to come to her.

Everything that happened to her that night all piled up inside of her and she couldn't take it any more. The flood waters broke and and she broke down. Diego held her as she sobbed. Thoughts rushed through Deigo's head about getting Bryan to the hospital and getting her to safety. Diego just hoped that Bryan hadn't given up just yet. Anna needed protection. He was her protection outside of the home, but Bryan was her protection at home. He needed to get both of them help and he needed to get it to them fast...

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