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This was written as a challenge from Goldstranger. I am so getting even!


Back to Simple:

'It's never too late to go back to simple' or so Leo thought as he stood in the shower. The ivory scent from the soap drifting to his nose and waking him up. His life till now had been so bright and luminous, now he stood letting the water cascade down his body.

He felt broken inside, like at any moment it would all come crashing down on him.

He had at one time had it all, a beautiful wife, a son Wyatt, one child on the way, Chris. And a son from the future, Chris. Even now thing of him cut like a knife.

A knife! Held by someone he had thought was his friend, Gideon, pierced his son through the heart. He wanted to lay on the floor and die with Chris, but he had to get Wyatt back from Gideon before he lost both sons.

Chris had died in his arms, but not in his heart. For in there he still lived. As he laid dying he had tried to bring me comfort, and his fear wasn't for the death to come, but that Wyatt was in danger, and that everything he had fought to prevent was about to come into being, and that he had failed. He was about to die in vain.

But I saved Wyatt in time, and killed Gideon. I thought it would end there, but I've been unable to stop myself from going after every demon I can find. Barbas eluded me though.

I killed my friend and fellow Elder Zola cause Barbas tricked me. Paige, Phoebe and Piper vanquished him. And you would think that would be the end of it.

But no, then I joined the Avatars.

THe Elders judged me on my deeds, and erased my memory in order to make me choose between Piper and my family with her, or the Elders. I choose Piper!

And I fell from Grace.

What does that mean?

It means I'm mortal, with no powers what so ever. I can't heal, can't orb, can't do a damn thing. but sit back and watch my wife and her sisters fight evil demons, like Zankou.

I run magic school now, and stay at home with my sons.

Other than that, I'm pretty useless.

A pathetic mortal.

But I'm happy, really I am.

I have Piper, two wonderful sons, and if I die tomorrow, at least I know I lived life to the fullest.